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Summary of Graha Rulerships for Meena indriya-lagna

9 graha rulers for Meena indriya-lagna

12 bhava from Meena indriya-lagna

Financial Bhava for Meena indriya-lagna

Meena rashi contains three nakshatra :

  1. Purvabhadra - Pegasus - Prosthapada Pegasus * pada-4

  2. Uttarabhadra - Andromeda - Ahira-budhnaya * pada 1-2-3-4

  3. Revatī - Pushana * pada 1-2-3-4

  1. [Mesha - Arya]

  2. [Vrishabha - Urisha]
  3. [Mithuna - Dvamdva]

  4. [Karkata - Kadaga]

  5. [Simha - Leya]

  6. [Kanya - Parthya]

  7. [Tula - Vanika]

  8. [Vṛścika - Thriketta]

  9. [Dhanus - Haya]

  10. [Makara - Draco]

  11. [Kumbha - Ghata]

  12. [Meena - Antya]


" Kwagulth the Salmon," (left) print by Northwest Native artist Tony Hunt. 1976 (Hall, Edwin S., Blackman, Margaret B., and Rickard, Vincent. Northwest Coast Indian Graphics. Seattle, University of Washington Press, 1981. p. 64.)

" You have been told what is good, and what the Lord requires of you:

Only to do the right and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God."

~~ Book of Micah 6:8


OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

OM Krim Rathanga - Chakraya Namaha

OM kleem uthritaya vuddarene namaha

OM aam kleem udhvatai uddharine namaha

मीन mīna [fish, minnow]


Mina - Minamatsya



अन्त्य antya [end, final, terminal, funeral]

झष jhaṣa [large fish]

पृथुरोमन् pṛthuroman [fish, having broad scales]

तिमि timi [whale]


12 radical lagna paired with Chandra-Meena



fish - fiskaren - vissen

peixos - poissons

dagim - al-huut

ribe - ryby - zuvys

राशि names in numerous languages

the luminous appearance of a fish shimmering in waters

Pluie de poissons

gravure d'O. Magnus (1555)

= 1555 engraving = "rain of fish"


Sacred Map of Foot (Budha's Foot) from Budharma * Burma

Regional Names for Meena

see also: Rashi names multilingual

  • Greek : Ichtheis #7992;χθεῖς

  • Latin: pisces

  • French: poissons

  • English: fish - piscine

  • Antya * the number 1,000,000,000,000,000 * quadrillion

  • Antyabha, Antya = the end

  • Jhasha

  • Mathsya * Matsya * Maccha * Machchu = fish

  • Min * Mina * Meena-matsya

  • Prithuroman

  • Timi

Antya * last in place, in time, or in order; immediately following; the ninth; lowest in place or condition, undermost, inferior, belonging to the lowest caste; the twelfth sign of the zodiac; the last member of a mathematical series. One who finishes.


The constellation of Pisces from Richard Dibon-Smith

nakshatra names in red by BP Lama

Purvabhadra - Pegasus * Ekaajapada

+ Uttarabhadra - Andromeda * Andromeda

+ Revatī - Pushana * Paushnya


" ... generally short in stature but they are plump with short hands and feet.

  • ... by nature philosophical, restless, full of imagination and fond of romantic life.

They are honest, humane and helpful.

On account of their being over-liberal and over-generous ,

  • they often hamper their own progress.

They are very happy when they can spend their money to help others and on charitable causes.

  • These persons are not steady .

They may change from one profession to another.

The married life of a Meena native is generally happy

  • but they have a jealous nature." [end quote]


Meanings for Meena

Meena = Age of Imagination = 12th-from-Kumbha

erosion and dissolution of the network linkage and coherent creativity of Kumbha. Age of Meena distinguished by spiritual interiority, fantasy, sleep and drowsiness, isolation, amnesia, temporary loss of the global-and-galactic gridwork

= 2160 years from 148 BCE until 2012 CE

the veils-scales between Two Worlds

  • Bridge-Pathways to the world of the ancestors.

  • Bridge between the human world and the cetacean world; perceptions and imagery of the cetacean consciousness.

  • Imagination and dreams = constituent parts of the trance-state, portal of the astral-material bridge.

