see also Jaimini Sutra Ch 4, Shloka-2 2, and 41 until 52r.

If the Upapada or its second is one of the signs owned by Mercury,

and if it is associated with Saturn and Mars,

the wife (or the husband) suffers from nasal disorders like sinusitis and polyps.

~~ Jaimini Sutram (Upadesha Sutra) Chapter 1 Shloka-17

BPHS 13-22.

These evils will not come to pass,

What is the basis of these claims from Parashara?

Therefore, one of the results we can assess from the quality of the UL, is a measurement of the public aura surrounding the birth (or adoptive) family.

To calculate the UL from odd rashi kundali indriya-lagna , start counting from vyaya bhava To calculate the UL from even rashi kundali indriya-lagna , start counting from dhana bhava

Why do we put so much emphasis on Arudha positions? Can't we judge accurately from radix and navamsha directly?

Yes and no.

Yes for a few people, no for most people.

Most people are extremely vulnerable to public opinion. Most people have weak boundaries between True Self (atma) which is the direct expression of Divine Law, and False Self which is the ego-shell created to deal with statutory law and the Material World: that is, The earthen body and the social personality with all of its rank/entitlement functions.

Most people are not aware that they are being 24/7 bombarded with the uncontrolled stream of imagery from everyone and everything in their environment, including the electronic media. Therefore most people live their lives in a state of false consciousness, which is actually a rather unhappy state, functioning as nothing more than the sum total of all that swirling, attacking, saturating, environmental imagery... and those people ARE their arudhas.

Some people have better boundary skills. Some people can distinguish between imagery flowing from one's own dharmic awareness, leading toward personal manifestation of divine law, versus the random storming imagery of the beings in one's environment. (Including beings who do not have human bodies, spirits.) For these people, public opinion is of relatively little consequence. These people are best described by D-9, and one of the signature features of this type of Jyotishavidya nativity

is that there is a strong correlation between D-1 and D-9, usually with abundance of Vargottamsha graha and compatible rashis on the trine points. But don't be tricked into thinking that these rare folk who are following a dharmic path are all"good" people. They are not concerned so much with statutory law , they are following a loud clarion call from the divine, and what they are doing while not being much influenced by the imagery of meddlesome Others may look from the point of view of statutory law as immoral or even terribly, unspeakably wrong. The nativities of several brutally murderous dictators from the 20th century attest to this fact.

In any case, the individuals who are less vulnerable to having one's experiences in life directed or even defined by other people's imagery/thoughts/expectations/projections are extremely rare. Normal people, sleepwalking through their existence, grasp for material acquisitions and sensual pleasure [Shukra], gasp, and die. Their lives are easy to track and easy to predict. They are very much the product of their arudhas. And their marriage is very much defined by the UpaPada Lagna.

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Aroodha dvadasa


Gauna = the second step in a sequence

A-12 is called upa-pada

In BPHS nomenclature, Caution on Nomenclature! upda-pada can refer to A-2 also

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: Sarga-30

  • Arudha lagna of Vyaya bhava

  • lagna pada of bhava-12

  • Vyaya Pada = Vyayarudha

  • Gauna Pada

  • Aroodha dvadasa * dvadasarudha

  • A-12

Upa-pada vocabulary

~~ ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

gauNa -

  • relating to a quality; having qualities,

  • attributive;

  • subordinate, secondary, unessential

  • the less immediate object of an action

  • metaphorical, figurative;

  • secondary (applied to the month reckoned from full moon to full moon); relating to multiplication or enumeration.

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra compilation: Sarga-30


" O Brahmin, now I tell you about Upa Pada, the auspiciousness of which will confer on the native happiness from progeny, wife etc.

The Pada of Lagna, as discussed earlier, is of prime importance.

Upa Pada is calculated for the Bhava, following the natal Lagna.

This Upa Pada is also called Gauna Pada.

O excellent of the Brahmins, if Upa Pada is yuti with, or receives a Drishti from a benefic Graha,

  • one will obtain full happiness from progeny and spouse.

