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Jaimini Karaka 1-7

Gamini Karaka

significators of persons and events

measured by the Degree of the graha

(also in BPHS)

Practice note

Following Shri Rao, this page does not consider Rahu as one of the seven ordinal karaka.

However, some schools of Jyotishashastra practice do allow Rahu as an ordinal karaka.

Atma- karaka

1st of 7

of all seven graha, this graha holds the highest degree = 1st

Significator of the embodiment, materialized identity

Self, physical appearance, vitality, musculature, mobility, vigor

Amatya- karaka

2nd of 7

of all seven graha, this graha holds the 2nd highest degree = 2nd and 10th house indicator

Significator of the hoard, collections of financial wealth and treasuries of knowledge,

Significator of the profession, career, leadership roles, social respect, recognition, social status, public dignity

  • Agents = advisers, counselors, attorneys, partners, advocates, representatives

Bhratri -karaka

3rd of 7

of all seven graha, this graha holds the 3rd highest degree = 3rd and 9th house indicator

Significator of small groups, teamwork, ensemble,

  • Agents = Siblings, cousins, neighbors, schoolmates, office-mates, team-mates

Significator of life-principles, philosophy, ideology, doctrinal convictions, belief

  • Agents = guru, professor, father, father-figures, siblings of lifepartner

Matri- karaka

4th of 7

of all seven graha, this graha holds the 4th highest degree =4th house indicator

Significator of foundational schooling, landed property, cultural roots, household, seasonal worship

  • Agents = mother, parents, schoolteachers, pujari, ritual worshipper

Putra -karaka

5th of 7

of all seven graha, this graha holds the 5th highest degree =5th and 11th house indicator

Significator of the children, intelligence, creativity, idealism, speculative luck

  • Agents = students, adolescents, poets, politicians, dramatists, artistic performers
  • Agents = friends, voluntary associates, fellow economic investors, community connections

Gnati- karaka

6th of 7

of all seven graha, this graha holds the 6th highest degree = 6th, 8th and 12th house indicator

Significator of Arguments, Strife and Service, conflict, altercation, disease-discomfort, healing, death-and-rebirth, dissolution of identity, astral bridge

  • Agents = physicians, druggists, surgeons, healers, shamans
  • Agents = enemies, rivals, adversaries, predators, criminals

Dara- karaka = Stri-karaka

7th of 7

of all seven graha, this graha holds the 7th highest degree = 7th house indicator

Significator of Union = bargained alliances, marriage, and lifepartnership

  • Agents = contractual partner, avowed partner, spouse, devotee, oath-taker
  • Also -- grandmother, grandparents

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