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Aum Shum Shukraya namah


Graha * Bhava



Kalpa * Tanu sthana-1

  • Chapter 12, shloka 4

"A benefic in Lagna will give a pleasing appearance, while a malefic will make one bereft of good appearance.

Felicity of the body will be enjoyed, if Lagna is drishtied by, or yuti with a benefic."

Public Figures


Shukra-Vrishabha * Malavya Yoga

  • "On Golden Pond" dramatist-activist Jane Fonda yuti Rahu

  • musical composer Richard Wagner + Surya

  • sexual love writer; psychiatrist Dr. Ruth Westheimer + Surya yuti Rahu



  • "Mighty Heart" dramatist-activist Angelina Jolie

  • educator Maria Montessori

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush + Shani + Budha

  • "War and Peace" Christian Anarchist Leo Tolstoy + Shani

  • twin fashion designers Mary-Kate + Ashley Olsen


Shukra-Kanya * nichha

Shukra-Thula * Malavya Yoga * mulatrikona 0-10 deg


  • "On Golden Pond" dramatist-activist Jane Fonda yuti Rahu

  • USA Sen-VP. Joe Biden + Surya * parivartamsha Kuja


Shukra-Makara * yogakaraka

  • poet, socialite Gertrude Stein

Shukra-Kumbha * yogakaraka

Shukra-Meena * uttama * Malavya Yoga

Enjoys movement, sport, military advance, competitive relationships

  • Luxurious pleasures via physical appearance, cult of personality

  • appreciates the value of muscular balance and harmonious genetics

Attractive physique, athletic and individualized relationships

  • Luxurious pleasures via Physical Movement + Fleshly Vitality

  • usually, financial wealth attends this attractive personality

A benefic is lagna always helps the social identity. the native = physically attractive having well-balanced features.

  • Sensual, artistic nature.

  • gifted in finance, beauty, ornamentation, music, and pleasure

  • attracts attention very easily

Often a dancer, actor, balladeer, fashion model, athlete, politician, or otherwise successful in public life via the sweetly handsome bodily appearance.

One relishes the sensual delights of art, music, fine foods and scents. Access to the treasuries of financial wealth and knowledge.

Shukra in lagna provides pleasure in one's own body, self-delighted by one's own social personality identity.

Enjoys the sweetness of easy win in competitions and fights.

Appreciates the occasion of birth.

Spends money (Shukra) on

  • self, fleshly appearance, personal style

  • Actions and relationships which promote the bodily attractiveness + vitality

  • services of those who invigorate the body such as massage therapists and athletic trainers (particularly but not exclusively women)

  • services of those who beautify the individual's public aura such as personal stylists

Wealth from: music, beauty, fine arts,

Wealth from: charming personality and pleasing shell-appearance

Wealth from: gracious entertaining, personal warmth, vitality, and pleasant style

Shukra-1 is an inveterate deal-maker who naturally strives to find mutual interest agreements with all partners.

Shukra-1 whether male or female = especially attractive to women, who enjoy providing one with sensual experiences including valuable gifts

  • beauty, grace, arts of the mouth = song, history, languages due to Shukra natural lord of bhava-2

Luxurious assets resulting from the physical body's balanced musculature. Shukra-1 typically enjoys an attractive appearance.

  • Among his other fine qualities, USA Pres-01, Revolutionary War George Washington was said to have been strikingly handsome; a lover of fine wines and dance parties; and one of the wealthiest men of his generation.

  • "Faust" polymath, politician, poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a man-about-town in Weimar, which was in his day a social-intellectual capital. His amorous lifestyle was well appreciated; yet Shukra-Kanya suggests marriage with a servant, and indeed his wife Christine Vulpius was a strong and capable woman with neither social nor intellectual inclination.

  • "Meditations" logician Rene Descartes while not a wealthy man, was pleasant and well-liked; he was often invited to sojourn in the castles of wealthier patrons

  • USA Pres-19, Civil War Gen. Rutherford B. Hayesenjoyed a handsome, muscular appearance due to Shukra in lagna of D-1, D-9 , D-10. A civilized fellow overall, he was a strong supporter of humanistic education due to Dhanushya D-9 lagna. It was Rahu-6 and Mangala-4 (aggressive defense of settlement) that brought him into numerous battles, but fighting never caused a disfiguring injury.

Naturally, these traits are modified when additional graha occupy the lagna.

Attracted to one's own beauty. Can be a bit narcissistic, but in a sweet (Shukra) way.

  • A portion of one's money wealth is magnetically attracted into the life via wearing and producing aesthetically-designed costumes, styling and modeling a lovely body, and looking handsome in the flesh.

