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Viparita Raja Yoga

[Harsha Yoga] [हर्ष - excitement, arousal] prevents crushing harm from criminal or polluted exploitations, instead reinterpreing the mistreatment into harmless useful service.

[Sarala Yoga] [सरल - straight, direct, easy] prevents unrecoverable harm from catastrophic upheavals, instead energizing the crisis into transformative rebirth.

[Vimala Yoga] [विमल - stainless, nothing -wrong] prevents permanent harm from imprisonment or isolation, instead expanding the inner guidance in contemplative peace.

QUOTATION - Vocabulary for Raja Yoga

  • Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon -


  • a king, sovereign, chief
  • best of its kind


  • turned round, reversed, inverted inverse or reverse motion
  • going backwards or in a reverse direction
  • being the reverse of anything acting in a contrary manner, opposite, contrary to
  • going asunder or in different directions, various, different
  • perverse, wrong, contrary to rule
  • adverse, inauspicious, unfavourable
  • false, untrue
  • a perverse or unchaste woman
  • acting in a contrary manner or perversely
  • contrary-minded, having a perverted mind or impaired mental faculties
  • contrariety, inversion, counterpart
  • inverted sexual intercourse
  • contrary Ayanaor progress of the sun from solstice to solstice


  • excitement, joy, pleasure, happiness

  • literally, 'erection'


  • straight [not crooked]

  • upright, sincere, candid, honest


  • stainless, spotless,

  • clean, bright, pure

Rules for Viparita Raja Yoga

Ruler of 6, must occupy bhava-8 or bhava-12

Ruler of 8 must occupy bhava-6 or bhava-12

Ruler of 12 must occupy bhava-6 or bhava-8

VRY does not apply

  • rogesha-6 in 6

  • randhresha-8 in 8

  • vyayapati-12 in 12

Other Traditions [not used by BPL]

Some authorities apply exceptions and exclusions

the rogesha-6 cannot be also lagnesha-1 , vidyapati-5, or dharmesha-9 .

  • Thus according to these authorities, naeither Shukra, budha, naor Shani can form a viparita raja yoga for the Urisha indriya-lagna.

the randhresha-8 cannot be also lagnesha-1 , vidyapati-5, or dharmesha-9

  • Thus according to these authorities, naeither Mangala, chandra nor Guru can form a viparita raja yoga for the Vṛścika indriya-lagna.

the Ruler-of-12 cannot be also lagnesha-1 , vidyapati-5, or dharmesha-9 .

  • Thus according to these authorities, naeither Shani, budha, naor Shukra can form a viparita raja yoga for the Kumbha indriya-lagna .

According to some authorities [not used by BPL]

in the dushthamsha wherein the Viparita Raja Yoga occurs [it can occur in 6, 8, or 12] no temporal pleasure-giver subhagraha can be present [no lagnesha-1 + vidyapati-5+ dharmesha-9]

According to some authorities [not used by BPL, see examples who rose to leadership in highly conflicted situations]

VRY does not work properly when there is a Parivartamsha yoga

between rogesha-6 and randhresha-8

  • USA Black Power 1925-1965 Nation of Islam Malcolm X [Budha-6-Mesha parivartamsha Kuja-8-Mithuna]

between rogesha-6 and vyayapati-12

between randhresha-8 and vyayapati-12

  • ]

In the opinion of these authorities [not used by BPL] the parivartamsha reinforces the rogesha-6 + randhresha-8 + Ruler-of-12 so that the dusthamsha-pati gets its negative powers restored.


B.V. Raman,Three Hundred Important Combinations. [10th ed., delhi, 1991). Originally published 1947. "

Definition. lords 6th, 8th, 12th occupying

will give rise to Harsha Sarala Vimala Yogas respectively.


Harsha makes one fortunate, happy, invincible, physically strong, wealthy, famous and afraid of sinful deeds.

One born in Sarala becomes long-lived, fearless, learned, aterror to enemies, celebrated and prosperous.

Vimala renders the person frugal, happy, independent and possessed of ennobling qualities.


These three yogas furnish us with a clue as to how lords of dushthamshas by occupying dushthamshas can overcome the evil due to such malefic Ownership.

Even though the author of the above yogas has ascribed very pleasant results to these three combinations, Yet, in actual practice, quite the contrary have been the results.

Parashara and Lomasa do not seem to favour the conception that the sting arising from an evil lordship can disappear entirely as a result of the lord occupying another dushthamsha.

On the other hand, the intensity will be somewhat modified .

This is evident from the fact that according to Parashara,

when the 6th lord is in the 6th,

  • the native's relatives become enemies while he would befriend outsiders

And when the 6th lord is in the 8th or 12th ,

  • "the person becomes sickly,

  • hates learned men,

  • goes after others' women and

  • takes pleasure in causing violence" .

therefore, in interpreting the three yogas given above, one should have an eye on the intrinsic evil nature of the ownership and comforts while there are others who, in spite of meager earnings, will look after their body with the utmost care."

Viparita Raja Yoga = in the right place at the right time when things go wrong.

  • Viparita Raja Yoga gives a sudden opportunity to gain worldly power through an unfortunate or negative situation.

  • For example, upheaval [8] in organizational ranks caused by the death or shaming-scandal [6] causing the loss [12] of a corporate officer, could provide the window of opportunity for sudden promotion.

  • When VRY applies, the obstacles which normally prevent one from obtaining benefits, such as enemies [6] , conditions

Like Cinderella's magic pumpkin carriage and unlike normal Raja Yoga, VRY = situational and not constitutional.

VRY benefits do not sustain past the immediate occasion of the occurrence.

Other, deeper personality strengths must arise to sustain the moment of opportunity .

  • To maintain a VRY-type sudden, power-vacuum promotion, one must have the genuine skills to do the job.

  • The Viparita Raja Yoga only provides the shocking change in a fixed environment which opens the door to power but to keep the power, one must have a genuine Raja combination somewhere else in the nativity -- else the pretender soon will be deposed.

