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Amsha - Bhava


Mendicant Shiva, c.1740

San Diego Museum of Art


OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

OM hrim srim blim aim gloum grhadhipataye brhaspataye vim ta aim ta svaha




12th-from- Lagnesha


ruler of 12th-from-lagnesha

Foreign Residence

distant lands that one may inhabit or visit

Vyaayapa = 12th-from-lagnesha

  • potential patterns indicating the type of lands-and-peoples that one will visit in the role of a foreigner

  • the quality of one's Learning Pathway experiences in those distant lands

  • the Other-Worlds may express tangibly as geographical (particularly when there are strong graha located in 12th-from-lagnesha)

  • however primarily these Other-Worlds are experienced as astral environments, visited in dreams and meditative wanderings of the psychic mind

  • the characteristics of the bhava are significant. For example, if the 12th-from-lagnesha is bhava-8 and

Loss of normal identity

a natural consequence of leaving one's own land and venturing into cultural and geographical terrain where one's native language and folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms are not recognized.

Similar to 12th-from-lagna and 12th-from-Chandra ,

  • the 12th-from-lagnesha = a draining of apprehensible, comprehensible, tangible, coherent social-individual identity.

  • Having no recognizable role in the established cultures of the land - lacking kinship links and often lacking a solid grasp of the local language

  • One is plunged into the realm of waking dreams (12) and one becomes socially invisible (12).

According to the situation of the lord of Vyaayapa , so goes the overall Learning Pathway experience of foreign residence.

Lord of the 12th house from the lagnesha, which is called the"Vyaayapa," should be strong = in kendra, svakshetra or uttama = or amplified by Rahu the karaka for exotic things - to create periods of foreign residence.

The qualities of the foreign Learning Pathway experience is indicated in the characteristics of the lord of Vyaayapa.

Assess Vyayapa in combination with other factors

When Vyaayapa is ruled or occupied by a shubha- graha (natural or temporal benefic) one experiences a positive value of foreign residence; these lands seem lovely and prosperous.

When Shukra owns the Vyaayapa = in combination with other factors such as 7th-from and a close reading of the navamsha, Shukra-ruled vyayapa increases the likelihood of spouse's birth in a distant land or meeting the spouse during a period of residence in a country or region far from the place of birth.

Shukra drishti upon Vyaayapa = assignment to a foreign residence, generally pleasant.

Presuming that Shukra is well-disposed, the prediction for Shukra drishti upon Vyaayapa =

  • foods are tasty (Shukra = mouth)

  • relationships are pleasant, diplomatic, and mutually beneficial (Shukra = peerage * paréage)

  • dhanakaraka Shukra influence increases treasuries

When the Vyaayapa is ruled or occupied by papagraha (malefic) planet, the lands to which one travels may be inhospitable, rough or impoverished and the journeying is stressful.

  • Regardless of difficulties, there may nevertheless be deeply important revealed knowledge that is embedded in distant travel experiences during periods of the lord of Vyaayapa or periods of graha residing in the Vyaayapa.

If other factors strengthen the significations, a Vimshottari Period of the lord of vyayapa may involve a surprising amount or extent of foreign travel, including travel to language-and-culture regions unfamiliar to the native even if these are physically nearby.

When Vyaayapa is ruled or occupied by a shubha (benefic) graha

distant lands visited = lovely and prosperous. Even if the native peoples of the lands experience many opportunities for polarizing catalysis , one may be protected from the polarizing catalysis and experience a pleasurable sojourn.

  • Drishti of Shukra upon Vyaayapa indicates that periods of foreign residence are generally happy in quality, bringing sensual pleasure and enjoyment

  • drishti of Vrihaspati upon Vyaayapa indicates that periods of foreign residence are generally expansive and abundant, bringing knowledge and optimism

When Vyaaya-pa = ruled or occupied by a paapa graha

periods of foreign residence = impoverished and physically rather difficult. Even if there is wealth and comfort available in the land, one might not have access to easy life while on sojourn in distant territories.

  • Drishti of Shani upon Vyaaya-pa = the lands to which you travel will be poor and the journeying is stressful.

  • Drishti of Kuja upon Vyaaya-pa shows competition and warfare in the foreign residence period(s) If Kuja is dignified this may be successful business competition. If Kuja is less benevolent, the foreign assignment may be fighting in a war.

  • Drishti of Rahu upon Vyaayapa = many fascinating and taboo-challenging encounters with unfamiliar and shape-shifting people and folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms. Rahu connotes dark, smoky, oily environments However, if Rahu's ruler is favorable while Rahu occupies 3-6-11, there can be much profit from these barrier-breaking experiences.

When ruler of the 12th from lagnesha = the lagnesha
one may travel extensively during the potentized svabhukti of the mahadasha of the lagnesha .

The nature, style, extent, and locale of the distant lands visited will depend on the qualities of the house which lies 12th from the lagnesha and of course upon the qualities of the lagnesha itself.

The more signification for travel, the more intensive the experience in foreign lands. We return to foreign lands to retrieve essential pieces of information left there, in some culturally packaged container, during a parallel life.

Exempli gratia, if the lagnesha who is also lord of 12th from lagnesha also occupies vyaya bhava, travel during the period of the lagnesha is extremely likely and poses a very significant set of spiritual development mandates that must be met along one's life path.

Character of the lagnesha is essential to the experienc

If the lagnesha which is also lord of 12th from lagnesha happens to be Guru, one may live and travel in the company of professors and priests.

  • If Shukra, in the company of one's spouse and partners.

  • If Chandra, with one's parents, returning to an older homeland.

  • If Shani, for work and living cheaply.

  • If Budha, with students or siblings and for purpose of conversation.


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