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The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of the suffering. ~~ Ram Dass

Om Sham Shanaishcharaye Namah

Shani in Karkata

angle to Mangala


Shani is not comfortable in the rashi of Shanaicarya's enemy the Moon.

However these two graha have a few shared interests, including stability, safety, conformity, and a reliable lifestyle with regular and rhythmic supply of food, shelter, and other forms of protection.

The problem is that Shani has no time for feelings while Chandra's understanding is based entirely on feelings.

Chandra's permissive, emotionally indulgent nature is inappropriate to Shani's quest for uniformity, predictability, and rules. Therefore, Shani is somewhat weakened in Karka.

Predatory enemy Kuja sending rays upon Shani from Mesha, Dhanau, or Makara is much stronger than Shani. Mars destabilizes Shani causing restlessness and immaturity.

Even while the native may experience worldly success, one will not really grow up because Shani's aging wisdom is prevented from settling in.

Shani in Karkata +

Mangala in Mesha

  • Mutual aspect

  • dignified 4/10 angle

Shani casts 10th drishti upon Kuja creating an oppressive restraint on Mars' natural physical expression.

Kuja sends back a mutual aspect, irritating and destabilizing one's natural peace and routine. the native is warlike and restless, has abundant physical energy but is also unable to rest.

Shani in Karkata

+ Mangala in Vrishabha

  • 3-11 friendly angle

  • no exchange of drishti

Shani in Karkata + Mangala in Mithuna

Shani in Karkata + Mangala in Karkata * nichha

  • Unified Yuti: 1/1

nichha- Mangala creates its own anger-management problems.

An unpleasant combination signaling repressed anger and social restrictions.

If Chandra is involved, there is trauma from rejection by the mother. Otherwise, the native will face a significant emotional management learning curve.

In general, two enemies too close creates a bad situation. Of Shani-yuti-Kuja in any rashi, Das Goravani says:

  • "Infamous acts. Deceptive and suffer from mental anguish. Contentious but not intelligent. You will, however, be a connoisseur of music and drama. Irreligious, quarrelsome, and of a thievish mentality.

  • Clever in metallurgy and in creating an atmosphere which, though unreal, will have a semblance of reality (as is done with silver and gold-plated articles or by jugglers or in circus shows).

  • You may suffer from diseases arising out of bile and wind, and also suffers mentally or physically from a chronic disease. May be expert in jugglery, deceit, be a liar, a thief and unhappy, and may be troubled by attacks or poisons."

How much worse when Kuja gives the fallen effects of psycho-emotional disturbance, repressed anger, and reactivity? Everything depends on the condition of the Moon in this case. If Chandra is distinguished the Shani-Kuja bond may be managed harmoniously by their landlord Soma.

  • Hillary R. Clinton has a remarkable combination which uses her nichha-Kuja + Shani in Karkata to advantage -- eventually (Shani = long delays). It is well known that Mrs. Clinton is highly intelligent, well trained, and a super hard worker. She has been active in institutional policy and governance since college.

  • However her path to national leadership has been slow and full of emotional upheaval. A parivartamsha of Chandra-5 + Shani-10 helps her career aspirations and yogakaraka Shani-Karkata in 10 gives 'throne yoga'. Still, she was never quite able to be the throne but rather served the power behind the throne of her charismatic, philandering husband. Mangala in shad-ashtaka 6-8 fromHis lord Chandra caused her competitive (Kuja) drive to fluctuate (Chandra) awkwardly (6/8).

  • However ultimately it was her husband's (L-7 Mangala) indiscretion and lying which caused her to rise in the public estimation. She was praised as the very model of a mature person (Shani) - male or female - who is faced with psycho-sexual-social-emotional eruption (everything going bonkers at once = nichha-Kuja) but draws on her inner non-movement (Shani) and stays the course (Shani).

However barring help from Chandra similar to Mrs. Clinton's parivartamsha, the native is likely to suffer significant emotional pain as a result of childhood emotional oppression, including excessive restraint of movement becoming abuse. This native may be angry for a reason. Usually the perpetrator type, but can become a great "wounded healer" type if Shani-Kuja occupy the healing house, randhra sthana - or if Chandra excels.

Shani in Karkata +

Mangala in Simha

Shani's routine responsibilities cannot molest the outgoing energy of a very strong Mangala. the native typically enjoys the results of charismatic dominance in politics, success in romantic pursuits, celebrity, royalty, drama, and courtly admiration without restriction, because Shani is so weak.

The main trouble arises during Vimshottari periods of Kuja.

