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Citrine Ring


Guru Ratna

दैवेज्य  daivejya [sacred to Guru]

Yellow Sapphire

 Yellow Topaz

 Yellow corundum

Jewels for Jupiter

Guru = malefic or benefic?

when the gem has no effect, Seva will help


  Sanskrit Names for Topaz/Topash

गुरुरत्न gururatna
मञ्जुमणि ma˝jumaṇi
पीत pīta
पीतमणि pītamaṇi
पीताश्मन् pītāśman
पीतस्फटिक pītasphaṭika
पुष्प puṣpa
पुष्पराग puṣparāga
सोमालक somālaka
वाचस्पतिवल्लभ vācaspativallabha

Sanskrit Names for Amber

तृणमणि  tṛṇamaṇi 
शूकापुट्ट śūkāpuṭṭa

Regional Names for Guru-ratna
  • English: Yellow Sapphire
  • Hindi: Pukhraj
  • Urdu: Asphar
  • Arabic:
  • Persian: Yakoot
  • English: Hyacinth. In medieval Europe all yellow stones of East Indian origin were called "hyacinth" (after the yellowish-white fragrant flower). In modern times, hyacinth indicates only one type of precious stone, the yellow zircons
Uparatna = Secondary Gemstones for Chandra
  • More Affordable but weaker

Citrine = sunela, soonelya (Hindi)



QUOTATION Mani Mala, Part II, 65.

"The (yellow) topaz is sour, cool, and curative of abnormal oxidation,

causes appetite,

and brings fame, wealth and wisdom."

from : Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon -


  • sacred to the planet Jupiter (topaz)


  • Brihaspati's jewel, topaz


  • A beautiful gem, topaz


  • the colour of butter and oil being yellowish)

  • yellow (the colour of the Vaisyas,

    • white being that of the Brahmans,

    • red that of the Kshatriyas,

    • and black that of the Sudras)

    yellow colour, a yellow gem, topaz

  • yellow pigment prepared from the urine of kine

  • Alangium Hexapetalum, Carthamus Tinctorius, Trophis Aspera

  • A yellow substance; gold; yellow ointment

pItamaNi - pItasphaTika - pItAzman

  • A yellow gem, topaz


  • A flower, blossom

  • the menstrual flux

  • A partic. disease of the eye, albugo

  • A spot on the nails and teeth

  • gallantry, politeness, declaration of love; a kind of perfume

  • the vehicle of Kubera

  • blooming, expanding

  • A topaz


  • flower-hued, a topaz

no Guru-ratna for

  • From Kumbha indriya-lagna , Brihaspati activates 2-11;
  • From Kanya lagna, Brihaspati activates 4-7;
  • From Mithuna lagna, Brihaspati activates 7-10

These nativities may be prescribed to wear a pushkaraja,"pukhraj" under certain circumstances.

Guru-ratna set in Gold may be prescribed, according to proper bhava-pati and karaka significations, to assist with all matters of expansive growth

  • fertility, acquisition of children and grandchildren ,

  • expansion and development of creative projects,

  • religious wisdom and access to spiritual teachings,

  • practice of compassion and broad-minded tolerance of diversity

  • meditation and expansion of intuitive consciousness ,

  • non-petitionary prayer and glorification of the Divine,

  • relations with priests and temple, ornaments and devices of public and private worship , ritual and liturgical practice,

  • relations with universities and professors,

  • undertaking a period of religious studies

  • hearing the call to sacred vocation, development of a contemplative lifestyle

  • reading of sacred texts , writing of spiritual books, discussions in the temple

  • inclusive , tolerant, humanistic philosophies

  • well being of the Father and the Guru,

  • seeking spiritual guidance, holy pilgrimage, world travel,

  • for women: blessings upon the first husband

  • acceptance of all life forms, anything that expands and multiplies, open-mindedness, open-heartedness, generosity, good humor and laughter , delight in diverse expressions of the truth, and saintly behaviors

  • acts of charity and selfless service (Seva)

  • all things cheerful, optimistic, child-positive, golden-aurum-auric-aurange-orange , abundant, fertile, and large

Guru = malefic or benefic?

QUOTATION from B.V. Raman, Three Hundred Important Combinations .

(10th ed., Delhi, 1991, 1947).

"Malefics, Sukha-graha, and Neutrals " p. 6


Benefic as ruler of 2 and 5 for Scorpionis,

Neutral as ruler of 1 and 4 for Sagittarius,

Malefic as ruler of 2 and 11 for Aquarius,


Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 105-108

" Yellow Sapphire is the gem stone ruled by Jupiter. ... The colour of Jupiter is yellow and Yellow Sapphire is the appropriate gem stone for him.