  • sometimes the Viparita" crooked" Raja Yoga implies a degree of schadenfreude

    But normally the VRY native is not a malicious person at all.

    Rather, some event which harms others through no fault of the native happens to create a positive opportunity in the native 's life. And as always the native must possess the necessary assets - wealth, character, alliances -- to develop and continue the Viparita Raja Yoga window of opportunity.

    Otherwise, the moment of privilege will soon expire.

[12, dissolution of tangible identity)

Clandestine activities [12] with persons of marginalized status [6] are often degrading but these same socially disproportionate [6] relationships can surprisingly aid the meditation skills by showing a path to ego-dissolution via imagination and fantasies


Harsha Yoga


resides in either 8 or 12

[Harsha Yoga] [हर्ष - excitement, arousal] prevents crushing harm from criminal or polluted exploitations, instead reinterpreing the mistreatment into harmless useful service.

rogesha-6 [Surya in bhava-8]

[Surya-Vanika] [nīcha]

rogesha-6 [Chandra in bhava-8]


  • Super Brain 1946- d. Deepak Chopra [systematic-economic Aryaman-3]

rogesha-6 [Mangala in bhava-8]


[Mangala-Makara-Draco] [uchcha]

rogesha-6 [Budha in bhava-8] [Harsha Yoga]


[Budha in Vṛścika]

rogesha-6 [Guru in bhava-8] [Harsha Yoga]


rogesha-6 [Shukra in bhava-8] [Harsha Yoga]


  • Total Surrender 1910-1997 Mother Teresa of Kolkata [secretive-discovering Pushya-4]



rogesha-6 [Shani in bhava-8] [Harsha Yoga]

[Shani-Mesha] [nīcha]


  • France-Pres-pair 1967-singer Carla Bruni Sarkozy [arranging-adjusting Andromeda-3] [navamsha-Shani-Tula-uchcha]

  • Runaway Bride 1967- drama-commerce Julia Roberts [mysterious-revealing Andromeda-4]

  • Sans attendre 1968- chanteuse compositrice Celine Dion [hierarchical-normalizing Revatī-2] + [Surya-yuti-Rahu]


  • POTUS-15 Oregon Treaty 1791-1868 James Buchanan [governing-organizational Revatī-2] Harrison [dramatizing-ceremonial Andromeda-1]

Ruler of 6-conflict occupies 12-invisibility

Harsha-Yoga invisibly screens [12] the unsavory facts of medical, criminal, military conflicts behind a barrier of sleeplike fog

Prevents undue harm from those agents and environments which produce sickness, enemies, indebtedness, accusations, war, enslavement, or pollution.

Harsha Yoga protects from excessive harm in matters of jail, accusation, divorce. There may be experience of these miseries, but one will emerge nearly unscathed, in normally distressing or injurious circumstances such as divorce, disease-discomfort, drug addiction, criminal accusation, or disputes, treachery, broken promises, one may be inconvenienced rather than injured.

Naturally if there are graha yuti the graha that provides the beneficial Harsha Yoga, that yuti graha may influence the outcome.

Harsha Yoga creates protection for those engaged in service , by preventing the harshest consequences of those highly unbalanced environments wherein the native has dedicated a ministry of service.

Probably the most super-powered of the 12 possible Harsha Yoga combinations is Mangala-Makara-Draco [uchcha] * in bhava-8. This yoga is so supercharged that one might endure very severe accidental injury or profound illness and Yet, be able to retain most of the external social entitlements.

Found often in the nativities of medical professionals, those who handle the implements of war, those involved with dangerous drugs, those who assist criminals, who help slaves or who engage in adversarial activities such as litigation which are potentially personally harmful Yet, in motivation are intended to help.

One is largely protected from the usually dire consequences of involvement with exploitation, prostitution, pollution, criminals, drugs, disease-discomfort, war, or poverty. Harmful events first negatively affect others, then a special door may open for the native.

One blessed by this yoga can profit from the sudden occurrence of a vacuum.

  • The pattern often emerges several times during long incarnations.

When misfortune [6] befalls others and the native is well-prepared, asudden vacancy may occur in a desirable position.

one may be able and indeed welcomed to step across the threshold, into a surprisingly [8] available opportunity.

Another and highly significant benefit of Harsha Yoga = almost guaranteed to escape legal conviction for crimes.

The rogesha-6 [crimes) is plunged into the mysterious 8th bhava. Even when detailed accusations have been levied against the native, prosecutors are generally unable to discover [8] adequate evidence to seal a conviction.

Harsha Yoga can avoid the most harmful effects of Divorce


  • Dittoheads 1951-2021 radio polemic Rush Limbaugh [logistical-calculating Dhaniṣṭha-2] [Atmakaraka] [Shukra-yuti-Mangala-uchcha] Married four times, three divorces. No loss of reputation, no undue social criticism, no unmanageable financial consequences.


POTUS-45 Play to Win Donald Trump married fashion model Best Is Yet to Come 1949- designer Ivana Zelnickova Trump and they produced three children.

When DJT selected his replacement lifepartner Socialite 1963- beauty pageants Marla Maples Trump , he and Ivana made a grand public display of their Divorce Dance.

  • However, in addition to being marital partners and co-parents, donald and Ivana had been successful business partners. Rather than end their marriage in a financially destructive acrimonious capital loss, they resolved all financial disputes out-of-court.

  • The post-divorce relationship which this pair developed on the basis of their continued professional collaboration was so successful that The Donald hosted one of Ivana's subsequent weddings at his lavish Florida estate. Unlike many who experience divorce as a devastating financial loss, both ex-partners avoided the most growth-challenging aspects of this classic catalysis and proceeded to generate significant personal fortunes.

Most of the negative implications of Ripu bhava-6 are associated with mental disturbance from animosity, accusation, poverty, conflict, debt, or disease.

