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Nakshatra of Shukra



Bharani * Yamuna

Who bears and carries has a "pleasure of working to death"

  1. Chandra in Azvini
  2. Chandra in Bharani
  3. Chandra in Krittika
  4. Chandra in Rohini
  5. Chandra in Mrigashira
  6. Chandra in Arudra
  7. Chandra in Punarvasu
  8. Chandra in Pushya
  9. Chandra in Azlesa
  10. Chandra in Magha
  11. Chandra in Purvaphalguni
  12. Chandra in Uttaraphalguni
  13. Chandra in Hasta
  14. Chandra in Chitra
  15. Chandra in Swati
  16. Chandra in Bisaja
  17. Chandra in Anuradha
  18. Chandra in Jyestha
  19. Chandra in Mula
  20. Chandra in Purvazadha
  21. Chandra in Uttarazadha
  22. Chandra in Shravana
  23. Chandra in Dhaniztha
  24. Chandra in Shatataraka
  25. Chandra in Purvabhadrapada
  26. Chandra in Uttarabhadrapada
  27. Chandra in Revati
Yama Raju

Shukra-ruled nakshatra trine

= balancing, Alliance, bargaining, crafting agreements, negotiation, deal-making, contracts, unions, diplomacy, pleasures, wealth, luxury, sweet taste


Bharani = Yamuna

  • ruled by Shukra

  • 13Mesha20 - 26Mesha39

Bharani Pada-1 * 13:20-16:40 Mesha-rashi

* Simha navamsha-Chandra

Bharani * Pada-2 * 16:40-20:00 Mesha-rashi

* Kanya navamsha-Chandra

Bharani * Pada-3 * 20:00 - 23:20 Mesha-rashi

* Thula navamsha-Chandra * Pushkara Navamsha

Bharani * Pada-4 * 23:20 - 26:40 Mesha-rashi

* Vrischika navamsha-Chandra


  • esoteric educator artist Harish Johari

  • Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh

  • industrialist financier Lakshmi Narayan Mittal


After a powerful early start characterized by a willingness to "bear the burden" of sustained competition, tends toward reduced momentum in the mid-career.

Excellent support for the relationship-building element of political careers as well as the musical and artistic elements of entertainment or fashion careers.

May give a huge early burst of success. Yet without strong support from other graha, later efforts may fall below expectations or "flame out". On the foundation of earlier successes, typically a pattern of "coasting" on previous accomplishments, into a less remarkable middle and later phase.

However all nakshatra of Shukra can grant good relationships skills, and the native is usually well-liked throughout life.

Having been invested with trust and appreciation (Shukra) during the earlier half, continues to produce some competitive effort (Mangala) despite the lower energy of the later half.


  • the creative career of ultra prizewinning dramatist Meryl Streep has sustained well into her 60's, due to a very strong combination of Shukra + Mangala in her nativity.

More typical:

  • USA Pres-42 Bill Clinton built a network (uttama-Rahu-11) of wealth-relationships (Shukra) which elevated him quickly in early career. In his 30's and 40's, Clinton held high-visibility public roles (Chandra-10) such as multiple term governor of Arkansas and USA President-42. By the end of his two-term presidency in 2000, he was only 51; yet his career trajectory had peaked. Typical of the Shukra-ruled nakshatra of Chandra = "coasting" into middle age, in later years Clinton had built enough public recognition to become an extremely successful political fundraiser. Despite losing the energy for high-visibility career achievement, he remained active in his political party due to his valuable network and relationship skills.

Radix Moon in Bharani = "Womb" = Death

  • Yamuna is the twin sister of Lord Yama = deadly labors, working to death

  • load-bearing, the often-fatal burden in the womb

  • slow, steady and financially successful - in general

  • "sturdy and handsome" (sometimes just sturdy)

  • intuitive orientation toward beauty, values, wealth, equity, partnership

excellent for those concerned with economics = always an "Eye on the Money"

emotionally, Chandra in Bharani needs to "carry a burden of gathered wealth-values"

  • needs to gather, pull, carry, and drag heavy valuable things

the units of value in the wealth-collection may consist of

food, spices, perfumes, oils, wines, speech, lyrics, melodies, poems, objects of beauty,jewels, precious metals, coin of the realm, knowledge of languages, knowledge of history, or other treasures

women may serve via multiple child-bearing pregnancies

  • Meryl Streep

  • Florence Nightingale,

  • "Earth Changes" clairaudient Edgar Cayce hospital

  • needs to acquire emotional value through alliances and partnerships (Shukra)

  • often carries the majority of the load in their partnerships, whether financially socially or emotionally

