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Bhavat Bhavam

bhawath bhavam

" from house to house"

= 'born again"

second iteration of karaka effects = double strength

Bhavat bhavam = a key principle of Jyotishavidya interpretation

  • matters of a given bhava are also read-able

  • via the bhava which is the same number of steps counted from the original bhava.

bhavat bhavam = a key predictive principle in chart interpretation.

It will give comfortable and pleasing results if diligently applied.

Bhava = birth (place) * house

The phrase bhavat bhavam can be translated into English as " from house to house" .

The principle can be applied to

  • bhava-2 and 2nd-from-2nd = bhava-3 (financial well-being from investing capital into one's own business)

  • bhava-3 and 3rd-from-3rd = bhava-5 (writing success)

  • bhava-4 and 4th-from-4th = bhava-7 (school graduations, diploma, passing examination, obtain vehicle)

  • bhava-5 and 5th-from-5th = bhava-9 (children, genius, gambling)

  • bhava-6 and 6th-from-6th = bhava-11 (debt-of-debt = profit; fight-of-fight = friends)

  • bhava-8 and 8th-from-8th = bhava-3 (upheaval-of-upheaval = business as usual)

  • bhava-9 and 9th-from-9th = bhava-5 (wise timing, gamesmanship)

  • bhava-10 and 10th-from-10th bhava-7 (career dignity and up-hierarchy promotions)

  • bhava-11 and 11th-from-11th =bhava-9 friends-of-friends = sangha (sangiti, the reciters) community of believers

For example

children and great works of performance art including winning at games:

  • produced in Vimshottari dasha periods of lord of the fifth OR in the periods of the ruler of the an 5th-from-5th, Dharmesha-9 (or periods of the karaka Guru)

schooling, diploma, license, exam-pass

  • completed in periods of lord of the fourth OR in the periods of the ruler of the 4th-from-4th = yuvati-pati-7 (mental-skill Karaka Budha can also signify obtainment of license or diploma)

  • career advance, social honors, or public dignity increased in periods of periods of lord of the tenth OR in the periods of the ruler of the 10th-from-10th, yuvati-pati-7 (or the multiple karaka Surya, Guru, or Shani) etc.

Bhava * Portfolio of the House

Bhavat Bhavam * connection

bhava- 1

protective shell = Flesh-body appearance and its status markers, personality integrity, vital energies, life-force animation , competitive abilities, birth, muscular and blood systems.

bhava- 2

Eyesight, hearing, voice, cintamani * mani * money

tradition, family, values-fulfillment, death,

  • accumulation of skandha,
  • knowledge of history and languages
  • recordings and records
  • lineage values-fulfillment -fulfillment
  • acquisitions and collections
  • accumulation
  • collection and gathering
  • banks
  • tanks
  • containers

" Capital" , the head (caput),

teeth, hair, face, jaw, tongue

2nd-from-2nd = bhava-3

Wealth from Wealth

  • self-made financial well-being = the result of taking one's existing capital (2, usually from family lineage 2) and parlaying that capital into a business development (3).

  • Naturally 2 must be capitalized in order for 3 to draw upon the resources of 2.

  • Business success depends on the resources of speech, hearing, writing in 2

  • Peak development of major personal wealth occurs in periods of dhanapati-2+ vikrama-pati-3, + karaka Budha/Shukra.

bhava- 3

  • discourse, mental process

  • mechanics of writing and painting, business communication including advertising sales marketing,

  • hands, hand-craft, gestures, verbal exchange,

  • publications, reports and announcements ,

    media productions, meetings and conferences,

  • siblings, teamwork, ensemble, group collaboration,

  • hand-craft, manual skills, training,

  • playing (touching, tocar) musical instruments


3rd-from-3rd = Bhava 5

Announced (3) Communications (3) = Publicity

  • Vimshottari dasha periods of L- 5 = timing of fame from publicity

  • " going public" (publishing) works of creative literature and theatrical performance,

  • making announcements, gestural and imagistic communication through courtly (5) fashion and style,

  • also periods of the"center of attention" karaka-graha Budha also the natural regulator of 3 and of course Surya should be hot and bright for celebrity events

bhava- 4

Schooling, licenses and examinations, home, homeland, patriotism, landed property,

parents and schoolteachers,

mother, mother's culture,

social and emotional security, foundations

4th-from-4th = bhava- 7

Completion (4) of the Schooling (4)

  • Bandhu bhava = Moksha.

  • 4 = bondage to one's land, ethnic cultural roots, schooling, teachers and parents, retirement, and"the end of things ".

  • Vimshottari dasha periods of bandesha-4 typically indicate graduation from school, obtainment of a house or vehicle, burials, and other types of completion including dematerialization.

  • Periods education-karaka-Budha and periods of yuvati-pati-7 also give diploma and license, house and car, and

Parents of the Parents

  • grandparents, particularly the mother's parents who are often important culture teachers and provider of deep acceptance and emotional security (if conditions in 7 are good of course!) = 4th-from-4th

  • The first spouse (7) should have matching traits to the maternal grandparents.

bhava- 5

Creativity, children, individual genius, intelligence, speculation, siddhis, fortune, charisma, poetry, romantic idealism, lovers, games, amusements, literary and theatrical performance

5th-from-5th = bhava-9=

Blessing (5) of All Blessings (5)

  • Grandchildren

  • True Religion

Children-of-the-Children = grandchildren

  • bhava-9 = especially the first child of one's own first child. Overall, dharma bhava represents all of one's grandchildren.