The beauty of Harsha Yoga = the bitterness of disagreement [6] is weakened when the rogesha-6 enters bhava-8 of sudden shocks [8] or bhava-12 of retreat into the imagination. rogesha-6 in 8 or rogesha-6 in 12 will either force [8] or guide [12] most conflicts into a neutral, non-harmful outcome.

Does Harsha Yoga produce gainfulness, especially after a calamity?

Harsha Yoga protects from the extreme potential outcomes of ari-bhava-6, such as attacks by enemies. Generally, things like violent crimes, sentenced to jail, outright hatred, and the worst types of pollution are factored out of the current lifeplan when Harsha Yoga exists.

Any sort of gains that may be seen in the nativity, whether of a social achievement or a financial profit, must be the result of some sort of 11th amsha.

The Harsha yoga which occurs as the result of 6th lord in 12 would not be forming an 11th amsha.

However, the Harsha yoga which forms as a result of ripu-pati located in randhrasthana does form an 11th amsha.

Therefore, the type of gains that are affiliated with the occupying graha can be expected when ruler-of-6 occupies 8.


rogesha-6 [Shukra in bhava-8] [Harsha Yoga]

  • Way to Wealth 1706-1790 printer ambassador Benjamin Franklin [political-demonstrating Pūrvāṣāḍhā-1] [Shukra-yuti-Mangala] Franklin was a financial arranger [Shukra] on behalf of the fledgling USA, during the dangerous Revolutionary War years [6, war + 8, revolution, danger]. Operating behind the camouflage [8] of looking for business loans [6] in England - while USA was at war with the British Crown -- Franklin arranged London funding for USA soldiers [6] and weapons [6]. He was never harmed, and he turned a tidy broker's profit. [Shukra, prokerage]

rogesha-6 occupies bhava- 8

rogesha-6 in 3rd-from-svakshetra = commercial success via illicit but tax-camouflaged hidden monies

A super-malefic combination which can produce financially successful results via communications media + handcraft such as writing and painting.

  • Dittoheads 1951-2021 radio polemic Rush Limbaugh [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Shukra-8] USD-500M fortune. RL avoided a felony illegal-drugs conviction by settling out of court. Kuja-8 undisclosed transactions..

Surprising self-made financial well-being [3)

  • on the basis of lawsuits, disagreements, divorce, illnesses, pollution, impoverishment or war [6]

one is able to craft a message [3) which explains

  • occult phenomena, secretive behaviors, hidden monies, trauma , rejuvenation, revelations and discoveries, the cycles of birth and death [8]

On a high spiritual level, one may be empowered to use the occasion of physical disease for the purpose of explaining the reality of eternal lifer.

rogesha-6 occupies bhava- 12

= sleeping [12] with the enemy [6]

rogesha-6 resides in 7th-from-svakshetra =

Surprising equity [7) on the basis of conflict, accusations, lawsuits, disagreements, divorce, illnesses, pollution, impoverishment, war [6]

one is able to form alliances [7) which bridge adversarial interests in:

private bedroom life, meditation and prayer, dissolution of flesh-body identity, imprisonment, hospitalization, or long sojourn in distant lands [12'

rogesha-6 -in-12

reduces loss from enemies or broken contracts via the establishment of equitable private contractual agreements [often marriages) with persons who would normally be classified as an enemy.

" Get Out of Jail Free" card

rogesha-6 [confident Surya occupies bhava-12]

  • POTUS-01 American Revolution 1732-1799 George Washington [goal-focused Shatataraka-3] [Vargottamsha] GW led a rag-tag army with insufficient weaponry and disease-ridden battle camps. The well-trained, well-resourced British troops were usually nearby, even when no fighting was happening. The enemy's espionage was excellent. Normally, GW would have been captured and imprisoned. But he never was.


rogesha Budha-Meena-12 + Guru-3 parivartamsha Budha-12

  • Russ-Empress 1729-1796 Noble Maidens Catherine the Great The autocrat's remarkably long reign was overlapped with highly dangerous conflicts, wars, and betrayals. Yet, her ability to control a vast empire was sustained by Ekaterina's extraordinary ability to eliminate her enemies

rogesha-6 residing in bhava-12 brings the narrative of social conflict [6] in to the realms of research, magination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, interiority, hallucination, spiritual guidance + private prayer [12]

EXAMPLE rogesha [Chandra-Makara-Draco] [Chandra-Vaishva] [Chandra-12]

  • Origin of Species 1809-1892 naturalist Charles Darwin [rogesha Chandra = networked-systematic Uttarāṣāḍha-3] After graduating university, cD undertook a five-year-old data-gathering exploration. The result of his work was a theory of species evolution, supported by voluminous authentic life-form illustrations. CD's non-biblical interpretation of historical process evoked great indignation [6, indignity] His conclusions caused outrage [6] among the righteous defenders of the old origin beliefs [Mesha-6, conflict about origins]. Yet, even while accused of criminal blasphemy [6] Darwin was not harmed by the culture-wars conflict that his research generated.

As rogesha, Kuja-12

Protestant Reformation 1483-1549 hymns Martin Luther

may experience criticism and exploitation, toxic relationships and bullying . Yet, one may generally emerge unscathed from the battle due to the power of bhava-12 to dematerialize its contents into the astral + etheric realms.

Guru occupies bhava-12 invokes humanistic philosophy and international worldview

  • Human Rights 1978- attorney Amal Alamuddin Clooney * international courts, able to provide legal defense against accusations, violations, crimes using theories [Guru] of global law

rogesha-6 carries a script of accusation and disagreement wherever the rogesha-6 goes.

Matters of randhra bhava = rather quickly destroyed and reborn.

If what is in randhra bhava-8 happens to be the rogesha-6 , then disagreement may be quickly transformed into some new form which preserves the essence but changes the container.

Therefore, one may be a skilled and speedy re-crafter of relationships which have become inimical rogesha-6 in 8 is able to quick-change [8] the social identity and appearance of the disagreement, transforming it into something of continuing vitality.

