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Shani in Kanya

angle to Mangala

The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of the suffering. ~~ Ram Dass

Shani is comfortable in the rashi of Shani's friend Budha.

  • Shani's dignity in Kanya rashi depends on Budha's strength.

  • But in general the service-ministry and logical argumentation functions of Kanya are benefitted by Shani's imposition of an orderly environment.

Kuja in Mithuna, Kuja in Kumbha, and Kuja in Meena will cast disruptive drishti upon Shani.

B.V. Raman, A Catechism of Astrology. p. 30:

"Q. 37

What is the effect of the mutual aspect of the two great malefics Saturn and Mars?

Do they indicate violence?

Does it make any difference if Saturn is the lord of 1?


"No such general rule can be given. It depends on the position and ownership of the aspecting planets. Saravali ascribes the following results:

  • ... When Saturn occupies Gemini or Virgo and is aspected by Mars, he will be obstinate, will be awkward in form and appearance, will be attacked by fits, and will carry others' burden."...

  • Similarly when Mars occupies...Scorpio and Saturn aspects [Mars] same, he will be weak, will be devoid of followers or relations, will marry another wife....

  • When Mars occupies Gemini ... and is aspected by Saturn, he will be an Agriculturist, employed in mining, will be an itinerant, will be an occupant of hilly places and forts, will be poor, dirty and miserable. ....

  • When Mars occupies ... Pisces and is aspected by Saturn, he will be ugly, warlike, sinful, a traveller, and bereft of capital wealth, health, andone's Dharma."

Shani in Kanya

+ Mangala in Mesha


  • 6/8

Dale Earnhardt's fatal auto racing crash occurred in Shani/Kuja period.(Shani = L-7). Kuja was yuti Earnhardt's exalted Surya lagnesha, in a chart surging with warrior's hot, metallic, competitive winning power and frequent brushes with death.

Often a short-lived incarnation.

  • "Raja Yoga" author Swami Vivekananda enjoyed a parivartamsha yoga of Budha-2 + Shani-10 which allowed him to channel most of his inner conflict into institutional leadership tasks esp production of informative brochures (Kanya). However he died very young from complications of diabetes = very likely an infection (Mangala blood) and Kanya = imbalance of the paired organs (kidney).

Shani in Kanya + Mangala in Vrishabha

  • 5/9

Although only Guru and Rahu cast trinal drishti, all planets enjoy comfortable relationships when they occupy a mutual trine. This is a gentle and easy angle.

Shani in Kanya + Mangala in Mithuna

  • Mutual aspect- 4/10

Excellent placement for public life, but the mutual aspect between Shani + Mangala will produce a no-movement crisis at some point in the career. the native is exceptionally logical, analytical, litigious, and verbally confrontational.

Due to the "irresistible force meets the immovable object" relationship between Shani + Kuja, the style of expression will be passive-aggressive with a tendency toward betrayal of promises.

Although considered fairly easy to deal with due to a proletarian presentation style, during Shani or Kuja periods the native may be perceived as a liar or a cheat.

Kuja sees Budha as a planetary Enemy; Mars never flourishes in Budha's signs. Budha's home environment mentalizes Kuja's natural sexual-athletic vitality and distracts the native from the bodily signals.

Irregular eating and sleeping. Much helped if Budha occupies Mithuna or Kanya, although assistance from landlord Budha can make the native rather overly curious about young and attractive members of the opposite gender -- and quite chatty!

Even the mutual aspect from Kuja in Mithuna is not so harmful however, since in that configuration, both planets will occupy a sign of Budha.

Of course, Budha is a highly impressionable graha who very much reflects the disposition of His lord. Therefore Budha's lord must grant a positive character to Budha in order to produce the best results.

  • If Budha is strong during the mutual aspect of Shani-Kanya + Kuja-Mithuna, even the mutual aspect of the two enemies can give good results for Budha-related purposes such as analysis, planning, scheduling argumentation, complaints and litigation, human service ministry to the poor and dispossessed, health services of all kinds esp medical treatment plans and disease diagnosis, "social work" with the lowest classes, and other communicative, mentalized service behaviors.

  • However there will be health crises due to nervous overwork during periods of Shani and Kuja.

Shani in Kanya

+ Mangala in Karkata * nichha

  • 3/11

Shani is strong in friendly Budha's rashi; Mars is strong (if highly dysfunctional) in friend Chandra's sign. Their angle is non-invasive 3/11.

