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Lord Regulator of

Dhana * Koza * Kutumbha * Bhava-2

= Ruler of 2nd-from-Chandra

in the Twelve Bhava

Role of the Dhana-pathi

History, Storage, Stories, Restoration

12 sections dashamsha of bhava-2

bhava-2 kutumbha * family of origin

Parashara BPHS bhava-2

bhava-2 adhipati behavior 12 bhava

bhava-2 angles toward 12 bhava


Vatican Library

The Story Line

Living Beautifully by Pema Chödrön, page 15

"When you practice staying present, one thing you’ll quickly discover is how persistent the story line is.

Traditionally, in the Buddhist texts, our tendencies with their habitual story lines are described as seeds in the unconscious.

When the right causes and conditions come together, these preexisting propensities pop up like flowers in the springtime.

It’s helpful to contemplate that it’s these propensities and not what triggers them that are the real cause of our suffering."

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-1


L-2 = Chandra in bhava-1

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-1

L-2 = Budha in bhava-1 * dig-bala

L-2 = Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-1

L-2 = Shani in bhava-1

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 1

status-attribute packaging * flesh-shells * physical identity * material body * visual appearance * container

Dhanapathi brings the qualities of the family history directly into the physical appearance

  • "Basic Instinct" drama-commerce Michael Douglas was the child of two successful dramatists. L-2 Budha-1 has parivartamsha with Surya-2 showing the defining identity with his father, the widely recognized dramatist and progressive social activist Issur Danielovitch known by his stage name "Kirk Douglas".

L-2 in the private, enclosed, imaginative, distant-worlds 12th-from-swakshetra

2 = speech- face-mouth-money-food-family-hair-teeth-knowledge-history-languages

One capitalizes upon the basis of the physical body vitality and appearance.

"I am my knowledge of history, my accumulated wealth and values, my food, and my words."

  • Beauty and Goodness; sweetness and Light

Historical materials and scholarship, wealth, family ancestry, hoarded lineage values: beauty in all of its pleasure-forms, speech, song, languages,

  • "Secret Doctrine" 1831-1891 Theosophy Helena Blavatsky

  • bloodline and psychic family inheritance, traditions, music, heritage, entitlements, teeth,

The social identity is infused with the qualities of mouth, face, tongue, hair, moral and artistic values, ornaments, costume, visual arts, collections, record-keeping,

wealth treasuries

death, beauty and knowledge of ancient languages, history, and legacy values of one's people."

BPHS Ch. 13, Shloka 2

"If the lord of Dhana is in Dhana,

or is in an angle, or in trine,

he will promote one's wealth (or monetary state)"

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-2

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-2

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-2

L-2 = Budha in bhava-2

L-2 = Guru in bhava-2

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-2 * financial wealth , sweet speech

L-2 = Shani in bhava-2

L-2 in swakshetra

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 2

Sustenance / values / food / wealth / family history / Skandha

One capitalizes upon the basis of speech, family lineage and second (or more) marriage.

  • POTUS-15 Oregon Treaty James Buchanan came from a newly (Mangala) financially privileged family in 18th century frontier Pennsylvania

  • "War and Peace" 1828-1910 Leo Tolstoy + Surya + Budha * derived much of his value as a literary personality from his aristocratic family lineage.

  • "Among the Believers" V.S. Naipaul + Guru + Budha yuti Rahu * derived much of his value as a literary personality from his immigrant family lineage.

Wealth may also grow from the hidden dealings (tax shelters) of the first spouse (2nd = 8th-from-7th)

Dramatic, charismatic, vociferous public speakers:

  • China-Dictator 1893-1976 Mao Zedong

  • Gov-Sen Louisiana, 1893-1935 "Share Our Wealth" Huey Kingfish Long * Surya

  • "Truth Be Told" interviewer Larry King = speech * Shani

  • Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce might not have been overly dramatic in his waking character, but his spoken delivery whilst in trance was wide-ranging and vociferous

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-3

  • "Green Mile" horror-fiction Stephen King + uttama-Budha + Shukra

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-3

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-3

L-2 = Budha in bhava-3

L-2 = Guru in bhava-3

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-3 * dhanakaraka "self-made financial wealth"

L-2 = Shani in bhava-3

L-2 speech and historical-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 3 announcements and reports

  • writing - siblings / teamwork / collaborative group / mental process

L-2 in 2nd-from-2nd strongly emphasizes the power of speech and song. Often a memorable face.

