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Mount Meru "the top of the world"

depicted in a traditional Tibetan thangka painting


Nakshatra of Mangala



Dhaniztha * Sravishtha

social climbers, upwardly mobile, spiraling up

"around and around and around they go"


Nymphaea nouchali = Indian red water lily = Hyderabad, AP

Nakshatra kona of Mangala =

= emotional 'alpha' = Competitive, Arrives First, innovates, elevates, pushes ahead, wants to Go Faster, high emotional vitality, always moving; needs to Motivate:

  1. Chandra in Mrigashira (needs to investigate)

  2. Chandra in Chitra (needs to dominate)

  3. Chandra in Dhaniztha (needs to motivate)


Acacia ferruginea blossom

Sacred to Dhaniztha Nakshatra


  • ruled by Kuja

  • 23:20 Makara - 06:40 Kumbha

Makara Dhaniztha pada-1 * Simha navamsha

Makara Dhaniztha pada-2 * Kanya navamsha


  • dramatist, cinematic producer Ashton Kutcher

  • dramatist Sophia Loren + Shani yuti Rahu

  • 2nd wife of Shah of Iran 1941-1979 Soraya Pahlavi

  • dramatist Sandra Bullock

  • animal advocate Temple Grandin = autism + animal treatment + "neural diversity" advocate - designer of cattle-calming mazes

  • psychotropic advocate Timothy Leary = psychology professor + advocate for altered states of consciousness (circular thinking)

Kumbha portion: Dhaniztha pada-3 * Thula navamsha

  • socialite Marla Maples Trump (dancing in circles, network circulation fundraiser)

  • "Oops" balladeer, dancer Britney Jean Spears

  • network circulation fundraiser; wife of both USA-Sen John Heinz + USA-Sen John Forbes Kerry Teresa Ferreira Heinz Kerry * champion fundraiser

Kumbha portion: Dhaniztha pada-4 * Vrischika navamsha

  • USA Pres-44 partner, attorney Michelle Robinson Obama * champion fundraiser

  • "Duino Elegies" poet, novelist Rainer Maria Rilke

  • cosmology writer Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (discursive logic goes in circles)

  • writer Jean-Paul Sartre French existentialist philosophy goes in circles

  • private pilot JFK-Jr (flying in circles)


  • anthropologist, progressive social change advocate Margaret Mead

Deep emotional need to reach the top via dancing,, driving, and climbing upward movement

  • "circular thinking"

  • I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Spiral Movements - Social Aspirations = reaching the Spire = "social climbers"

  • PIE *spei- "sharp point" also "to flourish, succeed."

  • = "spine"

  • = "spike" (Electrical pulse of short duration )

  • = "spoke" of a wheel

Radix Moon in Dhaniztha =

"social climbing and revolving upward"= "I'm dancing as fast as I can"

Dhaniztha hears the drumbeat. It may be the conventional drumbeat, or Dhaniztha may "march to the beat of a different drummer".

  • Excellent dancers with a superb intuitive sense of rhythmic percussion.

Lifelong association with vital pulse, life-force energies including sexual pulsation, dance and music-based performance arts

Comfortable and familiar (Chandra) and usually quite successful (because the work feels natural) in any business associated with

drumming or dance.

rhythmic, sonorous, pulsating use of language

pulsation, heart-beat, blood pressure, circulatory movements of the life-force vitality, movements of 'prana', 'chi'

Trying to get to heaven via pushing forward (Mangala). Generally an easier placement for beings-in-male-bodies, but female dancers and those concerned with orderly, pushing-upward movement are also successful in Dhaniztha .

"Achievement by Hearing the Beat". Emotionally motivated pursuit of ascension, promotion.

Nourished (Chandra) by the rhythmic pulse of life. Happiest when engaged in percussive use of language, or physically gyrating.

Like to host and attend parties, esp dance parties.