  • Private non-verbal Guidance toward the development of personal, interior Wisdom and Compassion [Guru].

  • Private, clairsentient guidance across the bridge from material, waking life to meditative, astral dream life (12).

Physical body part * Mahapurusha


Meena= Svamsha

Marriage = a dream, a fantasy, imaginative and reflective, a private enclosure. By default, Meena = a happy lagna for the D-9. But like any lagna, Meena's implication of childlike sanctuary can be harmed by a difficult tenant or problematic lord.

The mate = defined by Kanya, a critical and often accusatory rashi; Kanya also = medicine; spouse may be in medical profession, military officer, or ministry of service. Much depends on graha in Svamsha or navamsha-7r.




  • Sarga-48, Shloka-4 6-49

" One born in Pisces ascendant, will be fortunate, will have well blown nose and unblown (not wide open) eyes,

  • will be interested in profane knowledge and poetry, be respectable, famous, will have exposed lips and teeth,

  • be tormented by leprosy, will have an afflicted face,

  • be courteous, trustworthy, will be endowed with goats, she-goats etc.,

  • Will have pure conduct, will have knowledge of Vedas, be courageous, will have (more) daughters,

  • be modest, gently disposed, be mighty,

  • will have knowledge of music and sexual union, be virtuous, liberal,

will gain through brothers and will have good relatives.


  • Chapter 4: 22-24

" Meena resembles a pair of fish , one tailed with the head of the other.

  • This Rashi is strong at night.

  • It is a watery Rashi and is predominant with Sattva-Guna.

  • It denotes resoluteness and is a water-resorter.

  • It is footless and has a medium build.

  • It rules the North and rises with both head and back.

It is ruled by Guru ."


The abbreviation D.M. at the top of this 3rd-century CE Christian tombstone

stands for Diis Manibus, di deity * mane mind-spirit "to the Spirits of the Dead"


  • Meena indriya-lagna

  • see also: Chandra-Meena - comforted by ancestral guidance * settled into rhythmic intuition * needs contemplative sanctuary

[Meena - Antya] specializes in charity, clairsentience, and spiritual guidance.

  • The fourth pada of Guru-ruled [Purvabhadra - Pegasus] may be a scientist or philosopher who draws upon a broadly conceptual, spiritual or theoretical imagery.

  • When pada 1-2-3-4 of Shani-ruled [Uttarabhadra - Andromeda ] marks the eastern horizon at the time of birth, under the auspice of Ahira-budhnaya (consciousness of jewels) remarkable material wealth and proportionate charitable largesse may be expected.

  • Budha-ruled Revati-Pusan-Antyabha (the Whale-sound) pada 1-2-3-4 produces produces generous messengers, expansive angels, of the subconscious who guide like ferrymen using scripted speech, humming melodies and chants. Often a singer conveying a message.

Meena Portion of Purvabhadra - Pegasus

double-Guru * Guru's mūlatrikoṇa Dhanus = 10th from Meena * inclusion, expansion * leadership in the fields of ideology, doctrine and theory; visionary makers of institutional direction; preachers of philosophy of law. Promulgators of compassionate principled wisdom, expanders of global humanistic viewpoint

  • " Convoluted Universe" Dolores Cannon

Shani's mūlatrikoṇa 12th counted from Meena indriya-lagna

[Uttarabhadra - Andromeda] ruled by Structuring Shani

often exceptionally endowed. To whom much is given, from whom much is expected.

privacy, enclosures, research, espionage, guerilla warfare (springing out from a hiding place); dispersion, dissolution, private bedroom activities, hotels, hospitals, prisons, charity, imagination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, research, interior guidance, hallucination, ancestors, parallel lives, intuition , clairsentience, spiritual guidance, extra-terrestrial influences , distant worlds

[pada-1 Simha][pada-1 Simha]

[demonstrating, displaying, creative, artistic, glittering, confident, narcissistic, splendidly dramatic, gaming, romantic, political, entitled.]

[Urisha 10th-navamsha Career Reputation = treasures-pleasures-music-beauty luxury-cattle-ornaments-storage-food]

  • POTUS-01 American Revolution 1732-1799 George Washington inherited highly profitable slave-labor agricultural plantations. Using capital inherited from his well-known father, GW acquired even more properties from his wife POTUS-pair-01 tobacco 1731-1802 Martha Custis Washington. Most historians consider GW to have been the most capitalized POTUS of all time.

