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Graha - Amsha - Rashi

  1. Ruchaka yoga * Mangala competitor, alpha male
  2. Bhadra yoga * Budha instructor
  3. Hamsa yoga * Guru expander
  4. Malavya Yoga * Shukra balancer, arranger
  5. Sasaka Yoga * Shani dutiful maintainer of the social order

Aadityaaya somaaya mangalaaya budhaaya cha |

guru Shukra shanibhyashcha raahaveketave namah ||

Aum hreem Hraum Suryayeh namah - Aum hreem shreem Chandraya namah * Aum eim hreem shreem Mangalayeh nama * Aum aim streem Bam-Budhayeh namah * Aum hreem Brahm Brahaspattayeh namah * Aum hreem Shreem Shukrayeh namah * Aum hreem shreem Sam-Sanneshcharayeh namah * Aum eim hreem Rahuvey namah * Aum eim hreem Ketuveh namah


are now located

with Shri Raman's text for yoga 19-23

Panchata Maha Purushya Yoga

Panchamahapurusha Yoga

five classes of extraordinary persons {mahA-puruSAH} * svakshetra-kendra or [uchcha] kendra residence of Mangala, budha, Guru Shukra, or Shani

Rules for Pancha-maha-purusha Yoga

  1. Pancha-maha-purusha yoga applies only to the five Thara graha = Mangala, budha, Guru, shukra, and Shani.

  2. Graha must occupy svakshetra rashi or uchcha rashi.

  3. Graha must occupy a kendra bhava: bhava-1, bhava 4, bhava-7, or bhava-10.


for Pancha-Maha-Purusha yoga

  • Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon -


  • five-foldness, fivefold state or amount
  • An aggregate or a collection of 5 things
  • [esp.) the 5 elements, viz. earth, air, fire, water and [akAza] ether, and dissolution into them death


  • great, mighty, strong, abundant
  • The festival of spring
  • light, lustre, brilliance


  • A man, male, human being [pl. people, mankind) a person , amale person
  • esp. grammatical person = the 3rd, 2nd, 1st person
  • An officer, functionary, attendant, servant a friend

A member or representative of a race or generation

  • The height or measure of a man
  • The pupil of the eye
  • The primaeval man as the soul and original source of the universe

The personal and animating principle in men and other beings, the soul or spirit

  • The Supreme Being or Soul of the universe
  • Also identified with Brahma, Vishnu, siva and Durga
  • The Spirit as passive and a spectator of the Prakriti or creative force

The, " spirit" or fragrant exhalation of plants

  • The divine or active principles from the minute portions of which the universe was formed
  • Of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th signs of the zodiac Jyotisha
  • Of one of the 18 attendants of the sun

Name of five princely personages or miraculous person s born under particular constellations

Name of Mount Meru ." sumeru


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