  • periods child-karaka Guru and periods of Lord of bhava-9 in the Vimshottari dasha show Timing of birth of children and grandchildren

Self-expression (5) of Divine Intelligence (5)

  • periods religion- karakatva-graha Guru and periods of Lord of bhava-9 also show the ceremonies (theatre, 5) which involve taking religious vows (9)

  • including consecrated marriage vows (9th = 3rd announcement from 7th union)

bhava- 6

Animosity, imbalance, conflict, altercation, disease-discomfort, debt, usury, poverty, financing (esp. business loans), arguments, police, military, drugs, addictions, domestic violence, war

6th-from-6th = bhava- 11

Dissolution-of-Debt= Gain

  • 6 = dissolution of agreements and promises

  • 6 = debts and servitude

  • 6th-from-6th = dissolution of the debt bond = gains

  • Borrow money (6) to make money (11).

  • Labor in servitude (6) provides eventual economic gain (11).

  • What doesn't kill you (6) will make you stronger (11).


Labor-from-Labor = economic profit

  • loaned (6) capital and service labor (6) generates a product in the workplace. Disenfranchised (6) laborers (servants, employees) create a product but they are not directly involved in creating business profits. The owner of the means of production must labor again (6th from 6th) to shape, transport, or otherwise convert the original labor so that it can become a commodity in the market (11)

  • Achievement of goals based on indebtedness, long labor in servitude or exploitation, and in conditions of social conflict (6) -- in other words, goals for which one has paid in suffering -- are marked by periods of vriddhi-pati-11 .

  • 11 is neither a trine nor a kendra. Positive results in 11 = hard-won

  • The karaka for 6 which are Kuja, Budha, and Shani also show the amount of 'blood, sweat, and tears' (respectively) involved in achieving many of life's most important material goals.


  • 11 = friends

  • the strong is bhava-11, the more one's friends will go to combat (6) against one's enemies

bhava- 7

contracts, agreements, marriage, partnership, balance, success in negotiations, unions, alliances, diplomacy, balanced designs, arrangements, exchanges, balance

7th-from-7th = bhava- 1

Union of Unions

  • Naturally, the agreement of all agreements is the unification of one's flesh body with the spirit and soul of the true personality

  • All external partnership is the expression of internal balance (or lack thereof); marriage is a mirror of the self

  • Timing of marriage is seen equally in periods of (navamsha) lagnesha-1 + yuvati-pati-7 , or karaka-Shukra.

  • (Or, unfortunately, Rahu.)

bhava- 8

secrets, hidden agendas, taboo, healing, tantra, psychic powers, circumstances of death, divorce, death of first spouse, surgery, disasters, emergencies, accidents, shocks, secret powers, destruction-and-rebirth

8th-from-8th = bhava- 3

see also: Kharesha

Revelation (8) of Discoveries (8)

  • bhava-3 = "The News "

  • sudden changes which occur in 8 then produce new information

  • announcements such as birth announcements, death announcements, product announcements etc

  • bhava-3 ruled by Budha is non-discriminating = 3 reports everything (unless constrained by Shani or other repressive agents)

  • bhava-3 = the news about all cycles at all points in their destruction-and-rebirth process

Shock-of-Shock = Shocking News

  • 8 = a shift in perception, a deep healing, a terrible shock

  • 8th-from-8th = 3 = announcement of the disaster or the rebirth!

  • periods of bhratru-pati-3 coordinated with periods of randhresha-8 can indicate receipt of shocking news

  • Naturally, the news is only interesting if it's unusual or shocking!

bhava- 9

wisdom-teaching, religion, rituals, priesthood, father, guru, fortune, grandchildren, preaching, world travel, philosophy, universities, temples, sacred shrines

9th-from-9th = bhava- 5

Blessing (5) of All Blessings (5)

  • Grandchildren

  • True Religion

  • Timing of birth of children and grandchildren is seen in all three: Vidyapthi-5+ Dharmesha-9 , and karaka-Guru

bhava- 10

career, public dignity, social respectability, ability to impose the law , responsibilities, leadership, rank, profession, civic duty, reputation

10th-from-10th = bhava- 7

Directors of the Directors

  • Leaders (10) rarely act without consulting their advisors (7) Therefore, those who give direction to the directors (10 from 10th) = advisors (7)

  • Timing and signification of career events = periods of karmesha-10 + yuvati-pati-7 , and the karakas: Surya, Shani, Guru, and Budha (as well as karakamsha)

bhava- 11

income, gains, fortune, networks of association, the marketplace of material commodities and ideas, achievements

11th-from-11th = bhava- 9


  • bhava-9 = "who you know" (social network) includes deities, conversations of priests

  • bhava-9"what you know" (conceptual network) includes high philosophy, conversations of scholars

  • beneficiary networks such as sangha (sangiti, the reciters) or religious brotherhood are reflected in bhava--9

similarly, periods of exceptionally profitable gain can be predicted during periods of simultaneous strength of the lords of both 11 and 9 (and the two karakas, Guru and Shani)

bhava- 12

sanctuary, retreat, prayerfulness, privacy, distant lands, imagination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, research, interior guidance, hallucination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, psychic communication with ancestors and spirit guides, knowledge of astral plane

12th-from-12th = bhava- 11

Retreat-from-Retreat = Accomplishment of Goals

  • On the simplest level, the abandonment (12) of abandonment (12) = engagement and re-vitalization of any project

  • On a slightly more sophisticated level, the most powerful energy is this material world is actually not-of-this-world.

  • That is: anything goal that one can imagine (12) one can indeed achieve on the material plane (11).

  • Imagination is the FOUNDATION of material reality

It is essential to imagine the goal-achievement process in exquisite detail

  • An elaborate mediation upon the hopes, wishes, dreams, expectations (including blockage from negative expectations) will show the most direct path toward realization of material goals

  • Engagement of spirit guides particularly lineage ancestors (12) in any goal-realization project


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