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Nakshatra of Rahu



Ardra * Arudra * Raudra

Emotional Storm , Wildness


Rudra "Dieu des tempÍtes et des morts"
Nakshatra Trine of Rahu = Great Leap Forward via breaking social barriers + taking risks:


Arudra Chandra pada-1 Dhanushya navamsha

Arudra Chandra pada-2 Makara navamsha

Arudra Chandra pada-3 Kumbha navamsha

Arudra Chandra pada-4 Meena navamsha

  • USA Sen, many top govt roles Henry Cabot Lodge (b 1902)

  • physician, conscious death Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

  • Puttaparthy Satya Sai Baba yuti Rahu

  • musician, Nirvana Kurt Cobain

  • OK City Bomber Timothy McVeigh

  • 3rd wife of Shah of Iran 1941-1979 Mohamed Reza Pahlavi Farah Diba Pahlavi

  • partner of India PM Sonia Maino Gandhi

  • USA Senator John Edwards 2008 presidential candidate, sex scandal

Arudra Chandra = swollen and bulging with water

Radix Moon in Ardra ="Wild, Fresh, Living" = instinctual, sensual, carnal pleasure-and-pain

  • A profoundly physical type, craves the stimulation of the carnal flesh-body senses

  • Deep emotional need to feel hormonal, wild, instinctive.

  • may risk all, in order to feel truly alive

  • splendid placement for warriors, animal-handlers, sexual agents

  • some danger of erotic excess

May risk one's social dignity in order to obtain a more intensely vital sensual experience.

  • "Walden" naturalist, abolitionist Henry David Thoreau desired to write about his intense personal engagement with physical instinct and sensuality. His famous philosophical reflection upon the beauty of natural wildness is still read in American schools today, taught as a paragon of interaction with Nature. His Shukra yuti Rahu pairing increases the intensity (and produced some fascinating rather scandalous relationships.)

Dangerous excitements.

  • USA Pres-32 Franklin D. Roosevelt = several sexual clandestine affairs while maintaining conformist public facade; also Shukra-12

  • USA Pres-26 Theodore Roosevelt gained fame via high adventures into the Amazon, wild Africa, and the American West

  • Swami Satchidananda notorious sexualizing of devotee relationships; Chandra + L-8 Shani, nichha-Guru in 8

  • Puttaparthy Satya Sai Baba notorious sexualizing of devotee relationships, exacerbated by Chandra yuti Rahu

  • UK-Duchess Camilla P-B Windsor famously carnal lifetime paramour with UK-Prince, environmentalist Charles

  • USA Senator John Edwards risked his US presidential candidacy in order to pursue his vivid sexual affairs.

Rahu + Budha + Chandra = "talk to the animals" (and plants)

  • Arudra-Chandra profoundly needs to protect and secure [Chandra] wild or dangerous [Rahu, stormy] youngsters and information [Budha].

  • Ardra wants to shelter [Chandra] and communicate with [Budha] that which is stormy and wild [Rahu] .

Born lower, Leaps to the Top

Rahu-ruled graha characteristically aspire to obtain privileges which are normally assigned to a higher social class or a higher rank or status, which is above one's at-birth station in life.

In general the Arudha Chandra native is born at a perceived lower station due to "outsider" (Rahu) financial or behavioral limitations of the family history.

  • Thus one is positioned to begin the Great Leap toward the destination elevation.

Perception of high-low station is subjective and reactive (Chandra):

  • UK-Duchess Camilla Parker-Bowles + Shah of Iran partner Farah Diba Pahlavi were both born into privileged families but her Arudra self-elevation goal was to marry into the top ranks of royalty, which she eventually did.

  • UK-Duchess Kate Middleton was born into a quite prosperous commercial family. Yet after with marriage, her rank was dramatically elevated.

  • USA Pres-02 partner Abigail Adams was born into a ranked colonial family of historic Puritan first-arrivers, but she rose even further in the hierarchy via partnership with USA Pres-02 John Adams.

  • USA Pres-32 Franklin D. Roosevelt was also born into a privileged family but his Arudra self-elevation goal was to become the top leader of the nation, which rank he achieved and held for 12 years.

  • As heir apparent to the historic UK throne, UK-Prince William Windsor was certainly born into a high rank. Yet his full potential would not be realized unless and until he achieves a higher social station i.e. is crowned King.

  • Standard Oil philanthropist 1874-1960 John D. Rockefeller

  • Henry Cabot Lodge

Arudra-Chandra method of Leaping Higher is generally emotional. One gains a fierce emotional control of the environment, and it is not an overstatement to state that one will use any emotional technique at one's disposal in order to maintain that level of control.

Rahu-ruled Arudra = the Storm

Rahu-ruled Arudra is stormy in character; prone to temper-tantrums; verbally and manually brilliant but often able to unleash a destructive force of the flesh.