[pada-2 Kanya]

[Logistical, analytical, strategic, calculating, ministering, helpful, tactical, assisting, medicating, arguing, complaining, litigious, human services, seva. ]

[10th-navamsha Mithuna Career Reputation = mercantile, scripted, administrative, project-managing, media-messaging, announcing, writing-publishing, information delivery, radio, television, cinema, internet, advertising, data processing, ensemble production, manual skills, teamwork]

  • POTUS-41 All the Best 1924-2018 George H.W. Bush [Aryaman svamsha] Inherited capital from his financial-speculator father and passed this largesse to his children. Managed financial businesses. Filled public-facing government admin roles in detailed program planning, announcements, media, meetings.

  • 49th Nizari Ismaili Imam 1936- Agha Khan-4 Karim al-Husseini using capital inherited from his well-known father, KH developed a wide portfolio of investments. Known for his extraordinary treasury, extraordinary largesse, and ministry in healthcare. Capitalization from religious donations and properties inherited via paternal line.

[pada-3 Tula]

[negotiating, brokering, adjusting, equity, attorney, advocacy, accommodating, graciously arranging, pleasant, diplomatic, deal-making, trust-building, dithering, compromising, contractual, balancing, fair-deals, trade.]

[Karkata 10th-navamsha Career Reputation = agricultural, customary, fluctuating, border-defense, wall-builder, farmer, sustains a way-of-life, marine, protective, caretaking, ritualized-rhythmic, stays in the ancient ruts, building, property-owning, transport ]

  • POTUS-14 Bleeding Kansas 1804-1869 Franklin Pierce Using capital inherited from his well-known father, in retirement FP bought valuable properties throughout his home region [Karkata]. Using his attorney skills and POTUS reputation, FP secured a broad portfolio of farmland, residences, and businesses. He died as one of the most capitalized men in New England.


[transformative, identity-changing, mysterious, eruptive, shocking, penetrating, recycling, secret-keeping, revolutionary, healing, disguising, discovering, hidden-power.]

[Simha10th-navamsha Simha 10th-navamsha Career = political, theatrical, entitled, ceremonial, creative, idealistic, flamboyant, games, genius, romance, artistic performance, solar-energy, flamboyance, demonstrating, bright display]

Revati - Pausan ruled by Babbling Budha

Kanya = Budha's mūlatrikoṇa = 7th counted from Meena indriya-lagna

trusts, promises, vows, negotiations, business contracts, relationships, attraction * akarshana * alliance, bargain, deal, agreement, lyrical performance, expressive articulatory balance

[pada-1 Dhanus]

[ideological, dogmatic, doctrinal, pontificating, inspirational, optimistic, believing, principled, preachy, patronizing, patriarchal, sacerdotal.]

[Kanya 10th-navamsha Career = ministering, methodical, master of logical argumentation, assistive, accusing, complaining, analytical, aggrieved, medicating, ailing, helping, laboring..]

  • Wizard of Oz 1922-1969 entertainer Judy Garland [Purvashadha svamsha]

  • On Golden Pond 1937- drama-fitness Jane Seymour Fonda [Purvashadha svamsha] feminist anti-war champion

  • Photographer 1941-1998 vegetarian activist Linda Eastman McCartney [Purvashadha svamsha] animal-rights champion

[pada-2 Makara]

[class-conscious, hierarchical, ranked positioning, timeclock, pyramid, ages-and-stages, sober, architectural, governing, regulator, lawful, structural, stones-and-bones pragmatism.]

[Tula 10th-navamsha Career = brokering, contractual, alliance-building, diplomatic, equalizing, pleasant, musical, harmonizing, partnering, adjudicating, arranging, balancing, match-making, deal-making.]

  • Raag Khamaj 1920-2012 sitarist Ravi Shankar [Shravana svamsha]

[pada-3 Kumbha]

[systematic, gridworked, community-connecting, distributive, interlinked, socio-economic, networking, friendly, associative, goal-achieving.]