One may be able to transform the worst experiences of 6 = jealousy, divorce, drug addiction, criminalization / crime, war, environmental and social toxicity and pollution, social conflict of every variety

After transformation, the conflict of 6 turns into fuel for the engines of transformation, re-invention, and rebirthr.

The agents of imbalance, including one's accusers, enemies and their arguments = temporarily destroyed [8] or dissipated and dissolved [12, drains the life force).

rogesha-6 in 8 dissolves debt [6] and reduces the public visibility of illness, betrayal, or pollution [6] .

  • Therefore+ rogesha-6 in 8 indicates wealth and health. These natives almost never suffer usurious loans for home mortgage, university diploma or automobile purchase they are rarely sick in the flesh-body minimal marital conflict -- unless some other factor evokes the animosity of Ari bhava.

The pious cover-up

One is fond of saying that one has virtuously saved the cintamani * mani * money so that no loan was needed for essential but expensive items like homes, educations, automobiles, or medical treatment.

However, on closer inspection it is Generally, the case that a hidden source of funds such as mani * money from parents [inheritance) or a corporate no-repayment loan has protected the native from assumption of debt.

Personal virtue is rarely a motivating cause in matters of rogesha-6

  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy * Shani-12 activates 6-broken trust. JFK notoriously conducted behind-the-scenes sexual affairs in Whitehouse rooms. Yet, the trusting public was completely unaware of this marriage-betrayal behavior

  • Ford Motor Co. 1863-1947 assembly line Henry Ford Chandra-Śrāvaṇa-12 activates 6 * two graha with [nīcha] Shukra but only one formal marriage. Long-term affair with his secretary at Ford Motor Company produced a son, and the secretary was moved into a beautiful home adjacent to Ford's entertaining mansion. Importantly, ford owned all the local newspapers. No misbehavior was reported in the press. There was no divorce and no scandal.

Graha which are plunged into obscurity of Vyaya bhava do not lose their karaka functionality but the occupants of their ruled bhava = drained of power.

  • Thus rogesha-6 in 12 dissolves the power of rogesha-6 the debt lord.

  • Harsha Yoga partly or completely dissolves poverty due to indebtedness.

Harsha Yoga destroys disagreements therefore, in the period of the rogesha-6 which occupies 8 or 12, aspecial window of opportunity may open during which one may obtain access to a desired person, position, object, or experiencer.

rogesha-6 residing in bhava-12 is less extreme and less immediately effective, although ultimately its benefits produce a numbing, sleepy, dissolving loss of acutely imbalanced conditions [often through some type of self-medication) and eradication of animosity.

12 is dissolving and often invisible 8 is explosively and often catastrophically destructive.

12th = 7th-from-6th, it is a private world, where the agreements of one's enemies are crafted. If rogesha-6 resides in 12, the agency of the enemies is somewhat dissolved into one's imagination.

The power of disease, which is at root the power of one's own mind to argue oneself into a state of molecular disorder, is dissolved into the astral world.

rogesha-6 in 12 disturbs the dreams and upsets the meditation but it also eats away at the materialization potential of the enemies.

Animosity, debt, and disease exist but these evils remain imprisoned in the imagination. there can be mental health issues but the material debt is largely gone and one's enemies are only in the head.

During periods of rogesha-6 , enemies, debts, slavery, medicines, disease-discomfort, and arguments do arise from their subconsciously managed script however, these phantoms manifest only in the private and off-shore realms: in the bedroom, in the imagination, in the meditation center, in foreign lands.

The day-to-day, public life is not harmed and is indeed helped through remarkable events.

Enemies are suddenly re-assigned to a foreign post [12] .

Enemies in the workplace [6] such as the manager who was blocking one's promotion [6] suddenly retires [12] .

Debts are suddenly re-negotiated [7th-from-6th) or the loan is acquired by an agency which is forced to give the debtor more favorable repayment terms and the agent takes a loss. Perhaps there is a new law, or simply a bank manager's oversight. The end result = the contract [7th-from) effectively dissolves the debt.

Disease which originates in the electro-magnetic initiating thoughts, but which had by the time of the period of the rogesha-6 percolated down through the astral-emotional plane and successfully manifested in The earthen body , rather suddenly retreats back into the astral plane.

Recovery from disease under circumstances of Harsha Yoga is often the result of making agreements [7] with disembodied spirits [12] while in a state of prayer [12].

rogesha-6 occupies bhava-12

private conflict behind the scenes, foreign lands, clandestine actions

rogesha-6 [Surya occupies bhava-12]


rogesha-6 [Chandra occupies bhava-12]


rogesha-6 [Mangala occupies bhava-12]


[Mangala-Tula] [Harsha Yoga]

rogesha-6 [Budha occupies bhava-12]


[Budha-Meena] [nīcha]


rogesha-6 [Guru occupies bhava-12] many meditations, much sanctuary, multiple enclosures


  • Franc-Pres 1977- financier Emmanuel Macron [ideological-optimistic Arudra-1]


rogesha-6 [Shukra occupies bhava-12] perceived as fair-and-just despite the crimes of war



rogesha-6 = [Shani occupies bhava-12]

perceived as dignified and socially responsible despite the crimes of war, infidelities, or the decay of illness-addiction. Bitter conflict and accusations may arise with impunity.


  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy [political-gaming Pushya-1]


  • POTUS-20 Universal Education 1831-1881 James Garfield [contractual, deal-making Pūrvaphalgunī-3]

Public-Figure Examples

Harsha Yoga

rogesha-6 in 12

rogesha-6 in 8


POTUS-32 Fireside Chats 1882-1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt Shani-8 activates Kumbha -6 + [nīcha-Shani-yuti-Guru] [8]

During Guru-Rahu chidradasha [FDR age 23] [AER age 20] married his cousin, the beloved social-welfare activist and diplomat Eleanor Roosevelt . The young couple produced five living children in rapid succession.