Needs to find wildness, freshness, original animus or primal energy + enter into detailed conversation with that wild force

  • Arudra = wild-animal trainer, uses both nourishment (rain) and punishment (wind) as methods of control

  • Arudra's emotional nature often seeks a sexual (Mithuna) expression but not always; the goal is to establish a conversational (Mithuna) bond (Chandra) via methods of Rahu (risky, taboo-breaking, exotic, foreign, self-elevating, bizarre)

Arudra emotional narrative:

  • deep need to use the "primal wildness" of the animal chassis of the human being as the launching pad for self-elevation

Rahu + Hands

  • may produce excessive (Rahu = no limits) communication via the hands = behaviors of both positive touch (soothing, petting) and negative touch (battering, bondage)

  • affinity for all technology and tools, but esp foreign hand-held tools

is usually very crafty both manually in the use of pens, paintbrushes, and every type of building tool;

  • the self-elevating Arudra Moon may possess a genius of home (Chandra) improvement (Rahu = moving higher)

  • rebuilding, renovating or dramatically elevating the quality of one's home may bring considerable fun and profit to the Arudra native

The target rank for Rahu in Mithuna

  • = self-elevation and recognition into the class of word-smiths, hand-crafters, communicators, instructors and trainers.


Arudra-Chandra profoundly needs to protect and secure [Chandra] wild or dangerous [Rahu, stormy] information [Budha].

  • Arudra wants to shelter and communicate with that which is wild.

Arudha's natural inclination to feel validated by the performance of Rahu + Budha + Chandra activities contributes a solid emotional basis for careers such as:

  • information security, data control, information specifically relating to police and military activities, human resources data such as employee records, medical treatment information

  • data on matters that have a quality of being wildly out of control, such as storms and disasters, revolutions and uprisings (wildness of the people), any type of criminal (Rahu) activity including data on poisonings (environmental pollution) murders rapes and other violent, unregulated (stormy) behaviors

  • corporate data managers or technology managers, confidential records management, public relations "spin doctors", corporate press managers, those who police

  • good for skills trainers of any variety, but esp successful when the recipients of Arudra's training have qualities of adolescence or primitiveness, wildness, darkness, outsider-status, strong passions, disregard for the conventional customs and laws, self-seeking, reactive, fraudulent, magical, oily, smoky, hungry

  • does well as a schoolteacher in very basic or survival environments with students who are

  • in the more sinister applications, Arudra's emotionally grounded behaviors can be an asset for those employed as thought police, government information censors, publications control agents such as church "imprimatur"

  • may be attracted to working with "wild" adolescents, street kids, emotionally disturbed, kids who "need" strict control

Hair-trigger response

Ardra Chandra is a beneficial placement in any business which requires hair-trigger reaction, such as emergency first-response, computer security response, or electronic trading transactions.

Also any environment where strict control and instant punishment for losing control are in force, such as operating large mission-critical computer systems or military operations or high-security prisons.

Like the other nakshatra in Mithuna, including Mrigashira and Punarvasu, the hand-crafting Arudha needs to form and shape the emotional behavior of others.

can develop a physically and psychologically manipulative behaviors labeled often as the classic work-and-family "control freak".

Fueled by ambitious Rahu, the native of Arudra may become predatory in that pursuit.

  • Arudra perceives emotional reality as a wild situation, with animals pursuing their instincts and vying for survival.

  • Only the strong survive and Arudha is certainly among the strong emotionally speaking. Not sophisticated but very strong!

  • Not always primitive personalities. May be possessed of a fine level of instinctive perception including a delicate and reactive response to body movements and an exquisite if sometimes disturbing sense of smell.

Rudra is one of the original Storm Gods.

  • Arudra has the animal's understanding of death and violence as natural aspects of incarnate life

  • "Eat or be eaten" is their view

Marriage and Parenting

Arudra may emotionally need to be a strict manager of:

  • what can and can't be discussed, who can and cannot be met -- e.g., controlling the children's associations outside of school

  • who is and who is not recognized as a sibling (to the extent of disinheriting or disavowing a child),

  • spouse's spending habits, spouse's friendships, who the spouse may and may not converse with


Calla Lily

Intensive purification practices and vows of celibacy Religiously, Ardra is attracted to extreme self-control and they may embrace the most fierce austerities in pursuit of spiritual purification.
  • In the beginning these natives may demonstrate nearly super-human powers of rigorous self-control.
  • Natives may attain sudden and remarkable powers [Rahu] as a result of magically transformative purifications.

However, what Rahu gives, Ketu takes away.

  • Chandra-Arudra's instinctive animal sexuality and manipulative emotional style may eventually release pent-up desires in an intensive, sometimes explosive fashion
  • vows of celibacy are difficult to maintain.
Poured into their work Ardra-Chandra's capacity for extreme self-control can seem to extinguish even the basic animal needs to eat and sleep.

