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insist on maintaining awareness of connection

preventing betrayal



  • value from O.Fr. value"worth, value" pp. of valoir"be worth," from L. valere"be strong, be well, be of value"

  • worth O.E. weorš"equal in value to," from P.Gmc. *werthaz toward, opposite, hence equivalent, worth" (cf. O.Fris. werth, O.N. veršr, Du. waard, O.H.G. werd, Ger. wert, Goth. wairžs "worth, worthy" )

Light Source Ptaah

Flow of Money

"We suggest that each day you remind yourself of what you really do have and say a most heartfelt thank you! Also, when you are looking for ways that you may manifest a flow of money, look into the direction of the heart, of the interest, the fascination, the passion and start thinking outside the box!"

Psychic validation is the key to feeling well.

Humans feel well when validated, and humans feel badly when invalidated.

  • We are wired that way.

validation = a normal and constant psycho-emotional state of approval, value, worthiness, suitability, appropriateness, inclusion, appreciation, and protection which arises from being infused with values of goodness and core rightness by the persons who are tasked to provide that assessment.

  • As a child one derives the core validation from the parents and schoolteachers.

  • As a young adult often the primary validation comes from cohort peers.

  • As adults, most humans experience their core validation from employers and life-partners,

    with many levels of additional validation sought from government officials, friends, siblings, in-laws, children, co-workers, employees, students, professors, priests, and the various constituents of one's ministry.

    At the social-material level, many seek compensatory validation from economic fruits such as money and collected treasuries.

Certain roles have a formal validation requirement built-in, such as professional performance review.

Other roles, notably the life-partner, provide constant informal feedback that can"make or break" the native 's self-esteem.

Opposite of validation = betrayal

Fear of abandonment drives betrayal drama

Prevent betrayal of trust via self-validation

The source of betrayal is a core belief that one is unworthy of validation.

Be-tray-al = invalidation of trust [tray/trey]. Eng. trust = Norman Fr. tray. E.g., treachery, treason.

The most profound psychological fear in humans in not fear of hunger or fear of death. Those fears are simple because they have a physical referent.

The deepest terror is not the loss of physical life - which is easily replaced by a reincarnation. Rather, the deepest terror is the fear of abandonment. Abandonment means the cruel withdrawal or refusal of sustaining resources necessary for continuation of human life.

Virtually everyone has an ancient memory of having been abandoned by the parents, the clan, or the village - perhaps due to a critical food shortage, a deformity, or gender bias. Wounded warriors abandoned by their fellow-fighters. Many enrolled students in the School of Earth have reinforced similar memories in their current-life childhoods, by choosing parents who shamed, blamed, and humiliated.

When inquiring into patterns of invalidationa and betrayal, look for roots within the substratum fear of abandonment.

Learning to identify and convert the Core belief in unworthiness is the main homework topic for most modern students in the School of Earth.

Once identified by its effects, the core belief in unworthiness can be converted to its opposite. One may consciously invoke personal trust in one's own Divine nature which is implicitly worthy. To prevent betrayal, identify the feelings of optimism, joy, contentment, and connection. Of these, electro-emotional-spiritual connection -e.g., love - is the most important awareness.

Focus on positioning one's awareness of permanent flowing connectivity into the core. Honor the historic memories of disconnection and abandonment, then release those memories from the core and intentionally replace with that precious State of Awareness of infinite and eternal connection, which is love.

Recovering from ancient habituation to fear-of-abandonment

Love is not a commodity but rather a state of being. To prevent the recurring pattern of emotional re-injury through betrayal, one must take command of the inner core. The old pain is familiar and oddly comfortable. The new realization requires intention to dislodge a deep-rooted old pain and replace with sober intent to live differently. The new regime requires disconnecting from the socially reinforced belief that love is a commodity which must be conferred by outside arbiters of value [the spouse, the amour, the banker, the guru, the deity].

It is a major undertaking for most students to excavate the debris of millennia, eradicate the fear-based conviction that one is isolated and surely will be abandoned, and replace this core negative-but-sustaining belief with an even-more-ancient awareness of inherent connection to all necessary resources -- emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual. As the ignorance and squalor of Kali Yuga fades -- gone now for the next 22,000 years -- so the energy awareness of Dvapara Yuga begins to be recovered.

