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Surya [uchcha] = Mesha - Arya


Surya [ mūlatrikoṇa] = Simha

uchcha Ravi the Champion : a Sporting or Battle-ready appearance

The Ravi /Mesha native is marked by one's natural nobility and extraordinary sense of personal entitlement. Uttama Ravi's sense of privilege may surprise outside observers.

  • [uchcha-Surya] looks like a noble warrior. One carries the tool or weapon of one's trade. The weapon is usually some metal implement . [uchcha-Surya]'s tools and weapons can range from a medical ambulance full of metal emergency equipment, to a technical ice-climbing axe, to a soldier's or hunter's rifle, to a cell phone for the // Wall Street Warrior // to make competitive, aggressive financial trades.

  • [uchcha-Surya] wears dark red and black clothing, or one is dressed in the battlefield colors of his specialty: the expensive business suit, the extreme sports technical outfit, the emergency responders uniform, the ceremonial garb of high entitlement.

On the assumption that the way will be cleared for their dominating and superior performance, [uchcha] Surya does not hesitate or delay.

  • This one is positive and focused in the moment of athletic opportunity. In truth, uchcha-Surya's confidence does clear its own path toward success - both in the immediate moment (peak of competition, moment of kill, or brilliant medical intervention)and via one's previous / win / record.

  • Much is expected of a champion, and others will step aside to allow a champion maximum opportunity to win.

  • bystanders may see nothing special in [uchcha-Surya]'s appearance or qualifications. Yet, the Surya/Mesha native is born believing that one is Naturally, the best, the most inherently qualified, and the chosen winner.

  • Given their lack of distinguished appearance (except for a general reddish glow) it is easy to wonder how this native has achieved such an elevated self-opinion! Yet, their unquestioning self-confidence generally leads to considerable public success in individual endeavors. [uchcha-Surya] sees oneself as a winner and a hero .

  • This one must win, at any cost.

  • Surrender is impossible.

mūlatrikoṇa Ravi the King: a Gently Regal Appearance

If Surya = Mulatrikona ((1-10 degrees of Simha)), the bystander can detect a quiet dignity and moral certainty in the personality, and a golden-red glow in the psychic aura.

  • Often the Surya-Simha native is well-dressed; favors red-color articles of clothing; and wears many ornaments or jewels.

  • Mulatrikona Surya is especially distinguished by one's gentle and appreciative treatment of servants. In the modern world, where house servants are less common, most servants are encountered in the guise of the service class, who earn wages in restaurants and hotels, on airlines and in shops.

  • A true monarch is deeply secure in one's superior position; and, from true confidence in the divine, the king or queen may extend full dignity to all those who serve one.

Simha-mulatrikona vs. Mesha [uchcha] = King vs. Nobility

The key difference between Surya in uttama rashi [Mesha] vs. Surya in moolatrikona [Simha] = noble vs. king, individual winnings vs. The rule of Right.

  • Both roles require unshakable self-confidence. However, the noble works to Achieve individual empowerment and enrichment.

  • The king, by contrast, works to maintain the loyal respect of his people and ethical practice in the state.

  • The king already has full earthly power. He works to maintain and refine an existing connection to the divine which manifests in royal authority. However, the king has no equal and he does not need to compete.

  • The noble is usually one of a group of affluent courtiers who provide military services to the king, using the resources of their privileged estate. These independent warriors will keep the spoils of theirs wartime conquests; and each new battle can bring additional profits. Warriors are not concerned with ethics nor do they have a long-term need to maintain a stable state. They live from battle to battle, from prize to prize.


[uchcha-Surya] a is found wherever the prize = high-empowerment and the competition is intense.

  • Extreme sports, financial markets, political contests, innovative product development, luxury automobile sales, championship games, trophy hunting, and other social activities which richly praise the *winner* will attract the noble spirit of this extremely self-confident placement of the Sun.

  • Moolatrikona Surya is found wherever ethical principles are discussed, and elite or exclusive backgrounds are shared. This native recognizes a 'spiritual elite' and a 'moral elite'.

  • These elites are not necessarily - or even normally - connected with social class or money. (Indeed, money is the realm of Surya's deep enemy Shukra.)

  • Rather, the elite qualities sought by divinely intelligent Moolatrikona Ravi are those of upbringing and character, which cross all boundaries of race, class, and religion.

Poor results in moksha domains

In order to do His best work, uttama Ravi's Professor Kuja needs a wide playing field, abundant physical energy, and hot excitement. Kuja is a very yang graha who thrives on blood, sweat, and breath -- enthusiasm for life! Thus Surya does poorly in the quiet, withdrawn moksha houses - 4, 8, and 12.

  • When [uchcha] Surya is entrapped in a moksha domain, His individual competitiveness is oppressed by need to find emotional security through cultural manners (4) need to remain incognito into order to carry confidential or secret knowledge (8) need to live in the world of imagination, research, or meditative practices (12).

  • However, even in the obscured moksha houses, [uchcha] Surya will produce some innovation and independent lifestyle choices. Uttama Ravi in bhava-8 gives unquestioning entitlement to carry on secret relationships. In bhava-4,

comfortable results in bhava-6

[uchcha] Surya may give surprisingly comfortable and pleasing results in naturally adversarial dushthamsha bhava-6, the house of War.

  • Here find the high-stakes attorneys, military weapons experts, and amazingly skillful physicians making brilliant innovations in the practice of medicine. Also financial geniuses in the loan industry, who craft clever loan deals that make a weapon of debt.

Power of Kuja - too much success?

For full success of [uchcha] Surya, Professor Kuja must be comfortably located and strong by rashi, drishti, and bhava.

  • [uchcha] Kuja's drishti upon [uchcha] Surya = one of the best configurations for self-entitlement, competitive success, and sheer bravado in time of war.

  • However, this native is so extremely self-confident that she/he asks no advice, nor accepts it. One can become isolated, dogmatic, and self-defensive as one's ability to interact sincerely with others starts to wane.

  • The more strength uttama Ravi gains via rashi, drishti, and bhava (and supporting placements in the varga charts) the less collaborative and cooperative the native will be. Thus this native may have polarizing catalysis in completing educational programs, retaining employment, maintaining marriage, and raising children.

Extreme cases, tragic excess of ego-confidence

In the strongest cases, one requires complete freedom of thought and movement, eradication of criticism, and (if Kuja is strong) military obedience to one's naturally superior viewpoint and commands.

  • Super-exalted Surya is so deeply permeated with its own sense of entitlement that totalitarian dictators arise.

In very extreme cases, suicide through self-righteous isolation, and sheer intolerance of the wrong-headed weakness of others, may result


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