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the 1/16 Portion

Sixteenth Divisional [Harmonic] Chart

fruits of protective shelter, dwelling, sense of place, belongingness, location, ethnic customary rhythms

Vehicles * Vahana

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Caveat Emptor

* * Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time .**

Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.

However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleading, and should be ignored.


Sarga-7, shloka-8

" The bhava whose lord is in a benefic Shodashamamsha -10 will flourish."

Vocabulary for D-16

Vahana = "bearing, carrying, conveying, drawing

SoDazan = 16

KalA = 16

BPHS Sarga 6: Shloka-16.

  • Shodashamamsha -10 = Kalamsha

" Starting

  • from Mesha for a Movable Rashi,

  • from Simha for a Fixed Rashi

  • and from Dhanus for a Dual Rashi,

the 16 Shodashamamsha -10 (16th part of a Rashi, of 1deg52min30sec)

are regularly distributed.

The presiding deities of these repeat in the order

  • Brahma,

  • Vishnu,

  • Shiva

  • and Surya

four times in the case of an odd Rashi.

It is reversed in the case of an even Rashi,

that these ruling deities are understood."

D-16 = Field of Psychic Expectation for Specific Matters of:

  • Vehicles

  • fruits = multiplicity = variety (11) of shelters (4)

  • 2-square * 5

What can be predicted?

What can be predicted?

  • benefits and non-benefits of vehicular transport

  • The ease, speed, and convenience of travel by land, sea, and air.

  • And also, the potential for accident and injury through vehicular travel, which is a consequence of imbalance-seeking-a-remedy (6) in the movement.

  • Covers all modes of non-pedestrian travel from camels and ox-carts to F-1 fighter planes and zephyrs. (See"working animals "also in bhava-6)

First, before looking into the D-16, check Shukra, bhava-4 radix, and bandesha-4 radix.

Sensual Shukra = Karaka for (the luxury of) vehicular conveyances

lagnesha Shukra in bhava-9 = teaching or preaching = may be an itinerant teacher or philosopher. One may not own a car, or even a donkey, if both Shukra and bhava-4 are weak. However, one may enjoy the pleasures [Shukra] of world travel (9) therefore opportunities for expression of the D-16's prognosis for vehicles = mainly in context of world-travel (outside one's region) which is nearly always by public conveyance - plane, train, bus, ship et-cetera.

Radix Bandhu bhava

  • shows the strength of physical grounding, how well one is in sync with the environment of the place . Even the moving place. This is primarily an emotional condition, not so much a condition of concentrated awareness as of intuitive coordination with the physical, social, emotional, and psychic environment.

  • bhava-4 indicates the stability of one's foundations in life = the basic security of the lifestyle and behaviors. When bhava-4 is stable (not necessarily luxurious, just stable!) the native will rarely experience major upsets in matters of shelter - fixed shelter or moving shelter

Radix bandesha-4

  • what is the angle from the bandesha-4 to its own bhava? Is the bandesha-4 in a friendly house? Any co-tenants? bandesha-4 indicates the same qualities as bhava-4, However, bandesha-4 goes out of the house to mix with others, so always check the"peer pressure" upon a bhava-lord to determine its final actions.

  • In the case of a pending car purchase+ bandesha-4 will help to decide whether one should buy a luxury car with pricey embellishments (which Shukra might crave) or stick with the basic model (Exempli gratia, a strict and austere Shani = bandesha-4 ) or rather put the car mani-money into savings and take the bus!

D-16 may reveal the up-side of an otherwise poor-looking planet.

The Jyotiṣika usually check the D-16 not only to ascertain akashic-memory pattern regarding vehicle s , but also to balance their spot judgment.

If that nichha condition for Professor Shani seems intuitively more subject to prolonged repetition of the key structural elements of the learning pathway-gifts (Usually, via constrictive drishti) than it appears, it probably is.

The D-16 will reveal the secret benefits of a planet if there are any and send the Jyotiṣika back to the radix in search of confirming positive aspects.

bhava-4 = shelters.

In addition to D-4 Chaturthamsha, d-16 Shodashamamsha -10 = another elaboration of details broadly contained in the 4th house.

  • Vehicles = a special form of shelter = the shell or shelter which protects one's tender flesh while the body is moving through space.

Shodashamamsha -10 is specific to vehicles and their good or bad effects.

  • Whether your vehicle is a lumbering elephant, ajeweled palanquin, acreaking oxcart or a luxury automobile - you will find the details in D-16.

It may be useful to study the D-16 when pondering a vehicle purchase, or making vehicle insurance choices.

Also, before embarking on a long or dangerous journey, prospects for adventure in vehicles should be considered.

Avoid superstition and anxiety while reading D-16

  • People may hesitant to travel by vehicle, since the opportunity for chaos during speedy movement does seem to increase proportional to the strength and speed of the vehicle. Psychically sensitive persons may be especially afraid of travel, and their anxieties may cause exaggeration of the significations of the D-16.