Divine nature is the very stronghold of value, the ultimate experience of truth. However, if one has been indoctrinated to demonstrate piety by worshipping [apply worth to] external objects such as deities or money, then one's own inherent worth may be at first empty.


Jyotishavidya predictors of validation and invalidation

The psychic fact = all yin turns to yang, and all yang goes toward yin.

There are times in life which offer ego-boosting validation from highly visible social positioning in the pyramids and networks of people and ideas. There are times of valuable goods and conserved knowledge acquisition; sensual luxury; rich food and drink. There are times of agreement and alliance, of material fruitfulness including creative performance and the birth of children. There are times of clever analysis and persuasive argument, delicious gossip and witty jokes.

There are also times in life, particularly periods of the planetary lords of dushthamsha, which forecast moderate to severe invalidation

  • Periods of the accusatory and argumentative rogesha-6 from radix yuvati bhava are notorious for invalidation from partners including spouses, because rogesha-6 = broken contracts. Divorce is one of the more severe outcomes of periods of the rogesha-6 and the psychological depression from invalidation in the wake of divorce is also unfortunately quite famous.

  • Periods of the hidden and mysterious randhresha-8 predict sudden, forced changes in the validation stream, especially the loss of transparency and accountability in the core partnership (often however compensated by validation from hidden, non-public alliances or dalliances)

  • Periods of the drained and obscured ruler-of-12 predict loss of physical identity and loss of fleshly energy to move and start new projects. The 12th-from any lagna indicates dissolution of the form of the lagna. There are many opportunities for loss of material validation during periods of 12th-from angles.

  • Some nativities features very low level of overall validation matching low ego-membrane needs. Others show amplified ego-membrane needs matched by dangerously high expectations or craving for social-material validation .

Limits of validation from humans.

Why dangerous? Because human validation is inherently inconsistent and volatile.

All human Jyotishaviya nativities show a role for Ari bhava and lord of 6th bhava as counted from numerous lagna.

  • There is a [6th-from-Chandra], 6th-from-Surya, 6th from the Svamsha , 6th from karma lagna, 6th-from all of the pada and graha.

    • In other words, humans all enter their incarnation with a backlog of animosity, debt, and disease.

    The backlog will roll out on schedule in behaviors of blaming, accusation, criticism, toxicity both emotional and physical, criminalization / crime, exploitation = the typical expressions of a human 6th-from angle.

Humans are notoriously fickle in their loyalty to people, places, and ideas. A grand declaration of lifetime conviction can easily turn to a trivial dismissal. Except for the mother's bond to her children, no bond of human-to-human loyalty or promise of continuing appreciate will be quite reliable throughout this life.

The Dharma Taken to Heart

QUOTATION from Pema Chödrön

The Wisdom of No Escape and the Path of Loving-Kindness, p. 86

" The dharma should really be taken to heart, not just used as a way to get cozy and secure or to continue your habitual pattern of self-denigration or your habitual pattern of striving for perfection.

Initially you may find that you use the dharma as you've always used everything else, but then, because it's the dharma, it might occur to you that you're using it to denigrate yourself or to become a perfectionist.

"Oh my goodness! I'm using this to make the world into love and light or to make it a resentful, harsh place."

[Suave Shukra] = validation via financial well-being, beauty, attractiveness, social partnership

Shukra = kalatrakaraka + dhanakaraka = the primary and most obvious karaka for social-material value in the Jyotishavidya nativity .

Shukra's two primary containers of value =

  1. treasuries of stored valuable goods and conserved knowledge (2, Vrishabha)

  2. partnerships and alliances, whether personal, professional, commercial, counseling, advising, or other peer relationship (7, Thula)

  • , in social-material terms the primary vehicles for personal validation are"money and marriage".

Shukra problems = social invalidation

  • If there is Jyotisha stress in bhava-2, bhava-7, or related to Shukra, then one may feel unworthy -- UNLESS one is blessed by discriminating consciousness to know that the"default" validation is based almost entirely on fleeting material values which cannot be ported across the bridge after death.

