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Graha - Bhava - Amsha - Rashi

  1. [Mesha - Arya]
  2. [Vrishabha - Urisha]
  3. [Mithuna - Dvamdva]
  4. [Karkata - Kadaga]
  5. [Simha - Leya]
  6. [Kanya - Parthya]
  7. [Tula - Vanika]
  8. [Vṛścika - Thriketta]
  9. [Dhanus - Haya]
  10. [Makara - Draco]
  11. [Kumbha - Ghata]
  12. [Meena - Antya]

Karkata rashi contains three na-kshatra

  1. Punarvasu - Yamaka * pada-4

  2. Pushya - Sidhya * pada 1-2-3-4

  3. Aśleṣa - Naga * Pada 1-2-3-4


AUM som somaya namah

AUM hreem shreem chandraya namah

OM hrinayagrabhaye avyaktya rupine namah

OM Radha-Krishnaya Namah

कर्कटक karkaṭaka



कर्किट karkiṭa

कर्क karka






बिल्वक bilvaka

सदंशक sadaṃśaka




राशि names in numerous languages

Khepra (beetle)

Kalachang * Karchang


Karkinos * Kraft


sartan * as-sarataan

"Water seeks its own level."


The constellation of Cancer from Richard Dibon-Smith

nakshatra names in red by BP Lama

Punarvasu - Yamaka + Pushya - Sidhya + Aśleṣa - Naga

Regional Names for Karkata
  • Karkataka * Karka * Karki * Kark

  • Kadaga * Kadakam

  • Kazyapa

  • Kulira - Kuleera


  • Khepra (scarabis beetle)


  • Karchang (old Kalachang)

Greek = Karkinos

Hindi: kark

German = kraft

English = crab

see also: Rashi names multilingual


Karkata rashi = a classroom of comfort-seeking Professor Chandra

rhythmic undulation, routine nourishment, protection, comfort, environment, home, security,

shelter, shell

roots, ruts, rhythms, rituals, routines.

topics in nourishment, sheathing, encapsulation, protective coatings, pathways of transport, anything watery, farming, shipping, pipelines.

Vimshottari Dasha general social-material effects for Karkata indriya-lagna

General Suitability of Sacred Jewels for Karkata indriya-lagna

12 bhava from Karkata indriya-lagna

9 graha Karkata indriya-lagna

Financial Bhava for Karkata indriya-lagna

Karkata indriya-lagna Friendly and Non-Friendly Graha Rulerships

The Weird Nodal Bhava Pair for Karkata indriya-lagna: bhava-5 and bhava-8

Public Figure Examples

Karkata - Kadaga specializes in roots, ruts, rhythms and routines.

  • Punarvasu-Aditya pada-4 = a natural philosopher may show the conflicts inherent in humanity's deepest roots.

  • Pushya- Sidhya pada 1-2-3-4= the ancient lawful governance hierarchies are stabilized and sustained through career responsibility.

  • Aśleṣa - Naga pada 1-2-3-4 may produce a significant writer, messenger, or craftsman who binds the psycho-mental turmoil to a fixed and grounded place.

Punarvasu-Aditya - Writers

ruled by Guru the Guide (Karkata Portion)

Guru's mūlatrikoṇa = Dhanus = 6th counted from Karkata

A remarkably expansive worldview, yet often conflicted, hypocritical actions due to the 6th-from angle exacerbating the unfriendly view of Brihaspati toward Earth-anchor Chandra.

High-minded tenets, philosophical principles, ideology, catechesis, and theory [Guru]. Paradigmatic viewpoint toward homes and housekeeping, schooling, nourishment, security, patriotism, and protection of the root culture.

Grounded into the place of settlement and may express the inbred conflicts of one's people. Expression of the philosophy tends to produce 6th-from results such as

  • customary inequity
  • routinely unfair agreements
  • adversarial parenting
  • emotional illness
  • liquid addiction
  • patriotic war
  • ethnic accusations
  • habitual blaming
  • treason - treachery - betrayal
  • aggrieved divorce
  • insecure ministries of service
  • abusive medical care
  • protected servitude
  • caretaking injustice
  • unbalanced domestic pairs
  • household crime
  • dominant-subordinate relationships
  • master-slave alliance

Punavasu-4 is a curious and unique individual pada which is often characterized by

  • local-scale [Chandra] exploitation of marginalized subjects, conflict, betrayal, treachery, or crime
  • along with global-scale [Guru] humanistic viewpoints expanding the higher principles of theory, wisdom, and paradigms of belief.

