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Varga - Amsha






The 1/4 Portion

Fourth Divisional [Harmonic] Chart

/ fruits of the roots /

bhagya = bhaj



anything that splits into 4 = established = stable = table

portion of the entitlement

one's proper share in the overall fortune



"The Four Kumara"

four sons of Brahma who manifest as children

Caveat Emptor **Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time.**

Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.

However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleading, and should be ignored.

BPHS Sarga 6: Shloka-9 .

  • Chaturthamsha

"The Lords of the four Kendra from a Rashi

are the rulers of respective Chaturthamsha of a Rashi

commencing from Mesha.

Each Chaturthamsha is one fourth of a Rashi.

The deities, respectively, are

  • Sanaka,
  • Sananda,
  • Kumara
  • and Sanatana."

Sanskrit Vocabulary

  • ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon


  • relating to Bhaga
  • bhagya-yuga = the 12th or last lustrum in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years
  • the asterism of Bhaga Uttara-Phalguni
  • to be shared or divided, divisible
  • entitled to a share
  • lucky,
  • fortunate destiny (resulting from merit or demerit in former existences)
  • fortune, (esp.) fortune ,
  • luck, happiness, welfare
  • reward

D-4 Chaturthamsha = mirror image of bhava-4 and its ruler

  • property ownership-stewardship ,
  • ethnicity, ethnoreligion,
  • security,
  • attachment to an ancient way-of-life,
  • gardens, elemental spirits.

Confirmation of the characteristics of those sections of the Learning Pathway which require habitual rootedness in a terrestrial locality.

Look in D-4 for mirroring of the outcomes of the D-1 bandesha.

D-4 = Field of Psychic Expectation for Matters of

  • Security and Protection in a fixed place

  • owned-stewarded properties, School and Fixed Abode = House

Fruits (11) of the Roots (4)

  • profits from the habitual folk customs and cultural norms of a people, from upbringing given by the parents and caretakers

  • educational diplomas, obtainment of licenses, passing examinations

  • obtainment of a home-shelter, deeds of title to lands

  1. to determine the prognosis for material Luxury, [Laxmi] look first (of course) to all the effects upon dhana bhava, the 2nd house of treasuries and collections. bhava-2 does not yield information about electro-magnetic emotional or social security that comes from being rooted in a place, belongingness and shelter. bhava-2 only reveals the size and contents of the Treasury of Accumulated Values (either financial well-being or historical-linguistic knowledge).

  2. the house which defines and energizes wealth rooted to a fixed place sits in 3/11 angle to the cintamani * mani * money bhava: it is Bandhu bhava, the 4th foundational home and homeland, mother, basis, schooling, and the earthly place to which one is bonded-bound = roots.

  3. D-4 can confirm the character of graha which produce the foundational physical and cultural securities: look within the D-4 to confirm the actualization potency of karaka Chandra, the radix bandesha-4 , and bandesha-4 from Chandra.

  4. Examine Bandhu bhava in the radix. Will the radix 4th house generate the community support (11) and personal courage (3) necessary to realize its goals?

  5. Outcome depends on the relationship between the 3/11 houses, their rulers and their occupants .

  6. Once the radix 3/11 relationship is established, look for confirmation of the fruits of the 4th amsha in the fourth divisional chart: D-4/Chaturthamsha. Chaturthamsha reveals fine detail of how the results of mother's early training will manifest.

  7. The central result of mother's love and training being fortune for her children, we gain from Chaturthamsha (presuming an accurate birth time) a confirming level of detail regarding luxury, wealth, fortune s.

Predictions that can be partially confirmed via analysis of Chaturthamsha

/Overall happiness/ is a term often used for the D-4.

What is meant by happiness ?

In context of D-4 and its protector Chandra, happiness = physical roots, social stability, psychic grounding, and emotional security.

In particular, the D-4 can confirm the whether one may enjoy an environmentally sensitive and psychically rooted relationship to oneand#39 s earthly Place.

  • D-4 can confirm whether one will acquire earthly property and care for it, or otherwise receive the happiness of deriving from stewardship of earthand#39 s oceans and lands.

  • D-4 can confirm whether one may enjoy a strong cultural affinity to the peoples who occupy oneand#39 s birth place. The strength and prestige of the habits of the motherand#39 s culture can also be measured via D-4. Are the cultural mannerisms learnt from the mother and caretakers likely to benefit the native ? By practicing the manners learned in childhood, and fulfilling the behavioral expectations Do these folk customs and cultural norms form a stable foundation for social recognition and a secure place in the world?

Schooling - D-4 to the extent that it confirms security will confirm schooling. In a tribal village the schooling may be dance lessons from elders, or instruction in how to collect bee-honey from caves. In a big modern city the instruction will come from parents, then teachers, then professors and post-doctoral mentors. The quantity of security gained by learning the ropes and knowing what is expected of one will be the same.

D-4 assessment can assist query into whether the native will change residence. Transits through the D-4and#39 s bandhu bhava, or transits affecting the radix bandesha-4 within the D-4.

  • Caution: D-4 markers are secondary confirmations and not leading indicators of a move.

  • bhratru-pati-3 = 12th-from-4, or ruler-of-vyayasthana = sudden change of home, 8th-from-4-homebase = should be affected as a first indication of bhava-move, whether across town or as international emigration to another continent.

  • Going away to dormitory-school or leaving home for the first time can also be registered in D-4.


In traditional cultures where the bride leaves her home for the very first time in her life upon the occasion of her marriage followed by re-location to her husband's home, the D-4 is used as an indicator of timing of female marriage.

Also in those cultures (Exempli gratia, Tibetan) which have a provision for male-dowry, in the case of parents having only one child who is female, they will pay to have a boy married to their daughter and the boy then enters their home as a proxy son. For this situation the D-4 also indicates male marriage.

However, in the modern age, this utility of using D-4 as a marriage chart would seem to be fading.


  • D-4 seems to have some utility as a modern / re-location perspective / .

  • D-4 can be useful for seeing the modern changes of residence or up-rooting, such as going away to college or lifting off into space as an astronaut.


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