Mangala = nichha- Karkata rashi. This placement suggests passive-aggressive manipulation, psycho-physical "squeezing" = extortion or intimidation behaviors, and "anger-management" problems exacerbated by a denial of the originating emotion (anger).

Unless nichha-bhanga corrects the dilemma, nichha-Kuja will cause psycho-emotional trouble expressed in predatory perpetration of the parents' (Karkata) historic misbehavior toward their child. nichha-Kuja is nearly always a signal of exploitive parenting.

Yet Shani's agenda of imposing a rule-ordered social setting is not harmed.

  • the native is able to hold a job, extract an income from the marketplace, and appear sane (although one's reputation may eventually suffer from repeated attempted extortions of various financial and emotional kinds.)

On the surface, civilized life goes on. The person will likely be permitted to have some measure of emotional trauma in their personal life without suffering excessive social punishment.

Shani in Kanya + Mangala-Simha

  • 2/12

This is quite a difficult angle, involving dissolution and loss caused by adjudication of fantasy ideals (Simha, 12) with working-class necessities (Shani-Kanya).

One wishes to produce a kingly or entitled political-celebrity power (Simha) yet Shani in Kanya is rooted in obligations to attend to matters of the service class.

One may represent a certain style of political argument, featuring a "cause" that promotes the ostensible interests of the lower classes in a class-conflict rights entitlement competition.

  • dramatist-activist Charlton Heston = National Rifle Association representing the conservative, wealthy gun manufacturing interests under political camouflage of 'peoples rights' to own cheap firearms

  • Ford Motor Co. Henry Ford = various money-saving programs for the working class representing the conservative, wealthy machine manufacturing interests under cover of 'peoples rights' to own cheap automobiles

  • USA Sen-LA, Gov 1928-1935 Huey Kingfish Long = wealth redistribution programs for the poorest class representing the conservative, wealthy oil and minerals interests under cover of 'peoples rights' to access cheap fuel sources

Produces a "proletarian person" with a conflicted or inconsistent social personality, flaunting a social style that is both privileged-flashy (Simha) and humbly affiliated with the working class hoi polloi. (Kanya)

  • Formula-1 test driver Maria de Villota was both a camera-ready celebrity and a practitioner of working-class motorsports

Due to unfavorable constriction upon 12th imagination, there may be mental health implications of suspicious paranoia or feelings of disrespect or social invisibility

Difficulties to be expected during the Vimshottari period of Shani-Kuja

when Kuja occupies 12th-from-Shan Simha rashi.

Shani in Kanya + Mangala in Kanya

  • Yuti: 1/1

In general, two enemies too close creates a bad situation. However if Budha is well placed this yoga can produce a journalistic or logically argumentative powerhouse.

  • = parivartamsha yoga Budha Makara-7 + Shani Kanya-3 (writing) + L-5 Mangala (literary creativity)

Kuja sees Budha as a planetary Enemy; Mars never flourishes in a rashi of Budha.

Kumara's home environments - Mithuna and Kanya - overly mentalize Kuja's natural athletic vitality, which distracts the native from the natural, instinctive bodily signals emitted when we do too much or too little of a life-sustaining behavior.

  • Irregular eating and sleeping. May allow oneself to be exploited via overwork, being too involved i the details.

  • Can't see the forest for the trees.

Much helped if Budha occupies Mithuna or Kanya, although assistance from landlord Budha makes the native rather chatty!

However beware that Kuja in Kanya is prone to passive-aggressive criticism. It is much easier to criticize than to act.

In general, two enemies too close creates a fretful situation. Troubles intensify during Budha Mahadasha, although much depends on the angle between Lord Budha and His two tenants in Kanya.

For Mesha lagma, Shani + Mangala in Kanya/6 can produce high blood pressure due to internal argumentation. Often the person feels irritated by the errors of others, yet the ongoing interior narrative of criticism and complaining is felt as unsafe to verbally express. This looping litany of complaints ( 6) can build up and cause digestive or pressure imbalance within the physical balancing systems, esp the paired organs get thrown off balance. So it is always a good idea to check in semi-annually with an Ayurvedic physician to keep the body as healthy as possible, and to meditate or write or find another release for the criticisms and litigious blaming which incisively critical Mangala-Kanya likes to produce!

On the other hand Shani-Kuja in Kanya-6 is an excellent combination for professional service in the medical sciences, esp diagnosis, drugs, and treatment plans, any type of analysis of any logical process, esp "problematics" I.e. problems which by their nature are inherent in a fixed environment and can't be eradicated but can be mitigated, reduced, re-arranged, adjusted etc. It is also a great combo for human-resources work, benefits administration, anything to do with employees-servants payments ( 6) or healthcare.