[pada-4 Karkata] [defensive, nationalistic, rhythmic-algorithmic, worshipping, protective, customary, ritualized, routinized, rutting, tidal, moody, habitual, parental, cultural-agricultural, householding.] [Mesha 10th-navamsha Career = championship, engineering, first-arriving, invasive, weaponizing, fighter, pioneering, muscular, dynamic, energetic, pushy, conquesting, innovative, fiery, new-birth.]

Usually Writers .

  • UK-PM Finest Hour 1874-1965 Winston Churchill [Aslesha svamsha] [defense of the settlement] 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature

  • Green Mile 1947- horror-fiction Stephen King [Aslesha svamsha] [familiar routines]


Pushya the Hierophant

ruled by legitimating Shani the Regulator

Shani's mūlatrikoṇa * Kumbha 8th counted from Karkata

structured and lawful approach to occult knowledge, hidden origins, eruptions of force, disaster, revolution, catastrophic divorce or death of partner, hidden liaison, Conditions of dematerialization,

sudden upheaval, unexpected changes, surgery, self-reinvention, rejuvenation, "born again" transformation, guerilla warfare, secret treasuries of valuable goods and knowledge


[pada-1 Simha] [demonstrating, displaying, creative, artistic, glittering, confident, splendidly dramatic, gaming, romantic, political, entitled.] [Urisha 10th-navamsha Career = treasures, pleasures, wines, music, beauty, luxury, face-eyes-mouth, finance, capitalization, evaluation, assessment, pricing, hoarding, genetics, breeding, cattle, memory, knowledge, speech-song, tradition, ornaments, storage, food.]


[pada-2 helping-calculating Kanya] [Logistical, analytical, strategic, calculating, ministering, helpful, tactical, assisting, medicating, arguing, complaining, litigious, human services, seva, scandal.] [Mithuna 10th-navamsha Career = mercantile, scripted, administrative, project-managing, media-messaging, announcing, writing-publishing, information delivery, radio, television, cinema, internet, advertising, data processing, ensemble production, manual skills, teamwork]


[pada-3 Tula] [negotiating, brokering, adjusting, equity, attorney, advocacy, accommodating, graciously arranging, pleasant, diplomatic, deal-making, trust-building, dithering, compromising, contractual, balancing, fair-deals, trade.] [Karkata 10th-navamsha Career = agricultural, customary, fluctuating, border-defense, wall-builder, farmer, sustains a way-of-life, marine, protective, caretaking, ritualized-rhythmic, stays in the ancient ruts, building, property-owning, transport ]

[pada-4 Vrischika] [transformative, identity-changing, mysterious, eruptive, shocking, penetrating, recycling, secret-keeping, revolutionary, healing, disguising, discovering, hidden-power. Simha 10th-navamsha Career = political, theatrical, entitled, ceremonial, creative, idealistic, flamboyant, games, genius, romance, artistic performance, solar-energy, flamboyance, demonstrating, bright display]


Aśleṣa = ruled by Budha the Announcer

Budha's mūlatrikoṇa = Kanya bhava-3 =

communicative and argumentative approach to writings, declarations and announcements, reports, criminal defense, radio-television-cinema-video-internet, publishing, plans, pamphlets,

propaganda , lyrics, hooks , jingles, slogans, sayings, spells, incantations, conversations, media publications, argumentation, administration, logical process, conversations, small-group process, teamwork, manufacturing, mentality, management.


pada-1 Dhanus] [ideological, dogmatic, doctrinal, pontificating, inspirational, optimistic, believing, principled, preachy, patronizing, patriarchal, sacerdotal.] [Kanya 10th-navamsha Career = ministering, methodical, master of logical argumentation, assistive, accusing, complaining, analytical, aggrieved, medicating, ailing, helping, laboring..]

  • Israel-PM 1898-1978 Our Strength Golda Meir [Mula svamsha]


[pada-2 Makara] [class-conscious, hierarchical, ranked positioning, timeclock, pyramid, ages-and-stages, sober, architectural, governing, regulator, lawful, structural, stones-and-bones pragmatism. ] [Tula 10th-navamsha Career = brokering, contractual, alliance-building, diplomatic, equalizing, pleasant, musical, harmonizing, partnering, adjudicating, arranging, balancing, match-making, deal-making.]


