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What is the astral body?

The Astral body, which is the point of reference for the Nakshatra descriptions, is body composed of subtle particles which is "hidden" inside the interstitial spaces of The earthen body .

Different traditions call it different names. "It" is divided into seven sub-bodies and if the discussion is referencing one of the sub-bodies, then the special technical term for the sub-body may be applied.

  • Sometimes the astral body is referred to as an "etheric body", a "body double" or a "ghost"

  • because it looks pretty much like The earthen body , except that it is paler and you can put your hand right through it.

The astral body doesn't suffer physical death, because the substance of the astral body isn't constructed from organic stuff that dies.

It might not be absolutely eternal, but it is quite long-lasting and it chronically re-incarnates (regularly returns to Earth to take a new meat-body).

When an incarnate human being dies, the corpse starts to break down right away, but the astral body lifts up and out of the decaying physical form, and floats up to the level of the cosmos which is the natural residence for astral entities.

  • The astral body is where one's memories and emotions are stored, along with hopes, dreams, aspirations of all kinds, fears, hatred, rage, terror, bliss, misery, and all the luggage of parallel lives .

Why can't I see these astral bodies?

Seeing humans as predominantly astral beings is not a normal perspective for modernized folk.

  • These days, the appearance of the astral body can only be detected by those who believe it can be detected!

  • Who can see it or sense it? Those who have lived with conscious natural clairvoyance throughout life, or those who have intentionally undertaken skills training to re-awaken a broad range of intuitive perceptions that have been culturally suppressed.

The norm today seems to be

  • Folks from traditional, pre-mentalized cultures use the astral plane as their PRIMARY reference for reality. Secondary reference is the material plane, the land of five-senses ouch! reality.

  • Folks from modernized societies use the five-senses material plane as their primary reference for reality. Secondary reference is the causal plane, the land of Conceptual Thought.

of course this creates some interpretive conflict in vocabulary references for our discussion of the term"reality" , but we'll get through it. The astral plane is real and can be described in surprisingly accurate language. (even English!)

Women vs Men

  • Most women in both traditional and modern cultures are naturally clairvoyant (or"oversensitive" : ))

  • Men from traditional cultures typically do not suppress their ability to detect the presence of spirits. Or at least they are in a better position to recover their clairvoyance.

  • Modernized men tend to have a heck of a time doing battle with the positivistic paradigm, but they can overcome this crippling ideology if their desire to learn is strong enough.

For this discussion, which is directed to modernists mainly (although if you are here at an astrology website you are naturally in the"cultural-creative" group) a partially clairvoyant perspective -- or at least a psychologized-vocabulary version of it -- can be adopted.

In ego-mentalized modern culture , citizens are trained to downplay the reality of instinctive choice-making. Rational choice-making is over-emphasized, and the underlying patterns of instinctive selection which occur at each fork in the road, throughout the day and throughout the lifetime, are ridiculed or ignored.

The study of the Jyotishavidya nativity

can begin to correct this ideological limitation of modernity, by re-introducing the native to the familiar yet disregarded repeating patterns of emotional cravings, needs, and embedded, reactive responses which can be articulated not only through direct psychic investigation, but also through the legacy descriptions of the Nakshatra.

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso, Kindness, Clarity, and Insight - page 53

" How things appear and how they actually exist differ greatly.

A person engaging in practice of the perfection of wisdom does this kind of analysis

  • and then examines how things appear in ordinary experience,
  • alternating analysis and comparison with the usual mode of appearance
in order to notice the discrepancy between the actual mode of subsistence of phenomena and their appearance.

In this way the inherent existence which is the object of negation will become clearer and clearer.

As much as the object of negation becomes clearer, so much deeper will your understanding of emptiness become.

Finally, you will ascertain a mere vacuity that is a negative of inherent existence."

"And now my friends,

all that is true, all that is noble,

all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious,

whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Paul of Tarsus, Epistle to the Philippians 4:8


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