Likes to be the center of attention, likes to be watched, photographed, admired, and talked about. Natural talent for balancing and re-balancing relationships and for creating an aesthetic environment around one's own person.

Other graha in bhava-1 will adjust Shukra's effects.

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush = Shukra + Shani + Budha = appearance = a plain (Shani) but pleasant (Shukra) and talkative (Budha) fellow

  • "Gitanjali" polymath activist Rabindranath Thakur Tagore = Surya + Shukra + Budha = charismatic (Surya) + handsome, wealthy and artistic (Shukra) + literary (Budha)

  • TM" Maharishi " Mahesh Yogi + Surya yuti Rahu = charismatic (Surya) and highly ambitious (Rahu) with a bright, attractive personality

Characteristics of the Environment where ones meets the life-partner(s):

  • athletic events, muscularity

  • competition, racing

  • movement

  • body-centered activity, fashion modeling, dance

  • birth, innovation, primacy

  • cult of personality

  • warriorship, hunting

  • blood, flesh

  • pursuit, conquest, domination

Often, the male native meets his wife on his own initiative, via being attracted to her fleshly appearance. There may be no context of introduction by a third party.

In both male and female nativities, Shukra-1 can indicate narcissistic utility of the female partners if the native lacks conscious awareness of one's spiritual true self. In this unfortunate case, one's sense of self is strictly social-material, and Shukra-1 (esp males) may select a spouse who provides an attractive and flattering mirror for the Self, rather than an equal participating partner.

For example,

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points"George W. Bush's first wife Laura Bush was not an athlete, warrior, or model - in fact, she was a school librarian. Mr. Bush's Shukra-1 = dominated by Shani and Budha, and his Budha furthermore enjoys parivartamsha with lagnesha Chandra. It is the Chandra-Budha exchange which best defines Mrs. Laura Bush. Mr. Bush's Shukra-1 endures a highly complex situation; much is demanded of this spouse. Shukra is however GW's L-4 = schoolteachers. The couple is said to have met at a backyard (4) outdoor party at the home (Chandra) of friends (Shukra L-11). Mrs. Laura Bush has said of their first meeting and quick marriage, that it was remarkable how many elements of their lives "fit together". Presumably something in her style of movement (1) triggered GW's recognition that this person was his wife-for-life.

shad-ashtaka 6-8 angles from Shukra = trouble areas for alliances

  • relatively little agreement in 6th-from; potentially illness and conflict

  • secrecy in 8th-from, and potentially catastrophic shock

adversarial, conflicted 6th from Shukra-1 = ripu-bhava-6

  • "mismatched" = victims, exploitation, enemies, disease: imbalance, servitude, Usury, loans and debt, Poverty, chronic health conditions, clinical medicine, disease, drugs legal and illegal, addictions, military, dissolution of alliance; distrust; disagreement; Divorce cancellation of contract.

  • Faustian bargains ; Criticism = Argumentation, addiction; unfairness, Injustice ; Conflict, Crime ; Disproportion, Misalignment, Dyspepsia, Disappointment, Despair; accusations and litigation; argument ; Broken Promises, Jealousy, Toxins; Pollution;

shocking, secret 8th from Shukra-1 = randhra-bhava-8

  • sudden, forced changes; Secrets, life-span, emergencies: undisclosed sexuality, circumstances of death, healing, occult, covered, veiled, masked, camouflaged, death of spouse or unwarned unexpected divorce, hidden monies, in-laws, spousal monies, inheritance, insurance, tantra, sudden forced changes, hidden things, mysteries, confidences, clandestine affairs

Das / Bepin Behari comment on Shukra-1:

"Comely; lives with saints; enemy nihilist; performs noble religious rites;

  • enjoys affluence; benefit.

  • Efficient in amorous sport and satisfied.

  • Long living and timid, alluring.

You are wealthy, sexy, handsome, blessed with a noble, happy spouse and children, learned, impressive.

  • This Venus wards off 300 evil yogas of other planets.

  • Very talkative, skilled in handicrafts, gentle, polite, interest in poetics, devout; fair-complected, bilious, wound, mole or ulcer on waist, back, stomach or in private parts.

Danger from dogs or animals with horns.

  • Steady. You always involve yourself in good deeds, pleasant speech; skilled.

Skill in all trade, adviser, preceptor, home bound, fatalist Ungrateful.

  • Potent, manly and powerful.

  • Fond of sour and salty food. Mathematician, fond of beautiful garments, ornaments, virtuous and meritorious.

  • Cordial, dependable, jolly, sympathetic, affectionate, love of nature sublimated.

Lives happy, keeps happy, social.

  • Artistic faculties fully developed. Love for art, music, drama, poetry, singing-all that is beautiful.

Fair, generous and refined; admired by the opposite sex.

  • Fruitful and fortunate."

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