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Nakshatra of Surya



Uttaraphalguni * Aryamna

"Sparkling Center"

Ficus Infectoria sacred to Uttaraphalguni Aryamna nakshatra

White Fruit of the wavy-leafed fig

sacred to Uttara-phalguni


Nakshatra Trine of Surya = personal genius, divine intelligence, creative performance, center of attention, royal glory, all praise :

  1. Chandra in Krittika

  2. Chandra in Uttaraphalguni

  3. Chandra in Uttarazadha

Uttara-phalguni Chandra

Simha portion * politics, charisma

Uttaraphalguni pada-1 = Dhanushya navamsha

  • Emperor Showa of Japan 1926-1989 Hirohito

  • USA Pres-09 William Henry Harrison

  • political matriarch Rose Kennedy

  • French Pres partner 2007-2012, balladeer Carla Bruni Sarkozy + Guru

  • dramatist-activist Vanessa Redgrave

  • dramatist Jack Nicholson

  • USA sec. of defense Donald Rumsfeld

Kanya portion * description, explanation

Uttaraphalguni pada-2 = Makara navamsha

Uttaraphalguni pada-3 = Kumbha navamsha

  • "Absalom, Absalom" novelist William Faulkner + Kuja + Guru + Surya + Budha

  • Ayurvedic evangelist, Dr. Deepak Chopra

  • "El Castilo Interior" 1515-1582 Santa Teresa de Avila

  • theoretical physics writer Niels Bohr

  • theoretical physics writer Mileva Maric Einstein = wife + collaborator of "Theory of Relativity" physicist Albert Einstein

Uttaraphalguni pada-4 = Meena navamsha

  • Emperor of Japan 1926-1989 Hirohito

  • theosophical writer William Quan Judge

  • mystery writer Agatha Christie

Radix Moon in Uttaraphalguni = "Higher Fruits"

(Surya-Surya, Surya-Budha)

Many writers of lasting significance are born with Chandra in Uttaraphalguni, primarily in the Kanya portion .

Chandra in the Simha portion of Uttaraphalguni benefits from the unified energies of Surya = Nakshatra lord + Surya = rashi lord. It is highly dramatized.

Simha portion of Uttaraphalguni = extraordinary talent in fashion, politics, performance art, and usually they enjoy some variety of royal, celebrity, or political privilege.

Emotional need to be in the center of attention, in center stage (Surya).

  • Divine King Emperor Showa of Japan 1926-1989 Hirohito + Mangala (war)

  • politics + fashion + performance = French Pres partner 2007-2012, balladeer Carla Bruni Sarkozy

  • dramatist-activist Vanessa Redgrave

political campaigns:

  • USA Pres-09 William Henry Harrison

  • USA Pres-10 John Tyler (Tyler never campaigned for president because he assumed the role upon Harrison's death, but Tyler campaigned for other roles including Senator and Governor; he assisted Harrison's campaigns as well)

Chandra in the Kanya portion of Uttaraphalguni combines the energies of brilliant Surya = Nakshatra lord + articulate Budha = rashi lord.

Kanya portion of Uttaraphalguni = intellectually inclined, brilliant with details, very capable explainers and describers

  • "Summa Theologica" 1225-1274 Saint Thomas Aquinas + Ketu

  • "El Castilo Interior" 1515-1582 Santa Teresa de Avila * explains the messages of angels

  • "Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle" clairaudient Alice Bailey * explains function of spirit guides and astral messaging

  • Ayurvedic evangelist, Dr. Deepak Chopra * explains principles of Ayurvedic medical tradition

  • "As I Lay Dying" novelist William Faulkner * explains, describes the thought patterns of a parochial group

  • "Principia Mathematica" philosopher-activist Bertrand Russell * Nobel Prize in Literature * explains the logic of abstract reasoning

  • theoretical physics writer Niels Bohr * explains abstract physics concepts

  • theoretical physics writer Mileva Maric Einstein = wife and writing collaborator of "Theory of Relativity" physicist Albert Einstein

  • Emperor of Japan Hirohito was said to have been quite shy until asked to talk on the subject of entomology, in which specialty discipline he was highly expert. In the structure of insects, he saw the structure of the divinely complete universe.

Self-promoting, gifted for literature, and often excellent salespeople.

One needs to be engaged in messaging, writing, or conversation(Budha) usually on topics related to divinity or truth.

Uttaraphalguni-Chandra can teach well but not in institutional classrooms (Shani) which too much conform and constrain the charismatic radiance of Surya.

  • If they teach, it must be in the center stage within their own (Surya) organization, tailored to their own unique (Surya) personality, promoting their own ideas, and each lecture should end with a crescendo of applause.

  • Uttaraphalguni is able to teach via entertainment and they are usually very good at it.

Purva-phalguni Chandra and Uttara-phalguni Chandra denotes many famous writers.

Uttara-phalguni Chandra particularly denotes writers who are able to dramatize the intellectual empowerments (Surya) acquired via independent thought that often generates a "break-away" paradigm shift from the existing conventional (Shani) assumptions and rules.

brilliant (Surya) literary figures

  • "Turtle Island" environmentalist writer Gary Snyder

  • mystery novelist Agatha Christie

  • "As I Lay Dying" novelist William Faulkner

  • phenomenologist philosopher Martin Heidegger

  • "Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle" clairaudient Alice Bailey

The Uttaraphalguni native is a sincere and intelligent person who seeks to express the brilliance of Surya through politics, literature, and performance arts.

Quick, confident, logical decisions (Budha) + self-centered authority of a stage performer.

Excellent position for executive leadership of an organization of which one is the charismatic center

  • Ayurvedic evangelist, Dr. Deepak Chopra * central figure in a large educational and healing organization


  • The Uttaraphalguni native can overwhelm their partner in some marriages, if the hot rays of their charismatic light outshines the importance of the partner.

  • Those in the Simha portion are rarely fans of monogamous marital practice.


Like its Surya-ruled sibling-Nakshatra Chandra in Uttaraphalguni and Chandra in Uttarazadha, Chandra in Krittika has a deep emotional need toreceive praise.

The Chandra-Krittika native is profoundly nourished by public expressions of applause, approval, and acclaim. Without a steady stream of political successes or prize-winning celebrity accomplishments, the Chandra-Krittika native can fall into a deep emotional depression.

Singing or speaking (Budha) on the theatrical or political stage (Surya)is a state of natural happiness for Uttaraphalguni. the native typically espouses a political or social cause which is very important to their self-definition. the native may seem to be more married to their espoused cause than to their material spouse.

Siblings-cousins are very important in the early psychological life due to Budha's communicative, teamwork focus. Marriage behaviors may resemble sibling-group behaviors, with the Uttaraphalguni native generally expecting to get central attention from the spouse the same flexible, friendly way it was obtained from the sibling group.

  • The first pada in Simha is less conversational, less team oriented, and more double-Surya political-theatrical, and charismatic.

  • France-Pres partner, 2007-2012 Nicolas Sarkozy, Mrs. Carla Bruni Sarkozy

In the quarters of Virgo = a high-speed "bullet-train" thinker, whose thoughts run in a rather narrow but highly advanced channel. the native may prefer only the company of those who think in rather precisely the same way as oneself, and ideally with facility and speed.

  • Deep emotional need to gather friends for a cause.

Spiritual director of this section of the path:

Fear Factor

fear of vulnerability, loneliness, loss of control

Navamsha Moon in Uttaraphalguni (intimate relationships).

In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Uttaraphalguni behavior.


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