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BPHS Chandra Mahadasha

  1. Chandra-Mesha
  2. Chandra-Vrishabha * uttama * mulatrikona 4-30
  3. Chandra-Mithuna
  4. Chandra-Karkata
  5. Chandra-Simha
  6. Chandra-Kanya
  7. Chandra-Thula
  8. Chandra-Vrischika * nichha
  9. Chandra-Dhanushya
  10. Chandra-Makara
  11. Chandra-Kumbha
  12. Chandra-Meena

Aum som somaya namah

Chandra * Soma * Krishnaya

resides in

Kanya * Partha * Paranya

Moon occupies Virgo

"The Helper"

qualities of the life-partner


Guan Shi Yin

Public Figures

Janma rashi = Kanya

Chandra in Uttaraphalguni * pada 2-3-4 in Kanya

Ruled by invisible, enclosed radiant Surya = L-12-from-Chandra


  • "El Castilo Interior" 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila

  • "Telepathy" 1880-1949 Alice Bailey

  • "Harry Potter" magical-fiction J.K. Rowling

  • France-Pres 2007-2012 partner, balladeer Carla Bruni Sarkozy

  • activist writer Aung San Suu Kyi

  • mystery writer Agatha Christie + Budha

  • essayist writer Susan Sontag

  • physicist Mileva Maric Einstein yuti Ketu

  • activist actress Vanessa Redgrave

  • heiress, bank robber Patti Hearst

Chandra in Hasta

Ruled by visible, sensitive, intuitive Chandra

  • "Secret Doctrine" 1831-1891 Theosophy Helena Blavatsky + nichha-Shukra

  • Israel-PM 1969-1974 Golda Meir + Guru

  • "Knowledge of Higher Worlds" 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner

  • "Realm of Light" 1874-1947 painter Nicholas Roerich + Guru + Surya

  • "My Inventions" 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla + Mangala yuti Ketu

  • hand-drawing animation Walt Disney

  • musician + writer-composer Johannes Bach

  • Pope Benedict XVI Josef Ratzinger

  • Episcopal USA Bishop Gene Richardson - first openly gay Bishop

  • "the French Chef" WW-2 spy Julia Child

  • partner of Beatle Harrison Olivia Arias Harrison

  • poet laureate Maya Angelou

Chandra in Chitra pada 3-4

Ruled by energetic, dominating militarized Mangala = less benevolent L-3 and L-8 from Chandra-Kanya

  • USA Pres-41 "All the Best" George H. W. Bush + Shani

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush + Guru * parivartamsha L-3 Budha-1

  • Pakistan-PM 1988-1990; 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto + Shani * parivartamsha L-1 Budha-11

  • Cuba-Dictator reign 1959-2008 Fidel Castro

  • Russ-USSR dictator 1878-1953 "Man of Steel" Josef Stalin

  • "Raja Yoga" 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda + Shani

  • voluptuous fashion model, legal war for inheritance money Anna Nicole Smith

  • balladeer Bruce Springsteen


Chandra-Kanya * 3rd-from-Swakshetra

Needs to communicate particularly to argue. Generally maintains a conversational (3) relationship toward parents (Chandra) and often has an affectionate relationship to one's younger sibling and to the eldest child of one's elder sibling.

Chandra-Kanya-8's litigious style of criticism and accusations may create digestive health difficulties for impatient Mesha radical lagna. Chandra-Kanya-8 for the Kumbha radical lagna may specializes in disaster response planning or other catastrophic change management.

Emotional need for analytical instruction, explanation and description, particularly via logical, argumentative or scientific writing.

teams, cohort and thought-groups, meetings, appointments, assignments, planning and scheduling.

In the more evolved nativity, there is a particular affinity for explanation and instruction of medical concept and hands-on (3) practice

and a specialty of explanations in one's ministry of service

In general, Chandra-Kanya is attracted into chronic conflicts .

The Chitra portion of Kanya is legendary for Mangala-initiating conflict and confrontation using military threat.

Chandra-Kanya feels an emotional affinity for arguments, discord, medicines, enemies, the poor, the sick, the exploited, and the conflict-ridden.

