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कल्प √कॢप् [1P]
great cosmological cycle of creation, where the material Universe is created, degrades and is annihilated during the kalpānta

myth. brahmā's one-day cosmological period (half-day), duration of a creation of the Universe, worth 1000 great eras [mahāyuga] (about 4.32 billion years)

each kalpa consists of 14 eras of Manu [manvantara]

cf. mahākalpa|

Phil. the ritual, one of the 6 members of the Veda [vedāṅga]


Each single-rashi astrological aeon = 2160 years

Each single-rashi astrological aeon has a 360-year sandhi shift-zone, which overlaps both the old and the new

Great Year = 2160 x 12 = 25,920 earthly solar years

Full cycle of all 12 astrological aeons = 25,920 x 12 = 311,040 Earthly rotations around Surya

Source 2:

Each single-rashi astrological aeon = 2155 years

Each single-rashi astrological aeon has a -year sandhi shift-zone, which overlaps both the old and the new Great Year = 2155 x 12 = 25,860 earthly solar years

Full cycle of all 12 astrological aeons = 25,860 x 12 = 310,320 Earthly rotations around Surya


Each single-rashi astrological aeon = 2136 years

Each single-rashi astrological aeon has a 214-year sandhi shift-zone, which overlaps both the old and the new

Great Year = 2136 x 12 = 25,632 earthly solar years

Full cycle of all 12 astrological aeons = 25,920 x 12 = 307,584 Earthly rotations around Surya

each 2160-year astrological aeon is divisible into several smaller portions.

  • 2160 / 2 = 1080
  • 2160 / 3 = 720
  • 2160 / 4 = 540
  • 2160 / 6 = 360
  • 2160 / 9 = 240
  • 2160 / 12 = 180
  • 2160 / 15 = 144
  • 2160 / 27 = 80
  • 2160 / 30 = 72
  • 2160 / 60 = 36
  • 2160 / 72 = 30
  • 2160 / 90 = 24
  • 2160 / 108 = 20
  • 2160 / 120 = 18
  • 2160 / 144 = 15
  • 2160 / 180 = 12

Each 25,920 Great Year = divided into FOUR portions

The four portions are not equal in length .

The four portions are classically labeled as aeons of Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Iron.

These ages and their proportional lengths broadly correspond to Satya (gold) Dwapara (silver/second) Treta (bronze) Kali (iron).

If the Great Year can be modeled as the circular face of an analog clock,

  1. At the top of the Great Year from 10-to-2 would occur the Golden Era which extends across four contiguous rashi aeons. This top part of the Great Year is considered a bright and glorious time. The most recent Golden Age ended approximately 8800 BCE.
  2. following Gold will occur a Silver era from 2-to-3 on the clockface. Silver era endures for only one rashi-aeon, 2160 years (with gradual graded gradient ingress and egress at both entrance and exit, according to sandhi principle). Most recently this was the era of Karkata from approximately 8800 BCE to approximately 6600 BCE.
  3. following the relatively brief one-aeon Silver will occur a Bronze era from 3-to-5 on the clockface which consumes two rashi-aeons. Most recently this was the era of Mithuna-Vrishabha from approximately 6600 BCE to approximately 2300 BCE.
  4. Following Bronze will occur an Iron era from 5-to-7 on the clockface. The Kali Yuga consumes only two rashi but these two are contiguous and this Kali Yuga (Iron Era) is a long, dark, heavy 4220 years!
  5. following the Kali Yuga (Iron Era) will occur a Bronze era which consumes two rashi-aeons. From 7-to-9 on the clockface
  6. Following Bronze Era will occur a Silver era from 9-to-10 on the clockface.
  7. And again begins a glorious four-aeon Golden Age lasting 8630 years, graphically represented as 10-to-2 on the clock-face.

The most recent Iron Era (Kali Yuga) covered the two astrological aeons of Mesha followed by Meena which consumed approximately 4320 years. The Kali Yuga is essentially completed now (give or take some remaining sandhi) but the next Kali Yuga can be expected to recur in another 22,000 years.

The Bronze ages occur once on the down slope enduring for two aeons and then a second time on the up slope enduring for two aeons. Therefore, the total length of the Bronze age is equal to the total length of the golden ages (four rashi-aeons) However, the Bronze ages are broken into two sections (one preceding the Iron Age and one immediately afterward) whereas the Golden age which also endures for four rashi-aeons is unbroken for 8640 glorious years.