After the birth of their youngest child, fDR fell in love with Eleanor's private secretary, Lucy Mercer . Eleanor suffered emotionally from the terrible discovery, and Lucy was dismissed from service.

Yet, for reasons of public reputation and family finance, fDR and Eleanor did not pursue divorce. Eleanor offered a divorce and FDR refused, mainly because his controlling mother threatened to disinherit him if he created a shaming-scandal [8]

FDR's [nīcha-Shani-yuti-Guru] [8] prevents scandal, and Shani-8-ruling-6 is also a resistance factor which forestalls divorce.

Benefiting from the powerful harsh-yoga, the alienated marital couple re-purposed their destroyed [8] relationship. After physical separation, each pursued additional secret [8] lovers but scandal [6] was allayed.

  • On the basis of their existing trust in each other's character and considering the significant treasury of their joint marital assets-8, fDR asked Eleanor to continue to support him in the increasingly onerous tasks of POTUS-32 [Shani onerous duties]. Her proxy role, which some historians have characterized as a covert [8] second president [Shani governance responsibilities] maintained FDR's orderly participation in the Allied Defense during WW-2.

Eleanor Roosevelt is represented by Guru ruler of 7th-from-Chandra Dhanus in FDR's Shani-yuti-Guru pair. Although it was unreported to the public [8, camouflage] she was empowered to function as his proxy in international defense meetings [Dhanus-4]. During FDR's nearly 12 years of POTUS-32, he became increasingly sick [6] and could barely travel even locally. Their hostile relationship [6] morphed into a vitally empowered secret operation [8]. It was said that AER never forgave FDR's betrayal . Their individual animosities were bitter. Nevertheless, in a time of world crisis [8] this couple harnessed their work ethic [Shani]. The world-changing result benefitted not only their immediate era but indeed many forthcoming generations.


Sarala Yoga

randhresha-8 in 6 - or - randhresha-8 in 12

[Sarala Yoga] [सरल - straight, direct, easy] prevents unrecoverable harm from catastrophic upheavals, instead energizing the crisis into transformative rebirthr.

Ruler of 8 occupies 12

invisibly screens shocking, initiatory, disastrous, self-destructive behaviors behind a curtain of sleeplike fog

Ruler of bhava-8 sudden unexpected changes of identity occupies bhava-6 accusations, imbalances, disease-discomfort, divorce, disagreement, conflict, addiction, slavery. The outcome is favorable even while it appears [8 camouflage, coverage) that one might be harmed through effects of toxic and sometimes violent injustice [6, war, misery).

Protects against the potentially pernicious effects of conflict, altercation, disagreement, divorce, distrust, war, accusation, pollution, servitude, injustice, unfair arrangements, disputes, treachery, broken promises

When sudden, catastrophic change afflicts others, the native will [directly or indirectly) benefit from the disastrous conditions of transformative upheaval


Viparta Raja yoga = Sarala Yoga protects against the potentially harmful effects of sudden changes of identity, unexpected upheavals in life, catastrophic changes of environment or relationships, and other potentially dangerous results of randhrasthāna-8.

One may change the identity as often as desired. You can change your physical appearance, your social status, your level of understanding of mysteries, your shared assets [from partnerships)

One may make almost any other type of rebirth, rejuvenation, renaissance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, or reassignment that is desired, without negative consequences.

Many people experience negative outcomes from sudden changes, such as widowhood, naatural disaster, poisons.

However, one with benefits of Sarala Yoga has the power to ignore the fear of change . Most importantly, one may avoid the repercussions of other people's fear of change, such as criticism from in-laws [8] or those who fear the mysteries [8).

Sarala yoga gives strongest results when the randhresha is Mangala-6 or Shani-6, and the strongest " Teflon" protector is Ketu-yuti-Kuja . However, any randhresha can be helpful in transforming [8] conditions of sudden change into a ministry of service [6] .

  • My Inventions 1856-1943 Nikola Tesla + Chandra-yuti-Ketu had a Sarala Yoga conferred by Mangala-6. Tesla was under constant US government surveillance Yet, he was never jailed. He developed strong animosities with competitors [Kuja] whom he considered impediments to the correct development of electro-magnetic technologies [and time has confirmed he was right) Yet, he never lost a lawsuit. He never married and lived a long life alone, thus avoiding troublesome in-laws or issues with asset-sharing. He was an agent of revolutionary social change [8] Yet, he lived freely and successfully in his mission of transformative engineering service. His Chandra-6 did eventually produce a debilitating case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder but Chandra rules-4 and Soma is not involved in the Sarala Yoga.


Most of the negative implications of randhra bhava = feeling overwhelmed by fear due to catastrophic shocks. Bhava-8 can be a setting for trauma and terror.

The beauty of Sarala Yoga = terror of the unknown [8] is weakened in the bhava of accusations [6] and spiritual guidance [12] . Result = a beneficial and favorable but inescapably necessarily identity-transformative outcome.

Hostility and disagreement often produce empowerment.

  • Mysterious or un-diagnosable diseases, threat of annihilation, hidden dangers and secret forces [8] are disempowered when these terrors are brought into accusatory litigation [6]

randhresha-8 occupies bhava-6

randhresha-8 in 11th-from-svakshetra = profits from keeping secrets, handling disasters, or making a shocking discovery.

Surprising gains arise from situations in which:

on the basis of occult phenomena, secretive behaviors, hidden monies, trauma , widowhood or sudden Lightbody Lift-off of partner, shocking discoveries, sudden emergence , catastrophic or sudden, forced change [8]

which produces fruit [11) of lawsuits, illnesses, divorce, pollution, impoverishment or war [6]

even potentially catastrophic lawsuits or other accusation of crimes are Typically, avoided when the auspicious Sarala Yoga is present in the nativity. Scandal is typically, avoided also.