  • POTUS-31 Challenge to Liberty 1874-1964 Herbert Hoover [Dhanistha svamsha]

[pada-3 Kumbha] [systematic, gridworked, community-connecting, distributive, interlinked, socio-economic, networking, friendly, associative,

goal-achieving.] [Vrischika 10th-navamsha Career = undisclosing, dangerous, shocking, healing, penetrating, recycling, , explosive, identity-changing, mysterious, transformative, rejuvenating, evolutionary. ]

  • POTUS-12 California Statehood 1784-1850 Zachary Taylor [Dhanistha svamsha]

  • Germany-Nazi 1889-1945 Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler [Dhanistha svamsha]

  • Louisiana-Gov 1893-1935 Kingfish Huey P. Long [Dhanistha svamsha]

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald J. Trump [Dhanistha svamsha]


[pada-4 Meena] [visionary, fantasizing, imaginative, conceptual, contemplative, privately guiding, interior, theoretical, diversifying, developing, inclusive, charitable.] [Dhanus 10th-navamsha Career = preachy, pontificating, patronizing, inspirational, believing, ideological, theological, philosophical, principled, indoctrinating. ]

  • POTUS-03 Declaration of Independence 1743-1826 Thomas Jefferson [Uttarabhadra svamsha]



BPHS Properties of Karkata Rashi

" [They] have a heavy body, slender limbs and powerful claws.

  • The upper portion of their body is generally large. In later age they get a prominent abdomen.

  • They walk with a rolling gait.

  • Their stature is generally short.

The persons with this Lagna are changeable like the Moon, the lord of this lagna.

  • Like the Moon their life is full of tides and ebbs (ups and down).

  • They are often emotional and over-sensitive and also sympathetic.

  • They are timid at one time and courageous at other time.

In public life, they are generally successful and are also able to achieve honors and wealth.

  • They are fond of home and family comforts.

  • The married life of persons of this lagna is generally unhappy." [end quote]

QUOTATION BPHS Sarga-4, 10-11

" The Rashi Karkata is pale-red.

  • It resorts to forests and represents Brahmins.
  • It is strong in nights.
  • It has many feet ( it is a centipede Rashi) and has a bulky body.
  • It is Sattvic in disposition (seen in gods) and it is a watery Rashi.
  • It rises with its back and is ruled by Chandra."

Vocabulary for Karkata
  • from ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

Karka =
  • "white
  • good, excellent
  • a white horse / a white mare
  • a crab
  • a water-jar
  • fire
  • sign of Cancer
  • a mirror
  • a younger brother of the father
  • beauty"

T. Subba Row. (1881)."The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac" in Five Years of Theosophy. George Robert Snow Mead (ed.). London. (1885, 1894).

" Mystical, Philosophical, Theosophical, Historical and Scientific Essays Selected from"The Theosophist" . Available at

" IV. Karkataka

When the syllables are converted into the corresponding numbers, according to the general mode of transmutation so often alluded to in Mantra Shastra, the word in question will be represented by ////.

This sign then is evidently intended to represent the sacred Tetragram; the Parabrahma-dharaka;

the Pranava resolved into four separate entities corresponding to its four Matras;

  • the four Avasthas indicated by Jagrata (waking) Avastha, Swapna (dreaming) Avastha, Sushupti (deep sleep) Avastha, and Turiya (the last stage, Nirvana) Avastha (as Yet, in potentiality)
  • the four states of Brahma called Vaiswanara, Taijasa (or Hiranyagarbha), Pragna, and Iswara, and represented by Brahma, Vishna, Maheswara, and Sadasiva
  • the four aspects of Parabrahma, as Sthula (gross), Sukshma (subtle), Vija (seed), and Sakshi (witness)
  • the four stages or conditions of the Sacred Word , named Para, Pasyanti, Madhyama and Vaikhari; Nadam, Bindu, Sakti and Kala.

This sign completes the first quaternary."

