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Graha * Rashi

Budha + navagraha

Mercury conjunct other planets

Budha the Messenger

Budha is very impressionable

He always adapts to the company He keeps.

  • Budha delivers the message but He does not compose it

  • Budha speaks, thinks, writes, and gestures

  • Rashi pati (sign lord), incoming drishti, and co-tenants of the house are exceptionally influential upon Budha and Chandra

Budha rules "conversation" which includes sexual communication

Budha is a flexible, absorptive, adolescent (Kumara) graha and He is greatly influenced by His bhava and by incoming drishti.

  • Therefore when considering the impact of companion Graha who share a house with Budha, simultaneously observe the effect of incoming drishti upon Budha's communicative and mentalization characteristics.

  • Budha may only inhabit the bhava containing Surya, the bhava preceding Surya, or the bhava following Surya.

  • When Budha's degree is within 13 degrees of Surya, Budha = "moudhya" = combust'.

Budha accepting drishti of Shani gives a ponderous, belabored way of speaking that is often overly formalized. the native wishes to sound respectable and in the process overemphasizes the formal or academic register where a more casual register is appropriate to the setting.

Shani in 3rd-from-Budha gives a ponderous way of thinking. the native tends to think in heavily weighted or pessimistic terms; may be a worst-case thinker, or the mental narrative is laden with expectations of scarcity and responsibility to society.

Budha + Surya


Budha-Aditya Yoga

"This is another name for Nipuna Yoga When Mercury and the Sun join in one Rasi, we have this yoga.

~~ B.V. Raman. (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology. Part II, p. 48

Smart and bright.

Budha is vulnerable to Moudhya effects if Budha is too close to Surya.

"Too close"=

  • within 13 degrees,

  • if retrograde: within 11 degrees.

If Budha suffers asta "burn-out", one remains clever but becomes too self-focused - literally "solipsistic". the native is intelligent and mentally adaptive with verbal fluency and quick response to five-senses stimuli.

Yet, one may not easily comprehend the perceptions and feelings of others.

The closer Budha gets to Surya, the more self-referential the native may become. One's own experience is less integrated with the experience of others.

Solipsism is not always a bad thing for highly placed social leaders, whose duties may require a "full steam ahead" level of self-confidence unimpeded by the feelings or opinions of others. But for those located in the rank-and-file, such a person may be considered rather selfish or unaware.

If Budha is more than 13/11 degrees away from Ravi, highly intelligent and helpful, youthful appearance, works well with younger people, excellent teacher if other conditions support teaching/training.

Behari opines regarding Surya + Budha

"good for travel, changes, literary work, starting a new business, correspondence, interviews, writings and in short all those affairs in which active mind, diplomatic dealings with others, and adaptation to new and fresh surroundings or understanding are required .

  • A good time to plan for future. Dealings with lawyers, solicitors, Agents, literary persons will prove to be a success and advantageous.

  • If the Sun to be the significator, and Mercury well dignified, it is said to give great wit, learning and ingenuity.

  • It is the general opinion, that Mercury does not suffer like other planets by combustion, but is rather strengthened by it. Experience, however does not warrant this conclusion. the native will seldom have much propensity to learning."

  • [BPL, if Budha = moudhya, the native lacks objectivity, and tends to "reinvent the wheel" by presuming that all one's ideas are original. One, lacks a sense of history or understanding of the accomplishments of others.]

If Mercury be the significator, the effects will be nearly the same, as Mercury imbibes the nature of the planet he is joined with. He will be addicted to boasting, and be very deceitful.

  • If Sun is well dignified, it is said one will acquire either riches, promotion or favor with great persons but one is generally sick in youth, liable to fevers, burns and diseases not easily cured.

  • If in good aspect, with Jupiter, one will be more healthy, and if the Moon be in good aspect he will seldom be remarkable for learning .

One will be intelligent, clever, famous and happy. Endowed with wealth but will have less accumulation and fulfillment of hopes. Good rank. stout and fair body.

  • Mercury being a mental planet and in conjunction with Sun can cause conflict between individuality and intellect or reasoning . One may not be able to use reasoning or intellect for the benefit of self.

  • The aspect stimulates both the mind and the will to a high degree and the energy it produces, if harnessed, can be used to the benefit of native."

Budha yuti Ketu + Surya

One is intelligent and capable of sustained mental work. Yet, speech is less articulate, perhaps incomplete or vague.

Drishti of Shani can shackle the speech delivery and cause the native to sound inarticulate unless reading from prepared materials.

In common talking, the native sounds "spacey" and disconnected from oneself. Ketu + Surya allows the native to shift identity boundaries easily, so the speech will change according to the identity engaged at the moment.

