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Jaimini Sutram = Chapter 1

Atmakaraka [atakarak]


11. The Atmakaraka gives benefic or malefic results depending on his disposition like debility or exaltation, association with benefics or malefics.
12. After the Atmakaraka the planet that has advanced to the highest degree becomes Amatyakaraka.
1. From the sign occupied by the Atmakaraka in Navamsha, determine the results given by the various planets.
2. If the Atmakaraka is in Aries Navamsha the native can be subject to the fears or bites from rats, cats and the like.
3. If the Atmakaraka is in Taurus Navamsha he will have fear or happiness from the quadrupeds.
7. If the Atmakaraka is in the Virgo Navamsha , the native suffers from fire and other things attributed to Gemini.
8. When the Atmakaraka is in Libra Navamsha , the native will be in trade and commerce.
10. when the Atmakaraka is in the Navamsha of Sagittarius , the native is subject to accidents by falling from a conveyance or from a high place.
11. When the Atmakaraka is in the Navamsha of Capricorn , the native has troubles from aquatic animals, birds, Graha, skin ailments, wounds or tumors.
12. When the Atmakaraka is in Aquarius Navamsha , the native will have work related to tanks, lakes, gardens, roads, temples, rest houses for pilgrims and the like.
13. When the Atmakaraka is in Pisces Navamsha , the native will do righteous things and will attain final liberation or emancipation (Moksha).
16. The planets in the Kendras, Panapharas, and Apoklimas from the Atmakaraka have declining strength.
23. If the Sun and Rahu are in the second from Atmakaraka in Navamsha , the native dies by snake-bite.

27. If Saturn is present in the second house

  • and is with Jupiter
  • or aspected by Jupiter
  • The child is fit to be consigned to the waters at Adam's Bridge near Ramesvaram.

If this Saturn is associated with Jupiter is the trinal signs (1, 5, 9) from the Atmakaraka,

  • Then also the child has to be abandoned.

[BPL comment: Adam's Bridge is better known as Rama's Bridge, which is the land-link between Shri Lanka and the subcontinent mainland's_Bridge ]

35. If from the lords of the first and seventh houses from the Atmakaraka , the fifth house has Jupiter, Venus, or the Moon, the native has political or governmental power or authority.
36. If malefics occupy the third and the Lords of Lagna and the seventh, or the sixth house from the Atmakaraka

the native becomes a commander in the army.
37. If the lords of the third and sixth houses from Janma Lagna and Atmakaraka aspect the latter, if the planets in those houses aspect these, and if the fifth lord aspects these , the native is highly intelligent and wise.
45. If Venus and the Moon are in the fourth from Atmakaraka , and the native will have all the emblems of royalty.
44. If the Navamsha occupied by the Atmakaraka has only a malefic association , the native is not born legitimately.
45. If the Atmakaraka is himself a malefic, the native is not to be treated as illegitimate.

Chapter 2

19. If the lords of the second and the eighth from Lagna are strong and occupy
  • Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10)
  • Panaphara (2, 5, 8,11) and
  • Apoklima (3, 6, 9, 12),
They cause respectively
  • long,
  • middle
  • and short lives.

In the same way we have to consider the lords of the second and the eighth house from the Atmakaraka also.

20. When the Atmakaraka is in the ninth from the seventh of Janma Lagna, the meaning conveyed by the previous Sutra has to be interpreted differently.
22. When the eighth houses from Lagna and the seventh have the Atmakaraka or when they are with the Atmakaraka, then the terms of longevity mentioned in Sutra 19 should be reduced.
24. The same reduction applies when The Atmakaraka is between malefics or when malefics are in his trine (houses 5 and 9 from him).
25. The same reduction of a Kakshya arises if the Atmakaraka is a malefic, is debilitated, is not in his exaltation sign, and is with malefic.
27. Even if Jupiter is the Atmakaraka, the reduction or addition of a Kakshya is to be determined as per the Sutras 2.1.23 to 2.1.26.
29. The period of (the Dasha) of a sign is reduced (a) when Saturn becomes the Atmakaraka or joins the Atmakaraka; (b) When Saturn is in the second or twelfth from Lagna or the seventh; (c) when Saturn is in a trine from Lagna or the seventh; (d) when Saturn is in the second or twelfth from Atmakaraka or from the seventh from him.
46. The lord of the eighth from the Atmakaraka is called Mahesvara.
47. When the Atmakaraka is exalted or is in his own house, then note who is stronger among the lords of the eighth and twelfth from Atmakaraka. The stronger one will then be Mahesvara.
48. When the Atmakaraka is with Rahu or Ketu, or when Rahu or Ketu is in the eighth from Atmakaraka, then find out the lord of the eighth from Atmakaraka. He then becomes Mahesvara.
53. The lord of the eighth from Atmakaraka and the one occupying the eighth also claim to be Brahma.
57. From the Atmakaraka or Janma Lagna Take the lords of the third, eighth and twelfth houses. The strongest among these brings about death.
11. Now Jaimini speaks about Karaka Kendra Dasha.
The signs that are in Kendra, Panaphara and Apoklima from the Atmakaraka, have each a duration of nine years.
When the Atmakaraka is in an odd sign, the Dashas proceed as 1, 4, 7, 10, 2, 5, 8, 11, 3, 6, 9, 12.
If Atmakaraka is in an even sign, the sequence follows the signs from the beginning one in this manner: 1, 10, 7, 4, 12, 9, 6, 3, 11, 8, 5 and 2. These figures are given in the normal way of counting.
Each sign has a duration of nine years, as the Sutra 2.4.13 explains.
13. Find whether Lagna or its seventh is stronger.
If the stronger one is an odd sign, the counting is clock-wise.