  • POTUS-08 Democratic Party 1782-1862 Martin Van Buren [lawful Shani occupies defensive Mūla-4] + [Chandra-yuti-Guru] Although a practicing alcoholic who was reportedly often drunk at official functions, and a Northern abolitionist who tolerated slavery, Van Buren's public career did not suffer from his addiction [6] nor from his hypocrisy [6]

Crisis, criminalization / crime, accusation, pollution Slavery, Human Trafficking, addictions, Exploitation, war, catastrophe -- No Probleam

Unseen powers [8] turn the cycle [8] destroying the effects of criminal accusation [6]

One may indeed have committed a crime but the punishments are largely escaped via clever and well-timed transformations.

For example, well-timed change of passport, political revolution in your favor, sudden disappearance of evidence, surgical change of appearance or convincing new identity. Exempli gratia, the USA witness protection programr.

randhresha-8 occupies bhava-12.

randhresha-8 in 5th-from-svakshetra = gambling wins from keeping secrets, handling disasters, or making a shocking discovery.

Surprising brilliant performance arises from situations in which:

on the basis of occult phenomena, secretive behaviors, hidden monies, trauma , widowhood or sudden death of partner, shocking discoveries, sudden emergence , catastrophic or sudden, forced change [8]

one channels a divine creative intelligence [5) that throws a Bright Light upon the world of spiritual imagination [temporarily: hallucination) private bedroom relationships, dissolution of flesh-body identity, imprisonment, hospitalization, or long sojourn in distant lands [12]

Unless other factors intervene, the randhresha-8 in 12 helps neither marriage loyalty nor personal longevity. However, there is protection from the potentially harmful consequences of keeping secrets and managing confidential information.

  • Ave Maria 1935-2007 tenor Luciano Pavarotti was charged by Italian officials with massive tax fraud [8 = taxes), but was able to settle out of court for an undisclosed amount [Budha-12 invisible accounts) which was generally believed to be only a portion of the original debt.

Professor Budha is particularly information intensive, but randhresha-8 Budha-12 protects one from the potentially unfavorable environments of bhava-12 such as imprisonment or detainment in foreign lands also from potentially unfavorable environments of bhava-8 such as catastrophic eruptions or unmanageable emergencies. This is an advantageous placement for those who work internationally and secretively, as evidenced by the successes of diplomats with Sarala Yoga nativities.

randhresha-8 controls the shocking power of sudden, enforced changes that are typically catastrophic in nature. While philosophers and magicians appreciate the need for these massive and painful turnings of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth, the common people live in dread of disastrous and unexpected change.

Sudden death is the most typical expression of the randhresha-8 , although randhresha-8 can also bring terrible taxes, emergency surgery, psychological trauma, devastating news such as finding out about a spouse's secret extramarital affair, et-cetera. The effect is shock, often brutal.

randhresha-8 trauma-shock = dissolved in dreamlike 12.

One maintains a serene facade while the wheel of birth-and-death turns vigorously. Dangerous secrets may be kept and confidential knowledge contained, without significant harm to the native. One may live in volatile conditions, among explosive agents, and remain the center of calm awareness.

  • Aquero 1844-1879 St. Bernadette of Lourdes * Surya-yuti-Rahu. As a non-literate shepherd girl of 14, bernadette received mystical apparitions from a benevolent radiant feminine being called Imaculada Concepcion, who pointed Bernarda to a healing water spring that became the famed transformative shrine of Lourdes, France. Accused of insanity and threatened with internment in an insane asylum [12] Nevertheless, she chose her own sanctuary of a nuns convent. Typical of the highly psychic Uttarāṣāḍha lagna, she had no instinct to promote herself but rather was glorified by those around her, mainly for their own profit but she was never harmed.

Whether the effect of the randhra-pati is a sudden occult revelation or a devastating shock to the personality-identity, randhresha-8 going into 12 moves the traumatic, revelatory randhresha-8 experience into a 12th-angle mode of quietude and reflection.

Ruler of 8 is secretive. Graha in 12 tend to operate in distant worlds, enclosed environments, invisible behaviors, clandestine styles

  • SHANI [governance) * POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt . While her husband FDR was handicapped by increasingly pain and muscle paralysis [Shani] during WW-2, ER was a key agent in carrying messages [mithuna) and conducting conversations with international military and political representatives. She worked almost entirely incognito.

The cycle of birth and death does not turn so violently when randhresha-8 goes into 12. One may slowly retreat into invisibility and sanctuary, seeking to continue the revelation under the guidance of ancestor spirits and disembodied beings.

Pada 2-3-4 of Uttarāṣāḍha are powerfully directed by their nakshatra-pati the occult randhresha-8 Surya, but lagnesha social-material Shani-Kronos is the arch-enemy of timeless intelligence Surya-Vishnu [vis = the power of seeing). The viparita raja yoga supporting Surya can be very helpfully protective for these otherwise vulnerable personalities.

  • Mormon Church 1805-1844 Golden Plates Joseph Smith + Budha + Kuja-yuti-Rahu * randhresha-8 = Surya-12 plus Uttarāṣāḍha 2-3-4 [combination for a mystic). Typically of pada 2-3-4 Uttarāṣāḍha , he found himself managing the adversarial Surya-Shani relationship between pure-truth insight [Surya] versus responsibility to structure social institutions [Shani]. Despite [Sarala Yoga] , Vimala yoga, and a double parivartamsha, the social-institutional resistance [Shani] to his privately revealed truths [Surya] were ultimately insurmountable. Smith was murdered at age 39.