Shani occupies the inauspicious 12th-from-Mangala.

During the Vimshottari Mangala-Shani period, the native may experience a severe energy deficiency and all physical initiative goes into the doldrums.

The forward-driving engines of athletic, physical, yang, competitive energy may grind to a halt.

The reason for this event is subconsciously held fear of attack due to arrogant individual aggression against the tribal ethos.

The fear is residual from previous incarnations when one insulted the group ethic, and was fatally ostracized. In a past life, one was driven from the village with burning torches, or forced into the wilderness to starve.

Rather than unconsciously repeat (and repeat, and repeat) the whole "negative expectations" drill, it is recommended to address this karmic fear completely and thoroughly.

Modern tools include psychotherapy and reflective meditation (bhava-12).

If the fear can be exhumed from its control position in the subconscious hiding place, the energy will return.

Shani in Karkata

+ Mangala in Kanya

Shani casts drishti upon Kuja creating an oppressive restraint on Mangala's natural physical expression.

Kuja sees kanyapati Budha as a planetary Enemy; Kuja cannot flourish in Budha's rashi.

Budha's home environment mentalizes Kuja's natural athletic vitality and distracts the native from the naturally bodily signals.

One soothes and nourishes the body for emotional (Karkata) or mental (Budha) reasons. Often the family home was in survival mode (Shani) or the mother was not available to provide regular meals during childhood. The child may have developed counter-intuitive nourishment habits.

Large-group socializing (11) drives the eating and sleeping habits (Karkata) rather than home-based family meals.

  • USA Pres-21 Chester A. Arthur much fancied nighttime consumption of fine foods and drink. Alcohol consumption harmed his kidneys and fatty foods expanded his considerable girth. Arthur ate mainly at night, because that's when the back-door politicking of his political machine took place. His wife complained that he rarely ate at home with his family. With Chandra-2 likely he was using "what goes in the mouth" for emotional soothing. He died of painful kidney failure age 57.

  • USA Pres-42 Bill Clinton was headed down precisely the same track, but luckily his career peaked early. He was already past politics when a wake-up cardiac seizure with quadruple bypass caused him to radically switch to a vegan lifestyle in his 60's.

Much helped if Budha occupies one of His own rashi, although assistance from landlord Budha makes the native very chatty!

However beware that Kuja in Kanya is prone to passive-aggressive criticism. It is much easier to criticize than to act.

the native is restless mentally due to an incisive critical analytical argumentative instinct which feels much pinched and constrained by the institutional regime of Shani. Opportunity for government or other institutional punishment as a method of social restraint upon this native who may be perceived as disruptively argumentative.

Both of these distinguished leaders suffer government sanctions. South Africa Pres. 1994-1999 Nelson Mandela, was imprisoned for 27 years. Bill Clinton was somewhat protected from harsher punishments because Shani is good in 11 and Mangala is good in 1.

In retrospect, the deprivations and excruciatingly slow pace of prison life granted perhaps the only suitable condition for Mandela's large writing project. Naturally his magnum opus was a long and detailed analytical argument for a change-movement (Mangala) of government (Shani).

A very difficult placement for one's children.

Shani in Karkata + Mangala in Thula

Shani in Karkata

+ Mangala in Vrischika *swakshetra
  • USA Pres-43 partner, Mrs. Laura Welch Bush

Although only Guru and Rahu cast trinal drishti, all planets enjoy comfortable relationships when they occupy a mutual trine. This is a gentle and easy angle.

Shani in Karkata

+ Mangala in Dhanushya

Difficulties to be expected during the Vimshottari period of Shani-Kuja

when Kuja occupies 6th-from-Shani, e.g. Dhanau rashi.

Shani in Karkata +

Mangala in Makara

mutual aspect - 7/7


Shani casts drishti upon Kuja creating an oppressive restraint on Mars' natural physical expression.

Shani in Karkata + Mangala in Kumbha

Shani in Karkata

+ Mangala in Meena
  • Tom Delay (US Congressman, corruption scandal 2006)

Although only Guru and Rahu cast trinal drishti, all planets enjoy comfortable relationships when they occupy a mutual trine.

5/9 = a spiritually auspicious and creative angle.

  • despite the challenge of negotiating the movement-vs-stasis frustrations inherent in any combination of Mangala-Shani, the mutual periods of Shani-Kuja will for this native produce beneficial results.

  • Other graha can in their respective Vimshottari periods create struggle but the effects of the interaction between these two graha will be favorable for the native 's own productive movement (Mangala) as well as for one's society overall.


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