Raja Yoga

Viparita Raja Yoga

BPHS Raja Yoga

BV Rama Raja Yoga

QUOTATION ~~ Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon


  • A king, sovereign, chief or best of its kind


  • The quality of passion



  • Most varieties of Raja Yoga are based in bhava-5, the bhava of BRILLIANCE: royalty, celebrity, genius, theatre, children, and every expression of divine intelligence in human life.

  • Therefore Raja Yoga gives some variety of regal empowerment in the material world.

  • Raja Yoga can produce social status through intelligence, gamesmanship, mani * money, position, or other skill or attribute which gives one the ability to impress, command, or enchant others .

  • Raja Yoga which engages the karmesha-10 are a bit more soberly institutional, and these involve a heavier duty roster.

Like most material effects, Raja Yoga has a downside

One may become so enchanted with the temporary magic of the present incarnation that one forgets to attend to matters of future birth.

For example one with a great set of Raja Yoga combinations may mistreat others with apparent impunity. Doing evil seems to have no personal consequences for a very powerful person.

However, there certainly may be consequences, both psychologically in the current life and materially in a future life. Therefore, one blessed with Raja Yoga must be exceptionally carefully to apply one's powers judiciously. Ideally it can be realized that the empowerment entails serious responsibility to guide and care for others.

Most of the time, sadly, Raja Yoga encourages falling into a temporary bliss of ego-membrane indulgence, absorbing the praise and honor which attend social positions of power and glory. This surge of delight at being the charmed center of attention - a brilliant warrior, a decisive CEO - may be unaccompanied by sufficient understanding.

One's choices and their effects while holding the Raja Empowerment may have deep ramifications for the futures [plural].

Thus when a client asks about their purported;y fabulous Raja Yoga combinations, it is often advised to review the method of explaining these predictors.

Without the moral maturity necessary for true;y compassionate leadership, one who has earned a position of material power in the social hierarchy may cause narcissistic harm. Narcissistic energy is self-centered and lacks insight into its effect upon others.

Folks often have the impression that a Raja Yoga will make life easier, more satisfying, or more wonderful. However, this empowerment is like a pair of muscular champion horses that are pulling a grand chariot. The driver of the chariot is advised to be aware that when one's actions are energized, their effect upon others can have outsized impact.

In other words, Raja Yoga does not make life easier or automatically more rewarding. It takes more effort, because one's impact on others will be greater. Raja Yoga requires much more thoughtful awareness and consideration before taking action.


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