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Aditi Mother Savitri


Nakshatra of Chandra



Hasta * Savitra * Pundarikaksa

"handcraft" * drawing and designs

"comfort zone" = emotional need to be recognized for their achievements.


Nakshatra Kona of Chandra = exceptionally emotionally sensitive, intuitive, absorptive, reactive = pragmatic, affectionate, attached to Mother

Chandra in Rohini- has a profound and self-defining core need for emotional security, which expresses via physical attractiveness (Shukra) and wanting to appear as a provider of financial wealth and sensual luxury (Shukra).

Chandra in Hasta - has a profound and self-defining core need for emotional security, which expresses via technical excellence (Budha) and wanting to appear as a provider of artisanal skill and craft (Budha).

  • Marvelous for any practitioner of hand-craft such as musician, surgeon, architectural drafter, massage therapist or laboratory chemist. The hands are intuitively sensitive and measurements are accurate.

Chandra in Shravana has a profound and self-defining core need for emotional security, which expresses via steady reliability (Shani) and wanting to appear as a provider of conventional conformity to public standards (Shani).

Spiritual director of this section of the path:


Savita= "Sunrise"

Om bhur bhuvah svah

tat-savitur varenyam

bhargo devasya dhimahi

dhiyo yo nah pracodayat

~~Rig Veda (iii /62/10)


Chandra in Hasta

Hasta Pada-1 = Mesha navamsha

Hasta Pada-2 * Vrishabha Navamsha * Pushkara Navamsha

  • "Knowledge of Higher Worlds" Anthroposophy, writings, drawings Rudolf Steiner

Hasta Pada-3 = Mithunaya navamsha

Hasta Pada-4 = Karkata Navamsha

  • "My Inventions" electro-magnetic scientist Nikola Tesla tools of measurement, drawings

  • animator, hand-drawings Walt Disney (d'Isigny)

  • musician, composer Johannes Bach

  • first openly gay Bishop of the Episcopal Church USA Gene Richardson

  • writer, human rights champion Aung San Suu Kyi

  • the French Chef Julia Child

  • 2nd life partner of Beatle George Harrison, Mrs. Olivia Arias Harrison

  • writer, poet Maya Angelou

emotional engagement via Hands-Fingers-Gesture

hand-craft - the workshop

Hasta-Chandra seeks emotional stability and security via drawing, diagramming, instructing, manipulating, pushes buttons and pulls levers on mechanical instruments.

Uses the hands and the emotions in synthesis. Hasta-Chandra needs to express caretaking and protective instincts via handcraft, instrument operation, soothing touch.

Cares for elders and infants, attends the vulnerable, sick, weakened, pregnant; protects and shelters the family.

Feels comfortable when gesturing, measuring, compounding and composing, writing, sculpture, painting; in choreography, stenography, documentation, notation; using the hands in craftwork, touching musical instruments, massage, when engaged in emotionally grounding routines with neighbors, siblings, and work-mates.

Management, Manipulation, intuitive skill of hands

Writing, typing, typesetting, calligraphy, painting, drawing, utensils, cooking tools, bar-tending, playing musical instruments, tool-using, printing press

report writing

  • "My Inventions" electro-magnetic scientist Nikola Tesla wrote thousands of explanatory reports

literary crafting of short-subject pieces: brochures and pamphlets

  • "Raja Yoga" 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda hand-crafted, manually wrote, produced and distributed hundreds of explanatory pamphlets during his global mission

magazine articles, advertising copy - esp instructional media

taking measurements, sizing, shaping, tailoring

compounding. May be an excellent compounding pharmacist and maker of medicaments.

mechanical drafting (drawing);

engineering esp architectural - mechanical

  • "My Inventions" electro-magnetic scientist Nikola Tesla made hundreds of instructional drawings to explain thw workings of electricity

  • "Knowledge of Higher Worlds" Anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner made hundreds of instructional drawings in fields of education, medicine, and therapeutic visualization

  • animator, hand-drawings Walt Disney made thousands of storyboard drawings to animate cinematic films

manipulation of objects, stage magic, legerdemain, drawings

therapeutic massage, midwifery, skilled nursing

manipulation of ritual objects during sacred ceremonies (if in 9 or a religious placement)

technical assistants, surgical nurse, tool-manager, dentist, pipe-fitter,

delivery of short-length, practical, hands-on instruction, explanations, craft-teaching, apprenticeship, technical skills

Patient, sensitive, and intuitive.

Intuitive "voice" of Budha-communication runs through the palm chakra and finger chakra in the hands.

Genius of skilled manual crafts, healing and decorative arts, from blacksmithing to writing to sculpting to model-building to bhava-building to massage.

  • Makes an excellent secretary (especially in confidential positions)

  • calm and capable under normal circumstances

If doing a healing massage or crafting a fine musical instrument or repairing a boat engine, this native will hear a soft interior voice delivering a quiet narrative of instruction as to what should be done, in what sequence, for best results.