  • Opus Dei 1902-1975 St. Josemaria Escriva + Chandra + Shani * randhresha Surya-12 * experienced numerous eruptions of occult knowledge into his field of vision. These brilliant [Surya] moments were processed privately in the sanctuary of private prayer. He lived a socially productive life although the "reboot" interruption of randhresha-8 Surya occurred regularly. Obligation to manage the adversarial Surya-Shani relationship between pure-truth insight [Surya] versus responsibility to structure social institutions [Shani]. Also assisted by dainya parivartamsha of Guru-1 with Shani-12.


randhresha-8 Shani in Bhava-12 occupies enemies 6th-from-Chandra

= disempowerment of threat of annihilation

Massive threat of worldwide destruction [8] was handled efficiently and successfully via unofficial, private, invisible discussions with world leaders [12] as she flew around the world providing covert diplomacy during WW-2 while her husband POTUS-32 was paralyzed and unable to travel.

  • POTUS-pair-32 Learn by Living 1884-1962 Eleanor Roosevelt in private life, ER's creative [5) skill in transmuting her virtual widowhood [8] into a privately rich, complex, and indulgent sexual lifestyle [note her romantic Vṛścika bhava-5) was also a positive outcome of Sarala Yoga

randhresha-8 occupies bhava-6

randhresha-8 [Surya occupies bhava-6]


randhresha-8 [Chandra occupies bhava-6]

[Chandra-Urisha] [uchcha]

randhresha-8 [Mangala occupies bhava-6]



randhresha-8 [Budha occupies bhava-6]


innovative arguments, fiery disagreements, provocative analyses


diseased folk roots, familiar disagreements, guilt-ridden arguments

randhresha-8 [Guru occupies bhava-6]

[Guru-Tula] [sarala yoga] Urisha indriya-lagna

[nīcha] [Guru-Makara-Draco] [sarala yoga]

  • Puttarpathy 1926-2011 Satya Sai Baba [calculating-logistical Dhaniṣṭha-2]

randhresha-8 [ Shukra occupies bhava-6]


  • Contempt 1934- animal-activist Brigitte Bardot [ideological-optimistic Uttaraphalgunī-1]


[sarala yoga]

randhresha-8 [ Shani occupies bhava-6]

[Shani in Vṛścika]


randhresha-8 occupies bhava-12

[Sarala Yoga]

randhresha-8 = [Surya-12]



randhresha-8 = [Chandra-12] [Sarala Yoga]

[Chandra-Vṛścika] [nīcha]

randhresha-8 = [Mangala-12] [Sarala Yoga]




randhresha-8 = [Budha-12] [Sarala Yoga]




randhresha-8 = [Guru-12] [Sarala Yoga]


[Guru-Karkata] [uchcha]

randhresha-8 = [Shukra-12] [Sarala Yoga]

[Shukra-Kanya] [nīcha]


randhresha-8 = [Shani-12] [Sarala Yoga]

dignity, honor [Shani] unharmed by imprisonment, or banishment




USA-Gov-FL 1953- offshore finance Jeb Bush [trading-bargaining Bharani-3] during a relentless series of deadly and property-destroying hurricanes, JEB served eight years as governor of Florida 1998-2006. However, he was personally unharmed, and overall his own real-estate investments benefited from disaster recovery funding.

Viparita Raja Yoga Examples

Sarala Yoga randhresha-8 in 6 or randhresha-8 in 12

Example 1 = Sarala Yoga = randhresha-8 + yuvati-pati-7 Shani occupies bhava-6

Gain of an improved new identity via the trauma of transformation:

Example 3 = Sarala Yoga

success via divorces, addictions, and public accusations of infidelity

Example 5 = Sarala Yoga * double-power

Sarala Yoga of randhresha-8 in 12 brings sudden, unexpected [8] healing and rebirth[8] into environments of imaginative vision [12] and distant lands [12]

Example 6

This May-2010 news article from [without accompanying Jyotisha charts) exemplifies the process of a Viparita Raja Yoga, especially of the Sarala [8th) variety.

All sorts of mysterious and often catastrophic influences - bribery, corruption, shaming-scandal, disorderly transfer of power, sudden death -- have cleared one's path to the ruling seat in his government.

However, it remains to be seen whether he has the Right Stuff to hold this Oddly-gained position.

The protagonists are members of the presidential administration of Nigeria in 2010:

  1. "In what are widely considered the most flawed elections in Nigeria's history [Goodluck Jonathan and Umaru Yar'Adua] won.

  2. Nov-2009, president Umaru Yar'Adua was taken to Saudi Arabia because of a heart condition -- but without signing over power to his vice president.

  3. Since November [2009], Jonathan and his supporters struggled to gain presidential power against an array of factions competing for influence and power.

  4. In February [2010], Jonathan was finally made acting president by the House of Representatives.

  5. With Yar'Adua's death [in April 2010] and the consequent swearing in of Jonathan to the presidency, Jonathan has now solidified his position.

  6. Some Nigerians put Jonathan's rise to power down to 'good luck.' The removal of those above him -- through no act of his own -- provided the opportunity for his rise. Others credit him with the political patience to sit out events until they play in his favor.

Whatever the case, he has no further to rise and his political prowess and skill will now be truly tested as he tries to introduce his promised reforms before elections next year.



Vimala Yoga

Ruler-of-12 occupies bhava-6


Ruler-of-12 occupies bhava-8

Public Figures

[Vimala Yoga]

Ruler-of-12 occupies bhava-6

Ruler-of-12 [Surya occupies bhava-6]



[vimala yoga]

Ruler-of-12 [Chandra occupies bhava-6]



Ruler-of-12 [Mangala occupies bhava-6]



Ruler-of-12 [Budha occupies bhava-6]

[Budha-Dhanus] global humanistic disagreements, analyses, arguments

[Budha-Meena] [nīcha] Spiritual ly guided, visionary disagreements, analyses, arguments

Ruler-of-12 [Guru occupies bhava-6]

[Guru-Mithuna] Makara indriya-lagna


Ruler-of-12 [Shukra occupies bhava-6]



Ruler-of-12 [Shani occupies bhava-6]

[Vimala Yoga ]


  • POTUS-26 National Parks 1858-1919 Theodore Roosevelt [ideological-optimistic Aśleṣa-1]