L-2 in bhava-3 = often an excellent explainer, instructor, describer, announcer, reporter, public evangelist who brings the power of 'voice' (2) into the realm of 'message' (3)

  • UK-PM 1940-1945; 1951-1955 "Finest Hour" Winston Churchill = journalist and historian, extraordinary radio speeches and newspaper articles = familiar (Chandra) accessible and vivid style (Uttaraphalguni)

  • POTUS-19, Gen. Rutherford B. Hayes was such a convincing explainer that he won election to the Ohio legislature via writing letters to his constituency, explaining his political positions. Hayes was fighting in the Civil War, away from Ohio, and did not want to abandon his war duties in order to campaign for election. Yet he expected the war to end soon and wanted to resume legislating. He won the election handily without a single personal appearance.

L-2 in 2nd-from-swakshetra = yoga for *self-made financial wealth *.

The L-2 accumulator agent which "capitalizes " by gathering stores of financial wealth and knowledge has moved into bhava-3 of commercial transactions

writings and publications,

short travels and tours

management, meetings, marketing, media

advertising, photography, messages using face-eyes-hair

tools and technology, manual skills such as musicianship,

  • arms and hands, hand-craft, pens and paintbrushes, typewriters, alphabets,

  • teamwork, council meetings, conferences and group-discussion events, media communications and messaging,

advertising and sales, departmental administration and commercial business

  • General Electric 1847-1931 Thomas Edison + Shukra + Surya. Edison wrote thousands of patent applications. He assembled (3) and re-packaged (3) in commercially viable combinations, the information produced by others, which he extracted from scientific publications (3).

Agents of lineage wealth + knowledge collections such as historic melodies, languages, libraries and storehouses (2) enter into the bhava of self-owned business, commerce, teamwork, sales-transactions, publications, and announcements.

  • "Green Mile" horror-fiction Stephen King = writings, publications, films

  • El Castilo Interior 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila

  • celebrity publisher 1960-1999 JFK-Jr * "George" magazine

  • UK-PM 1940-1945; 1951-1955 "Finest Hour" Winston Churchill radio speeches, newspaper articles, public essays

  • POTUS-31 "Challenge to Liberty" Herbert Hoover = journalism, historical and technical writings (Hoover published more than 30 books)

  • Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie 's wealth was derived mainly via "crony capitalism" a small coterie of financial wealth y friends engaged in a lifetime of insider trading

  • "Pucci Prints " 1914-1992 Emilio Pucci hand-painted all of his own designs for decades. Also a writer of BA, MA, and PhD theses.

L-2 Values in bhava-3 announcements typically produces a "put your money where your mouth is" exponent of a particular values lineage. Yet the qualities of L-2 and any graha in bhava-2 can affect the expression of the values.

  • POTUS-11 Manifest Destiny James Knox Polk * L-2 = nichha-Guru in bhava-3 yuti Ketu. Polk was a staunch adherent of the Christian Methodism of his day. Boasting a lifetime abstinence from liquor, dancing, and any other waste of time, Polk also attended the Presbyterian * worth-ship * worship favored by his religiously devout wife and mother. However, his nichha-Guru-3 yuti nebulous Ketu shows the hypocrisy and materialism of his values. He strongly supported slavery and manifest destiny -- a concept that many claimed was biblical but indeed had no basis in Christian scripture (Ketu no reality).

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-4 * gainful politics of foundational cultural values

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-4 * dig-bala * gainful stabilization of foundational cultural values

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-4 * gainful championship of foundational cultural values

  • "Aladdin" comedian, dramatist Robin Williams

L-2 = Budha in bhava-4 * gainful articulation of foundational cultural values

L-2 = Guru in bhava-4* gainful expansion of foundational cultural values

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-4 * dig-bala * gainful balancing of foundational cultural values

L-2 = Shani in bhava-4 * gainful ordering of foundational cultural values

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 4

home / foundations / folkways / security - Patriotism

L-2 in 3rd-from-swakshetra

One capitalizes upon the basis of deeds of title, licensing and diplomas, schooling, knowledge-base, school-teaching, vehicles, owned properties, rhythmic habits, and the cultural upbringing provided by one's parents in the early childhood home.

  • USSR dictator mass-murderer 1922-1952 Josef Stalin received a surprisingly strong foundational humanistic education during his religious schooling age 12 to 21. From age 16, he attended Russian Orthodox Christian seminary in training to become a priest (his mother hoped he would become a bishop). His education was strengthened by L-2 Chandra-4 (mother) . However his ambition sought the higher privileges of secret power (Rahu-8 expanded by Guru-8). Despite intellectual promise, Stalin abandoned formal education age 21 at onset of his potent Shani-Shani swabhukti.