Favorable for stage-acting and other professions that require getting "in and out of character".

Budha + Shukra

Nearly any combination of commercial Budha + luxurious Shukra will result in wealth development via business enterprise.

Specialties of Budha are favored, for example

  • publications, announcements, planning and scheduling,

  • business administration, conferences and seminars,

  • all varieties of skills training,

  • writing and quickly-read literature such as poetry, chapbooks, handbooks, operations manuals, brochures, and websites.

Das / Behari says:

  • Enlightened, cheerful and artistic.

  • Wealth,

  • interest in politics,

  • skill with crafts,

  • interest in philosophical literature,

  • good speaking ability, singing ability and other good qualities in general.

Budha + Surya + Shukra

Das + Behari say: "You become insatiable, talkative, intent on wandering, and subjected to grief on account of the opposite sex."

  • "El Castilo Interior" 1515-1582 Santa Teresa de Avila - nichha-Budha + uttama-Shukra + Surya in Meena-bhava-3. She was a tremendous wanderer, criss-crossing the dangerous byways and trails of medieval Spain at a time when women rarely travelled. Her pious message (3) was a call to women (Shukra) to liberate themselves via spiritual ecstasy (Meena). Announcing the opportunity and the method, Teresa declared the women's right to a beauty obtainable only in cloistered sanctuary of extreme poverty (she went shoe-less); profound service, and constant prayer with (not to) their "spiritual spouse" Jesu Christo.

Budha + Surya + Shani

Surya and Shani are not friendly. Duty vs. creativity = often in conflict.

One may not be allowed to say what one needs to say, at least until certain very harsh conditions are endured or highly disciplined interior rules are adopted and consistently imposed.

The divine creative intelligence of Surya, which normally pours through the Surya + Budha pairing, is much constrained by Shani's law-and-order influence over "mouthpiece" Budha.

Social rules may compel the native to reduce one's speech to a lowest common denominator. One may need to write the truth rather than speak it; writing accommodates the slow, painstaking methods of Shani.

Strength of Budha propels a destiny to speak clearly and convincingly about severe oppression (Shani) - spinal trauma educator and advocate "Superman" dramatist Christopher Reeve uttama-Budha speaking of a medical condition [Kanya].

Compare to South Africa Pres. 1994-1999 Nelson Mandela speaking and writing of the oppression of national-ethnic entitlements [Karkata].

Budha + Chandra = Budha mutual drishti with Chandra

  • mass-appeal entertainer Madonna * Chandra parivartamsha L-3 Surya

  • USA Pres-32 partner, diplomat, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt Budha + Surya + Chandra + Kuja

  • dramatist Brad Pitt Budha + Surya + Chandra + Kuja yuti Ketu

  • Pres-Venezuela 1999-2013 Hugo R. Chavez yuti Ketu + Guru

Speech style is emotionalized, sensitive, soft, indecisive, unclear sometimes, less rational and more intuitive. Native may use words incorrectly in order to achieve a poetic effect.

Both Budha and Chandra are highly impressionable graha; the real effect of this pairing is largely controlled by the rashi lord. (in mass-appeal entertainer Madonna's case the rashi is Simha for politics and theatre. Her expression is highly dramatic.)

Budha + Kuja

Speech style may become aggressive, very direct and assertive, or capable to express masculine-energy of sexual pursuit and conquest.

Speech style of John F. Kennedy shows the restraint of Shani drishti + the boundary-challenging excitement of Rahu drishti.

In Bill Gates' case, Budha = uttama and in kendra-4. Speech delivery is aggressive and critical, but hyper-accurate in detail and generally convincing.

Das Says, if Mercury is aspected by Mars. "You will have an active and fiery mind.

You may become aggressive, mentally agile and possibly argumentative.

Even if these attributes are not expressed outwardly, you will still possess this kind of energy internally.

Budha + Guru

Speech style emphasizes faith, trust, wisdom, and prayerful imagination, as characterized by Budha's rashi and Guru's happiness within that rashi. Spoken and written expression is generally expansive and optimistic.

  • Mother Teresa = uttama-Budha, mastery of logical explanations of faith, practical management of paperwork without losing sight of larger goals, ability to convince others of the wisdom of her viewpoint, careful observance of small but significant details.

Budha + Shani

Speech style= conservative, cramped, conventional, parochial, narrow, sometimes vulgar. When well placed, may be particularly skillful and attuned to the language of the common people

  • Over a period of sixty years, Beatle Paul McCartney wrote and co-wrote (7) a corpus of legendary songs that used a very simple English vocabulary deriving from the spoken register of the working classes. His best songs are recognized worldwide since they are accessible even to listeners with a very limited inventory of English.

