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Bhava - Amsha

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OM sham shanaishcharaye namah

AUM eim hreem rahuve namah




see: ruler of 11 occupies bhava 1-12

Every bhava produces some type of fruitfulness

because every bhava = 11th-from some other bhava



  • Gains from parenting, sheltering, caretaking, from patriotic sentiment and foundational culture, from schooling, from routines and rhythms of life, from the mother

11th from 4th = 2

  • gains from land ownership, education, diploma, license, vehicles

11th from Surya

  • gains from self-confidence, from center-stage roles, from the father

11th from 5th = 3

  • gains from speculative finance, from genius, from political activism, from drama , from one's children especially the eldest child

11th from 6th = 1-lagna

  • gains from personal identity, from physical movement, from personality and appearance

11th-from-9th represents the friends of the father =

  • bhava-7 contract, alliances

11th from Budha

  • gains from communicative skill, from argument, from instruction, explanation, description; from siblings.

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