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12 Fields of activity in each nativity

Dharma sthāna

  • bhava-1

  • bhava-5

  • bhava-9

Measured from kundali indriya-lagna and from Chandra lagna

" That which is established" ; "what which exists "; law; phenomena

IE root = [dher]; Skt. 'Dharm' ~= Eng. 'Firm'

swadharma ,"your personal dharma" (compare to 'rita', universal dharma; 'varna dharma' social dharma, etc.)

  • right path, right creativity, right knowledge (what's right for you)

  • The Firm Foundation upon which you rest in this lifetime

Vocabulary for Dharma

QUOTATION from ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

" The older form of the RV is {dharman}

  • That which is established or firm, steadfast decree, statute, ordinance, law

  • usage, practice, customary observance or prescribed conduct, duty

  • right, justice (often as a synonym of punishment)

  • virtue, morality, religion, religious merit, good works

  • According to right or rule, rightly, justly, according to the nature of anything

  • holding to the law, doing one's duty

  • Law or Justice personified (many different icons)

  • The law or doctrine of Buddhism (as distinguished from the {sagha} or monastic order

  • The ethical precepts of Buddhism

  • nature, character, peculiar condition or essential quality, property, mark, peculiarity

  • The

  • A particular ceremony, sacrifice

  • The ninth mansion

  • Associating with the virtuous

  • religious abstraction, devotion

  • A Soma-drinker"

Artha bhava = 2, 6, 10

Measured from kundali indriya-lagna and from Chandra lagna

Skandha = heaps of assets

  • Accumulated resources, wealth, acquisitions, possessions

  • bhava-2 = hoards, store-holds, banking, collections, ancient knowledge, knowledge of languages, histories, epic poems, dramas, the stories of a family or a nation; The human pleasure derived from holding and storing commodities

  • bhava-6 = acquisition of medicines, foods, mental intelligence for the calculation of storage amounts (5th-from-2nd)

  • bhava-10 = public dignity and reputation, manners and protocols, position in hierarchies, titles and respect, leadership roles requiring mental intelligence for the resolution of conflicts (5th-from-6th).


Vocabulary for Artha from ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

" Aim, purpose

  • for the sake of. on account of. in behalf of.

  • cause, motive, reason

  • Advantage, use, utility (generally named with kama and dharma see {tri-varga}

  • used in wishing well to another

  • thing , object (said of the membrum virile) [cf. 'family jewels']

  • Object of the senses; (hence) the number, five

  • substance, wealth, property, opulence, money;

  • (hence in astron.) name of the second mansion, the mansion of wealth (cf, {dhana})

  • personified as the son of Dharma arid Buddhi

  • Affair, concern to go to one's business , take up one's work

  • (in law) lawsuit, action; having to do with

  • wanting, needing anything

  • meaning, notion

  • manner, kind

  • prohibition, prevention

  • price

  • relating to a thing or object; material, significant

  • resulting from or based on the possession of a thing"


Kama bhava

  • bhava-3

  • bhava-7

  • bhava-11

Measured from kundali indriya-lagna and from Chandra lagna


  • self-made financial well-being and companionship of brothers

  • spouse and sexual enjoyment,

  • income through profitable fellowship of like-minded folk;

  • willing associations

  • participation in marketplace systems

Vocabulary for Kama

QUOTATION from ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

" loveliness, beauty, radiance

  • wish, desire, longing

  • desire for, longing after

  • love, affection, object of desire or of love or of pleasure

  • pleasure, enjoyment; love, especially sexual love or sensuality

  • Love or Desire personified

  • name of the god of love

  • A stake in gambling

  • A species of mango tree

  • name of a metre consisting of four lines of two long syllables each

  • A kind of bean

  • A particular form of temple

  • Object of desire

  • semen virile

  • According to desire, Agreeably to the wishes of, out of love for

  • for one's own pleasure, of one's own free will, of one's own accord, willingly, intentionally

  • desirous of, desiring, having a desire or intention"


Moksha bhava

  • bhava-4

  • bhava-8

  • bhava-12

Measured from kundali indriya-lagna and from Chandra lagna

Moksha = final understanding of the complete universe, followed by personal release from the cycle of reincarnations.

The moksha triangle = saturation trine which describes the conditions applying at the time of the spirit's separation from the animal embodiment.

  • Randhra bhava= 1st-from-8th = tangible Conditions of dematerialization (not timing, only conditions). Place and method of death, expectations, reasons and appearances of the death environment.

  • Bandhu bhava = 9th-from-8th = wisdom or higher philosophical awareness applying at the time of death . Funerals, burial, interment, laid to rest in the ground of Earth. Priestly attention, ceremonial temple discourses performed at the time of death., the nature of one's consciousness understanding at the time of separation. Also, the nature of the childhood home and the old-age home. Degree of success in achieving closure while expressing gratitude for the benefits of the previous earthly rootedness, facilitated by guiding spiritual personalities (angels, deities, inhabitants of higher planes).

  • Vyaya bhava = 5th-from-8th = Degree of divine intelligence which the native is able to channel through one's own genius at the time of death. Loss of the ego-identity which is based on physical appearances. Smoothness of the transition from the physical state into the astral state.

Although the native transitions from physical to astral every night during sleep and dreams, successful re-orientation to full-time life on the astral place requires intelligent gamesmanship in response to the challenges posed by the landscape and operating conditions of the dream-world.

If the native 's intelligence is tuned into the creative possibilities of the astral landscape, then death is not a dark shock. Rather, post-death consciousness sees An intriguing and challenging mental-emotional game full of dream-images. These ever-shifting images must be skillfully interpreted and negotiated in order to get back to the finish line. The finish-line is also the start line for the next incarnation.

Successful death requires significant Orienteering skills which are signified by intelligence factors in bhava-12.Finalities, sacrifice, giving it up:

Your personal endings in this lifetime

Spiritually intentional loss /release of: attachment to

  • creative intelligence (4)
  • religious virtue (8)
  • bodily form and social identity (12)
Sanskrit Vocabulary for Moksha

QUOTATION ; from ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

" emancipation, liberation, release from

  • release from worldly existence or transmigration, final or eternal emancipation
  • death
  • name of particular sacred hymns conducive to final emancipation
  • (in astron.) the liberation of an eclipsed or occulted planet, the last contact or separation of the eclipsed and eclipsing bodies, end of an eclipse
  • falling off or down
  • effusion
  • setting free, deliverance (of a prisoner)
  • loosing, untying (hair)
  • settling (a question)
  • Acquittance of an obligation, discharge of a debt
  • shedding or causing to flow (tears, blood etc.)
  • casting, shooting, hurling
  • strewing, scattering
  • utterance (of a curse)
  • relinquishment, abandonment
  • name of the Divine mountain Meru
  • Schrebera Swietenioides "


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