"Needs Analysis." Chandra in Partha-rashi needs to (1) have problems (2) define problems (3) argue the problems. Arguing the problem rarely results in a solution; this native is primarily an agent of logical articulation and definition of imbalance.

If Chandra is prominent, Chandra in Partha-rashi = famously associated with a particular variety of deep-seated human social problem such as exploitation or slavery.

  • "Principia Mathematica" 1872-1970 Bertrand Russell (Uttaraphalguni) lifetime commitment to Peace activism, notably anti-nuclear-weapons protests and writings

Looking into the mirror, one sees self as a criminal attorney, a minister to the poor, sick, and crime-ridden; a purveyor of methods and information, and a servant of greater powers.

Budha is able to offer a neutral home to all graha except Chandra, whom Budha overtly dislikes.

  • Critical, argumentative Kanya = a hostile environment for comfort-seeking Chandra. Kanya= mulatrikona rashi for Budha. One with Chandra in Partha-rashi may feel unwelcome and oppressed in their work environment (6). These natives can inherit an emotional servitude complex from their overworked, underappreciated mothers.

They work hard to earn their welcome but Chandra-Kanya are self-critical and they feel (Chandra) that they have never done well enough.

Usually Chandra-Kanya works many extra hours "burning the midnight oil" to assuage their emotional perfectionism.

  • "Raja Yoga" 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda * nishturabashi yoga in bhava-2. Worked tirelessly to write as much as possible before his untimely death age 39.

  • "Secret Doctrine" 1831-1891 Theosophy Helena Blavatsky + nichha-Shukra. She worked night and day for three years immediately before her death age 59, writing out longhand as much as possible for publication.

  • Pakistan-PM 1988-1990; 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto + Shani * parivartamsha L-1 Budha-11

  • Cuba-Dictator reign 1959-2008 Fidel Castro

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush + Guru * parivartamsha L-3 Budha-1

  • "My Inventions" 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla

= all famous for lifetime behavior of burning the midnight oil

and also usually these nativities will go to their graves feeling that there is much more work needing to be done.

Budha-ruled Kanya = a sterile rashi which tends, overall, to yield limited emotional satisfaction. Yet, a ministry of service to the disenfranchised underclass - to the point of martyrdom - may provide a deeply satisfying emotional process.

The Kanya-Chandra native = profoundly service oriented. One needs to feel that their constant, unswerving service rendered through plying the trades of medicine and conflict management is duly appreciated. One's fundamental emotional need is to provide a logical, well-argued, ministerial response to the emotional needs of others.

If Budha = swakshetra or uttama, Chandra in Partha-rashi may be strikingly intelligent if somewhat emotionally repressed.

There is a tendency to conflate mental and emotional perceptions. However, confidence (Surya) in the results of one's own acts of mental discrimination is excellent.

In particular, Chandra in Partha-rashi rarely experiences severe self-doubt. Due to the centrality of one's own thoughts may become a celebrity thought-leader.

Typically Kanya Moon folk have an amazing sense of humor, arising from their skill in finding personal quirks. They are shrewd students of human nature.

What they don't have (unless corrective Guru drishti to Chandra): steady, convincing access to intuition. Tends toward a state of cognitive dissonance unless highly educated. Their intuition is often overwhelmed by rules, dogma, and opinion - because strong Budha overwhelms Moon.

Chandra in Kanya = emotional perfectionism with a deeply material focus.

Chandra in Partha-rashi is always longing for a cleaner, tidier, better organized world in which everyone takes their medicine on time. In the mind's eye, one pines for a world feel of material imperfection.

  • If Chandra is damaged or yuti Rahu, may be obsessively concern with or reaction to perceived 'pollution' when social categories are violated.

  • A tendency to replace authentic emotion with mentalized thought. Chandra in Partha-rashi may not know what one feels, how one feels, or have access to the childhood memories.

  • When asked what one is feeling, Chandra in Partha-rashi may respond with an observation or assessment "I feel that such-and-such is right or wrong or true or false" but to simply say "I feel sad" may not be accessible because Kanya's mentality has filtered out non-rational perceptions. The mother may be critical and perfectionistic also.

  • Diseases caused by perfectionistic eating habits, such as nutritional disorders; and psycho-mental self-criticism and self-doubt.