  • A New Earth 1948- philosopher Eckhart Tolle [explaining-commercial Aśleṣa-3


[Vimala Yoga] [विमल - stainless, nothing -wrong] prevents permanent harm from imprisonment or isolation, instead expanding the inner guidance in contemplative peace.
Ruler-of-12 occupies bhava-6 = Ruler-of-12 in 7th-from-svakshetra Vimala Yoga protects against the potentially pernicious effects of bhava-12 including isolation in distant lands, social invisibility, imprisonment, inaccessibility, incapacitation, retreat into the imaginary, events in private rooms esp the bedroomSurprisingly equable agreements are negotiated [7)
  • loss of identity, imprisonment, hospitalization, withdrawal into imaginative worlds, relationship to spirit guides, private bedroom relationships, long sojourn in distant lands [12]

which are caused by
  • disagreement, accusation, injury, lawsuits, divorce, illnesses, pollution, exploitation, slavery, addiction, poverty, criminalization / crime, or war [6]

Protection from the most pernicious potential effects of bhava-12.

When Ruler-of-12 goes into bhava-6 argumentation, conflict, victims and the underclass, then one loses one's ability to negotiate conflicts. There may follow some desperate actions which are perceived to be "options of last resort" in order to "solve the problem" of the impending loss of personal identity, caused [it is perceived) by enemies, by disease, or by debt. Thus the opportunity for unintended criminal consequences of rather confused [12] actions, those actions being ultimately manipulated by the spirits on the astral plane [mainly ancestor spirits) who speak in the dream voice. If Ruler-of-12 is an aggressive graha, the result could be violent. But Generally, the result is somewhat diffused.
  • Japan-Emperor1901-1989 Showa Hirohito [uchcha=Surya-yuti-Shukra] made celebrated public announcements regarding Japanese military victories and atrocities in World War-2. These public displays of his regal glorification of Japan's war crimes seemed to implicate Hirohito as a direct commander. Yet despite public outcry he was never put on trial for war crimes. International military intelligence agents were quite sure that he had little functional power, so that that his involvement was only a bright [Surya] public facade to hide the real criminals [6] . His Ruler-of-12 = combust Shukra- 6 is deeply disempowered by Ketu-7

vyaya-pati [Shukra occupies bhava-6] [Shukra-Mesha]

+ [Bharani-Surya-yuti-Rahu-Asvini] Totem and Taboo 1856-1939 psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud

  • Jewish clinical neurologist, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and scientific theorist Sigismund Schlomo Freud escaped persecution during the 1930's Nazi campaign to exterminate Jews.
  • Although four of his sisters perished in the Nazi death camps, sSF and his immediate family were spirited [12] from Vienna to London in 1938 by his loyal supporters.
  • Those who arranged his clandestine passage (12) during wartime hoped that SSF could, if protected, produce a few more psychology books to further develop his theory.
  • During the final stages of his terminal cancer, sSF did finish more writing before his imminent death.
  • He died in peace in London, with several books in publication via the Hogarth Press owned by Virginia Woolf. Death at 83 from laryngeal cancer due to addictive cigar smoking, hastened by physician-assisted suicide [12]


Bavarian Forest

Ruler-of-12 occupies bhava-8

Ruler-of-12 [Surya occupies bhava-8]



  • Turtle Island 1930- poet environmentalist Gary Snyder [mysterious-indisclosing Bharani-4] [uchcha-Bharani-Surya-yuti-Rahu-Asvini]

Ruler-of-12 [Chandra occupies bhava-8]



Ruler-of-12 [Mangala occupies bhava-8]

[Mangala-Karkata] [nīcha]



Ruler-of-12 [Budha occupies bhava-8]

[Budha-Urisha] Tulā indriya-lagna



Ruler-of-12 [Guru occupies bhava-8]



Ruler-of-12 [Shukra occupies bhava-8]




Ruler-of-12 [Shani occupies bhava-8]




Ruler-of-12 occupies randhra-bhava- 8

randhresha-8 resides in 9th-from-svakshetra =

One person's vitality is completely lost [12] while one's life is rejuvenated [8]

Surprising wisdom arises from situations in which

  • on the basis of loss of identity , imprisonment, hospitalization, withdrawal into imaginative worlds, relationship to spirit guides , private bedroom relationships, long sojourn in distant lands [12]

one may be informed or enlightened via philosophical guidance [9th) which teaches the hidden vitality of

  • occult phenomena, secretive behaviors, hidden monies, trauma + healing, widowhood and sudden decease of partner, shocking discoveries, catastrophic or sudden change, turning of the cycles of birth and death [8]

destruction of dissolution via wisdoam

excellent assist for longevity increases the vitality via access to tantrik or magical truths

Dittoheads 1951-2021 radio polemic Rush Limbaugh [uchcha-Kuja-yuti-Shukra] was threatened with prison when he was accused of felony drug crimes. After two years in litigation, his case was privately settled [8] and prison was avoided [12] . Not only Shukra-8 activates-12 but also [uchcha] Mangala-8 activates-6. This remarkable pairing has allowed him to speak the unspeakable, incite social violence, and earn handsomely in undisclosed fashion with extraordinary impunity r.

Lord of the Rings 1892-1973 linguist J.R.R. Tolkien * Most of Tolkien's friends were killed during conscripted military service in the First World War. He sustained mental trauma but he was never harmed physically. Vimala Yoga protects from harm in distant lands.

Silly Love Songs 1942- Beatle Paul McCartney [ministering-logistical Pushya-2] [Chandra-yuti-Mangala-nicha] JPM enjoys a [Vimala Yoga] provided by his nicha-Kuja-8. While performing a musical tour in Japan, JPM was imprisoned on a felony drug charge. Although marijuana has been decriminalized in many first-world countries, at the time Japan's draconian anti-drug punishments were very severe. Yet, JPM emerged [8] from the ordeal in fine spirits, having made some new masculine friends [Kuja] and ultimately having only to pay a fine for the offense.


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