A nationalistic family lineage extends itself into real estate or protection of a nation (4)

At the most basic (4) level, the family (2) are patriotic (4) conventional in behavior, settled in their place, rooted in the land, and have a rhythmic comfortable lifestyle (4) which follows the established habits of the ethnic people. In a word, "normal".

Public Figures

L-2 = politics Surya in bhava-5

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-5

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-5

L-2 = Budha in bhava-5

L-2 = Guru in bhava-5

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-5


L-2 = Shani in bhava-5

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 5 = ruler of 10th-from-5th in vidyasthana.

* lineage values (2) express via politics, drama, creative intelligence (5)

The L-2 accumulator agent which"capitalizes " by gathering stores of financial wealth and knowledge has moved into

bhava-5 of creative genius and Divine Intelligence

dhanapathi in mantrabhava acquires wealth-knowledge via genius-type self-expressions (especially via speaking and singing) of personal intelligence, speculation children, games, theatre, and politics :

romance and courtly love

politics, drama, literary and performance arts

  • POTUS-40 "American Life" Ronald Reagan was often called "The Great Communicator". He had a remarkably energized combination of money-maker atmakaraka L-2 + L-11 Budha (for Simha lagna) yuti yogakaraka L-4 + L-9 Mangala. This dramatic, humanistic pair accepting drishti of Mesha-Rahu in bhava-5 Dhanushya appealed to a broad swatch of the American public. Although many suspected that his "political performance" was dictated by his controllers, even his political opponents had to admit that Reagan had the gift of believable, uplifting speech.

uniqueness; autobiography and autocracy; monarchy;

independent scholarship (non-institutionalized)

radiance, confidence, center-stage activities

speculative ventures, games, creativity, fashion, entertainment

children, procreativity, the Will, celebrity and celebrations,

royalty and entitlements, fame and charisma, glamour and glitter, bright lights

wealth from performance arts especially when combined with political activism


Creative literature, particularly autobiographical (5)

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda * autobiographical philosophy

  • "Twilight of the Idols" 1844-1900 Friedrich Nietzsche* autobiographical philosophy

  • Just So Stories 1865-1936 Rudyard Kipling + Shukra + Surya + Guru + Mangala

speculative finance

Royalty and celebrity fame

The lord of Shukra's bhava- causes a bit of trouble in the natural bhava- of Surya.

One's own childhood would have been dominated by the nature of the family history, perhaps to the exclusion of other influences such as local schooling or community friendships.

If malefic, one's childhood environment may have been much constrained by the family culture.

Native gains social dignity (10) though children, politics, speculation, literary and performance arts.

Strong impulse to transmit the values of" family history" (bhava-2) onto one's own children. Romance with those who have similar values regarding money, history, and storage, to the family history.

  • If a second marriage is predicted, the romance leading to second marriage is very strong

  • this relationship = easy or difficult according to the value represented in bhava-2.

Children also have a strong sense of family culture, family speech patterns, family language, family aesthetic values. The nature of that family culture is defined by the actual graha that is L-2 along with any graha residing in bhava-2.

If no physical children, then the native will express one's lineage values through performance arts, political contests, and other expressions of individual intelligence and personal creativity.

L-2 in 5th-from-swakshetra gives accumulated wealth through lucky dealings with common/vulgar or negative people and materials. Appeals to vulgar interests.

Speaks in the language of outcastes and servants, about sensual experience (bhava-2) including food, touch, and visual values. Works hard for his money, but cleverly.

  • "95 Theses" Protestant Reformation 1483-1549 Martin Luther + Budha. Intelligence (5) evokes the rustic language (2) of the common people into a new religion based on vernacular speech (2) and local history (2).

If a malefic, dramatizes the concerns of the common people, with fortunate results according to the dignity of the graha.

Depending on the character of the malefic, may be a storyteller who uses images of money, food, and death or an entertainer who promotes traditional values of independence, hard work, and conservation of resources

L-2 = the agent who gathers collections and accumulates value. L-2 energizes wealth-building in health, finance, and service industries.

If benefic, dramatizes language or images to get attention. Dramatization becomes exploitation. Tells salacious stories or untruths; works with images of hair, face, and skin; May be a successful preacher, entertainer, publisher or politician who caters to an outcaste audience. ( Hugh Hefner .)

Speculative investment of group or family monies. Romantic love between family members, incest. Wealth gained through exploitive speculative investment schemes and sordid transactions. Medical problem-sets with tongue, teeth, mouth, hair, and face.

L-2 in 4th-from-swakshetra

Auspicious financially.

One capitalizes (2) upon the basis of performance art, theatrical production and ceremonies, games, politics, literary creativity, genius, capacity to channel divine intelligence, speculation-gambling, autobiographical literature, and most of all children.

