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Graha - Amsha - Bala

दिक् dik [direction]

बल bala [strength]


dig bala

directional strength of planets

bala = weight, balance

see also: BHPS Sarga-27 = Strengths

दिक् बल dik bala

directional strength

DIK-BALA locations

  1. [Surya in bhava-10]

  2. [Chandra in bhava-4]

  3. [Mangala in bhava-10]

  4. [Budha in bhava-1]

  5. [Guru in bhava-1]

  6. Shukra in bhava-4
  7. [Shani in Bhava-7]

QUOTATION from BV Raman Three Hundred Important Combinations . p. 239

# 247 Raja Yoga

  1. " Budha and Jupiter in Lagna ,

  2. Mars and the Sun in the 10th ,

  3. [Shani] in the 7th

  4. and the Chandra and Venus in the 4th

respectively get Digbala."

Vocabulary for [dikbala]

  • QUOTATION FROM Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon -

bala =

  • power, strength

  • might, vigour, force

  • validity

dish = disha

  • quarter or region pointed at, direction, cardinal point...

four in number

  • {prAcI}, east
  • {dakSiNA}, south
  • {pratici}, west
  • {udIcI}, north

Sometimes a 5th, {dhruvA};

and a 6th, {UrdhvA}

and a 7th, {vy-adhvA}

...and even a 9th, and 10th, {tiryak} or {adhas} and {Urdhvam}

  • but oftener 8 are given the 4 cardinal and the 4 intermediate quarters, S.E., S.W.N. W., and N. E.

quarter, region, direction, place, part

  • in all directions, everywhere

  • country, esp. foreign country, abroad" [end quote]


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