Bharani -Chandra = willing and indeed emotionally obliged to carry the heavier weight in partnership

will do more work than others in the family, fields, factory, or office

may seem rather sacrificial or even (when neurotic) martyred in that behavior; yet they actively seek respect and acknowledgement for their weight-bearing and will feel satisfied when recognized for their service

a spouse who acknowledges Bharani -Chandra's load-bearing efforts will be much appreciated. In fact, the key to marriage happiness (Shukra) with this native is emotional responsiveness to their

emotional need to gain the respect of elders and peers

respect is gained via carrying a burden of responsibility in a quiet but influential, values-accumulating fashion

emotionally oriented to those who carry the burden i.e. Labor and sympathetic to workers

  • "Das Kapital" social economist Karl Marx, workers' squalid conditions, workers' revolution * Chandra yuti Rahu

  • Florence Nightingale= hospitals for the suffering wounded troops, common foot-soldiers

emotionally oriented to the values of the elders such as steadiness, acquisitiveness, and values-conservation.

Like all the Shukra-ruled nakshatra Chandra placements, Bharani -Chandra is a wealth accumulator (Shukra) and will usually be the primary or sole earner in one's family in order to carry a maximized wealth-acquisition burden. Very likely has a non-earning or minimally-earning spouse.

Needs to "collect and preserve" -- Often found in Nature Conservation, environmentalist land management, other preservationist activities; also banking and art collections

alternatively may have a vivid and direct ability to deal with Death (Yamuna another name for Bharani is the 'twin sister of Death' = the sister of Yama)

need to collect things: money, land, or souls of the dead

Often born as a non-eldest child within the family, Chandra-Bharani needs to get the attention of the parents and the approval of the siblings/peers. May be a 'parent-pleaser' .

  • "Meditations" logician Rene Descartes born in 1596, was the third and final child of his parents. His mother died in Rene's infancy, and Rene consistently followed the wishes of his father regarding each step of his education, career, and financial investment.

One emotionally interprets most life experience as carrying a burden.

  • Bharani-Chandra = psychically grounded via the tasks of collecting natural resources (Shukra) including ancient historical knowledge.

Natural resources can include all of earth's beauty and nourishment, financial wealth , knowledge of languages and history, collections of valuable items, and timing of physical death (all matters of Shukra)

knowledge of earth history

acquisition of natural resources, economics = wealth systems

images displaying values, art

  • graphic artist of psychic architecture Harish Johari

languages, face-mouth

Chandra-Bharani is emotionally identified with the task of carrying collected or historic wealth (the burden).

Materially minded, steady, and conservative folk who enjoy a Shukra-acquisitive intuition on matters of storage and hoarding of financial wealth

  • If Kuja is strong, the Bharani -Chandra native will aggressively pursue Acquisitions .

  • Materially productive.

Capable of bearing significant personal and family responsibility.

  • Feeling of persistent heaviness in life = many obligations and duties.

  • Feels pressured, burdened and oppressed.

  • But The burden must be carried; the work must go on.

Can be emotionally repressed, or may become the agent who oppresses others, or one who uncomplainingly serves the oppressed -- often all three.

Typically a bear-and-carrier of conservative values, one who harkens toward olden days of more simple and more physically "solid" values.

  • More comfortable to bear the burden of the past (Yama); untrusting of an uncertain future.

Deep intuitive understanding of embedded, internalized Oppression. Comprehends or apprehends the brilliant results that may follow a sustained commitment to bear and carry.

  • Accepts heavy responsibilities.

  • Takes the lion's share of responsibility for one's relationship, family, organization, nation-state, or one's entire society.

Das comments on "Moon is under star 2-Bharani, and Moon is aspected by Jupiter." "You will be liked by your employer and may be head of a unit under your employer or government.

You will be wealthy and enjoy good health. "

Prenatal maternal narrative of Shukra and Born into Shukra Mahadasha From Mesha-Chandra lagna, Shukra rules the dhana bhava and the yuvati bhava. The parents are often financially comfortable at the time of the native 's birth or at least they are working and have no serious worries

Bharani natives are born into a narrative of pleasure-and-treasure-accumulation (Shukra) - wealth and knowledge - and they keep that script close to their emotional hearts throughout life.

The mother would have been especially concerned with matters of family-of-origin (2) wealth acquisition (2) aesthetic values and feminine attractiveness via beauty as well as her marriage (7) and the terms of her contract with her husband (7) as well as other contracts such as employment or professional advising relationships. She would be aware of counseling others (7) and mirroring others (7) and sensitive to the condition of her teeth, hair, eyes, jaw, mouth, and voice (2). All of these concerns remain part of the native 's psychic narrative.