[Vrischika 10th-navamsha Career = undisclosing, dangerous, shocking, healing, penetrating, recycling, , explosive, identity-changing, mysterious, transformative, rejuvenating, evolutionary. May be called to leaderdhip during emergencies, dangers, or threats. ]

[pada-4 Meena]

[visionary, fantasizing, imaginative, conceptual, contemplative, privately guiding, interior, theoretical, diversifying, developing, inclusive, charitable.]

[Dhanus 10th-navamsha Career = preachy, pontificating, patronizing, inspirational, globalized, optimistic, expansive, believing, ideological, theological, philosophical, principled, indoctrinating. May be called to leadership in teaching of theory or ultimate belief. ]



  • Close to You 1950-1983 drummer-singer Karen Carpenter

  • " 9 to 5" singer-entrepreneur Dolly Parton

  • balladeer, dancer Jennifer Lopez

  • "Fleetwood Mac" balladeer, dancer Stevie Nicks

  • choreographer, dancer Martha Graham

Subba Row. (1881)." The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac" in Five Years Of Theosophy. George Robert Snow Mead (ed.). London. (1885, 1894).

" Mystical, Philosophical, Theosophical, Historical and Scientific Essays Selected from "The Theosophist" . Available at

" XII. Mina (or Pisces).

  • This word again is represented by 5 when written in numbers,

  • and is evidently intended to convey the idea of Pancha-maha-bhutam or the 5 elements.

The sign also suggests that water

  • ( not the ordinary water , but the universal solvent of the ancient alchemists)

is the most important amongst the said elements." [end quote]

Sanskrit Vocabulary for Meena

  • ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

Meena =

  • dolphin
  • fish

Matsya (matsa, maccha) =

  • a fish
  • figure of a fish
  • a partic. luminous appearance
  • 12th sign of the zodiac (Pisces)

  • name of a people and country which ... forms part of Brahmarshi
  • a king of the Matsyas
  • name of Virata (as having been found by fishermen, along with his sister Matsya or Satya-vati)

Timi =

  • a kind of whale or fabulous fish of an enormous size
  • a fish
  • the sign Pisces
  • figure of a fish produced by drawing two lines (one intersecting the other at right angles)
  • ocean
  • name of a daughter of Daksha (wife of Kasyapa and mother of the sea-monsters)


  • name of the last Nakshatra (Revatī - Pushana )
  • last sign of the zodiac, the sign Pisces.
  • last in place, in time, or in order
  • immediately following
  • the ninth; lowest in place or condition, undermost, inferior, belonging to the lowest caste
  • the number 1000 billions
  • the twelfth sign of the zodiac
  • the last member of a mathematical series

Properties of Meena Rashi


  • satva-guna (satvas = Truthful, pure and balanced) = " dual" sign = balanced

dvyAtmakagroup = "double-natured"

  1. Mithuna

  2. Kanya

  3. Dhanus

  4. Meena - Antya

Tattva *"that-ness ", element

  • jala tattva

(water element)

Lake-type Environments of Meena - many beautiful forested lakes are mirrors which previously contained monasteries serving as psychic communication bridge-portals Meena

  • basin * bath
  • pond * millpond
  • pool * Swimming pool * wading pool * reflecting pool
  • reservoir * tank
  • mere * marsh * moor
  • sluice * Spring
  • lake * loch * lagoon
  • tarn * corrie-loch
  • inlet * inland sea

Rashi owner

  • [Generous Guru] * Jupiter

Udhodaya group = rises with both the head portion and the tail portion

  • Meena = both pristho-daya (tail first) and shirsho-daya (head first)

  • Meena is the only Udhodaya rashi

General Suitability of Gems for Meena indriya-lagna
  1. Surya ratna = no-no-no. Surya = rogesha-6 and does not rules any other house

  2. Chandra ratna = yes-yes-yes. Chandra = vidya-pati-5 and does not rules any other house

  3. Mangala ratna = yes. Mangala = dhanapati-2 and Dharmesha-9

  4. Budha ratna = maybe, if Budha is also a favorable bhava-lord from Chandra, because Budha = bandesha-4 and yuvati-pati-7

  5. Guru ratna = yes, because Guru = the auspicious lagnesha and karmesha-10

  6. Shukra ratna = no-no-no . Shukra = bhratru-pati-3 and randhresha-8 .

  7. Shani ratna = no, because Shani = Vriddhi-pati-11 and ruler-of-12 . Shani bhukti benefit from Seva offered to those in cloister, such as enclosures of hospital, refugee camp, or prison. Particularly Seva aimed to help the enclosed (12) persons get started in gainful pursuits (11) or increase their social network (11). Blue sapphire is not good here but Selfless Service that is conscious, and lawfully structured will yield excellent results.

