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Graha - Amsha - Bala

BHPS Sarga-27 = Strengths

Bala main page

dikbala (directional strength)

Shad-bala (the six weights)

retrograde = vakri

BPHS vimshopaka-bala

BPHS Sarga-45 Ava-stabha Avasta

बल bala


[strength, weight]

bal - ances, val-ues

Chesta-bala cf. English: gesture

Vocabulary for BALA weight

  • showing English cognates

Var sha = year , astrological year

Maa sa = mo nth

Di na = day , weekday

Hor a = planetary hour

Rupa = unit containing value (rupee), material form, phenomenon

Vir upa = var iety of forms; manifoldness; different in form but the same in meaning [also, varga]

sthāna= sta nding, position

Dik= direction (early Skt = diz; later langs = dik, dig)

Kaal a = cal culation, enumeration, time

Cest a= chest, accumulation, gathering

Naisargika =

Drika =

(Sapta) Varga ja =

Ojha yug ma

Ken dradi


Pak sha = half , side, wing, fin

bala [value]

Sanskrit Vocabulary BALA from Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon -

  • cognates = Lat. valere, Eng. valor

bala =

  • power, strength, might, vigour, force, validity

  • forcibly, against one's will, without being able to help it

  • by force, by the power or on the strength or in virtue or by means of, by

  • force or power of articulation

  • force considered as a sixth organ of action

    • the Buddhists reckon 10 forces, the ascetic Saivas four, which ... are sAman, dAna, bheda, naigraha

    Force personified as one of the Visve Devah

  • power of, expertness

  • stoutness, bulkiness

  • military force, troops, an army

  • also shape; body; semen virile; gum; blood; a young shoot; bone

  • a crow

  • Crataeva Roxburghii

  • half-ripe barley

an elder brother of Krishna (also called Bala-deva, balabhadra, bala-rama &c.) "

QUOTATION from 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika B. V. Raman

" According to the dictum Kendra-Thatibalassuhuhu , planets disposed in kendra add great strength to the horoscope.

The four angles in a horoscope are like the four walls of a building."


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