  • As it Jesus is quoted to have said"it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich one to enter the gates of heaven" . [synoptic gospels, copies of the speech-report in Matthew-19, Mark-10 and Luke-18]

Take care to understand the implicit and explicit approval of 'worthiness' one seeks to obtain from the life-partner, from the boss, the government, the religious teacher, the parents, the school-master, the neighbors, the political electorate, the publications industry, news media, stock-holders, customers, colleagues, boards of directors, students, children, bankers, in-laws, co-workers, and the public as a whole.

What sort of value are these designated judges and approvers likely to be capable of recognizing?

Naturally, their default values are material = Shukra + [Shani-yuti-Budha] . The two central gauges of value are money-price and partner-attractiveness, followed closely by social and economic rank, and finally by communicative and logical mentality.

  • Therefore, most normal people feel most deeply valued when receiving money and getting an offer of marriage [Shukra] when granted an important socio-economic rank or position [Shani] or when celebrated for their mental cleverness [Budha].

However, after the initial psychic surge of social-material well-being which energizes the native with a feeling of worthiness traceable to the unconditional love of the mother, will the"high" feeling of super-worthiness be maintained?

in Marriage

  • The ideal marriage partner is conscious of a duty to constantly validate the spouse. In the modern era one might send loving communications, present flowers and jewels, provide luxurious pleasures, or otherwise pump a continuous stream of sensual delight into the marriage.

  • In a business partnership, the money speaks for itself: not only verbal appreciation but growing financial worth of the joint venture provides the validation .

  • In social ranking and economic position,

Response to social invalidation

  • What happens when the material validation recedes or dries up completely? Is it time to leave the partnership ?

  • What happens if validation reverses to devaluation and praise turns to criticism in the partnership or in the bank account? Is it time to leave?

  • Is it really possible to escape social-material invalidation by moving expectantly into Yet, another human alliance?

Probably not, because:

The psychic fact = all yin turns to yang, and all yang goes toward yin.

Great pledges of fidelity in partnership [Shukra] and great hoards of collected items [Shukra] are sensually enriching and feel utterly wonderful in the temporary moment.

  • However, the y are almost impossible to sustain even during earthly life and being flesh-body based have virtually no value after death of the body.

  • The only exception is the value of learning which can be accomplished using eyes, ears, touch, hearing, and taste, when the learning produces spiritual knowledge gained from sacred texts and wisdom practices (which includes much more than socially approved scripture.)

So when the sense-pleasures cease, the life partner becomes critical or abusive, or the bank account dwindles, is the person spiritually invalid?

  • Social prestige notoriously comes and goes. Honor and dishonor, power and humiliation, are ego-validation extremes on a very temporary continuum governed by Shani, lord of Time. Is the humble farmer, the wrinkled old actress, or the disgraced dictator spiritually invalid?

  • Mentality [Budha] while it is the least ego-seductive of the material enrichments, is perhaps the trickiest because it is the most distracting from the spiritual goals. When mental quickness is lost (for example, after a crippling accident or due to senility) is the person then spiritually invalid?

It is said that the definition of insanity is to do the same action repeatedly each time expecting different results. After several experiences of invalidation (sometimes quite devastating ) it might be much more pragmatic to stop depending on these very limited utility outside sources of validation . Consider drawing primary validation from within.

  • Have a look into the role of Shukra, Shani, Budha, and self-elevating Rahu to predict periods of strongest materialization and the natural consequences of attachment to form, sense pleasure, praise, attainment of material goals, etc.

  • What is acquired will eventually be lost, then re-acquired ad infinitum.

Do you really want your self-esteem to be emotionally dependent on this comically fickle cycle of getting"stuff" ?

What goes up must come down and indeed if Rahu-Ketu are involved the up-down cycle can be perilous to mental and emotional equanimity.

  • alliances join and separate

  • elite status comes and goes; celebrity fame becomes irrelevance

  • mental-brain acuity is followed by dullness and biochemical breakdown. Eventually we are reborn with a fresh new brain and can start again.

  • Oy vey.

Luckily, there are

  • No limits on validation from the Divine.


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