Should the Upa Pada be in the rashi of a malefic, or receives a Drishti from, or is yuti with a malefic,

  • one will become an ascetic and go without a wife.

If (in the said circumstances) there be a benefic Drishti (upon Upa Pada, or the related malefic), or a yuti,

  • deprival of spouse will not come to pass.

In this case Surya, being exalted, or in a friendly Rashi, is not a malefic.

He is a malefic, if in debilitation, or in an enemy's Rashi.

Caution on Nomenclature!

[Translator's Notes from the Edition. Regarding Upa Pada calculations, there are more than two views on the same Shloka of Maharishi Parashara, or an identical Sutra from Jaimini.

In this text, the word ' Tanu chara ' is used, which denotes 'the Bhava, following the Lagna at birth'.

Normally this is Vyaya Bhava.

However, when we study other commentaries on Jaimini (Chaukhambha Hindi edition), we are taught, that

it is Vyaya Bhava in the case of an odd Rashi ascending and

it is Dhana Bhava in the case of an even Rashi ascending.

Accordingly the Pada for the 12th, or the 2nd from Lagna is called Upa Pada.

In calculating Upa Pada the rules mentioned in verses 4 and 5 of the previous chapter be kept in mind.]"


Spouse and children

(the family to which one gives birth)

Effect from the 2nd from Upa Pada :

If the 2nd from Upa Pada is a benefic Rashi, or receives a Drishti from, or is yuti with a benefic ,

  • the same good results (as for wife and sons) will come to pass.

If, in the 2nd from Upa Pada, there is a Graha in its debilitation Rashi, or debilitation Amsha, or is yuti with a debilitated, or malefic Graha ,

  • there will be destruction of wife.

If the said occupant be in its exaltation Rashi, or Navamsha, or receives a Drishti from another Graha,

  • There will be many charming and virtuous wives.

Oh Brahmin, if Mithuna happens to be the 2nd from Upa Pada,

  • then also there will be many wives.

O excellent of the Brahmins, if the Upa Pada, or the 2nd there from be occupied by its own Lord, or, if the said Lord is in his other own Bhava,

  • The death of wife will be at advanced age.


Wife (spouse)

Death of Wife, causes

Face, Values, Knowledge, and Wealth of Wife

girth of wife

eyes, ears, nose and teeth of wife

Wife from the 2nd of Upa Pada

If a Graha being constant indicator of wife ( the 7th Lord, or Shukra) is in its own Bhava,

  • there will be loss of wife only at a later stage.

If the Lord of Upa Pada , or the constant significator of wife, is in exaltation, the wife will be from a noble family.

  • Reverse will be the case, if the lord is debilitated.

O Brahmin, if the 2nd from Upa Pada is related to a benefic ,

  • the wife will be beautiful, fortunate and virtuous.

Should Shani-yuti-Rahu be in the 2nd from Upa Pada,

  • the native will lose his wife on account of calumny, or through death.

if [Shukra-yuti-Ketu] are in the 2nd from Upa Pada,

  • the native 's wife will be troubled by disorder of blood, leucorrhoea (Pradar) etc.

[Budha-yuti-Rahu] in the 2nd from Upa Pad

  • will give a stout-bodied wife.

If the 2nd from Upa Pada happens to a rashi of Budha and is tenanted by Mangala + Shani,

  • the wife of the native will suffer from nasal disorders.

Similarly a Rashi of Mangala , becoming the 2nd from Upa Pada and occupied by Mangala + Shani,

  • will cause nasal disorders to one's wife.

Guru + Shani will, if be in the 2nd from Upa Pad,

  • cause disorders of ears and/or eyes to the wife.

If Budha-yuti-Mangala are placed in the 2nd from Upa Pada other than a rashi of Budha or Kuja, or, if Rahu + Guru i n the 2nd from Upa Pada,

  • the native 's wife will suffer from dental disorders.