The Dhaniztha female is often an accomplished and recognized socialite who rises via entertaining with a focus on dancing from mundane beginnings to a height of privileged association.

  • USA Pres-44 partner, attorney Michelle Robinson Obama applied her significant entertaining skills, typical of First Ladies, to decades of fundraising events beginning with dances and parties for local charities and extending to high-ticket social events supporting her husband's presidency. Typical of Kumbha-Chandra, she can "knit in" just about anyone into the popular, participation network

One dances in a spiral pattern, up the mountain of achievements, gracefully and relentlessly pushing into wealthy or powerful circles.

Dhaniztha are instinctive "social climbers".

Strong leadership skills and talent in performance arts due to a profound intuitive sense of rhythmic movement.

Dhaniztha Nakshatra indicates success in professions

  • that involve advance through the social ranked hierarchy via rhythmic movement and large group functions,

  • often through fund-raising or other "party circuits" that gives elite association.

The Kumbha portion (influenced by Rahu) = more social-networking and populist; the Makara portion is more law-and-order and elitist.

Dhaniztha-Chandra is a diligent worker on a task that requires extraordinary commitment and persistence with the ability to handle constant frustrations with people who lose the beat and obstacles on the path.

  • USA Pres-37 (resigned) Richard Nixon was known for his incredible persistence in the face of obstacles that seemed to him to be intentionally blocking his progress toward the top of the mountain. He expressed frustration, jealousy, and resentment at the fact that those with more wealth, more privilege, and better family connections seemed to have better results than himself. Although he did reach "the top" (USA Presidency) his azleza-related emotional problems and 4 graha in the satkona proved too much to hold his achievement; he was ultimately forced to resign from the highest office.

  • UK-PM 1997-2007 Tony Blair yuti Rahu

In the sense of emotional expectation of struggle against social barriers and a continuous attitude of resentment, Dhaniztha is similar to another inherently problematic Shani-Kuja combination: Anuradha.

The beat is steady and the climb is consistently upward, but the climb is hard, requiring endurance (Shani) and athletic skill (Kuja).

Despite an outward allure of friendliness, the native may become emotionally aggressive (Kuja) if blocked in pursuit of their "dancing upward" movement.

One may feel a need to push forward proactively if one perceives a threat to forward movement; if it appears that one's upward-spiraling routine or socializing-for-gain partying patterns could be interrupted.

Seeks financial wealth . If yuti the uttama-Mangala in Makara, may produce spectacular earnings from commercial business according to the bhava.

If Chandra is damaged (for example by Rahu) one may suffer from self-obsessed greed for more, more, more and emotional fixation on the elite public image.

Needs constant upward-spiral movement

natural affinity for movements that go around and around in circles toward a higher goal

  • NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR race track,

  • animal advocate Temple Grandin's cattle calming mazes

may become insecure and disoriented if the drumbeat or cyclical movement stops

  • enjoys professional work that involves a circuit, such as work with electrical circuitry, serving as a circuit-court judge, or a traveling salesperson with a regular client circuit

Marital conflict due to inability to tolerate dissent. Obsession with being "heard" by important people, and self-absorption.

Retains adolescent love of social excitement well into adulthood. Sustains high-energy or impulsive behaviors, supported by high levels of muscular coordination and goal-focused ambition to go faster.

Dhaniztha is famous for getting revenge on people who block their upward path, in any way. The crime is usually some tarnishing of their moral reputation or eligibility to join a high-moving group.

Unfortunately the victim of Dhaniztha anxious anger is often the spouse, who is seen as a threat to Dhaniztha control of family culture and keeping the beat. If widowed or divorced, Dhaniztha will almost immediately remarry.

If the native hails from modest origins

the climb may be long and high.

Professional socialite/politician with wonderful enthusiasm for prestige social events in the world of politics, arts and dance.

Can be a top caliber fundraiser and host/hostess of glamorous social events for charitable music programs, and many other good purposes, but the primary motivation is always to hear the beat which signals that one is climbing into the privileged realm of the gods (where the music is always playing).