Das commentary :

IF the lord of the 2 is in 5,

and the lord of the 2 has at least one beneficial placement attribute.

"You will be blessed with the acquisition of wealth

through children,

great men,


and monasteries."

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 6

Loss of balance - enemies * disease * Poverty * Crime * criticism * argumentation * analysis * medicine * ministry to the sick and needy

L-2 = Surya in bhava-6

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-6


L-2 = Mangala in bhava-6

L-2 = Budha in bhava-6

L-2 = Guru in bhava-6 * multiple service ministries; many health issues

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-6 * pleasure in service; addictions

L-2 = Shani in bhava-6

L-2 in 5th -from-swakshetra = the family of origin = financially privileged and creative

One capitalizes upon the basis of mother's relatives, servants and servitude, problem-sets that seem structural, problem-sets that are difficult to solve, engaging in conflict, conflict in human relationships, broken contracts, and illness.

Generally, family is characterized by illness of various types, and the relationship with family may be contentious. This broad principle becomes especially strong when Chandra rules kutumbha-bhava-2, so that the mother's illness or addiction defines the family bond.

  • "Lipstick" 1955-1996 Margaux Hemingway, an Arudra native, had L-2 Chandra in Vrischika-6. She suffered an emotionally criticizing family environment due to her dyslexia and epilepsy compounded by numerous family stressors including pervasive bipolar condition. Her mother was long ill with cancer, and after her mother's death her father remarried a woman hostile to Margaux. Both mother Chandra and stepmother 8th-from-Chandra containing Ketu are afflicted.

If L-2 is dignified, can give a successful career in cosmetic dentistry, private-loan banking, creative applications of art and music toward conflict resolution.

One may be a spokesperson or the"voice" (2) of the exploited-or-exploiters or polluted-or-polluters, including as a representative of disenfranchised environmental beings

Associated with"problem-sets "

  • Theory of Relativity 1879-1955 Albert Einstein = problem-sets that are difficult to solve; his family of origin = moderately financially privileged merchants


Matters of speech or song (2) may become scandalous or even criminalized.

However L-2 in the bhagya 5th-from swakshetra predicts that one's intelligence will ultimately be recognized.

  • "Violet Flame" 1939-2009 Elizabeth Clare Prophet was consistently criticized for fabricating clairsentient cult messages during the rise and fall of her cult. With Rahu in bhava-2 these "expedient speakings" produced a thrilling (Rahu) amount of wealth

Currency speculation, food speculation, money-lending, gambling upon the value of a hoard

One may eat, drink or smoke toxic substances which contribute to injury or disease

-- BPHS Ch. 24, shloka 18

"When Dhana's lord is in Ari Bhava along with a benefic, the native will gain wealth through his enemies."

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-7

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-7

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-7

L-2 = Budha in bhava-7

  • CNN media, buffalo lands Ted Turner + Shukra + Surya * parivartamsha L-7 Kuja-5


L-2 = Guru in bhava-7

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-7

L-2 = Shani in bhava-7 * dig-bala


L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava-7

dhanapathi-2 occupies the awkward 6/8 shad-ashtakya angle 8th-from-2nd

The concerns of yoking yoga yuvati-bhava-7 include the pairing-comparison-parity matters of balance, equity, marriage, alliance, contracts, agreements, matches, mating, equality, partnership and justice, inter alia

The ruler of bhava-2 mouth and speech is a verbalizer. Thus L-2 in 7 increases the verbosity of negotiations seeking equity, shared value

  • Egypt-King 1920-1965 Farouk al-Awwal * parivartamsha L-7 Shani-2 = constantly negotiating with the British colonial overlords of Egypt

  • USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King + Budha

However 7 is stationed in the ashtakya 6/8 from dhanasthana-2. Speech may be impacted by the characteristics of the L-2. There is typically a pattern of discussing money and historic values (2) which are involved in disagreement, divorce, or unfair contracts (7 as 6th-from). Attorneys and advocates for exploited parties may benefit from this yoga.

If the L-2 is weakened, speech may be incomplete or clipped. If the L-2 is strengthened, bargaining on difficult (6) topics may be improved.

  • USA Civil Rights 1929-1968 Rev. Martin Luther King * Surya-Makara+ Budha. A famed advocate for victims of injustice, he spoke clearly but faced extraordinary hostility (6). Surya-Maraka-7 is weakened in the hostile rashi of Surya's enemy Shani ; but Surya benefits from yuti-Budha.

