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"The Victorious"

Vega * alphae Lyrae

intercalary 22nd Nakshatra

"28th Nakshatra"

Ganesha: Lord of Obstacles and Beginnings. Basohli miniature, circa 1730. National Museum, New Delhi.

History of Abhi-jita Nakshatra

Abhijita = Vega * Victorious. Vega called alpha lyrae is a major star in the constellation of Lyra

Vega civilization is famed for its celestial warfare

Abhijita = the "inter-calary" nakshatra.

Abhijita is a "filler" nakshatra used only for the *timekeeping* purpose of balancing the lunar calendar.

Abhijita has no predictive value.

  • Intercalaries, like the Gregorian leap year, are used only when necessary to balance the Traditional calendar.

  • Abhijit is used only when necessary for calendrical purposes.

for more info on intercalary conventions, see:

Valerie Roebuck, The Circle of Stars, p.101

"Abhijit's symbol is a triangle, or three-cornered hut."

"It consists of three stars which, unlike the other lunar mansions, are a long way from the ecliptic:

  • the bright white star Vega (Alpha Lyrae) and two other stars in the Lyre: epsilon and zeta Lyrae".

Vocabulary for Abhijita

Koeln Digital Sanskrit Dictionary

Abhijit =

  • "victorious

  • born under the constellation Abhijit

  • A Soma sacrifice (part of the great sacrifice Gavam-ayana)

  • A star (Alpha Lyrae)

  • the 20th (or 22nd) Nakshatra

  • the eighth Muhurta of the day (about midday) "

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