Spiritual director of this section of the path:

  • Eight vasus, deities of earthly abundance

  • Vasudaivata (Basudaibata)

Comfort Zone

  • 'alpha' domination

  • Choreographic Movement, dancing upward

  • upward spiral engine, forward drive

  • sexual pursuit along the way

  • "Going around in circles"

  • competition for rank and placement within structured hierarchy, social-professional

All three of the Mangala-ruled nakshatra of Chandra =

competitive, sporting, pro-active and usually wonderful dancers.

In any social situation they aim to win. It is a function of many other features of the nativity to find out what in their mind is the "winner's prize" .

In Dhaniztha , whatever objective the native has determined to represent the "top of the mountain" = the place toward which they direct their "upward-spiral" motion.

These people move, move, move - their comfort zone is an upward-spiral moving zone. It can be physically upward, socially upward, or spiritually upward depending on the rest of the nativity.

Dhaniztha -Chandra enters the comfort zone whenever vigorous competition, sexual pursuit, or athletic movement is happening.

Did I mention that they aim to reach the top of their personal mountain and they need to get there?

Dhaniztha -Chandra = most emotionally comfortable around other people who also feel comfortable in highly competitive, dance-and-sport, aggressive, sometimes militarized, innovative, engineering, inventive, and forward-pushing environments.

Dhaniztha -Chandra = individualistic and rarely have long-term friends. They start relationships with a powerful surge of penetrating (Mangala) emotional intimacy.

Their emotional comfort depends on establishing dominance ('alpha' Mangala) within a ranked hierarchy and getting ahead of others during that up-the-pyramid race.

Dhaniztha -Chandra = emotionally-driven social climbers who utilize the physical muscle-power of climbing in their quest to find emotional comfort.

They like to socialize as a type of competitive behavior esp at dances, fundraising sports events, and other organized, structured challenge-pursuits.

Going around in circles

Where is the summit?

From the outside, Dhaniztha -Chandra folks seem to be, emotionally and often materially also, "going around in circles" in some frenetic attempt to achieve a goal which is not fully known to the native .

If Dhaniztha folk are able to articulate and visualize their life goals, then they do indeed have the best chance of anyone to achieve their objectives. By nature these folk are extremely energetic plus they have a natural understanding of social law and structure.

The problems which typically beset them emotionally are all related to not clearly identifying the goal.

When uncertain of the end-point, their mental targets shift too often and that long drive to success gets push out of whack. Numerous "mid-course corrections" are generally necessary to remain on target, and even so there is wide opportunity to lose sight of the summit in the usual windy fog of the high mountain environment.

Dhaniztha is either super-successful materially or super-frustrated due to self-thwarted ambition.

They have a big strong psycho-physical engine and they can drive nearly anywhere but in order to succeed the driver's emotional eye must be able to see or clearly imagine the destination and remain undistracted from that goal.



As soon as equality is established in an alliance, the Dhaniztha -Chandra native feels a comfort-seeking urge to "get ahead". One feels a need to prove that one is stronger than, smarter than, faster than, more advanced than the partner.

Naturally the opportunity for longer-term interpersonal balance and harmony in relationships is much reduced.

Dhaniztha -Chandra feels emotionally driven to make impulsive marriages based on physical attraction. Both males and females express their feelings naturally through sexual behaviors, particularly the pursuit-and-penetration dynamic associated with conquesting Mangala.

Neither males nor females enjoy the social balancing behaviors of committed, repetitive, day-to-day marriage.

Partnerships have a better chance if one can find a non-competitive Other who is willing to "dance-up" right behind one. Yet this spousal job description is tricky because the Other has to also be a fast dancer, comfortable in dynamic fast-moving environments, yet be less competitive than the native .

A helpful characteristic for those who might wish to partner with Dhaniztha may be the ability to play a sport for fun but not to win, or to prefer explicitly to hold a background role.

