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the 1/24 Portion = Twenty-Fourth Divisional Chart

fruits of schooling


caveat emptor * * Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time .**

Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.

However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleading, and should be ignored.


Sanskrit Vocabulary = Vidya

  • ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon


  • knowledge, science, learning, scholarship, philosophy
  • according to some there are four Vidyas or sciences
  • trayI the triple Veda
  • AnvIkSikI logic and metaphysics
  • the science of government
  • vArttA practical arts, such as agriculture, commerce, medicine
  • and Manu adds a fifth, viz. Atma-vidyA knowledge of soul or of spiritual truth
  • according to others, Vidya has fourteen divisions, viz. The four Vedas, the six Vedangas, the Puranas, the Mimansa. Nya1ya, and Dharma or law
  • or with the four Upa-vedas, eighteen divisions others reckon 33 and even 64 sciences = kalA = or arts
  • Knowledge is also personified and identified with Durga she is even said to have composed prayers and magical formulas)
  • any knowledge whether true or false (with Pasupatas)
  • a spell, incantation
  • magical skill
  • a kind of magical pill (which placed in the mouth is supposed to give the power of ascending to heaven)
  • a mystical N. of the letter
  • a small bell = vidyAmaNi}
  • finding, acquiring, gaining

D-24 = "Field of Psychic Expectation for Specific Matters of:

2 * 3 * 4

  • siddhi (abilities, skills)
  • developed upon the stable basis (4) of sitting-staying (4)
  • readiness for higher esoteric education, based (4) on completion of the customary education (2, 3, 4)
  • higher fruits (11) of education, folkways transmission, folk customs and cultural norms of the people, schooling (4)

Six-Headed Skanda

(a manifestation of Mangala)

BPHS Sarga 6: Shloka-2 2-23

Chaturvimshamsha = 1/24th part of a Rashi, or 1deg15min each

" The Chaturvimshamsha distribution commences

from Simha and Karkata, respectively, for an odd and an even Rashi.

In the case of an odd Rashi the ruling deities repeat twice in the order of

  • Skanda,
  • Parusdhara,
  • Anala,
  • Vishwakarma,
  • Bhaga,
  • Mitra,
  • Maya,
  • Antaka,
  • Vrisha-Dwaja,
  • Govinda,
  • Madana
  • and Bhima.

    Reverse these from Bhima twice

    to know the deities for the Chaturvimshamsha in an even Rashi."


education and knowledge .

Powers obtained thereby.

2-cube times 3

= 8*3 = D-24 .

Gives more information about the dimension of the foundational 4th house which controls cultural socialization. bhava-4 rules moral-cultura "roots " education and training in management of the land including familiarity with the local deities and nature spirits.

  • If siddhi or magical powers of nature are wanted, check D-24 to see whether there is sufficient grounding in the local place and favorable circumstances for attracting teachers, mentors, good schools, et-cetera.

  • Double-6 = 12. Also check the 4-8-12 moksha trine especially Vyaya bhava to confirm the availability of open astral channels which form bridges between the concrete material senses world and the astral ephemeral world .

Lord of the Siddhamsha

= a smart planet whose bhukti bring academic and spiritual accomplishments through discipline and concentrated study.

Third Siddhamsha

According to Pt Narasimha Rao, " The 3rd house in D-24 (chart of learning and knowledge) and D-10, (achievements in society) may show one's writing skills.

A3 shows the maya associated with one's writing skills. One may have excellent writing skills, but not write any book.

  • In such a case, people may not really appreciate one's writing skills.
  • One may be an average writer, but end up writing 20 books.
  • In such a case, people may perceive him as a great writer.
  • Thus the exact books written by one decide the perceptions of the world about one's writing skills.
  • So A3 in D-24 and D-10 may show the books or articles written by him.

In this author's [Pt. Narasimha Rao's] D-10, for example, A3 is in Pisces. This can mean that he will be known for some books on saattwik and traditional subjects and astrology certainly fits the bill." ~~ Pt. Narasimha Rao [end quote]

Fifth Siddhamsha

According to Pt Narasimha Rao, In D-24, the varga which offers a microview of the skill of learning, bhava-5 may show intelligence.

  • Rao writes, " Arudha of bhava-5 in D-24 shows the things based on which the world forms an impression about one's intelligence in learning.

  • These impressions are usually formed based on one's performances in examinations, one's scores in tests and one's academic distinctions. So that is what A5 in D-24 shows."


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