  8. Rahu-ratna = unknown, depends on Rahu's ruler

  9. Ketu-ratna = unknown, depends on Ketu's lord

There are exceptions to all of these general rules which are caused by the position of Chandra, the active Vimshottari time lords, and the native 's personal goals, inter alia.

Financial Bhava for Meena indriya-lagna

  1. Mangala-ruled Mesha Bhava-2 savings, conservation, capitalization, family assets, banking, treasure-chest, mani (jewels) animal herds, seeds, mobile valuables
  2. Chandra-ruled Karkata Bhava-5 gambling, stock market, creative finance, casino, venture capitalism
  3. Mangala-ruled Vṛścika Bhava-9 * dharmic perspective grants awareness of resources without the need to earn, save, insure, or gamble.
  4. Shani-ruled Makara Bhava-11 * profits, earnings, rents, royalties, dividends, bonus, commission, paycheck, salary, marketplace revenues, income, gain of social - material goals

Karaka agency significations of Meena

(this list adapted from Das ) Altars, nirvana, ambitions satisfied, not analytical, Mercury hates, Venus loves, auspiciousness, blessings, cessation of all efforts common, watery, female, equilibrium, finality, arrived, hermitages, holy shrines, intuitive, openness, karmas finished, Jupiterian, spirituality, lust is gone, love is pure, material connections absent, necessity has ended, nothing further, preservation, receptive, contemplating rivers, wells, tanks, fountains glory, fullness remains, meditation, peace, merging.

Raja Yoga for Meena indriya-lagna = Guru-Meena indriya-lagna

An exchange of Rashi between Karma's Lord and Lagna's Lord

will make the native associated with the king in a great manner.

~~ BPHS, Sarga-40, Sl. 13

QUOTATION ~~ BPHS, Sarga-5, Sl. 41

If the lord of the Lagna and the 10th exchange houses with each other

then they form a Raja Yoga.

They will confer high position, reputation and power.

General Traits of Meena indriya-lagna - Chandra-Meena

FRIENDS 11th-from = Natural Friendship Community-Economy-Sahangha

befriends "Makara or 10th" types:

  • the orderly and the rule-driven

  • the highly materially successful

  • the status-conscious and reputable

  • the highly regulated and observant practitioners

  • law-givers and law-followers; bureaucrats, legislators

  • executive decision-makers

  • the boss and the top-ranked

  • those of high position and conservative authority

  • the hierarchically oriented

those disconnected (12th-from) with networking and distribution of opportunity;

In general, most of Meena's friends have some association with governing bodies at the international and national and regional level. Meena prefers reputable, socially pragmatic friends who work steadily toward the realization of material goals.

Two Worlds

Like Pushan the Ferryman , the Meena native is constantly traveling between two worlds :

  • the adult world + the child world,

  • the material world + the astral world,

  • the inner world + the outer world.

One possesses a natural affinity for children, teaching , and transactions which occur upon the bridge between the astral world and the material world.


Munising in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan USA in the autumn season

Marriage challenges

Meena in lagna or Chandra lagna faces a special set of marriage challenges.

  • kalatrakaraka Shukra+ yuvati-pati-7 Budha = both enemies of lagnesha Guru.


Shukra = vikrama-pati+randhresha-8 from Meena\; the partner is often involved in secretive financial [Shukra] activities.

  • The partner may (seem to) invest a good deal of value [Shukra] in superficial conversation and repetitive, scripted daily mental routines.

  • bhratru-pati-3 problematic mentalism = "tranquilized by trivia" reinforced by Guru's negative relationship to natural bhratru-pati-3 Budha (below).