France-Emperor 1804-1815 Napoleon Bonaparte, (Similar to style of Budha in rashi of Makara or Kumbha.)

The cramped or parochial quality may be transformed into disciplined communicative excellence if Budha is very strong = "Superman" dramatist, paraplegic advocate Christopher Reeveuttama-Budha.

  • Mrs. Thatcher = Budha + uttama-Shani in lagna = expressing the values of conservative, balanced, minimalistic government and traditional lifestyle.

Speaks in a distinctively regional dialect sound pattern, or uses regionalized idiomatic phrasing. Often the native uses a speech register associated with the laboring-class or expressing an agricultural identity.

  • One speaks in the rhythm of the common people.

May be uncomfortable with the task of speaking or perhaps was raised to stay quiet as a sign of personal dignity and respect for a stable society.

If Shani is auspicious, education and discipline can raise the spoken expression to heights of protocol-driven correctness. If Shani has the dominant degree, and Budha is otherwise sharp and strong, may generate the "school0marm" type who judges and punishes the students for mis-use of grammatical conventions

If Budha has the higher degree or Budha is stronger in some other way (in swakshetra etc) the native may well understand the conventional speech rules yet over-ride or disregard them.

his native can become a good writer with discipline and practice. Requires very close attention to detail in any chosen profession.

The conjunction of Saturn Mercury is usually a financially or commercially productive pairing. The question is whether the product is gained by honest means or not. If Shani's materialism dominates, or if Budha's discriminatory faculties are weak, the native may take an easy profit from ill gotten gains.

However if Budha's mentality is healthy and Shani rules good houses, the combination occurring natally or during Shani's 2.3 year transit to Budha may be favorable for solid, careful, and crafty development of a structured logical enterprise.

  • if Saturn be significator and Mercury well dignified, make the native subtle and crafty but of sound judgment, deep learning and good education, one is ready to acquire knowledge and retain it, success in literature connected with profession, most amiable, superstitious and pedantic.

  • If Mercury be ill dignified, one becomes weak minded, conceited, talkative and ignorant.

  • If it is in bad aspect with Sun, one will have defective speech, extremely dishonest, artful, swindler and always unfortunate, mean and infamous.

  • If Mercury be significator and Saturn well dignified, the native is fearful, suspicious, reserved, secretive, calculative, cautious and frequently makes a fortune there by selfish, unsociable and worthless ways.

  • In case Saturn is ill dignified, one becomes treacherous, malignant, envious, and without abilities; of shallow judgment, suspicious, dishonest and revengeful.

  • If Moon be in conjunction square or opposition to the place, frequently dumb, or silly and unfortunate.

Budha + Shani + Shukra

Shani and Shukra are good friends and Budha gets along with them as a neutral.

Speech style= simple, and proletarian, but also smooth and generally pleasing. Sound patterns may be regionalized or "folksy", but the implication of harshness or vulgarity that would result from Budha + Shani alone, is much smoothed and more attractive due to Shukra.

Total effect of the speech delivery and mentality is friendly, a bit intellectually restrained or mentally simplified, but pleasant. George W. Bush was criticized for sounding like a "simpleton" to those with high intellectual standards. However his speech was generally well-liked by the common people, who found his style attractive due to being unpretentiously simple.

Depending on the bhava ruled by Shani and Shukra, education can improve the written and spoken expression dramatically. the native may be cautious of verbal expression and occasionally sounds a bit too populist for the educated ear. Yet the audience is usually forgiving and the trustworthiness of a common style of speech is a valuable asset.

Budha yuti Rahu

  • "Hour of Decision" televangelist Rev. Billy Graham (2, voice)

  • clairsentient reader Edgar Cayce + Shani + Shukra (12, spirit guides)

  • confessional telejournalist, media magnate Oprah Winfrey + Surya + Shukra
  • avant-garde artist Yoko Ono Lennon + Surya (7, marriage partners)

Speech style is magnified, amplified, dramatized, exhilarated, provocative, or exotic.

Preference for communicative subject matter which is taboo-breaking, concerned with exogamy or forbidden topics, regarding desires and the heated pursuit thereof.

The voice, the narrative, the "story" becomes a tool of Rahu's privilege-seeking ascendancy to higher recognition and power.

Talks passionately and incessantly, regarding the objects - real or ideal, persons or ideas or powers -- of one's desires.

Excellent position for a promoter, or sales, advertising, or marketing professional.