  • When the psychic grounding cord which attaches our Earth-bodies to the center of Earth becomes disconnected due to distraction or shock, psycho-physical body movement becomes irregular. The possibility to lose balance may result in an accident. Vehicle operators must check their psychic grounding cord along with checking lights, mirrors, brakes, and engine. However, we live in an age of constant and usually profitable travel.

  • While it is not sensible to allow negative readings of the D-16 to prevent travel, it is practical to add awareness of the D-16's situation to one's existing intuition. Of course, it is always a growth-challenge to separate Anxiety (fear of change) from intuition!

  • However, if there are suggestions in the D-16 pointing to some discomfort or even calamity while traveling by vehicle, and Yet, there are not other major Jyotisha concerns such as a time of serious injury or worse, then knowing about an accident or severe delay in advance can actually reduce worrying.

  • One can say: Oh, this was forecast - I shall wait out the inconvenience or distress, help others when possible, and know that this too shall pass.


I have a great desire to own a luxury automobile. I have had this desire since early in my life.

Yet, the circumstances of my life seem to prevent the acquisition of such a lovely and satisfying object.

Will I obtain the car of my dreams?

A: Namaste: About vehicles

Here is an evaluation process. Every Jyotiṣika has their own method, but there is some similarity of methods according to the practitioners' degree of adherence to the classical literature.

  1. Bandhusthāna-4

    Kinetic Kuja strong in bhava-5 in supportive company.

    Shukra = Luxmi = luxury occupies bhava-4 receiving drishti of blessed [uchcha] Guru from the house of Private Imagination (bhava-12).

    One may be able to manifest his imaginative dream of owning and operating a beautiful luxury automobile.

  2. D-16 = vehicles. Varga show more subtle, more astral, more refined = higher up levels of expectation which are essentially smaller thoughts nested inside of bigger thoughts.

D-16 reveals the presence of resistance to realizing the dream. Luckily, this Shani-structured, apparently mandatory resistance can be improved through self-awareness.

he astrological signature of the resistance is the presence of bandesha-4 Kuja in Kumbha indriya-lagna of the D-16.

In the hostile rashi of Kumbha, Kuja is oppressed by Shani-driven resistance or scarcity thinking .

About Varga Information

Varga characteristics reflect a more subtle astral patterning that is ultimately determinative: like the tiny water-spring which has the programming (destiny) to eventually become a great river.

  • It is the same with the human mind. Changes made to the small thoughts within one's total belief system, can yield huge material improvements through the"trickle down effect"

  • That tiny spring is not physically big or heavy like the full-grown river. At the source, it is fairly easy to redirect it. Yet, intentional changes made to a small originating and determinative thought can have massive"downstream" consequences ".

  • Changing the nature of that tiny spring can change the course of a great river!

  • With that awareness in mind, let us approach the study of varga charts with an interest in isolating some of the more subtle and mentally"manageable" thoughts that are more easily amenable to positive adjustment.

  • Expectations revealed at the varga level are purely thoughts and they are absolutely amenable to conscious control.

  • Resistance to Wealth and Well-Being

As many great philosophers have observed, poverty is a form of mental illness.

The cause of poverty is a systematic negative expectation that kicks in at every opportunity.

It is caused by victim mentality sustained by negative electro-magnetic initiating thoughts.

The negative thoughts when expressed in interior language will use words like should (guilt ) and"will-not" or"can not" (grief ).

  • When Shani is a dominant force in any nativity, the presence of guilt, grief, and fear are particularly strong. However, it is important to acknowledge that each native chooses the precise configuration of the graha at the time of birth. The choice of graha in the Jyotishavidya nativity

    reflects the person's clear and present spiritual intention to complete a program of transforming ignorance into wisdom. A central tenet of any wisdom program is the awareness and transformation of fear into acceptance, and

  • Note that radix bandesha-4 Kuja occupies a hostile rashi, the sign of Shani who is Kuja's bitter enemy. Kuja wants to drive forward (literally here since we are examining the topic of cars!) and Shani wants to stop Mangala at any cost. Shani's job is to prevent change, and the tool Shani uses to do the job is Fear. So, we see that at a higher level of mind there is a negative resistance thought, anon-permission thought, regarding personal vehicles. You do absolutely have the power to reverse this thought, but the D-16 exposes it for us in the Jyotisha view.

Beneficially, now it is known where the work needs to be done in order to clear the path of permission to allow you to possess the vehicle of your luxury dreams.

  • When you have time, it would be recommended to perform a close analysis of the D-16 to find out more about the terrain of subtle subconscious expectations regarding personal vehicles. Note that not only Kuja but also Budha and Chandra (the radix natural 4th lord) occupy Kumbha indriya-lagna .

  • Shani has tremendous influence, and much of it poses a significant learning challenge. Shanicarya = the satkona-pati = rogesha-6 = poverty, illness, and exploitation Shan = the King of Fear. Shani has way too much negative, scarcity-thinking power in the D-16 .

  • It will be necessary to move the subconscious fear and resistance into the field of consciousness in order to perform the"mental surgery" needed to eradicate (cut the root) of the negative expectations.


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