Guru-Budha animosity = contempt or patronizing attitudes in marriage

  • Lagnesha (self) Guru tends to look down on Budha as a minor player, adolescent in behavior, restricted in view due to immaturity and excessive mentalization, not capable of wisdom-knowledge. Budha is seen by Guru as impressionable, short-attention-span, calculating but not comprehending, overly sexualized, frivolously chatty, and often quite annoying.

  • This dynamic can play out in marriage when the Guru-ruled native bonds with a Budha-ized spouse whose philosophical scope of awareness is rather limited and busy with superficial details [Budha].

  • The spouse characteristically has more interest in repetitive and commercial communications, which may annoy the broad-thinking, religiously comprehensive Guru identified Meena native, who may find Budha's constant, trivial calculating to be a colossal waste of time.

Mangala dhanapati-2 from Meena = Second marriage = Mesha

  • Mangala = friend of Guru

  • second marriage tends to be easier, albeit the overall signification of Shukra as karaka for partnership remains somewhat problematic regarding financial secrecy (8) and superficial business orientation within relationships

Leadership Capacity and Style

  • karmesha-10 = Guru

  • yuvati-pati-7 (10th-from-10th) = Budha

Leadership and lawful management of hierarchical social structures is benefitted by Guru's broad and inclusive outlook on life. Life is larger than work, larger than social customs and public approval, and larger than any single era of history.

the native creates an executive culture of optimism and inclusiveness, tending toward a priestly or professorial role. The spirit of the law is emphasized more than the letter of the law; thus punitive actions are rare and some exceptions or loopholes are tolerated. Less capable contributors may receive a share in the rewards . Imprecise but charitable application of rules and acceptance of diverse opinions under a general umbrella of broad principle.

Generally this leader creates a philosophically minded and educationally oriented environment which is appreciated by most underlings; but there is always the possibility that if Guru is not well placed a certain capricious orthodoxy or ostentatious piety can replace the reliable, impersonal, neutral, one-law-for-all-people regularity of Shani. The native is better suited to lead global, higher-academic or religious institutions while less capable in parochial settings or government bureaucracies.

Budha activates 7-advising, counsel, peers

Consulting and advising relationships which form the spine of any leadership program are characterized by bantering Budha's logical analytical explanatory and descriptive style. The native gravitates toward conversational, discursive behavior that is verbalizing. In the modern age, one produces a steady stream of electronic communications supported by meetings and conferences. Team-work and peer relations are integrated and well-supported by the media messaging style. Content of messages is clear and coherent so long as Budha is well placed.

On the minus side, loyalty is an issue since accurate data is more important that human bonds. One may be perceived as somewhat fickle in lifetime advising relationships.; one tends to adjust the trust level within relationships to suit the data stream rather than filter out information that is not handled well in existing relationships.

For example if an older colleague has not kept up with new technological developments which are key to the leadership effectiveness, that colleague may find himself suddenly out of the loop no matter a historic relationship of decades. Budha can be ruthlessly logical.

Career and Vocation

The single most influential determiner of career and vocation = lord of 10th navamsha.

However, Because Surya is a karaka for career and public recognition, and Ravi = rogesha-6 for Meena indriya-lagna, the Meena native has some general tendency toward more modest public roles and professional leadership responsibilities within human service ministries (6).


  • clinical health care, nursing and domestic service,

  • management of jails and police stations, military and police professions,

  • social-work, helping professions, pastoral religious ministries of service to the exploited classes.

Practice of medicine and health education are particularly fortunate vocations for the Meena native.

Meena indriya-lagna: Friendly and Non-Friendly Domain Rulerships

domains with conflict between natural and temporal lord are marked in yellow

Bhava with lordship conflicts are inherently problematic and require conscious management

Meena indriya-lagna has no severe lordship conflicts


Natural Lord

temporal Lord


Natural Lord

temporal Lord


[Competitive Kuja]

[Generous Guru]


[Suave Shukra]

[Bantering Budha]


[Suave Shukra]

[Competitive Kuja]


[Competitive Kuja]

[Suave Shukra]


[Bantering Budha]

[Suave Shukra]


[Generous Guru]

[Competitive Kuja]



[Bantering Budha]



[Generous Guru]


[Sparkling Surya]






[Bantering Budha]

[Sparkling Surya]


[Generous Guru]



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