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Aum Shum Shukraya namah

Professor Shukra

Bhrigu * Asuraguru



Karma * Marga * Sthana-10


Inanna * Ishtar * Aphrodite * Venus * Ba'ah * Seba-djai

occupies the 10th house

preference for dignified, high-status relationships


Isabel Clara Eugenia and Magdalena Ruiz by Sanchez Coello, Alonso. ca. 1586

collection of El Museo de Pradoen Madrid, Espana

Public Figures


Shukra-Vrishabha * Malavya Yoga = Simha lagna

Shukra-Mithuna = Kanya lagna

Shukra-Karkata = Thula lagna

Shukra-Simha = Vrischika lagna

Shukra-Kanya * nichha * =Dhanushya lagna

Shukra-Thula * Malavaya Yoga * mulatrikona 0-10 deg = Makara lagna

  • USA Sec. of State 2005-2009 Condoleezza Rice

  • Pepsico 1955- Indra Nooyi + Shani + Surya

Shukra-Vrischika = Kumbha lagna

Shukra-Dhanushya = Meena lagna



Shukra-Meena * uttama * Malavya Yoga

Enjoys social dignity, professional regard, respectable relationships

  • Luxurious pleasures of Hierarchical Rank, Social Recognition Leadership Duties

A pleasure-giver subhagraha benefic in kendra gives ease of leadership and executive talent.

Female partner assists with obtainment of public recognition and status entitlements.

If Shukra = lagnesha, often many prizes and respect, recognitions

  • POTUS-03 Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson widely lauded despite hypocrisy in his lifestyle + Surya-yuti-Rahu = dazzling public-view innovation, invention, initiative

Sense-pleasure (Shukra)experience = acquisition (Shukra):

  • acquisition of high rank and position

  • institutionalized executive, legislative, and judicial power

  • social exposure and public importance

  • respect and recognition

  • prestigious nomenclature and titles

  • conspicuous leadership roles

  • well structured architectural designs for public spaces

  • ascendance of social hierarchy

Spends money (Shukra) on

social-status luxury items, conspicuous consumption

  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor + Rahu-yuti-Shukra. Developed a highly remunerative international business in luxury goods such as perfumes and jewelry. Her private collection of jewels was a mix of extravagant gifts and personal purchases.

ornaments and accessories of leadership roles, e.g., leader-costume and jewelry

ornaments of entertaining

singers, musical instruments and their players

Actions and relationships which are instrumental to obtaining or maintaining social position, particularly relationships with high-ranking women

Government office entitlement for negotiations, equity-building, artistic and musical work. Wins approval for their aesthetic contributions to public life and is generally well liked by all.

Luxurious wealth of public respect.

Obtains a pleasuring sensation when handling the institutional power to make lawful decisions which affect a significant downstream.

luxury entitlements associated with symbolic leadership roles, social rank, high position within a hierarchy

  • Iran-Shah 1919-1980 M. Reza Pahlavi

  • USA Sec. of State 2005-2009 Condoleezza Rice

Shukra-10 = attractive to the public and fashionably decorated. May find leadership success in arts and entertainment industries.

Well-liked icon of feminine beauty, balanced human relationships, money-treasury, luxuries, speech and song. The career is often associated with wealth-accumulation, song, or contractual relationships.

Should be combined with Surya or Shani to give durable, disciplined organizational strength if the native wants to accomplish larger material goals.

Special ability to represent the achievements (11) of women such as "yin" culture , harmonious conditions, high civilization, diplomacy, and balanced relationships.

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living Eleanor Roosevelt

  • USA Secy State 2005-2009 Condoleezza Rice


Shukra bhava-10 folk enjoy pleasures of public regard, status recognition, and dignity.

  • Accouterments of the public presentation, such as gracious appointments for the professional office or other luxurious items of art and music which enhance the refinement of one's social reputation, will be much appreciated gifts.

Characteristics of the Environment where ones meets the life-partner(s):

  • orderly, regulatory, legislative activities
  • step-wise ascendance of hierarchies
  • public service, professions
  • large pyramid-shaped organizations
  • director-level of institutions and corporations
  • execution of leadership roles and responsibilities
  • structuring and ranking
  • social status, conspicuousness, visibility, recognition
  • elite social activities

Tendency to form sexual and sensual partnerships in conjunction with one's superiors in the social hierarchy.