Budha yuti Ketu

  • UK-PM 1940-1945; 1951-1955 Winston Churchill + Guru

  • Pope John Paul II 1978-2005 Karol Wojtyla + Shukra yuti Ketu * Budha parivartamsha Mangala

  • economist, Jyotishi Bepin Behari + Surya + Shukra

  • dramatist Brad Pitt + Surya + Chandra + Kuja

  • Pres-Venezuela 1999-2013 Hugo R. Chavez + Guru + Chandra

Unless supported by additional graha yuti Ketu, Budha yuti Ketu alone suggest that the speech style may be incoherent, withdrawn, uncertain, apathetic or ambivalent.

Does not harm a professional thespian or other role which needs to channel the speech of another. Ketu actually assists with all tasks that benefit from scattered boundaries, such as imitating the speech or personality of another person as in dramatic acting. However for conventional speech tasks, there can be some disclarity.

Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is the psychological condition of living with, and trying to make life decisions based on, two or more logically contradictory life principles or core beliefs.

The yoga of Ketu + Budha may yield a psycho-mental proclivity toward "cognitive dissonance". The combination of Budha's mental logic with Ketu's other-worldly, shape-shifting, boundary-dissolving un-materiality, tends to produce a thinking style which is poorly defined, illogical, contradictory, or incomplete.

To logically minded observers, the native may seem to live somewhere along the continuum of hypocrisy to psychosis.

On the positive side, Ketu yuti Budha diminishes the tendency to form rigid judgments, criticism according to strict rules, or otherwise discriminate between categories. Therefore one may be more merciful, or more able to accept the improper behaviors of others.

  • Pope John Paul II 1978-2005 Karol Wojtyla = Budha yuti Ketu + Shukra (banking)was notably "able to accept" the complexities of the Vatican banking scandal without moral condemnation of the numerous crimes and criminals involved.

Circumstantial Reasoning

The thought process of the native is inconsistent, and incompletely compartmentalized. (Compare to Shani + Budha, a condition of strict mental compartmentalization.]

The universal rules of logic, which are normally the guiding principles of "sanity" within the social-communicative conventions, are replaced by a foggy, circumstantial reasoning.

Most people have one single set of life principles from which their life decisions are chosen. For the native with Ketu + Budha, several different sets of principles and beliefs may "co-exist" simultaneously, with no one set of guiding principles ever completely in force. Thus the native 's behavior becomes unpredictable, and may be ostracized.

Trustworthiness and Unpredictability

the native may sound and seem highly inconsistent in their life-choice decisions. the native tends to send "mixed signals" to others regarding one's core intent, plans, commitments.

his type of person makes a difficult parentfrom the child's point of view, and a difficult partner from the spousal or business point of view.

the native tends to characterize oneself as "creative" or "sincere" or "intuitive" but in general the social and mental-health consequences of "circumstantial reinterpretation" of vows, promises, declared intentions, priorities etc are a gradual loss of trustworthiness

And communicative isolation.

the native will be more comfortable in speech communities which encourage vague, intuitive or poetic verbal expression; and less comfortable in more rigorously logical, legalistic, or high- accountability cultures.

In relationships:Ketu + Budha can operate at:

  • high level of consciousness (extremely insightful, spiritual Witness, blissfully detached Observer intelligence);

  • medium level ("rationalizing" in the deceptive psychological sense, generally unclear thinking esp. in relationships, lack of awareness of how one's decisions affect others, somewhat soft and withdrawn style of speech)

  • low level (unintentionally but effectively deceitful, split-minded, expedient rationalizations that may cover up unethical actions, two incommensurable sets of mental principles).

Most people operate in mid-range, and the most common behavior of Ketu + Budha = what we moderns call "compartmentalization".

Compartmentalization is a rationalization and distancing strategy for reducing life stress. It allows people to get through their day, manage contradictory social expectations, and prevent home life getting disrupted by work, religion getting disrupted by politics, etc.

However if a person gets too compartmentalized they start to act like a split personality, where one part of their life becomes walled off from the other parts, and the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing.

Ketu + Budha yoga isn't necessarily problematic in relationships that do not require full disclosure. It might be good to know, going in, that the Ketu + Budha person has unusually high levels of compartmentalization in their mental behavior. Compartmentalization is often taught as a positive business skill, but it can also contribute to negative intimate-relationship breakdown.

Because the person is remarkably detached from one's own thoughts, one may be a natural meditator and teacher of meditation.

However in human relationships, where "communicative engagement" is more desirable than witness-style detachment, a partner may be frustrated by this native's tendency to withdraw from active communication for long periods of time.

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