Shani in Kanya + Mangala in Thula

  • 2/12

The main trouble arises during Vimshottari periods of Kuja.

Shani occupies the inauspicious 12th-from-Mangala. During the Vimshottari Mangala-Shani period, the native may experience a severe energy deficiency and all physical initiative goes into the doldrums.

The forward-driving engines of athletic, physical, yang, competitive energy may grind to a halt. Thula Balance in relationships both personal and professional becomes exceptionally challenging to achieve.

The reason for this event is subconsciously held fear of attack due to arrogant individual aggression against the tribal ethos.

  • "Lord of the Rings" linguist JRR Tolkien was harshly traumatized by WW-1. Tolkien was a vibrant critic of Hitler's fraudulent war in Germany, claiming that Hitler had poisoned and destroyed the deeper Germanic ethno-integrity.

The fear is left over from previous incarnations when one insulted the group ethic, and was fatally ostracized. In a past life, one was driven from the village with burning torches, or forced into the wilderness to starve.

Rather than unconsciously repeat (and repeat, and repeat) the whole "negative expectations" drill, it is recommended to address this karmic fear completely and thoroughly.

Modern tools include psychotherapy and reflective meditation (bhava-12).

If the fear can be exhumed from its control position in the subconscious hiding place, the energy will return.

Shani in Kanya

+ Mangala in Vrischika

  • friendly 3/11

  • "Superman" dramatist, paraplegic advocate Christopher Reeve

  • dramatist "Doris Day" = Doris Mary Anne Kappelhoff

  • dramatist, balladeer Judy Garland

Profitable and friendly. Anti-movement, anti-change Shani casts "freezing" drishti upon the muscular, penetrating and psychologically incisive Mangala. Eventually there is a "stop movement" event that prevents the native from going as deep into the object of pursuit as one might otherwise desire.

  • "Superman" dramatist, paraplegic advocate Christopher Reevehad a Rahu-Makara-7 drishti to Shani-Kanya-3 which super-amplified Shani's "stop action" powers with a very extreme result of complete body paralysis. Equestrian accident (Mangala) during a bhukti of Rahu.

  • The beloved singer-actress Judy Garland similarly was crippled by severe depression

Shani in Kanya

+ Mangala in Dhanushya
  • 4/10

Dignified public service. No mutual drishti.

Shani in Kanya + Mangala in Makara * uttama

the 5/9 amsha = benefits activities of politics (5), celebrity, entertainment (5), philosophical study (9) .

Although only Guru and Rahu cast trinal drishti, all planets enjoy comfortable relationships when they occupy a mutual trine.

This is a gentle and easy angle between the two normally contradictory forces of movement (Mangala) vs stasis (Shani).

The physical energy channels successfully into commercial success and the social order welcomes the information one produces.

A lawful and materialistic personality with conventional behaviors, unless Budha lord of Shani = damaged.

Shani in Kanya + Mangala in Kumbha

  • 6/8

  • Martha Graham, choreographer, dance performer

  • balladeer, songwriter Phil Collins

This is quite a difficult angle as the native is striving to produce a creative expression that is understood by Everyman.

Mangala is controlled by Shani's conformist, disciplined, regulated regime. The rules of argumentation must dominate.

For example,

  • rules for musical composition, "hooks" etc. = Phil Collins

  • rules for choreographic notation = Martha Graham developed the written standard for dance-movement notation

One must endure a rigorous inner austerity in order to produce (Mangala) well ordered movement that is accessible to "the masses and the classes" (Kanya-Kumbha).

Health Difficulties related to digestion vs muscular movement to be expected during the Vimshottari period of Shani-Kuja

when Kuja occupies 6th-from-Shani, e.g. Kumbha rashi.

Shani in Kanya + Mangala in Meena

  • mutual aspect - 7/7

Much traction or getting stuck in relationships. Tendency for the core relationships to become elder-younger (Shani-Mangala) with all of the difficulties of the opposition of those two sets of behaviors, eg steady vs active, old vs new, conventional vs innovative.

Also enter the dynamic of Guru-Budha = wisdom vs. analysis, inclusive vs. discriminating, teacher vs technician, religion vs commerce, guru vs sishya (Paramahansa Yogananda)

updated:19 April 2014

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