Financial Bhava for Karkata indriya-lagna

  1. Surya-ruled Simha Bhava-2 savings, conservation, capitalization, family assets, banking, treasure-chest, mani (jewels) animal herds, seeds, mobile valuables
  2. Mangala-ruled Vṛścika Bhava-5 gambling, stock market, casino, venture capitalism
  3. Guru-ruled Meena Bhava-9 * dharmic perspective grants awareness of resources without the need to earn, save, insure, or gamble.
  4. Shukra-ruled Urisha Bhava-11 * profits, earnings, rents, royalties, dividends, bonus, commission, paycheck, salary, marketplace revenues, income, gain of social - material goals

Karkata indriya-lagna Career * profession public reputation vocation

householding, farming, and defense of the ethno-cultural routines.

Although the 10th navamsha and its ruler must be considered in any profile of career, generally most Karkata nativities have some career pattern that matches Mesha themes of independent action, animal nature, innovation, invention, initiative, competition, championship, combustibility, engineering, engines, ingenuity, movement, dynamism, energetics, warriorship, blood, muscle, pushing, new birth, new starts, embodiment and the fleshbody.

Mangala must be located and assessed in order to begin the career profile.

However other factors are also important in identifying the main leadership and public duty roster.

  • It cannot be overemphasized that the 10th navamsha and the behavior of the ruler of the 10th navamsha within the radix are also leading predictors. The factors of career must be synthesized to produce a prediction.

Nevertheless, a broad tendency for Mesha natives is to drive [Mesha] careers in novel, pioneering, energy-pushing areas that contain leadership duties designed to maintain the social order (10).

Riding-Driving-Propelling = Mangala

Due to the forward-impelled dynamic energy conferred by [Yogakaraka] Mangala, ruler of 5-and-10, the Karkata-born are often gifted in matters of driving and steering.

They may excel in captaining ships, riding horses and elephants, piloting airplans, conducting trains, driving transport vehicles, and operating all manner of moving apparatus - from cruise-ships to canoes.

[Mangala-Mithuna] [Mangala in bhava-12] [Kuja-yuti-Budha]

  • UK-Duke-Edinburgh 1921-2021 Philip Mountbatten was known as capable commander of navy warships, a champion carriage-racing driver, and a man who insisted [Kuja] on driving his luxury car until the age of 97.

Women - Shukra

Mangala representing testosterone and masculine thrusting energy in general, Karkata feminine nativities may be challenged to promote their careers in male-dominated Mesha environments.

Certain professions are generally more welcoming of Karkata women, such as muscular performing arts in dance or fashion modeling, or vigorously active military-engineering positions.

The short answer is that Karkata-born feminine figures may more often need to contend with competitive, dominating masculine figures in the career space (10) and the artistic performance space (5). However when Kuja is empowered, Karkata ladies may be exceptionally successful in performing arts

[Revatī-Mangala-Meena] [Mangala in bhava-9] [Kuja-yuti-Guru] [Kuja-yuti-Chandra]

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie . Internationally [9] famed [9] actress, daughter of a similarly celebrated actor-father. The usual [karako bhavo nashto] caveat applies to the father.

Patterns of Bhava-10 Profession

Careers in Mangala-related industry are most probable for the Karkata nativity. It is important to assess the rashi-bhava-drishti situation of Professor Kuja to fine-tune any predictions.

Mangala-ruled karma-sthāna-10 may favor careers in fuels and engines, energy and propulsion. Karkata folk can be influential leaders in newly identified areas and are often found governing energy-product hierarchies.

  • Franc-Pres 1977- financier Emmanuel Macron [Chandra-10 parivartamsha Kuja-1-nīcha] Macron advocates development of new fuels. EM invited global scientists to live in France while they are working on new energy resources.

Combining the Karkata-lagna impetus toward defense of the root-culture and protection of the boundaries of the place of settlement, Mesha-ruled karma-sthāna is particularly inclined toward maritime [Old Pathways Karkata] military weaponry [Mesha] and defense careers. Success in military invasion, forceful explorations, weaponry, engineering, surgical tools, driving, diving, drilling, plumbing, plowing, hunting, excavating, explosives.

Karkata nativities also lead in Mangala-related fields such as start-ups, inventions, dynamic social change initiatives, and the institutional governance of these sectors.

Mangala also produces new ideas at the conceptual level. Thus professional scientists, literary writers producing a surprising new view of human nature, and other innovators of culture may be found with Karkata indriya-lagna. Most (but not all) of the ingenious writers have Aśleṣa lagna.