To maintain control over their work environment, Chandra-Arudra make themselves indispensible, being the sole holder of passwords or sole approver of promotions or sole signatory for release of funds.

As a result, one is often on 24/7 call, with work responsibilities that require literally walking away in the middle of a meal or abandoning a family gatherings in order to pursue a higher duty with more control value.

  • Chandra-Arudra is capable of leaving a family completely behind with little notice in order to instinctively pursue some objective.

Chandra-Arudra excels at super-long military campaigns, forced marches and bitterly cold night-watch assignments. Once they send the 'control on' signal to their own self-management system, Ardra's courage and tenacity are unmatched.

  • In military and police work their capacity for violence and cruelty along with loyalty to the force and Rahu's proclivity for taboo experience makes Arudra Chandra a very valuable and important employee.
Self-contempt With Ardra Chandra, there is a persistent pattern of self-contempt and even (under extreme conditions) self-hatred, caused by the amplified [Rahu] duality of spiritual purity vs. animal filth.

Ardra Chandra may be a brilliant exemplar of spiritual power and control for extended periods of time; however in the end Ardra Chandra may be unable to suppress the animal instincts which lie at the core of their being.

  • For those who insist on trying to annihilate the animal part of the divine-animal human composite, life often ends in a state of disgrace.


Natives need to get and keep a tight control over all life circumstances.

The Arudha anxiety over losing control may be palpable or it may be well-hidden depending on other social factors in the nativity.

  • Natives may develop the nervous muscular diseases associated with controlling personalities, e.g. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

As the Nakshatra of "All things wild, strange or disturbing"Arudra is emotionally attracted into situations where brute dominance is perceived to be the best or the only viable management technique.

Whether at home or at work, this native is very determined to get control and even more anxiously motivated to retain it.

Rahu's method = "leap frog" which by-passes the lawful steps toward acquisition of privileged experiences and results in a sudden attainment of the desired experience .

  • Rahu-ruled graha characteristically aspire to obtain privileges above the birth station in life.
  • One may crash through barriers using psychological, emotional, and sometimes physical control methods in order to arrive at a more privileged rank.
The Chandra-Arudra native = an agent of social transformation. One enjoys and indeed craves a walk on the wild side. Prone to establishment of taboo relationships in which the native has the upper hand, rather like an animal trainer.
Pleasure and Pain

The influence of Pashu-pati Shiva penetrates one's deepest emotional life, propelling a lifelong hunger for empowerment and possession of the objects of desire. It may seem necessary to destroy what one loves in order to possess it, or to reduce human relations to their basic animal-sexual nature in order to empower one's own feelings of desire and control.

One's animal body instincts =close to the surface; he Arudra native is known for lighting quick reaction and sudden attack.

  • Arudra has intense physical control energy which manifests in direct action. (Contrast to Azlesa psycho-emotional control that manifests in indirect verbal manipulation.)

Craves the primitive. Needs a dose of strange, wild, and disturbing feelings in their psycho-emotional life.

Ardra's feedback loop signals either pleasure or pain with very little 'grey area'. Instant reactive decisions that are lacking in reflective consideration can make Ardra destructive and violent, controlling and punishing.
  • Ardra are not afraid to give or receive either pleasure or pain. (Rahu-Budha)

  • They possess powerful sexual-emotional instincts.

  • Natives use these wild energies to both enjoy and intimidate their partners.

Ardra can - and do - live with intense, chronic body pain; although of course this pain makes them even more reactive.

Instinct, wildness, passion

Emotional engagement with the most primitive forces of nature

Ardra = emotionally motivated by fast-acting and targeted Rahu. Rahu's urgency to ascend can produce intolerance for any sort of rules or protocol, and can result in emotionally reactive decisions that can seem insensitive, tyrannical and harsh.

Deep sympathy for the animal kingdom. Special genius for working with wild animals and behaviorally wild children who need rigorous non-ambivalent feedback routine and structure. Emotional need for passionate, instinctive behaviors in intimate environments.

Strict and unyielding behavior management, may strongly benefit work with opposition-defiant or other authority-resistant socially dysfunctional children or adults. Skinnerian stimulus-response feedback. Remarkable skills in renovation and rehabilitation through firm and relentless pursuit of the changed condition.

Arudra parents may punish harshly but nevertheless extremely loyal and protective of their kids. Favors working that directly engages animals or other instinct-driven creatures, military and police work, restoration of damaged properties, behavior correction, any instinctive stimulus-response.

Ailments of swollen, bulging waters associated with Ardra Chandra males: kidney ailments, urethral diseases

females: menstrual disorders, uterine diseases

all: urine, sweat, moist breath, watery excretions

Spiritual director of this section of the path:

Fears (cured by Love)

Fears loss of physical contact; fears death

Navamsha Moon in Ardra (intimate relationships).

In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Ardra behavior.

Navamsha Moon in Arudra =

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