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Graha * Bhava* Amsha * Rashi

  • Budha-yuti-Surya * explainer of dramatic intelligence * affinity for central roles expressing skills of communication,
  • Budha-yuti-Chandra * explainer of feelings * affinity for caretaking, parental roles expressing skills of communication
  • Budha-yuti-Mangala * explainer of competitive energies, articulation of forward action, message of innovation and forward movement, outspoken, fraternal conversations, aggressive communications, talkative brother-figures
  • Budha-yuti-Guru * explainer of doctrinal belief * affinity for preaching, professorial, theory-developing roles expressing skills of communication
  • Budha-yuti-Zukra * explainer of balanced arrangements * affinity for diplomatic, parity-seeking roles expressing skills of communication
  • Budha-yuti-Shani * explainer of rules and systems * affinity for regulatory, law-imposing roles expressing skills of communications
  • Budha-yuti-Rahu * articulation of ambitious desire, message of exciting opportunities * amplified articulation
  • Budha-yuti-Ketu * explainer of impermanence * affinity for dissociative, dissolving role

Om bhram bhreem bhroum sah rahave namah

Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah




exaggeration * extravagant messages

Caput Draconis

Dragon's Head * North Node * Anabibazon


Mercury the Merchant

Merx * Mark * Merch * Hermes


melting Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Norway * attribution unknown

  1. Surya-yuti-Rahu
  2. Chandra-yuti-Rahu
  3. Kuja-yuti-Rahu
  4. Budha-yuti-Rahu
  5. Guru-yuti-Rahu
  6. Zukra-yuti-Rahu
  7. Shani-yuti-Rahu
  1. Rahu in classroom-1 * passion for vitality
  2. Rahu in classroom-2 * passion for treasuries
  3. Rahu in classroom-3 * passion for communication
  4. Rahu in classroom-4 * passion for property, routine, roots
  5. Rahu in classroom-5 * passion for politics, celebrity, games
  6. Rahu in classroom-6 * passion for conflict, remedies
  7. Rahu in classroom-7 * passion for partnership
  8. Rahu in classroom-8 * passion for secrets
  9. Rahu in classroom-9 * passion for philosophy, preaching
  10. Rahu in classroom-10 * passion for leadership power
  11. Rahu in classroom-11 * passion for prizes, achievements
  12. Rahu in classroom-12 * passion for privacy


Budha-Meza yuti Rahu-Meza-Arya

Budha-Vrishabha yuti Rahu-Vrizabha * uttama

Budha-Mithunaya yuti Rahu-Mithunaya

Budha-Karkata yuti Rahu-Karkata

Budha-Simha yuti Rahu-Singha

Budha-Kanya * uttama yuti Rahu-Kanya

Budha-Thula yuti Rahu-Thula

Budha in Vrizchika yuti Rahu-Vrizchika

  • Hour of Decision 1918-2018 Rev. Billy Graham + Jyeztha-Chandra (3)

Budha-Dhanuzya yuti Rahu-Dhanuzya

Budha-Makara-Draco yuti Rahu-Makara-Draco

Budha-Kumbha yuti Rahu-Kumbha

Budha-Meena * nichha yuti Rahu-Meena

Communicative over-reaching

Style of articulatory, gestural, communicative expression = exaggerated, boasting, magnified, amplified, dramatized, exhilarated, provocative, or exotic.

Preference for communicative subject matter which is barrier-bending, taboo-twisting , concerned with exogamy or forbidden topics, regarding desires and the heated pursuit thereof.

The voice, the narrative, the story becomes a tool of Rahu's privilege-seeking ascendancy to higher recognition and power.

Talks passionately and incessantly, regarding attainment of the objects - real or ideal, persons or ideas or powers -- of one's desires.

Excellent position for a promoter, or sales, advertising, or marketing professional.

Narrative Over-reaching

Amplification of ambition to obtain entitlements (Rahu) of Budha = conversational, signaling, crafting, interactive, announcing, argumentative, linguistic, cohort , communicative

Exaggeration and Amplification of The Narrative Mentality

  • One may take opportunistic risks (Rahu) and break taboos (Rahu) in order to develop conversational narrative and argumentative logic for the instrumental purpose of gaining entry to the target class of privilege holders

  • Rahu desires to be seen, recognized, identified, as a mentally or manually special person deserving of special benefits

  • Agent of expedient literary and spoken articulation (Budha).

  • says what seems most effective to say at the time ... less constrained by material facts, and more motivated by opportunity (Rahu) to gain

  • may be a bit of a charlatan, prone to acts of legerdemain (sleight of hands, Budha)

"Leapfrog" to a higher social privilege via the media industry, writings, conversations and publications, small group teams, communicative energies of Budha


Boomslang Tree Viper


Mejico Cathedral de Nuestra Senora del Sarpas


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