Dhaniztha -Chandra = not happy in conventional marriage with all of its required adjustments, negotiation, bargaining, "pull-back" and compromise. Dhaniztha -Chandra feels highly uncomfortable when asked "for the sake of the marriage" to pull back in order to allow another to pass ahead of oneself.

On the other hand, a Dhaniztha -Chandra woman may believe that a strategic marriage to a go-getter guy is her main chance for reaching the summit. She will indeed "pull back" and get married. Nevertheless, for her this will be a tactical decision, relative to her temporary perceptions. She will be scanning emotionally for optimal ways to advance upon the terrain of her upward trail at the moment.

Her distinctive leadership-not-partnership tendencies will soon emerge. Unless she has married someone who shares her high standards for social-professional performance and her intense drive toward the summit *and* who can follow her specific choreographic lead, the Dhaniztha female may feel frustrated with a less-goal-oriented partner.

These folk must push forward, going backward only as a competitive tactic, only briefly, and only in preparation for a forward surge.

Sacrificing their dominant position for the happiness of a single Other is a rare trait in Dhaniztha . Yet these natives are indeed capable of extraordinary leadership on behalf large groups of Other who are coming up behind. Their dynamic leadership of charity campaigns and social-progressive fundraising projects is legendary. However the key word is 'lead'.

Dhaniztha -Chandra have team-mates, professional colleagues, fellow competitors, and brothers in arms (armaments) . They can forge deep fraternal team-bonds in short-term, high-pressure settings like political campaigns

  • Teresa Heinz Kerry wife of two USA senators,

stage-performance tours

and war.

However, these folk generally need too much emotional stimulation to be able to maintain placid, trusting relationships in times of peace.


Mangala = bhratrukaraka. Dhaniztha -Chandra develops warlike, dominance-striving relationships with siblings. These bonds may last a lifetime if the sibling also enjoys the pattern of lifetime struggle for 'alpha' position. It is easier for brother-to-brother but sisters can also compete for goals of social-professional rank and prestige positions in the designated social hierarchy.

Trauma profile = infant abandonment.

The subconscious recycles ancient memories of forced march and pogrom. The infant felt threatened with loss of family unity. Angry fighting of parents caused incoherent sound patterns and "missing the beat" in pattern of nurturing care.

As a result of this underlying insecurity, the Dhaniztha native works obsessively to keep their family group together, constantly re-establishing connection through coherent sounds of talking and drumming, and harbors a neurotic fear of abandonment.

Dhaniztha cannot bear to be alone. Onemust feel that one is "dancing upward in a group" toward a superior and protected realm. If the dance is interrupted, Dhaniztha will react with extreme vindictive angerat whoever is breaking up the forward, secure movement.

Dhaniztha clings obsessively to parents and children, urging everyone to "keep moving" in a constant cultural performance, driven to drum and dance.

Navamsha Moonin Dhaniztha (intimate relationships)

In order to mirror one's own subconscious emotional patterns, one attracts a core partner who expresses Dhaniztha behavior.

Under emotional stress in relationships, Dhaniztha navamsha Chandra can evoke the native 's inner fear of loss of constant movement.

Anxiety reactions to this fear of losing core vitality include compulsive drumming, dancing, party-going and traveling in moving groups, in order to keep the movement alive.

Like the dancers moving up the spiral path, on the rhythm of perpetual drumbeat, toward the top of Mount Meru, the partner is determinedly upwardly mobile.

S/he "never stops dancing" - demonstrating an amazingly intrepid and comprehensive ability to advance progress along the path toward higher values.

Whether the values are understood (by the partner) as principles of personal morality, spiritual realization, social justice, financial acquisition, scholarly accomplishment, professional recognition, or all of the above -- the partner is a veritable perpetual-motion engine, moving forward in pursuit of goals at the top of their personal mountain path.

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