  • The difficulties of Chandra-Kanya may be substantially corrected through a parivartamsha with Budha-Karkata

If you have a Kanya-Soma person in your life, be sure to confirm and validate the service that they offer to you and to everyone they know.

  • Kanya-Soma folk are dedicated to improving the well-being of all beings, especially the poor, sick, marginalized and enslaved classes.

  • They express this dedication through work service.

Discourage them from negative . Encourage their expression of positive principles such as their love of the weak, the powerless, and the forgotten. Kanya-Soma are (or can be) beautiful souls.

Mesha radical lagna

Chandra-Kanya = L-4 in 6 = 3rd from swakshetra

"My Inventions" 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla + Mangala yuti Ketu

Needs to bring the emotional experience of foundational culture, transportation, shelter and roots into the realm of conflict, crime, accusation, and disease.

Mother (Soma) = emotionally Stress zone = intestines, digestive system.

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush + Guru * parivartamsha L-3 Budha-1

  • Pakistan-PM 1988-1990; 1993-96 Benazir Bhutto * parivartamsha L-1 Budha-11

Marriage and Qualities of the Life-Partner

Contractual Partnerships and Trusts

Naturally, the outcomes for partnership depend significantly upon the bhava of 7th-from-Chandra and also any graha located in Meena, as well as drishti incoming into Meena.


7th from Kanya-Chandra = Meena.

Meena is a retreating rashi which signifies spiritual guidance, meditation, dreams and psychic intuition, distant lands and invisible identity.

The partner serves as a "guide upon the spiritual pathways". The partner also has some qualities of invisibility and withdrawing nature. The partner may be a notably private, quiet person, unsuited to the public life and uninterested in showing a visible profile to the public.

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush * Kanya-Chandra has said that his wife USA Pres-43 partner Laura Welch Bush served as his personal spiritual adviser. He attributes to her influence his decision to stop drinking alcohol and to embrace a religiously guided lifestyle. Mr. Bush also benefits from karakamsha Meena = his 7th-from-Chandra-3 = life partner. Mrs. Bush was notably private and quiet in her demeanor during her husband's many years of high-profile governance roles including Governor of Texas and President-43 of USA. She was a champion of children's reading which is normally a silent activity.

  • Similarly USA Pres-10 "Annex Texas" John Tyler * Kanya-Chandra attributed to his wife Letitia Christian Tyler the role of cherished private adviser, who "drew me always to the best conclusions."

  • although married four times, the poet-professor "Turtle Island" Gary Snyder * Kanya-Chandra describes each of his spouses as a key spiritual guide matching the different paths taken during his life.

Bachelor Chandra-Kanya takes guidance from isha-devata

Typical of Ketu-ruled lagna, certain Chandra-Kanya never marry or (often women) may marry only very briefly to give birth to children.

These folks choose instead to form a primary alliance with the guiding spirits who counsel them and direct their visionary work.

  • "My Inventions" 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla * Asvini-lagna

  • "Raja Yoga" 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda Magha-lagna

  • Israel-PM 1969-1974 Golda Meir Magha-lagna * married once only briefly

  • "Secret Doctrine" 1831-1891 Theosophy Helena Blavatsky Magha-lagna * married twice only briefly

Parenting = Chandra-Kanya

The Kanya-Chandra parent wants modest, service-oriented children.

5th-fromKanya = Makara

  • Practical life behaviors and lawfulness = important.

  • Child has a mature, pragmatic personality + strong bond with authority figures.

  • Government officials, regulators, and bosses are beneficial for this child.

Difficult Angles:

  • 12th-from Kanya-Chandra = Simha

  • 6th-from Kanya-Chandra = Kumbha

during Vimshottari periods of Chandra, Simha-related matters create a nutrient drain (12th-from) upon the emotional vitality

Energy-drainers = emotional losses and erosion of identity + vital life-force power =

6th-from Chandra-Kanya= disagreement-distrust-dispute-divorce = Kumbha

  • Kanya-Chandra = a delicately logical, somewhat self-critical, over-mentalized soul who has emotional conflict with large social-progress movements and huge gatherings of people.

  • Overwhelmed by the psychic electricity of groups.

  • Nervousness in the assembly can cause mis-articulation of speech.