Otherwise it is anti-clockwise.

From the stronger of these two, count up to the sign where the Atmakaraka is situated.

The years equivalent to the larger number are the years for Karaka Dasha.

When there are other planets with the Atmakaraka, they too will have the same number of years.

In the same way we have to fix the years for the other planets also.

31. When the Atmakaraka is in a Vishama pada sign , the sequence of the sub-periods is in the clock-wise manner.

If he is in a Sama pada sign the sequence is anti-clockwise.

32. When the Atmakaraka is an even sign , the sequence of the sub-periods is anti-clockwise.
33. According to some authors, that as we count clock-wise or anti-clockwise with reference to the sign occupied by the Atmakaraka, we have to count in the same manner also from the sign occupied by Saturn.

Chapter 3 = Royal births, Conditions of dematerialization, and Illness

7. If Venus, Mars and Ketu are jointly or separately placed with the Atmakaraka , in the second and in the fourth the native becomes a king or ruler.
15. When the Moon and Venus are associated with the sign of the Atmakaraka and with the fourth house there is a Rajayoga.
27. If the lord of the Lagna and the Atmakaraka are exalted in the Navamsha, or if an exalted planet aspects them , the native is a king or comes from a noble family.
28. The native coming from a royal or noble family is explained in Sutras 26 and 27.

When there is Amalefic conjunction with or aspect on Karakamsha Lagna and Janma Lagna:

One may argue that the native does not come from a noble (or royal) family.

Even then it should be noted that this denial is applicable if the Atmakaraka is subject to malefic influences.

30. The possession of royal emblems or of royalty is to be determined from the Atmakaraka, from Janma Lagna, and from the fifth house.
7. When The seventh from the Atmakaraka has Saturn , death comes in the first part of the Kakshya.
9. If Ketu is in the seventh from Atmakaraka, death is in the third part of the concerned Kakshya.
11-13. One set is the third from Lagna and Atmakaraka.

The second set is the eleventh from these.

Each set has two factors.

If the two factors are in cardinal signs (Chara), there is long life.

If they are in fixed signs, they give medium life.

If they are in common signs, there is short life.