  • Yellow Sapphire will prove useful and beneficial to the natives of the birth charts in which Jupiter rules auspicious houses. It should not be worn by the native s of the birth charts in which Jupiter rules the 6th, 8th and 12th houses without the lordship simultaneously of a trine.


  • Yellow Sapphire should always be got. set in a gold ring on a Monday or Thursday.

  • The weight should not be less than three carats.

  • It should not be of 6, 11 or 15 carats.

  • After observing the usual rituals and reciting the following mantra 108 times, the ring may be worn in the ring finger of the right hand on a Thursday morning of the bright half of the lunar month.

Aum brim brihaspataye namah

  • The substitutes for Yellow Sapphire are Yellow Pearl, Yellow Zircon, Yellow Tourmaline, Topaz and Citrine (Quartz Topaz).

  • Important: Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Gomedha, and Cat's Eye should never be worn with Yellow Sapphire."

For all remedial gemstones, be sure to cleanse the stone energetically with extreme attention to proper mantra.

Flawless gems are expensive and hard to find. Use only a trusted Vedic-trained gemologist. It might be easiest to start with single gem and combine them as your finances allow.


Dr. G.S. Kapoor (1994, p 91)

" It is very important for all gem stones that before wearing them they should be kept immersed for sometime in unboiled milk or Ganges water.

  • Afterwards the stones should be worshipped with flowers and incense,

  • and the Mantras of the planets should be recited 108 times."

Word to the Wise re:"Cheaper Alternative" ratna Citrine


" Treatments and Pricing: There are some gemstones that would not even exist if it were not for simple heating and heating with flux treatments.

  • The abundance of citrine, in shades of yellow, gold and orange is the result of heat-treating amethyst.

  • Naturally occurring citrine is quite rare in nature. If it was not for treatments, the stone would be far more expensive than it is!"


- Planet


- Gemstone




Secondary Gemstone

(More Affordable but weaker)

How to Wear the Gem

Possible Benefits

[Guru] [Jupiter]



Pushparaga / Pushparaja

Vascapati vallabha

English: yellow sapphire

Hindi: pushkaraja, pukhraj



yellow (golden) topaz

yellow beryl (heliodor)

yellow tourmaline

citrine (yellow quartz)

Set in gold.

Place on the index finger of the right hand,

on a Thursday, within an hour of sunrise.

Chant Guru mantra.

"aum brim brihaspataye namah"

  • 108 times

may help to adjust or reduce liver, fatty, or congestion problems - if warranted.

Not good for Tula indriya-lagna unless Chandra occupies Dhanus or Meena.


QUOTATION from ~~ Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 81:

YELLOW SAPPHIRE (pushkaraja,"pukhraj")

[BPL note: As Dr. Kapoor says "it has been believed"

 The Brahminical doctrine of social stratification and control has herein been overlaid upon the mineral kingdom.   The division of yellow-sapphires into four classes of white, rosy, yellow, and blackish is not supported in the classical commentary, but is rather a product of cultural practice.]"It has been believed that the pushkaraja,"pukhraj" belonging to the Brahmin class is white in colour,

  • the one of Kshatrya class is rosy,

  • the one of Vaishya class is yellow

  • and that belonging to the Shudra class has a blackish hue.

The pushkaraja,"pukhraj"assigned to and ruled by Jupiter is of yellow colour

  • and whatever class it belongs to,

  • it is used for getting the benevolent blessings of Jupiter.

An unblemished yellow Sapphire (which is often called Topaz)

  • gives the wearer, good health, wisdom. property, longevity, name, honours and fame.

The wearer is blessed with children and grand children.

It affords protection from evil spirits.

It is believed that if there are obstructions in getting a suitable match for a girl,

  • she gets married early by wearing a yellow Sapphire.

Blemished gem stones are the cause of many troubles.

  • A stone with cracks invites threats of theft.

  • One without lustre and transparency creates enemies and causes disharmony in the family.

  • Milky stone invites injuries to the body.

  • The one with a web causes stomach disorders.

  • The stone with black and white colours is harmful for the cattle of the wearer.

  • The one with red dots on it destroys wealth.

  • The stone with a depression causes anxiety and disturbs peace of mind."


How Readings Work] Sample Sacred Jewels Ratna Recommendation [Seva]

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