In the nativity of a husband, Shukra-10 indicates attraction * akarshana * to life-partners who display a gracious yet sober, responsible executive personality matched with evidence of decision-making capabilities. The life-partner often holds an elite social position or is capable of doing so.

Often, a husband meets the life-partner (Shukra) in a setting characterized as governance, regulation, positions that are dutiful and dignified, social-ordering responsibility, or institutional leadership. Her public reputation and social visibility (10, top of pyramid) is important to him , and her social rank may provide the leading motive for the formation of the marriage.

In the nativity of a wife, one may experience satisfaction (Shukra) in context of significant social responsibility and carrying out the duties attendant to institutional leadership roles. The native is often lawful and conventional in style yet neither shy nor unduly modest. The character tends to be frank and the appearance is often attractively structured via balanced bones while the fashion style is classic.

She likes fame based on her material achievements (10), not simple celebrity flash (5). Similar to Shukra-Makara.

shad-ashtaka 6-8 angles from Shukra = trouble areas for alliances

  • relatively little agreement in 6th-from;

    potentially illness and conflict

  • secrecy in8th-from , and potentially catastrophic shock

what seems "unfair" in the relationship:

adversarial, conflicted 6th from Shukra-10 = vikrama-bhava-3

  • Communications, courage, cohort, cooperation, collaboration, scripted conversations, telecommunications, technology, decisions, mental health: hands, writing, siblings (yours and spouse's), neighbors, teamwork, equipe, business administration, meetings,

  • planning, calendars, commerce,"media", sales, marketing, management, training, short-term travel, event planning, mentality, conversations, publication, announcement, the inner narrative, reports, announcements, evangelism, messaging, self-owned business

shocking, secret 8th from Shukra-10 =putra-bhava-5

  • Romance, admiration, fashion, charisma, sparkle, wit, intelligence, brilliance, Creativity, authorship, children of body, mind, and spirit: politics, theatre and drama; performance art; self-expression, romantic love, poetry, Divine celebrity, literature, good luck; spontaneity, genius; gambling , speculation, charismatic winning of competitions and campaigns, light and delight, applause, royalty, kingship, autonomy

Das + Bepin Behari comments on Shukra-10:

"You will be enabled to establish an immediate rapport with others.

You can have an intuitive perception of the special requirements of people coming into your sphere.

At the same time, you will have knowledge of nature's harmonizing effects.

  • together, these two faculties can produce captivating actors, political leaders, and practical scientists, as well as great reformers who may change the world.

  • You have an almost hypnotic power over people . Fine arts, dancing, and literary composition result from Venus;

  • interior decorators and even successful psychotherapists are born under this influence as well.

Performs many religious sacrifices, may be a senior officer in the Government or in whatever you do.

  • You are fortunate, a good and eloquent debater , a rich and noble partner.

This placement may indicate gain through mother, general prosperity, love for art and music.

You are mentally balanced and scrupulous, amiable and sweet;

social, pleasant and harmonious; respected, popular,

chance of marriage to someone above your own status,

successful with women .

Blessed with parents and happy home life.

Occupations like beauty centers etc. You tend to be of artistic, refined and cultural taste.

  • Business activities are generally connected with feminine things; adornment; jewelry, finery, luxury, beauty and amusement.

  • You may suffer loss of business through own illusions. Amassing wealth through strife and begging.

This placement can indicate family decay, loss of financial wealth due to many misconceptions, disrespecting good advice from people with more experience in life, strife with the enemy.

This Venus denotes wealth.

  • Several noble friends, rich, clean of heart and mind, name and fame, success in business,

  • effective, fortunate, respected; regular in daily chores including meditation.

You endear your spouse and children. sensuous; charming in army dress;

finds sources of enjoyment and sexual pleasure even in the jungle.

  • Pleasure, sex, respect, wealth, reputation through your manliness and discussion.

Known for your all round wisdom. state recognition super man, impressive, fortunate, charming and attractive, skilled in composition of poetry. Conveyance.

Participates in various functions. Learned and thoughtful .

This person is glorious, benevolent, strong-willed, has good vehicles, precious stones and jewelry."


"Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia is the oldest freshwater lake on Earth, and one of the largest and deepest, containing around one-fifth of the world's freshwater. In winter, it freezes over, and these beautiful transparent, turquoise masses of broken ice appear momentarily in March, caused by the unequal structure, temperature and pressure in the main body of the packed ice." --from Science Alert

"And now my friends,

all that is true, all that is noble,

all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious,

whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Epistle to the Philippians 4:8


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