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Debt Management


Some Suggestions for Psychic Remediation


Jambhala - 14th Cen., tibei

Halpert Collection,

What to do about debt?

Debt is an internal animosity, an imbalanced flow of exchange between borrower and lender, which holds the two parties in negative bondage . In Jyotisha, we see debt via Ripu Bhava and the geometry of six = 6th-from Chandra, 6th from any lagna, planetary lords of those 6th-from locations.

Where does it come from?

  1. Debt originates on the mental plane in a Belief of non-worth

  2. The non-worthiness agenda then percolates down into the heavier particulate realm of the emotions.

  3. Following conviction of the truth of the belief, the native then feels the feelings of disempowerment and valuelessness = shame, embarrassment, grief.

  4. Finally, if uninterrupted, the logical flow of the program continues to descend to the material plane, where it will manifest as an unrepayable loan.

Debt which is essentially a mental and social dis-ease.

The steps to release debt are the same as those needed to release enemies.

The difference = with debt, most folks will in addition to hating their creditors and"the system,"also hate themselves.

Well, first of all, Give Yourself Credit for creativity. :)

You are ever so creatively busy in the Earth life toy-box.

You have created a material debt!

  • The fact that your debt exists in your conscious awareness - on paper where everyone can see it - and that you hate it - is actually a very good sign. It's good because it indicates that have brought up stored subconscious fear and anger into conscious awareness. It's not just sitting silently in your subconscious memory, eating away at your life like a hidden cancer. You, most intelligently, have brought this stored toxin to the surface, from whence it can be safely released.

  • It's just one small step to total elimination.

  • One tiny action to force the total toxic purge.

  • Fear and distrust stored from parallel lives is what creates debt in the current life. Fear is a miserable toxin, which poisons our beautiful world on personal, national, and racial levels.

  • If you are committed enough to your own happiness -- if you are willing to Let Go and Let God where your debt is concerned -- you may be healed of this erosive sickness. In the west we have a much beloved role-model who demonstrated forgiveness while hanging to death on Calvary Hill. By all accounts, it worked for Him!

  • Try this guilt-free, grief-free, forgiveness technique for releasing your debt in this life:

How to Get Rid of Debt with Neutral Compassion
  1. Accept responsibility (not guilt) for having created this Authentic debt relationship with a lender.

  2. Acknowledge the cleverness of having manifested an old, unresolved [akashic memory] a into your current life, so that you could resolve it now.

  3. Make a clear mental image of the lender, the amount of the debt, and all the people in your family and your community who judge you for being in debt. Experience that punishment energy one last time. Yuck. It's humiliating and sick. Since fear tends to lurk in the 1st chakra (old survival energy), put a big grounding cord on your first chakra, and ground down to the center of the earth. Make sure your grounding cord is firmly anchored. Send that big toxic sludge of fear energy right down the grounding cord. Plunk.

  4. Release your interest in the judgmental relationships with the lender and the community. Accept * no responsibility whatsoever* for the other person(s) and their judgment toward you. Whatever nasty, manipulative thing they do is their problem. This means no guilt.

  5. (Note this is exactly like selling one's car. On the day one sells one's car,"my car" which had been a precious, important extension of one's very body, suddenly becomes "the car"about which one cares nothing. The miraculous change from Very Involved-Obsessed to Total Neutrality that occurs when one Releases any Interest in the Vehicle, can also occur when one Releases one's Interest in an Unwanted Punishment.)

  6. Put out a request to the higher powers that this humiliating punishment energy and all the people who feed into it - the lender, the self-appointed judges in your family, and most of all yourself - be helped to TAKE THEIR NEXT STEP.

    As you Release Judgmental relationships, Debt rebalancing becomes Easy

Like"Satygraha" 1869-1948, mahatma Mohandas Gandhi, keeping releasing.

Keep releasing fear of prosperity, keep releasing attachment to being worked to death, judged and punished.

These habits are hang-overs from [akashic memory patterns] WRT slavery in parallel lives .

Release your interest in self-fulfilling Shani-narrative scarcity prophecies such as:

  • there won't be enough

  • I'll never get out of debt

  • I'll always hate my work, ionly work to pay off debt and stay alive.

Release, release, release.

As you release, you'll find you are not attached to having the debt. It's there, but you don't care what happens to it. You could pay it or not pay it...

  • If you prefer to repay it, you will find that the Release Practice above will reduce your anxiety so significantly that you are able to make clear and workable repayment arrangements with your creditors .

  • You will have plenty of energy to do the work to earn the money to make these reasonable, self-determined payments.

  • Further, your creativity at work will increase and you are likely as a benefit of delegating up to higher powers, to be helped in your repayment by curious turns of events. It pays to partner with higher powers!

  • If you prefer to not pay it, you will find that approved remedies like bankruptcy proceedings become very easy to initiate and complete. It becomes easy to determine the unemotional facts, contact an efficient attorney, and complete the bankruptcy free of anxiety.

In either case, the debt has been transformed from a toxic blend of social punishment and self-contempt, into a value-neutral accounting exercise, which can be accomplished in complete peace of mind using a variety of financial solutions.

You are free.

14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso .

How to Expand Love: Widening the Circle of Loving Relationships. (2006).

Jeffrey Hopkins (Trans. Ed.)Atria Pub.

" Buddha teaches that one should not practice extremes. ... As Nagarjuna's Precious Garland of Advice says,

Practice is not done by mortifying the body, since you have not forsaken injuring others and are not helping others.

When you disregard the basic needs of the body, you harm the many sentient organisms that live within the body.

You should also avoid the opposite extreme of living in great luxury.

It is possible to make use of good food, clothing, residence, and furnishings without producing afflictive emotions such as attachment, pride, and arrogance.

The crucial point is the control of internal factors such as lust and attachment; external factors are not in and of themselves good or bad.

It is not suitable if attachment increases toward even mediocre food, clothing, and so forth.

Contentment is the key. If you have contentment with material things, you are truly rich.

Without it, even if you are a billionaire, you will not have happiness.

You will always feel hungry and want more and more and more, making you not rich but poor.

If you seek contentment externally, it will never happen.

Your desire will never be fulfilled.

Our texts speak of a king who gained control over the world, at which point he began thinking about taking over the lands of the gods.

In the end his good qualities were destroyed by pride.

Contentment is necessary for happiness, so try to be satisfied with adequate food, clothing, and shelter."

Winter Church of the Capriana Women's Monastery in Moldova,

photographed by Richard Seaman -


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