Shani-yuti-Rahu together in a rashi of Shani , which is the 2nd from Upa Pada,

  • will cause lameness, or windy disorders to the native 's wife.

These evils will not come to pass,

  • if a benefic is Yuti,

  • or a Drishti from a benefic,

  • Or from another benefic in the case of affliction being caused by a benefic himself.



O Brahmin, all these effects be deduced from

  • the natal Lagna,

  • Lagna Pada ,

  • the 7th from Upa Pada

  • And the Lords thereof .

So say Narada and others.

About Sons.

If Shani, Chandra and Budha are together in the 9th from one of the said places (Shloka-2 3),

  • there will be no son at all,

while Surya, Guru and Rahu so placed

  • will give a number of sons.

Chandra so placed

  • will give a son,

while a mixture of Graha

  • will delay the obtainment of a son.

The son, caused by the Yuti of Surya, Guru and Rahu,

  • will be strong, valorous, greatly successful and will destroy enemies.

If Mangala + Shani are in the said 9th,

  • there will be no son, or a son will be obtained by adoption, or brother's son will come in adoption.

In all these cases

  • odd Rashis will yield many sons,

  • while even Rashis will cause only a few.

Many Sons and Many Daughters.

O Brahmin, if Simha happens to be Upa Pada and receives a Drishti from Chandra,

  • there will be a limited number of children.

Similarly Kanya

  • will cause many daughters.


Third and Eleventh from Lagna Pada


Co-born from Lagna Pada (up to Shloka-36).

Rahu + Shani in the 3rd, or the 11th from Lagna Pada

  • will destroy the co-born of the native .

Rahu + Shani in the 11th

  • will indicate the destruction of elder brothers and/or sisters and in the 3rd younger ones.



If Shukra is in the 3rd, or the 11th from Lagna Pada,

  • there would have been an abortion to the mother earlier.

Same is the effect, if Shukra is in the 8th from natal Lagna, or from Lagna Pada.


(More) Siblings

These are the effects, O Brahmin, as stated by Maharishis for the 3rd and the 11th from Lagna Pada.

Should Chandra, Guru, Budha and Mangala be in the 3rd, or the 11th from Lagna Pada,

  • There will be many valorous co-born.

Should Shani +and Mangala be in the 3rd, or the 11th from Lagna Pada , or give Drishtis thereto,

  • younger and elder co-born will, respectively, be destroyed.

If Shani is alone in one of the said Bhavas,

  • the native will be spared, while the co-born will die.

Ketu in the 3rd, or the 11th

  • will give abundant happiness from one's sisters.

37- 43






Wealth and Intelligence

Thieving (again)




" Other Matters from Lagna Pad (up to Shloka-4 3).

If The 6th from Lagna Pada is occupied by a malefic and is bereft of a Yuti with, or a Drishti from a benefic,

  • the native will be a thief.

If Rahu is in the 7th, or the 12th from Lagna Pada, or gives a Drishti to one of the said Bhavas,

  • the native will be endowed with spiritual knowledge and be very fortunate.

If Budha is in Lagna Pada,

  • the native will Lord over a whole country,

while Guru ( in Lagna Pada)

  • will make him a knower of all things.

Shukra in this context

  • denotes a poet/speaker

(also see Chapter 29, verse 30).

O excellent of the Brahmins, if benefics occupy the 2nd from Upa Pada, or from Lagna Pada,

  • the native will be endowed with all kinds of financial wealth and be intelligent.

If The Lord of the 2nd from Upa Pada is in Dhana Bhava and is there yuti with a malefic Graha .

  • One will surely become a thief

O Brahmin, if Rahu is in the 2nd from the Lord of the 7th, counted from Upa Pada ,

  • the native will have long and projected teeth.

Ketu in the 2nd from the Lord of the 7th, counted from Upa Pada,

  • will cause stammering and

Shani in the 2nd from the Lord of the 7th, counted from Upa Pada,

  • will make one look ugly.

Mixed will be the effects, if there are mixed Graha."


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