  • "O" multimedia Oprah Winfrey* Guru-Vrishabha-7. A famed promoter of justice for the victimized classes and icon of charitable generosity (Gifting Guru). Ms. Winfrey has a warmly inclusive and jovial speech style. Yet the scale of Guru's material largesse barely affects the scale of the problems (6). Guru is weakened in the rashi of enemy Shukra.

  • POTUS-42"My Life" Bill Clinton * Shani-Simha-7+ Budha. Mr. Clinton served for decades (Shani) as an inspiring and skillful leader of numerous governments and NGOs. However he had a career-plaguing problem with bhava-2 that manifested in outright lying. L-2 Shani is strengthened in bhava-7 but compromised in the hostile rashi of Simha; yuti-Budha L-6 and L-9 is not really helpful, and he came very close to being impeached for lying. Notably, his enduring (Shani) wife and colleague has always assisted his lying behaviors.

Agents of capitalization (2) enter the yuvati-bhava. Marriage is motivated by wealth-acquisition.

Wealth + knowledge obtained via the partner, terms of contract, various alliances and business partnerships.

Wealth = contained within conflicted, exploitive alliances = dhanakaraka

  • POTUS-32 partner "Learn by Living" Eleanor Roosevelt* refused the offer of divorce from her unfaithful husband, preferring to maintain their financial and social estate, keeping both honor and monies within the family

  • USA-Gov-FL 1999-2007 Jeb Bush* numerous shady deals and manipulative partners, but considerable profitability overall

L-2 in the adversarial, sick, contentious 6th-from-swakshetra .

  • POTUS-32 partner "Learn by Living" Eleanor Roosevelt = conflicted, unfaithful, seriously sick (6) but financially privileged and voice-empowered marriage partner = POTUS-32 Fireside Chats FDR

  • "Graceland" drama-commerce Priscilla Presley * her conflicted, unfaithful, seriously sick from digestive ailment (6) but financially privileged and voice-empowered marriage partner-1 was "Heartbreak Hotel" 1935-1977 Elvis Presley

  • Beatle partner, avant-gardiste Yoko Ono Lennon = Beatle John Lennon

  • "O" multimedia Oprah Winfrey = business contracts

  • "Friends" drama-commerce Jennifer Aniston = conflicted, unfaithful (6) but financially privileged and face-empowered marriage partner = "Moneyball" dramatist Brad Pitt

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-8 * mysterious father

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-8 - conditions of death affect the mysterious family, the Mother

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-8

L-2 = Budha in bhava-8

L-2 = Guru in bhava-8 * many transformations, much identity change

L-2 = Shukra in bhava- 8

L-2 = Shani in bhava-8 * long life

L-2 occupies the diplomatic, gracious, deal-making, accommodating 7th-from-swakshetra.

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 8

The face, eyes, hair, voice may serve with agency of upheaval and transformation

Stemming from a motivation within the family of origin (2), speech (2) may be camouflaged with false coverage. I.e., the native fabricates information, embroiders the truth, substitutes various versions of the truth, or flat-out lies.

  • Lies and cover-ups in the interest of relationship management.

  • Lies and cover-ups in the interest of preserving a preferred interpretation of history (2).

  • Lies and cover-ups to facilitate the continuation of a relationship with the deceased, or with one whose psycho-mental illness has left only the annamayakosha shell.

  • England-Queen 1533-1603 Elizabeth-1 used an oily, lead-based (Shani8) cosmetic cover to hide the smallpox cavities on her face.

Hidden knowledge and wealth; secrets; transformative and catastrophic change; deep healing, surgery, tantra

Graha born into randhra bhava = subject to the fast spinning of the cycle (8) of self-destruction and rebirth (8).

Damages (8) the family lineage (2) unless L-2 is otherwise capable of resisting the sudden turnings of the cycle of death and rebirth which occur in the openings-aperture-sthana.

  • "Sherlock Holmes " crime-writer Arthur Conan-Doyle lost a beloved son to the vicious warfare of WorldWar-1. In his unassailable grief, Conan Doyle turned to the highly popular spiritualism movement looking for a method to maintain communication with his desperately missed son. Building on his credibility as a popular author and political essayist, C-Doyle delivered speeches claiming that séance was a materially (Shani) effective method. Perhaps he got what he wanted - assurance that his son was living in spirit and at peace - but material facts as he claimed them could not be substantiated.

* especially severe churning of family lineage when L-2 in 8 typically early upheavals to foundations of life

The speed of change-of-form is often terrifying. Matters of the bhava-s ruled by graha in 8 are controlled by this fast-turning, re-cycling, identity-destroying and regenerating hidden life force.

Effects of graha in 8 are frightening, secretive, occult, mysterious, hidden, shocking magical, rejuvenating and changing-changing-changing.

