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Jyotisha Traditional Remedial Ratana

QUOTATION from Dr. G.S. Kapoor (1994, p 91)

" It is very important for all gem stones that before wearing them they should be kept immersed for sometime in unboiled milk or Ganges water. Afterwards the stones should be worshipped with flowers and incense, and the Mantras of the planets should be recited 108 times."

Aum som somaya namah


Flawless Natural Pearl

Mukta * Mukhti * Moti * Mukharid * Margarita

Jewels for Moon


Chandra = Malefic or Benefic?

When the gem has no effect, Seva will help.

Regional names for Moti = Pearl
  • Hindi: Moti
  • Urdu: Mukharid
  • Persian: juman, khazal, ab (ap)
  • Latin: Margarita
  • English = natural pearl, nacre
pearl_gem.JPGMukta * Muktaphal * Mukharid



Sasi-ratna * Shashipriya * Shashiratna





Pearl Necklace Photo

Chandra = malefic or benefic?


B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations .

(10th ed., Delhi, 1991, 1947)."Malefics, Sukha-graha, and Neutrals " p. 5

"The Moon

Mani Mala , Part II, 63.

"The pearl is sweet in taste, very cool,

and specific for eye disease,

  • cures poisoning and eye disease

  • and brings strength and vigor to weak limbs."

Mani Mala , Part I, 307

"The wearing of such pearls leads to

longevity and wealth,

and purges the wearer of every sin."

Brihat Samhita

"... pearls are extremely valuable,

and bestow sons, wealth, popularity, renown on the wearers;

and they are destroyers of disease and grief

and bestowers of desired objects on kings."

diagram of

natural vs."cultured" pearl

Natural Pearl

= series of concentric rings

Milky Way spiral galaxy =

Earth's solar-system is located

within a series of concentric rings

around our Galactic Sun


Aum som somaya namah

Uparatna = Secondary Gemstones for Chandra
  • More Affordable but weaker

moonstone = chandrakant-mani (hindi)

* sustainably harvested* white coral = safed-munga (hindi)

(red coral Mangala-ratna = lal-munga)

latin = amphihelia oculata

* natural-death* ivory


White Coral * uparatna for Chandra

About this NOAA image: "Colonies of Lophelia coral with outstretched feeding polyps were discovered at 1,260 feet deep in the DeSoto Canyon."

[BPL: in the Gulf of Mexico, south of USA, east of Mexico]"


Flawless Vedic natural Pearl set in silver

traditionally assigned the power to transmit subtle psychic signals which assist

  • emotional peace, calm and intuitive mind
  • deep understanding of Natural Cycles
  • Time and Tides
  • parenting sheltering protection
  • stewardship of dependent entities
  • care of weaklings
  • care of the Mother Earth
  • communion with the Spirits of a Place
  • revealing the meaning of dreams
  • compassion which opens the pathway to psycho-emotional healing

Alleviates fear, anxiety, childhood holdovers * if warranted.

May improve emotional stability and deepen love of homeland.

Protection for sea voyages.

  • matters of Chandra's bhava in the Jyotisha nativity

  • some say to set the Pearl in bronze

Not recommended for Urisha, Kumbha, Dhanau, or Simha lagna.

  QUOTATION by Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994).

Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 93-95

"Pearl is the gem stone ruled by Moon. It is a suitable and gainful gem stone for those in whose nativities Moon rules an auspicious house or when as ruler of an auspicious house is afflicted or not well placed in the birth charts.


  • The Pearl to be worn should be of 2, 4, 6 or 11 carats.

  • It should be purchased and set in a silver ring on Monday on Monday or Thursday (never Saturday)

  • and after observing the other rituals mentioned earlier and reciting the following Mantra 108 times,

  • the ring should be worn on a Monday morning in the bright half of the lunar month.

  • "Aum som somaya namah"

  • Those who cannot afford to buy a Pearl can wear Moon-stone, white Sapphire is also advised as a substitute by some authorities; but it is not a cheap stone,

    The ring should be worn in the ring finger of the right hand.

But be careful.

The Pearl or its substitutes should never be worn with Diamond, Emerald, Blue Sapphire and Cat's Eye and their substitutes."

the Moon has no enemies.

unless specific conditions in the nativity would negate the combinations, generally OK to wear pearl *as a pendant* so long as any other ratna are being worn as finger-rings.

  • For all remedial gemstones, be sure to cleanse the stone energetically with extreme attention to proper mantra.

  • Flawless gems are expensive and hard to find. Use only a trusted Vedic-trained gemologist. It might be easiest to start with single gem and combine them as your finances allow.


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