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Graha - Amsha



agency, doing-ness

Kinship relations

graha which denote the family members

the karaka-atva Graha are constant significators

+ Angles from karakatva graha


Karakatva = significators of Relatives

BPHS Sarga-32 * Karakatwa of the Graha * Shloka 18-21

I narrate below the constant Karaka-atwa as related to the planet

The stronger

  • among the Sun and Venus indicates

  • the father ,

while the stronger

  • among the Moon and Mars indicates

  • the mother .

  • Mars denotes

  • sister,
  • brother-in-law,
  • younger brother,
  • and mother.
  • Mercury rules

  • maternal relative,

  • while Jupiter indicates

  • paternal grand father.

  • Venus denotes

  • marriage partner

  • Saturn denotes

  • sons

  • From Ketu note

  • wife,
  • father,
  • mother,
  • parents-in law
  • and maternal grand father.

The Lord of the Bhava is equally important,

when estimating the indications of a particular Bhava."

Kinship relations via Counting Steps from the Constant Karakatwa

QUOTATION - BPHS Sarga-32 (Karakatwa of the Graha) Shloka-2 2-24

" These constant significances are derivable from the Bhava,

counted from the said Constant Karakatwa .

  • the 9th from Surya

  • denotes father ,

  • the 4th from Chandra

  • mother ,

  • the 3rd from Mangala

  • brothers,

  • the 6th from Budha

  • maternal uncle,

  • the 5th from Guru

  • sons,

  • the 7th from Shukra

  • wife

  • And the 8th from Shani

  • death.

The learned should consider all these and declare related effects accordingly." [end quote]