Second marriage partner may be "hidden". Possibility of two families, mutually unknown to each other.

  • Sherlock Holmes 1859-1930 Arthur Conan-Doyle= L-2 Shukra attraction parivartamsha L-8 Kuja hidden physical energy

  • more than a decade before his first wife died, C-D fell profoundly in love with the woman who would become his second wife. Their love was intense and absolute; and neither would abandon the union despite extremely trying circumstances.

  • His first wife, with whom he had enjoyed a fairly pleasant early life and family, suffered from kidney disease and was expected to die shortly. In fact, she lived for another 10 years.

  • Conan-Doyle and Jeanne continued their relationship covertly, sharing the truth of their love even with Conan-Doyle's mother and their mutual friends, yet taking great care not to hurt his reclusive, frail first wife. The first wife never found out. Immediately upon her death, Conan-Doyle and Jean were married instantly and three children quickly born.

L-2 in 7th-from-swakshetra = wealth is held by disguised, camouflaged silent, hidden partners

One capitalizes upon the basis of confidential information and secret dealings, including relationships with partners who are cooperate to hide money from taxation.


Ch. 24, Shloka 20

"If Dhana's lord is in Randhra Bhava,

  • the native will be endowed with abundant land and wealth.

  • But he will have limited marital felicity

  • and be bereft of happiness from his elder brother."

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 9

father / religion / Priestly Ritual / Human Communication with world of Spirit

L-2 = Surya in bhava-9 * doctrinal father

  • POTUS-10 Annex Texas John Tyler + Shani + uttama-Shukra * parivartamsha L-9 Guru-2

  • California-Gov 1975-83; 2011- Jerry Brown + Shani

  • "Be Here Now" Baba Ram Dass yuti Rahu

  • "Flowers of Evil" 1821-1867 poet Charles Baudelaire + Guru + Shani + Mangala + Budha + uttama-Shukra

  • "Germinal" 1840-1902 Emile Zola + Mangala + Chandra

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-9 * doctrinal, humanistic mother

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-9 * doctrinal brethren

L-2 = Budha in bhava-9

L-2 = Guru in bhava-9 * doctrinal guides

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-9 * doctrinal sisters, wives, women

L-2 = Shani in bhava-9 * doctrinal government, institution

L-2 in 8th-from-swakshetra = financially privileged (2) and knows (2) shocking secrets...

Yet through these treasures one may destroy an outdated identity (8th from) creating rebirth for oneself and for those following one's guidance (9)

An agent of social change, sometimes revolutionary.

  • POTUS-01 American Revolution George Washington - American revolutionary war military general

  • USA-Sen-Mass 1932-2009 Teddy Kennedy born into a very financially privileged family. Noted figure of liberal-progressive advancement for the working classes

One capitalizes upon the treasury of knowledge and jewels. Delivers lovely speech and song, upon the basis of the father, religion, priesthood, and higher wisdom.

Narrative story-telling of sthana-2 enters the realm of philosophy, world travels, religion bhava-9. Talks about religion.

Ruler of Financial Wealth (2) resides in dharmabhava-9 may produce wealth from religious-doctrinal sources. However L-2 occupies 8th-from-2nd suggesting that a sudden and unexpected transformation, often forceful, must accompany the regeneration (8) of wealth in a new form.

  • England-King 1491-1547 Henry VIII Tudor had L-2 Shukra yuti Ketu in bhava-9. Ketu liberated His Majesty from the bondage of religious doctrine, and provided him the freedom to do the unthinkable (Ketu). Henry obtained a sudden "eruption" (8th-from) of financial wealth via English appropriation of the extensive land holdings of the Roman Catholic monasteries and cathedrals. The transformation created a terrible shock for pious believing peasants. Yet from the perspective by Rome-hating Protestant supporters, Henry's 'disrespectful' (Ketu) action was seen as a brilliantly aggressive move to restore the English economy .

One's mother (Chandra) and indeed oneself may be a proselyte, priest, preacher or professor (9). However the sermon may be slightly awkward, unbalanced, too esoteric, or even revolutionary due to the parochial nature of Chandra quite awkward in the universal venue of 9, as well as L-2 in shocking, sudden-changes 8th-from home base:

  • Israel-PM 1969-1974 Golda Meir was a passionate Zionist whose public image as a gentle grandmother barely covered a fierce believer in pre-emptive strikes

  • Iran-Shah 1919-1980 Mohamed Reza Pahlavi attempted radical reforms of Iranian society, albeit he did not recover well enough to resume a guidance role with a post-revolutionary identity

  • Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 J.R.R. Tolkien was a deeply religious personality, strongly grounded in the familiar rhythms of his Roman Catholic faith. Chandra yuti kendra-adhi-pathi Guru = grounding. His mother was a devoted convert to Roman Catholicism. After the split caused by her ideological conversion, Mother's Baptist family (Chandra L-2 family) disowned her, despite her severe diabetes. She imbued her sons with family lineage (2) of continuing dedication to the teachings. Tolkien's eldest son became a Roman-Catholic priest.