  • POTUS-03 Declaration of Independence 1743-1826 Thomas Jefferson * Punarvasu (philosophy, doctrine)

BPL commentary KARKATA nativity

Generally, Karkata folk are the guardians of the Earth. Even the syllable 'ea' means water (in the Annunaki tongue from which the name Earth is derived). The

Chandra-ruled Karkata nativities are typically very sensitive to matters of security and protection, which makes them distinctively patriotic and boundary-conscious; disliking of change; deeply attached to the comfortable habits; loyal to the parents; and defensive of the cultural roots.

Schooling, Securing, Shielding, Sheltering and Sustaining

Patriotism, Protectionism, Parenting, Policing

They are the gardeners, the defenders, protectors of the vulnerable, the water-and-irrigation managers, the parental caretakers, the police, the patriots, the sheltering and nourishing security specialists. Easily respond to any call to defense of the land and its denizens (animals too); yet rarely offensive. They prefer the quiet routines of life in the place of origin.

Deeply parental in attitude, they are localists by nature, environmentalists, farmers and fisher-folk, profoundly attuned to the rhythms of the seasons, the ocean tides, and the soothingly predictable cycles of family life. Their roots go deep into the place of settlement.

Often, the first lifepartner can be chronologically elder to the native. Shani activates Time.

11th-from = Natural Friendship Community-Economy

befriends Urisha types

the knowledgeable

financially privileged, beautiful, and luxury-loving; the conservators and the curators;

herders and hoarders

those with an interest in speech voice, face, teeth, mouth, hair, facial attributes;

The treasurers : the acquisitive and the hoarding; accumulators of collections of value in art, music, history, and languages;

gatherers and harvesters; storage-makers; the collection-oriented

those detached (12th-from) fast communication, getting new information, or commercial businesses details [Mithuna]

General Suitability of Gems for Karkata indriya-lagna

  1. Surya ratna = no, because Surya = dhanapati-2 and does not rules any other trinal house

  2. Chandra ratna = yes! because Chandra = the auspicious lagnesha

  3. Mangala ratna = yes - because [Yogakaraka] Mangala = vidya-pati-5 and karmesha-10

  4. Budharatna = no-no-no because Budha activates 3 and 12

  5. Guru ratna = yes normally, but not if there are significant health issues and not if there is threat of divorce, because Guru = rogesha-6 and Dharmesha-9

  6. Shukra ratna = possibly yes, possibly no - because Shukra = bandesha-4 and Vriddhi-pati-11 (will depend on Shukra's house's counted from Chandra)

  7. Shani ratna = no-no-no - because Shani = maraka ruler of 7 + randhresha-8

  8. Rahu-ratna = unknown, depends on Rahu's ruler

  9. Ketu-ratna = unknown, depends on Ketu's lord

KARKATA Lagnesha Chandra

Identifies with Familiar environments, security, folkways, Ethnicity, Homeland, Land-ownership, oceans, Mother, Parents

Karkata indriya-lagna or Karkata Chandra = strongly identified with the parents, particularly the mother, and with the social behaviors of parenting.

One may be socially most comfortable in the parenting role and in company of other parents, and may prefer the social environments of traditional, intuitive habitual non-literate cultures.

Karkata natives are typically very patriotic, but not in a separative or warlike way. Rather, they see the family as the basis of all society (rather than the economy, or government, or religion, or education).

Comfortable on the sea and naturally fitted to the mariner's lifestyle.

  • UK-Duke-Edinburgh 1921-2021 Philip Mountbatten served in the British Navy in a variety of roles during most of his life. With Chandra-Karkata rising in the Karkata indriya-lagna, Philip loved the sea-going life.

A highly developed Chandra (Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie ) may carry this family-basis sensibility to the highest ranks of world culture, but the native will typically define oneself not according to the rank but according to the in-common role of mother or father.

For Karkata indriya-lagna, the character, placement, drishti WRT impressionable, moody lagnesha Chandra will determine the conditions of emotional satisfaction.

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie while enjoying very public, high visibility careers, is a mothers to a large family and shares a public profile of preferring the mother role to other social duties.

The Weird Nodal Bhava Pair for Karkata indriya-lagna: bhava-5 and bhava-8

The pair of domains which are afflicted by association with the trinity : Rahu-Ketu and Shani and Mangala.