15. This method of determining longevity should be applied to the third houses and the eleventh houses from the Atmakaraka, Lagna, and the Moon.
16. If Saturn is with the Atmakaraka or the Moon, or if he is in Lagna , one Kakshya gets reduced.
17. One Kakshya gets reduced if Saturn is in the twelfth, fourth or sixth from Atmakaraka, Lagna, or the Moon.
31. When malefics or the Rudra occupy the eighth house from the Moon and Lagna, or the eighth from the Atmakaraka and his seventh, the native dies in the period of the Dvara Rashi.
17. When the eighth house from Lagna or the Atmakaraka, and the third houses from the Navamshas of Arudha and Dara pada are afflicted by malefics the native has an unnatural death.
24. The conjunction of Rahu and the Moon in the third or eighth from Lagna or Atmakaraka, brings about death as per the nature of the signs involved.
32. When the eighth from the Lagna or Atmakaraka is aspected by Scorpionis or Leo, death arises from mice and other such creatures.
33-34. If Saturn is in the second from the Atmakaraka the native dies by consuming poison and the like.
35. If the eighth or the second house from the Atmakaraka has the conjunction or aspect of Mercury, death is from vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery and the like.
36. The nature of death will be explained with reference to the sixth and second houses from the Navamsha sign occupied by the Atmakaraka; and the reference is to the zodiacal signs mentioned by letters.
59. When the Kaulakas of the Trimsamsa of the Atmakaraka are afflicted, the results are diseases and the like.
60. If the Atmakaraka is in the first Kaulaka, there will be ailments concerning the forehead.
61. If the Atmakaraka is in the second Kaulaka and is afflicted, the ailment is related to the hair.
62. If the Atmakaraka is in the afflicted third Kaulaka the complaints involve blood.
63. If the Atmakaraka is in the afflicted fourth Kaulaka, there are diseases of the eye.
67. When Saturn and Gulika are together in the Kaulaka falling in the second part and if it refers to the six signs behind the Atmakaraka, the ailments refer to the mouth, gullet, throat, neck and the like.
70. If the Sun is in the Navamsha sign of the seventh from the Atmakaraka, the native dies because of the choking of the excretory system.
73. When the eighth from the Navamsha sign of the seventh from Atmakaraka is Aquarius, the native will be struck by hail or lightening.
74-75. When the eleventh from the Navamsha sign of the seventh from Janma Lagna falls in Aquarius, the native is waylaid on his way by a group of enemies.
If the Atmakaraka is placed in an odd sign or in a Vishama pada sign and if the twelfth from the Navamsha sign of the seventh is Aquarius, the native will be killed by his enemies.
99. The nature of death is to be judged from the eighth from Lagna, from the third house from the Atmakaraka, from the Navamsha sign of the sixth, and from the sixth from Karakamsha.
100. If the Atmakaraka is in any one of the places mentioned in the previous sutra, the native falls down from a high position.
102. If the eighth from Lagna, the third from Atmakaraka, the sixth of Navamsha, or the sixth of Karakamsha is Sagittarius, he is conscious at the time of his death.
126-127. Death of the native is to be determined from the third house of a cardinal Lagna or from a cardinal sign occupied by the Atmakaraka.
If the Lagna or the Atmakaraka is in a fixed sign, death is to be determined from the second house.
If it is a common sign, we have to consider the fourth sign.
0. Conception is also possible If the Sun is in the sign of the Atmakaraka, or in the third or ninth from that sign.
26. The Dvadasamsa of the Atmakaraka or of the lord of Adhana Lagna determines the nature of the sperm.
46. White, blue and other colors of the child are to be determined by the lord of the Navamsha in which the Atmakaraka is placed.
56. All these defects or merits will take place during the periods of the second signs from the Adhana Lagna and from the periods of the second signs from the Atmakaraka of the Adhana Lagna.

Chapter 4 - Children

53-54. If the fifth house referred to in Sutra 52 is aspected by or associated with the Moon and Rahu, then the child will be definitely subjected to sorrow.
If the Moon and Rahu are together in ninth from the Atmakaraka or Lagna, the child will assume the nature of the destroyer of every thing.
11. In the above combination for twins there is a danger of miscarriage of the fetuses if the lord of the sign occupied by the Atmakaraka is strong.
12. If the eighth signs from Lagna and the Atmakaraka are strong, the delivery takes place one month earlier than it is due.
17. If the second houses from Adhana Lagna and the Atmakaraka are strong, the delivery is in the tenth month and it is a safe delivery.
20. Then determines the Pranas that have elapsed after sunrise by adding the longitude of the Atmakaraka (in minutes) to the longitude of the Adhana Lagna.
21. Deduct the longitude of the Atmakaraka from the longitude of the Hora Lagna. The result will be longitude of the lagna at birth.
34. The ascendant at birth can be the fourth from the Adhana Lagna or from the Atmakaraka of this Lagna.
76. If the Moon is in the third from Lagna, Atmakaraka or Varnada Lagna in the Navamsha, she becomes a widow early in life.
108. If the Trimsamsa of the Atmakaraka falls in the sign of his debilitation, then also the Adhana chart shows the birth of a deformed child.
109. If the Atmakaraka is Aquarius, Cancer and the like in the Adhana chart, the child will have the features of these signs.
1. The children born to woman are her qualifications and these are to be judged from the fifth houses from her Janma Lagna, Atmakaraka, Jupiter and the Sun.
if the lord of the sign occupied by the Atmakaraka and Mars are in Pisces in the Navamsha chart. 30. There will be the birth of a child
if the Atmakaraka or the Moon is in Scorpionis or Cancer in the Navamsha chart of Adhana. 34. There is a possibility for conception
40. The Atmakaraka and the lord of the Lagna are also the significators of children.

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