Since Budha and Shani are mutually friendly, this shad-ashtaka 6-8 angle is not really too difficult. The economy is generally an "equal opportunity" adversary - everyone struggles at some level - and one does not feel personally much victimized by this large, impersonal force.

  • the marketplace economy (Kumbha) and large scale electrical fields = somewhat inimical to one 's healthy emotional identity

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush = the popular vote - USA 2000 election, fundraising, scientific claims of Global Warming

  • "Secret Doctrine" 1831-1891 Theosophy Helena Blavatsky = nervous diseases

Shani Kumbha - the popular vote, nervous diseases

Kanya-Chandra suffers built-in emotional conflict with large gatherings of people. Overwhelmed by the psychic electricity of groups. Nervousness in the assembly.

Adversaries = agents of Kumbha

  • common members of the marketplace, progressive social change movements the popular vote,

  • forces of social democracy, fundraising and networking within the assembly

  • networks of electricity, networks of nerves and nervousness; nervous diseases

  • connectivity, one-to-many relationships, linkages, lowest common denominator, populism, large assemblies

  • interconnected scientific research, computer internet, electronic and energy-wave patterns, fishing nets, spider webs, theories esp scientific theories

  • darkest brown color, black-blue, darkest purple

problematic 6th-from-Chandra= rashi of Kumbha

Graha in Kumbha represent emotional adversaries

L-6+L-5 Shani = Kanya-Chandra implicitly feels imbalanced, annoyed and upset with:

  • large groups and assemblies, large social systems such as school and health systems and their regulators, computer and network administrators those holding social rank, government officials

    The Kanya-Chandra lifetime is easier if Kumbha rashi has no tenant graha..

The place which is 6th from Chandra

  • Whichever bhava = Kumbha as measured from radix, one will feel unbalanced or uneasy in that bhava. E.g., for a Kanya Chandra with Kanya radix lagna, Kumbha becomes bhava-8, and one experiences discomfort and imbalance with secret information, the spouse's money, in-laws, emergencies, and the conditions of death. Depending on Shani's character, it is likely that the experiences of dealing with the spouse's money, with emergencies including death and complications of birth; and taxes; are fraught with imbalance and internal conflict.

Predisposition to Injury and Accident

  • Kanya Chandra is somewhat prone to injury from nets, winds, and electricity, as well as nervous and skin disease (e.g., acne, herpes). Conditions of death (8th-from = Mesha) include blood disease and blows to the head.

Lagnesha Budha feels neutral toward L-8 Mangala,

but Mangala wants to attack Budha

Emotional core is oriented to mental skills of argumentation, medicine, and logic. One feels emotionally attacked by significant upheaval of brute-force Mesha Mangala. Luckily it does not last too long!

7-year long Vimshottari periods of Mangala = conditions of sudden emotional identity change induced by expectations of winning, competition, sexual pursuit, athletic energy; injury or accident; flesh-wound, surgery, emergency

  • Details of the circumstances of the catastrophic change are indicated by the rashi and bhava of Mangala


Badhaka = Meena Badhaka-sthana = "harming" houses

Guru = badhesha


Chandra in Kanya Rashi

  • Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 184

Public Figures

  • Japan-Emperor Showa 1926-1989 Hirohito

  • "As I Lay Dying" 1897-1962 William Faulkner + Kuja + Guru + Surya + Budha

  • "Turtle Island" writer Gary Snyder

  • "Being and Time" phenomenologist Martin Heidegger + Surya

  • theoretical physicist Nils Bohr + Budha + Surya + Guru yuti Rahu

  • "Super-Brain" Dr. Deepak Chopra

  • "Raja Yoga" 1863-1902 Swami Vivekananda +Shani

  • "My Inventions" 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla * electro-mechanical designer

  • hand-drawing animation Walt Disney

  • musician + writer-composer Johannes Bach

  • Pope Benedict XVI Josef Ratzinger

  • first openly gay Bishop of the Episcopal Church USA Gene Richardson

  • USA Pres-10 "Annex Texas" John Tyler

  • USA Pres-34 Interstate Highway System Dwight D. Eisenhower

  • USA Pres-41 "All the Best" George H. W. Bush

  • USA Pres-43 "Decision Points" George W. Bush

  • Cuba-Dictator reign 1959-2008 Fidel Castro

  • Russ-USSR dictator 1878-1953 "Man of Steel" Josef Stalin

  • USA Secy State Henry Kissinger

  • musician Bruce Springsteen

"These people are dignified, reserved and bashful. They talk softly with dignity, not ponderously but rather persuasively and logically, commanding respect for their expressed views.

