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Graha - Amsha - Bala

षट् ṣaṭ [six]

बल bala [strength]



Six Weights

bala = balance, weight, value

Weighting Method

which (partially) reveals the Ability to Produce Material Results

Shad-bala totals are the sum of six smaller calculations and weighting of those individual results.

षट् बल ṣaṭ bala = six [types of] strength

The six components of Shad Bala

  1. sthāna Bala = position [from dhatu स्था to stay, stand]
  2. Dik Bala = direction
  3. Kaala Bala = calculated Time
  4. चेष्ट ceṣṭa (Cheshta) Bala [from dhatu चि to gather, accumulate] = gaining velocity, moving, performing = strength of physical movement + psychological motivation
  5. Naisargika Bala = nature
  6. Drika Bala = aspect [from dhatu दृश् to see, regard, consider]

Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon -

VOCABULARY for षट् बल


  • power
  • strength
  • might
  • vigour
  • force
  • validity


  • six

Rules for Calculating Shad-bala

BPHS Sarga-27 gives the rules for calculating Shadbala,

  • Shad-bala evaluation is never the / cause / of dynamics in a nativity. Rather, it is a secondary method of assessment.

  • Shad-bala = a generalized multi-weighted ranking of many factors which can increase or reduce the ability of a graha to produce results. Factors include the bhava ruled by the graha, its tenants in those bhava, drishti, rashi, the role of the graha within various varga etc.

QUOTATION Das commentary


" Mercury is considered Strong in Shad Bala, and Jupiter is considered Strong in Shad Bala."


" Your wisdom and intellect may say different things, and you are faced with the decision to follow one or the other."


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