Affinity for delicate machines (including the human body)

  • specialized instruments, fine tools.

Usually an excellent writer and tool-user

  • "Secret Doctrine" clairaudient writer H.P. Blavatsky - wrote thousands of pages by hand

  • "My Inventions" electro-magnetic scientist Nikola Tesla

  • cinematic draftsman Walt Disney - hand crafted hundreds of thousands of

tailor, pattern-maker, Taker of measurements

Smart and clever, with notable intuitive communication capabilities.

Like to talk, gesture, and measure. (Chandra-Budha).

Emotional affinity for crafty work with the hands and a workshop environment:

  • animator Walt Disney founded the Disney Studios workshops that produced his famous children's films

  • slicing-dicing-paring, mixing, tools of cooking, measurement, Chef Julia Child

Even if other factors create risk (military career, extramarital affairs, financial speculation, political resistance) one will stay close to the customs of one's people (Chandra) in the behavioral style

  • USA Pres-07 Andrew Jackson was an emotionally reactive personality; renowned as a true man of the people - with all the good and bad of 'folks'

Emotionally possessive and dislikes change of the established cyclical calendar. Needs a regular lunar cycle of ritual seasonal returns.

Emotional Grounding through the Hands

Nakshatra of Budha

The "comfort zone" is a handy, busy, repetitive-flow activity or environment often characterized by hand-craft:

  • drawing, painting, carving, crayon-coloring, filling in colors such as children's coloring-books or painting of rooms, writing, type-setting, calligraphy,

  • interior design putting together swatches and samples into a craft-plan, landscape design esp via hand-drawings,

  • typing, sewing, measuring, pacing, knitting, weaving, crafting jewelry, cooking, sizing (taille, tailor, retail, detail) shop-keeping

  • every variety of small tool and implement, gardening, hoes, spades, rakes, scythes, bhava-cleaning, bhava-keeping, "yard-work"

  • jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, the jig-saw, wood-saw, wood-craft tools

  • crafty tool-using hobbies, using hands for touch, playing (toca) musical instruments (ex: Johannes Bach) writing musical scores,

hand movements using the cyclical flow of the Moon, therapeutic massage, hands-on healing,

celebration of seasonal holidays, hand-decorating for holidays

  • "My Inventions" electro-magnetic scientist Nikola Tesla = mechanical designer, writer, tools of measurement

  • cinematic animator Walt Disney = instructor, planner, hand-drawing animation frames

  • musical composer, instructor Johannes Bach = practicing musician + written compositions

Dishonesty, falsification, and pretense


Verbal Facade of Normalcy

Edifice: Everything is Fine

Chandra-ruled lunar Nakshatra = Chandra in Rohini, Chandra in Hasta, Chandra in Shravana =

  • super-sensitive reactivity to imagined slights and threats to the regular cyclical flow of "work-home-family".

These three nakshatra = Moon-ruled = deeply needy of constant emotional stability. They enjoy a regular cycle of emotional fluctuation but major upheavals may create a "personal tsunami" and they may react with urgent retreat into self-protection via declamation (Budha) that everything is fine.

Dealing directly with the problem is not instinctive; passive defense against the problem is more natural for these folk and they will summon the verbal-emotional resources for "defense of the homeland" when feels threatened.

They may feel the need of boundary "fencing" around the emotional core.

Mounting of peripheral defense can involve reinforcement of the "facade" similar to the face of a building.

These natives when under stress may exhibit psychological defensiveness which is out of proportion to the scope factual threat.

  • as a result of putting up a defensive shield which they try to use as a 'decoy' to deflect predatory interests, these folk who are quite pure of heart can develop Ironically a reputation for falseness and pretense.

  • The honest truth may seem like an inadequate defense to Hasta, who may erect a protective facade of perfect contentment (Chandra) in order to mask the human weaknesses of one's self or one's job skills.

Trauma pattern

Fear of being marginalized or devalued

Often restrained or abused in childhood, where emotional approval is provided only upon obedient performance of duty.

Throughout life, then, one craves order and routine with regular praise for performance.

Walt Disney was a physically and emotionally abused child. It is said that in times of stress, Walt Disney the famous drawer and animator, washed his hands compulsively up to 30 times per hour. ~~,_Walt

Navamsha Moon in Hasta (intimate relationships).

  • UK-Princess, humanitarian Diana Spencer

  • Mrs. Al Gore Jr., Tipper Gore

In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Krittika behavior.

Under emotional stress in relationships, the native with navamsha Chandra in Hasta can suffer inner reactions of compulsive communications and obsessive measuring.

the native has a deep psychic need to stabilize their own emotional life through a fixed calendar of duties

Partner of the native may be grasping and possessive, tending to repeat crafty, manipulative behaviors either mental or manual or both.

Partner is a handy person with disarmingly : ) steady habits. Budha = very clever; the partner may have figured out how to successfully live a double life. (Two hands, two lives). The trick is in the calendar.


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