Edgar Cayce ("kay-see") was a brilliant psychic reading and healer born in 1877 in a rural farm community to uneducated parents. He received a minimal formal education (8th grade) yet in a state of hypnosis he was able to communicate a worldview of tremendous insight and learning.

  • During his 67-yr lifetime, Cayce delivered approximately 20,000 readings, of which about 14,000 have been preserved.

  • He was a lifetime member of the Disciples of Christ community of Christian believers, and he read the Christian Bible once every year as a personal spiritual practice. Yet, under hypnosis, the readings gave no preference to Christian dogma and indeed recommended to those who requested readings that they look into past lives contextualized by many different world religions and a variety of belief systems.

  • The central constant in all of Cayce's readings is an insistence that all beings are seeking unification with the Divine, and that service - both his own and his beneficiaries - is the only viable path toward the realization of that union.

  • Cayce tried a number of business ventures in his life, believing like most men of his generation that wealth and public respect were the greatest service he could and should offer to his own family. However, as each of these ventures systematically failed and the attempts wore him out, Cayce eventually surrendered to the ethic of providing most of his readings for the benefit of healing the sick.

  • As a result, while Cayce's metaphysical and speculative-historical views are completely fascinating to many in later generations, the majority of Cayce's readings are medical. The cures he suggested while in trance are without exception simple on a chemical level yet most also involve some spiritual instruction regarding the elimination of toxic emotions.

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    Edgar Cayce 1943

    Shri Shri Ganapati


    Edgar Cayce

    b. 18-Mar-1877 ; d. 03-Jan-1945

    "the sleeping prophet"

    Clairsentient Reader and Healer

    teacher of New-Age Medicine


    Gem Recommendation for Edgar Cayce nativity

    interview with a Cayce scholar re: Cayce's view of the "Soul Mate" concept


    Clairsentient Reader * lived 1877-1945 * Edgar Cayce

    birth data from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Cayce * rectified by BP Lama

    charts, graphs, and tables generated by Jyoti-Star-6 * adapted by BP Lama



    • Shil-Ponde.(1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 86.

    "An excellent character, the keynote of which is kind heartedness and generosity,

    • particularly to those less fortunate than himself.

    This man will always be able to accumulate the good things of life

    • without injuring anyone else to do so.

    He will be disposed to share his belongings with the poor and needy.

    • The extent of his activities in this direction,

    • will of course depend on his station in life.

    Many social workers and philanthropists have Shravana rising.

    He will also be very religious

    • and will participate in church activities

    • if his environment permits."

    Edgar Cayce Vimshottari Dasha1Vimshottari dasha to be updated

    Edgar Cayce was a Sunday-School teacher, a father, a transmitter of mystical knowledge

    like 95% of their neighbors, his parents were tobacco farmers in 19th century Kentucky.

    In addition to subsistence farming, his father sold insurance and his mother taught Sunday-School .

    maternal grandfather-farmer (2) was a dowser 9th backward from Chandra = Ketu-Magha

    arudha lagna = bhava-10 containing gulika-mandi = mystical revelation

    puna navamsha lagna = natural plant-based medicines

    brilliant clairvoyant who revealed massive amounts of previously hidden medical, historic, and psychic knowledge via the dreamlike trance state

    The cause of death for clairsentient healer Edgar Cayce has not been made public. Cayce often complained of receiving too much attention and sometimes unable to rejuvenatehimself (Ketu-8)after giving too many clairvoyant readings. Also he was "burned out" after channeling the bright light of truth for many years during exceptionally dark times of the Great Depression + the terrible violence of World-War-2.

    Edgar Cayce is considered "The Father of New Age Medicine"

    in much of the North American new age healing community.

    • atmakaraka Shukra

    • personal struggle with financial insufficiency

    • and his numerous failed business contracts.

    the eminent psychic reader and healer Edgar Cayce opened up a vast new world of energy medicine in the 1920's. Edgar Cayce took the rural American farm tradition (4) of plant-based remedies and food cures (Shukra; bhava-2) and transformed it into the exciting body of knowledge called new-age medicine. Although his healings were extremely effective, especially in hopeless cases where the patients had been abandoned by their doctors, his techniques were disparaged by the conventional medical establishment. He helped thousands himself including saving people from terminal disease and disabling injury. Cayce set a new medical paradigm in motion in the West. Yet, he died a poor man, owner of numerous failed businesses. Cayce despaired of his faith throughout his healing career.

    The clairsentiently channeled spiritual worldview he produced seemed to contradict, indeed insult, the humble biblical orthodoxy with which he was raised, which he trusted, and which showed the only path he knew toward inner peace. Yet practically every word of his intuitive readings revealed a cosmos vastly larger, older, and more complex than the simple version of history offered in his cherished holy book. Lucifer, the devil, emerged as a being of Light. The reality Cayce was chosen to expose seemed anti-religious, and Cayce wanted more than anything to be a humble, orthodox believer.

    ~~ Edgar Cayce -- Reading #3744-4

    "The strongest force used in the destiny of man is the Sun first,

    then the closer planets to the earth, or those that are coming to ascension at the time of the birth of the individual,

    but let it be understood here, no action of any planet

    or the phases of the Sun, the Moon or any of the heavenly bodies [may] surpass the rule of man's will power,

    the power given by the Creator of man, in the beginning, when he became a living soul,

    with the power of choosing for himself."

    ~~ Thomas Sugrue, There is a River. p 237-238

    "In this we see the plan of development of those individuals set upon this plane,

    meaning the ability to enter again into the presence of the Creator

    and become a full part of that creation"

    [Reading 3744-5]

    "All souls were created in the beginning,

    and are finding their way back to whence they came."

    Salient features of the nativity

    • Atmakaraka = significator of the soul = Shukra in bhava-2 speech

    • Lagnesha = Shani-Kumbha-2 very close to Rahu

    • Karakamsha bhava-4 containing Chandra; parochial lifestyle, "home cures"

    • Arudha lagna = bhava-3 containing surya "readings" ; reports and announcements

    "an increasing ability to serve is the only reliable sign of spiritual progress"

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