Ketu yuti Chandra If Ketu is yuti Chandra in a nakshatra of Shukra, the physical body may slowly lose the hair, teeth, sight, or voice. There may be emotional separation or abandonment in relationship during Ketu periods. The mother is pleasant but distant.

If Chandra is yuti Shukra the native the mother indulges the Purvaphalguni child in sweets and treats; which spoils the child for life. Being spoiled does not harm the career and may in fact enhance it, as one will work hard for the luxuries. However the entitlement to sweet treats becomes unshakable when Chandra + Shukra, esp in a nakshatra of Shukra.

Becomes wealthy through fleshly (Mesha) effort

Bharani is rarely showy or ostentatious. Flashy "Conspicuous consumption" is not this native's style, unless the nativity contains in addition more "showcase" graha, in Simha or the Phalguni-pair.

The Bharani native typically displays an intentionally modest lifestyle and appearance which does not broadcast the considerable wealth one has indeed accrued

At the same time, one feels (Chandra) a need to maintain a competitive physique (Mangala) and wear attractive clothing (Shukra).

The fleshly well-being and appearance is important to the native, and similar to the other Shukra-ruled Nakshatra one make an effort to maintain an attractive appearance.

When Bharani Moon is not impeded by other factors one often enjoys a physically fit and well-dressed presentation well into their later decades

If Chandra yuti Shani or Chandra yuti Ketu, a more depressed countenance and inattention to the appearance can result. Yet the native will retain an aura of sturdiness .

  • "Earth Changes" clairaudient Edgar Cayce Shani drishti

If Chandra is with Rahu, the appearance of "fascinating familiarity" can be much amplified.


Tendency toward envy of others who "have it easier".

  • Others also express envy toward the native, criticizing the native 's steady progress toward material success.

  • the native 's true feelings may hide behind the somber work ethic.

Tends toward human resources or slave-management roles. One's work will also bear sweet fruits of financial wealth and rewarding work-related relationships (Shukra-Kuja).

Can be a compulsive workaholic or can feel that one is working oneself to Death.

  • Mother feels a need for relationships which deliver physical, sensual validation and she may place the needs of her lover above those of her children, when a choice must be made.
  • Mama is a sexual creature who prioritizes her role as provider of harmony in the marriage bed.
  • the native will be comfortable in relationships with individualistic, self-directed, somewhat adolescent personalities.
  • Parenting style attends to the interests of adult sexual partnership before responding to the concerns of children.

Feels a deep sense of security and belonging

When carrying a burden, whether physical, emotional, psychological, social, financial, mental, or spiritual. (I.e., any type of burden whether material or conceptual.)

Bharani Chandra wants to establish the deepest emotional bond with one who works alongside or shares the weight.

This collaborator may be the co-parent, the co-executive, the co-leader, or the cooperating carrier in any setting.

  • Deep emotional need to carry work burdens and feel respected for one's work.

Spiritual director of this section of the path:

  • Yama, "the controller"

Trauma profile:

  • Fear of death;

  • fear of leaving a secure environment;

  • fear of losing the anchor of heaviness provided by one's defining responsibilities or burdens

Navamsha Moon in Bharani (intimate relationships).

In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Bharani behavior.

Under emotional stress in relationships, the native with navamsha Chandra in Bharani can experience deep anxiety reactions manifested as compulsive self-emburdening and taking on more and more work duties.

In stressful environments, the native needs to acquire ballast weight. When faced with professional, moral, financial, or emotional responsibilities that total up to more than one can handle, this native tends to Overextend their responsibilities even further.

Catastrophic breakage can result

  • Former presidential candidate Sen-NC John Edwards responded to the severe family stress of his wife's terminal but lingering cancer by taking on another intimate relationship and fathering an illicit child= Bharani Moon in action. He was emotionally stressed to the limit and so instinctively took on more, to the point of devastating career-and-family collapse.

The partner is highly and perhaps excessively responsible, with a tendency to try to carry more than their bodies or spirits can reasonably bear.

Even when things are going well, the partner puts work and public responsibility ahead of personal pleasure or family well-being. Ironically, the partner, who was chosen by the native for qualities of work ethic and dedication to material stability, may become emotionally unavailable to the native due to their deep commitment to outside work.

Partner needs mental and physical space to do their work, plan the work of others, and worry about workplace matters. Partner is well-respected socially, but emotionally distracted by their own need to be praised for material accomplishments, social stability, and hard work.


Piyoni Peony

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