Voice of Philosophical Truths

  • Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs yuti Rahu * showman and preacher of electronic devices and a new civilization emerging

  • "Second Sex" 1908-1986 Simone de Beauvoir * uttama

  • POTUS-01 American Revolution George Washington was a practicing FreeMason who held and pronounced (2) deeply philosophical (9) beliefs regarding the new nation he was helping to found

  • "Walden" 1817-1862 Henry David Thoreau + Shukra = popular invited speaker throughout New England. He spoke primarily on anti-slavery principles, and was said to have had an enchanting voice * L-2 Shukra + uttama-Rahu.

  • "Be Here Now" Baba Ram Dass = the voice of modern spiritual psychology. Many of his radio programs, concert hall gatherings and college-campus talks were recorded and are still heard today.

  • "Way to Wealth" 1706-1790 Benjamin Franklin was a much-loved (Shukra) exponent of the wise, witty, common-sense values (Shukra) of the newly minted American peoples and the Enlightenment principles upon which their 1776 Republic was founded (9, ideology)

  • "Memories Dreams Reflections" 1875-1961 Carl Jung delivered many theoretical (9) lectures (2) and hosted many conferences in his quest to develop therapeutic psychology into a recognized science. He was considered a charming speaker whose presentations were rich with examples and insights.

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-10 * dig-bala

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-10

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-10 * dig-bala

L-2 = Budha in bhava-10

  • "Sophie's Choice" Meryl Streep + Mangala * parivartamsha Shukra-11

L-2 = Guru in bhava-10

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-10

L-2 = Shani in bhava-10

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries borne into bhava- 10

profession / Leadership / Prestige / dignity

L-2 in 9th-from-swakshetra = financially privileged and wise

known for one's inventory of words

May be a splendid singer or perhaps have renowned eyes

L-2 in 9th-from-swakshetra = capable leader with strong financial and aesthetic values who brings knowledge of cultural history and financial acumen to their leadership role.

If supportive planets in dhana bhava-2, the native may increase the financial-capital wealth of his society or tribe.

Serves the public through matters of money, collections of knowledge, and death

The family lineage is a distinctive factor in one's public profile, reputation, and respect

One capitalizes upon the basis of career, government service, professional regulator, social rank, corporate leadership

Often speaks (2) in an authoritative fashion from a location of elite institutional governance (10)

Speaks to the government, and about the government

Public Figures

L-2 = Surya in bhava-11 = Karkata lagna

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-11 * Mithunaya lagna

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-11

L-2 = Budha in bhava-11 * dhanayoga

L-2 = Guru in bhava-11 * dhana yoga

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-11

L-2 = Shani in bhava-11 * lawful economic systems * dhanayoga


L-2 in kendra 10h-from-swakshetra

a powerful dhana yoga

usually dhana-pathi in vriddhi-sthana = a combination for substantial accumulation of financial wealth

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 11

marketplace / networks / interconnected communities

Brings material-wealth and knowledge-wealth treasuries and significant capitalization power into the marketplace of goods and ideas.

The conserved, preserved, accumulated wealth of bhava-2 which arises from the family lineage, from the face-voice-eyes, and from knowledge of history and languages (2) is channeled into the marketplace (11) of ideas, goods and service, creating capital wealth for purpose of economic distribution.

Dhana yoga indicating wealth from bhava-2 resulting in marketplace gains, awards, rewards, and profits from work accomplished (11)

Face-hair-voice-eyes produce income

Family of origin, Lineage produces income

(Lineage) Knowledge of history and languages produces income

One capitalizes upon the basis of salary and other marketplace earnings, mass movements, social activism, huge gatherings, community donations, and marketplace connections including links throughout global Empire.

  • POTUS-07 Indian Removal Act Andrew Jackson * nichha-Budha + uttama-Shukra + Surya. Jackson's wealth came mainly from slave-labor cotton and tobacco plantations. He capitalized the wealth produced using slaves in order to buy land and more slaves.

Also, wealth from elder sibling and father's commercial interests, and brother (11th = 3rd-from-9th).

Brings the treasuries of *value-2 * into the participatory social-economic networks-11

  • UK-Queen Elizabeth-2 * parivartamsha uttama-Kuja-1 * global marketplace connections

  • POTUS-34 partner Mamie Doud Eisenhower was raised in wealth due to her father's extremely successful meat-packing business. He retired at age 36.