They are somewhat religious, yet their religion is not orthodox and they may appear on the surface to be atheists or skeptics, since they are extremely analytical in their attitude and all religious ideas must appeal to their reason.

Because of this, they quite often are found in the ranks of Christian Scientists or of occultists. They are fond of reading and investigation and are always striving to combine science and religion, and to rationalize the emotions.

They like travel, and will take many short and long journeys during their lives. They are not domestic, preferring to live in hotels, or in apartments where there is a maximum of service.

If they are in their own homes, they make rather exacting demands on those who serve them. They are meticulous as to details and adaptable to any business requiring exactitude of method. They are on the whole fortunate in business.

The men with Moon in Virgo have some feminine characteristics and viewpoints which are sometimes disconcerting to the opposite sex, and they are at all times coldly analytical in their attitude, even to those they love, although they may not show it.

As a rule, they are slim, of average height, quiet and dignified in appearance, with a habit of laughing while telling a joke, but rather grave otherwise.

These people should be very careful about diet as they are subject to diseases and ailments of the stomach. They should try to live in the country even though they prefer the city, since the constant nervous tension of the city upsets their digestion.

Their lucky gem is the Emerald, and the best day for starting any enterprise is Wednesday. "


Chandra in Kanya Rashi

  • Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 198

  • "Secret Doctrine" clairaudient, Theosophy Helena Blavatsky

  • "El Castilo Interior" 1515-1582 St. Teresa de Avila (uttama-Shukra in lagna, famed for her beauty)

  • activist writer Aung San Suu Kyi

  • Anna Nicole Smith (voluptuous fashion model, legal war for inheritance money)
  • physicist Mileva Maric Einstein yuti Ketu

  • activist actress Vanessa Redgrave

  • heiress, bank robber Patti Hearst

  • writer Agatha Christie + Budha

  • writer Susan Sontag

  • "Telepathy" 1880-1949 Alice Bailey

  • the French Chef Julia Child = tools of cooking, measurement

  • 2nd wife of Beatle Vaishnava George Harrison, Mrs. Olivia Arias Harrison

  • poet Maya Angelou (writing carefully crafted poetry)

"Women with Moon in Virgo are beautiful in face and figure. Especially do they possess beautiful lips and eyes. They have dainty noses set on piquant dainty faces.

Their bodies are slender but well proportioned. They usually have dark hair and creamy or dark skin, with flashing eyes.

They are happy by nature, but are annoying to other people be- cause of their extreme neatness and punctiliousness, and their habit of attempting to correct carelessness in others. Their homes are models of good taste in decoration and orderliness in appearance and operation.

They may be termed fussy by less punctilious standards.

They are good conversationalists, sweet and persuasive in speech, intelligent and logical in argument. They are fond of music and the dance, but abhor any- thing that smacks of vulgarity. Daintiness is their "motif."

They are hard working but get tired easily as their physique and constitution is by no means robust. While they are fond of reading and the acquisition of knowledge, they are quite skeptical of new ideas, and critical of fads.

They possess a quiet confidence in their own beliefs which are the result of investigation and study, and while they do not force these beliefs on others, yet they quietly resist every effort to upset them and usually have sounder and more authoritative premises than their opponents.

They are quite attracted to men, and peculiarly enough to married men. They are quite psychic and because of this their behavior may at times seem uncanny or strange.

Their physical troubles all originate in wrong diet, and their chief complaint is constipation. "

Chandra Mahadasha

for Chandra in Kanya Rashi - MALES

  • Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 234

"If the individual is not yet married, he is very likely to marry during this period. If he is already married, he will be unfaithful to his marriage partner, and be in serious danger of separation from her.

His spirits are high during this period, and he chafes at the bonds of domesticity.

He will be rather fortunate at this period if his affairs take him to foreign countries, but although he will make money, he is likely not to save it. "


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