These are the two domains which are controlled respectively by

  • Vṛścika co-ruled by Professor Mangala and his co-ruler Professor Ketu

  • Kumbha * Professor Shani co-rules with Professor Rahu

Conditions involving (5) divine creativity (including children and wealth from speculation) configured with one's in-laws (8) and the shared wealth of marriage (particularly indicates inheritances) are likely to be highly complex, drawn out, conflicted, and psychologically challenging.


Raja Yoga for Karkata indriya-lagna

Chandra + Mangala-Karkata indriya-lagna

  • " An exchange of Rashi between Karma's Lord and Lagna's Lord will make the native associated with the king in a great manner. ~~ BPHS, Sarga-40, Sl. 13

  • If the lord of the Lagna and the 10th exchange houses with each other then they form a Raja Yoga. They will confer high position, reputation and power." ~~ BPHS, Sarga-5, Sl. 41

Pushkara Navamsha within Karkata Rashi

Punarvasu - Yamaka = pada-4 = 00deg00' Karkata until 03deg20' Karkata = Karkata navamsha

Pushya - Sidhya = pada-2 = 06deg40' Karkata until 10deg00' Karkata = Kanya navamsha

Pushkara Bhagya Degree of Karkata

  • 7th degree of Karkata

KARKATA Qualities and Attributes


  • satva-guna - satvas * truthful, pure and balanced

niza-bala group

  1. Mesha

  2. Vrishabha
  3. Mithuna
  4. Karkata
  5. Dhanus
  6. Makara

tattva= " that-ness " , element(

  • jala tattva water element

Rashi Owner

  • Chandra * Moon, Ma, La Lune, Somana

pRshthodaya group= " rising from behind" tail-first

  1. Mesha
  2. Vrishabha
  3. Karkata
  4. Dhanus
  5. Makara

Karkata dislikes = generalizations

6th-from-karkata = Dhanus = things to which Karkata is hostile

  • Karkata likes staying home in familiar surroundings and dislikes world travel for purposes of learning [Dhanus]
  • Karkata likes home security (4) and dislikes the global expansion (9)
  • Karkata likes local ethnic folk customs and established cultural norms and dislikes the broader international viewpoint (9)
  • Karkata likes simple and absolute tribal ethics and dislikes both compassion and sacred texts (9)


Karkata loves all care-givers (4) but between the two parents, Karkata prefers the maternal figures (4)

  • Karkata likes the cool ocean breezes and dislikes the hot dry open plains where the archers practice shooting (9)
  • Karkata likes safety and security and dislikes adventure
  • Karkata likes protective shelter and dislikes roaming
  • Karkata likes to guard boundaries and fears the threat to fixed folk customs and established cultural norms posed by travel and higher learning
  • Karkata likes the protective emotions and dislikes philosophical thought
  • Karkata likes foundational, cultural-indoctrination schooling and dislikes conceptual, university level of inquiry
Special yoga conditions for Karkata indriya-lagna =

from B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations =

16.Vesi Yoga - Subha-vesi


  • If planets other than the Moon occupy the 2nd from the Sun, Vesi Yoga is formed.

  • Results: The person will be fortunate, happy, virtuous, famous and aristocratic.


  • ... If the Sun is exalted, Lagna being Cancer and Subhavesi is caused by the presence of Venus in Taurus and both the Sun and Venus are inherently strong, then in spite of the fact that both the Sun and Venus are natural enemies the Yoga becomes supremely powerful and almost all the good results attributed to it would find full play when the Dasa and Bhukthi of the two planets operate.

  • Obviously, if more than one planet causes the Yoga, one of the planets being a malefic, say Saturn, the good influences have to be sufficiently moderated."

Karkata indriya-lagna Friendly and Non-Friendly Domain Rulerships

Karkata indriya-lagna produces some extremes.

Note that bhava-3 and bhava-9 are especially harmonious with natural and temporal lordship matched;

while bhava-5 and bhava-11 also enjoy high compatibility of the bhava-pati.


Natural Lord

Temporal Lord


Natural Lord

Temporal Lord











Kuja co-rulerKetu

Shani co-ruler Rahu















Kuja co-ruler Ketu


Shani co-ruler Rahu









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