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Om Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah

Samchara * Gochara Shani

travels across

Simha rashi


Samchara SHANI Ingress SIMHA Samchara SHANI Ingress KANYA
09/17/1918 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
06/02/1919 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
07/26/1948 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
09/06/1977 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
10/31/2006 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
07/15/2007 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
08/27/2036 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
10/12/2065 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha
08/18/2095 Sign Start: Simha 0 0' Simha


Gochara Shani-Simha: Question Time! Question Common Knowledge! Question Authority!

Question Shani's narrative of limited options and purported urgency to suppress any socially inconvenient eruption of independent intelligence, love, and creativity.

This is Shani fear-driven thinking which exaggerates the perception of danger and scarcity (Shani)

Be prepared to redefine and reconstruct one's unique personal brilliance and creativity (Surya).

What indeed does "the time factor" ,"age", or other"social belief" have to do with creative intelligence?

Women may marry happily at any age, from nine to ninety. Children may be born or acquired at any time of adult life. New jobs, new businesses, rebirth is possible until the last breath and beyond. For whom are there"few options left"?

Gochara Shani-Simha: forcing sincere moral inquiry, questioning authority, and forgiveness

Gochara Shani-Simha always forces the bloom of"creativity karma" from the subconscious.

Brilliant, unique, super-hot Professor Surya ruler of Simha sees cold, dark, one-law-for-all Professor Shani as an adhi-shatru-graha * arch-enemy

Shani also sees burning, solipsistic Surya as Shani's worst adhi-shatru-graha * arch-enemy.

Shani is exceptionally uncomfortable in Surya's rashi, where Shani is exposed to the blinding bright, hot rays of Divine Intelligence. Shani prefers to operate in the dark, murky, cold world of rules for the sake of rules, punitively enforced conformism, and publicly approved, lowest-common-denominator behaviors.

Shani's banner is "social order".

Under the tyranny of"social order" t he individual cannot and should not make one's own individual choices. The rule of law carries the weight of public opinion. Fear of being ostracized ensures that no disorderly, disruptive debates which threaten the social order can be tolerated.

When Shani travels through Ravi's rashi, Shani must try to preserve His dark and rigid fortress of Legal Order against the brilliant, burning hot, individualistic, creative, dramatic onslaught of Surya's forces.

Shani's movement through the terribly hostile territory of Simha evokes a great battle in human society and even greater in the nativities where Shani, Surya, or Simha are impacted by the transit.

Individual entitlements, creative genius, and egocentric worldviews come inevitably into conflict with the social laws governing distribution of resources, consequences for law-breaking, and survival-driven fear of death.

A need for creative self-inspection, along with respect for the survival fears of others (Shani)

The key to success during Shani's tour of Simha rashi is self-inquiry, appreciation and respect for Shani's social-safety agenda, and commitment to highest individual creativity despite heavy pressure to conform to the lowest common denominator..

  • The individual must break away from the pack, eschewing survival fear. Trust in divine intelligence.

  • To do so one must be willing to inspect one's own life principles. Why does one hold these survival beliefs? Upon inspection, are some or all of these beliefs based on fear and not compassion ? Upon inspection, can one's beliefs about genius, intelligence, and empowerment be better aligned with Divine Intelligence (Surya) discovered in meditation and selfless service?

Releasing one's own ego-membrane fear of social failure

Release resistance and ancient other-life fears of punishment for creative, dramatic, or regal centrality.

Focus the intelligence upon fear of negative social judgment , which is affects everyone when gochara Shani travels through Simha rashi.

Shani brings punishment for non-conformity to large-scale systems.

Shani carries a fear of telling the truth.

Reflect on the natural fears and prejudices carried by the fearful ones, and * forgive * them their trespasses upon your empowerments!

Many with hardened (Shani) hearts (Simha) live in fear of old age. If your heart is alive and open to Divine Light there is no basis for this fear. However it is recommended to respect the fears of others no matter how short-sighted their view.

There Are No Victims

Seek to entirely avoid the behavior of"blaming" upon persons or spirits. Every action and reaction in human life is a projection of one's own subconscious expectations and desires upon the blank screen of perceptual experience. Although normal humans cannot control the nature of their subconsciously generated projections, we have a tremendous amount of control over how we *respond* to the projections.

  • Victims abdicate their power to control how they respond to the projections.

  • Do not be a victim. Take responsibility * without guilt, of course! Accept the natural fact that each individual has control over one's own destiny. No political system has enough power to control even one conscious person.

  • Each person has considerable control over one's own belief system. While much is culturally inherited, much is also amenable to personal inspection in this age of philosophical education and logical science.

Black Magic/Sorcery (Rahu) requires victim's cooperation

Shani-gochara-Simha can induce apparent mental health crises for those who are "afraid of personal power".

Often it is a past-life-other-life holdover from having been punished for intelligence in an alternative life. In the present life it is vitally important to take one's power back from whatever outside entities have been temporarily holding one's personal power. Superstition must be completely eradicated.

The psychic fact is that beings who occupy bodies ( everyone presently in a human incarnation) have natural seniority over beings who do not have bodies .

Evil spirits operating through low-consciousness people - although they are indeed out and about and often troublemakers - *cannot* overwhelm the minds of human beings unless they are given permission to do so by the individual (Surya).

  • Demonic forces *must have permission* to affect the mind of the victim or they simply cannot enter. No sorcerer no matter how skillful can cross the boundary of an aura marked "do not enter".

  • Yes, Black Magic and psychological manipulation can be effective against weak minds who participate in victim-thinking. Do you want to be a victim?

This decision is actually a choice to be made, not a curse of fate. If you are intelligent enough to read this paragraph, you have the power to decide to not be a victim.

To alleviate family sorrow, Anger, manipulation, and guilt:

Surya a the Father-Figure of Earth's Solar System * Ra. (Ra is the deity which embodies the solar system.) When Earth-humans experience Professor Shani's transit via Simha, humans are granted an opportunity to accept responsibility for adult choices and outcomes .

Step back and look at the cultural assumptions underlying the fearful beliefs about punishment for being creative and non-permission to express one's own divine intelligence, and ask whether these assumptions are valid, and for whom. Shani repays careful examination into the structure of all things!

Ask the larger questions about true well-being. Humans require love.

  • Make compassion the motive of all choices and actions. Forego selfish or fearful thinking. When fear-driven folks (especially ill or elderly) act from fear, immediately forgive them - but do not follow them! Set oneself on an honest radiant self-directed path, based on the self-love which gives deepest desire for another to feel happiness.

  • Your own social safety, physical security, and emotional well-being is best guaranteed not by fearful oppression but by the freedom and creativity of an open, honest heart.

This is the grand drama of Shani vs. Surya.


Stone-henge, Wiltshire England


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