  • POTUS-18 Civil War Ulysses S. Grant as a young man was unable to contain his alcoholic habit (lagnesha uttama-Shukra-6 + nichha-Budha). His incontinence caused a dishonorable discharge from the Army. After losing his chance to become an officer, he failed in a string of commercial upstarts. However Grant's father developed a series of profitable tannery businesses. Until reaching his 40's, the only steady jobs that Ulysses was able to hold were those given and supervised by his father (Ravi).

  • POTUS-40 partner "Just Say No" Nancy Davis Reagan L-2 Budha in 11 yuti L-9 Kuja and lagnesha Surya. At the onset of her Budha mahadasha she shifted from early childhood loneliness and poverty into socialite luxury via her mother's favorable second marriage. As an adult, Mrs. Reagan demonstrated detailed and effective networking skills (in support of her husband's ascendant political career) which resulted in a lifetime of capital affluence.

  • "Realm of Light" 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich L-2 Guru occupies 11 + Surya + Chandra. A tireless social networker and producer of 7000 paintings, Mr. Roerich also had many supporters and strong commercial instincts. He left a substantial estate.

L-2 speech-knowledge treasuries born into bhava- 12

dreams / meditation / prayer / divinations / communication with spirit guides / sanctuary / subconscious / private ("bedroom") worlds

L-2 = Surya in bhava-12

L-2 = Chandra in bhava-12

L-2 = Mangala in bhava-12

L-2 = Budha in bhava-12

L-2 = Guru in bhava-12 * many meditations, much sanctuary

L-2 = Shukra in bhava-12

L-2 = Shani in bhava-12

  • Opus Dei 1902-1975 St. Josemaria Escriva + Surya + Chandra * parivartamsha L-12 Guru-1

  • "Tantra" 1931-1990 OSHO Rajneesh + Chandra + Budha + Shukra + Mangala

L-2 in 11th-from-swakshetra is gainful = financially privileged and withdrawn.

Can speak (2) to beings on the astral plane (12) and also in distant worlds (12)

The hoarded wealth has little power to sustain one's social identity or fleshly vitality

Efforts required to manage accumulated wealth (2), although perhaps very beneficial to society, can drain (12) the life force vitality(1).

One may capitalize upon the basis of other-worldly knowledge, communication with spirits, imagination, visualization, meditation and prayer;

also, L-2 in 12 can produce wealth from distant lands.

Importantly, L-2 in vyayasthana does not necessarily destroy wealth. Managing The financial wealth is perhaps tiring, but the native may be born into wealth, acquire wealth, distribute wealth, and enjoy wealth with no restrictions.

Naturally, if Shani or Ketu occupy dhana-bhava there can be true poverty.

Otherwise, the activities of financial wealth -acquisition may continue unabated since L-2 in 11th from swakshetra creates a valid dhana-yoga.

  • Standard Oil 1874-1960 philanthropy John D. Rockefeller * one of the materially richest men in his world-era, born into a super-power oligarchic family * Rahu-2 = oil wealth."Johnny Rock" quit his power-wielding corporate positions in order to focus on"giving away money" (12) in numerous magnificent but very closely accountable acts of charity (12).

  • POTUS-30 "Price of Freedom" Calvin Coolidge maintained a discreet investment portfolio and had the necessary funds to accomplish his political goals. However Ketu-11 gave him a permanent apathy toward personal earnings, which reduced the financial advantages of L-2 in the gainful 11th-from-2

  • POTUS-41 "All the Best" George H. W. Bush * Uttarabhadrapada-lagna like John Rockefeller. Born into a super-financially privileged family which was also very private, Mr. Bush used his numerous international political appointments to further the family's financial interests.

financial wealth (2) from foreign lands

financial wealth (2) from invisible (12) sources

talks about values and death (2) with leaders of distant lands (12)


Pema Chodron

"You can do this anytime you eat a meal.
  1. Before taking the first bite, just pause and think of those men and women of wisdom and mentally offer them your food. In this way, you connect with the virtue of devotion.
  2. Before taking the second bite, pause and offer your food to all those who've been kind to you. This nurtures the virtues of gratitude and appreciation.
  3. The third bite is offered to those who are suffering: all the people and animals who are starving, or being tortured or neglected, without comfort or friends. Think, too, of all of us who suffer from aggression, craving, and indifference. This simple gesture awakens the virtue of compassion.

In this way, by relying on our teachers, our benefactors, and those in need, we gather the virtues of devotion, gratitude, and kindness."


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