2160 = 72 Shanaicarya return cycles * 1 Shani-return = 30 solar years

2160 = 120 Rahu-Ketu return cycles * 1 Rahu-Ketu-return = 18 solar years

2160 = 180 Brihaspati return cycles * 1 Guru-return = 12 solar years

2160 = 1080 Mangala return cycles * 1 Kuja-return = 2 solar years

2160 = 2160 Shukra return cycles * 1 Shukra-return = 1 solar year

Change from the Age of Belief [Meena]

into the Age of Scientific Systems [Kumbha]

[Kumbha - Ghata] = very approximately, begins during the 36-year period from 1994-until-2030 CE +++ endures until 4172 Ce

1987 reorientation of terrestrial magnetic grid in order to facilitate humanistic progress * harmonic convergence

EXIT zone from Kumbha moving into Makara = very approximately 3800 CE until 4100 Ce

Good news

During the age of Meena due to Kumbha =12th from Meena indriya-lagna, Kumbha * Social-material economy * has been shrouded in invisibility Comprehension of the science of economics has been inaccessible to the common people and the economic networks have been manipulated by ghost-like figures operating behind a screen of invisibility.

During the age of Kumbha, the mechanics and dynamics of networked community economic-ecologic systems is geometrically mapped to bhava-1.

The nature of financial, economic, biological, and energetic systems becomes dramatically more " alive" as it emerges into a visible appearance and clear identity.

Challenges: Karkata = the 6th-from- kumbha. Therefore, some of the most intense problems may be anticipated to arise from parochialism, patriotism, localism, cleaving to old habits and roots, property ownership-stewardship , ethnic boundaries, lunar behaviors, and the rhythmic fluctuations of the oceans.

(During Meena era 200 BCE until 2012 CE, terrestrial oceans and water supply were remarkably stable).

Opportunities: Shukra-ruled Tula 9th-from-Kumbha = most gratifying improvements due to justice under the law, fairness, equity in contracts and agreements, intensification of balancing mechanisms provides greater efficiency in machinery, increase in pleasures and sweetness due to more harmonious, trustworthy relationships.

Generally a favorable time to be incarnated as a female, or as either gender, or as a new gender-flex combination. Improved internal balancing signals health overall.

Kumbha Yuga Characteristics

The beginning of each Kumbha Yuga has been likened to emerging from a long coma [dreamlike Meena].

Kumbha Yuga re-awakens the consciousness of connectedness [Kumbha] which has been long dormant [Meena sleeping]

Ghat = Pot

Kumbha means space inside a container such as a drum or an empty pot. IE cognates for kumbha include the celtic word comb, as in hair-comb (featuring spaces between the teeth) or cata-comb or alpine coomb.

The age of Kumbha is first and foremost the Space Age regarding both outer-space and inner-space.

Wavelengths - Frequencies

Secondly, Kumbha is the age of electricity or more specifically wavelength science . Alternations of FREQUENCY occur when the space container can accommodate its oscillations.

Networks - Arrays

As signal-frequency comes to be utilized more commonly and more consciously, the Age of Kumbha is expected to bring extraordinary improvements in communications along with a vast extension of intergalactic networks of friendship and trade.

The new energy maps animate travelling along a vast, yet orderly, cosmic schematic.

End to systemic poverty, exploitation, disease

The Kumbha era functioning as 6th-from-Kanya enemy of injustice = predicted to eradicate large-scale poverty and disease as these miseries are currently experienced.

Meena-era Vṛścika-9 mystery priesthood

evolves into transformative public leadership Vṛścika-10

Kumbha era no longer supports the intentional mystification of evolutionary power.

The secretive, traumatizing, sexualized males-only priesthood disbands.

The population which had formed the masculine priesthoods across the globe for the past 4000+ years would shift-forward into leadership of the social order.

Their healing empowerments become re-interpreted as hierarchical governance roles. Their energetically penetrating, initiatory knowledge morphs into a new set of electro-magnetically connected, social regulatory gridworks.

360 years yuga-sandhi

ligature = transition period

entering zone during which Meena - Antya morphs into Kumbha - Ghata = very approximately, 1750 until 1960 Ce

This 360-year gradient begins with a strong mix of Meena then gradually and inconsistently increases the amount of Kumbha consciousness

The Cycle of Lights

The Age of Kumbha is predicted to re-initialize once every 26,000 years when the wave-forms of vibrational frequency are again recognized, beginning with the re-discovery of Electricity.

Enlightenment Principles

The Age of Enlightenment - le Siècle des Lumières * was a remarkable philosophical and political movement which swept through the educated leadership of Euro-American like... lightning. Beginning in the 1750's, it quickly produced the participatory, economic, egalitarian social movements which motivated the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and waves of democratic republicanism around the world.

Most of the USA Founding Fathers were powerfully influenced by Enlightenment ideals, particularly the Natural Law argument for the existence of inalienable rights and Self-Evident truths.

Members of the Founding Fathers Group

Enlightenment-era political revolutions and related social reforms shared principles of secularism -- moving away from Meena's dependence on sacerdotal authority -- and power distribution through lawful associative networks -- moving away from the Meena model of power being invested into heavenly apparitions.

Electrical Networks * City Lights

According to , early evidence of the Aquarian Age can be detected when some areas of human settlement are able to light their own cities at night.

Although individual buildings, roads, and pathways were lit via oil lamps during the entire age of Meena, the earliest metropolitan street lighting of the modern era began in the first decades of the 1800's. Typical of sandhi periods, the beginnings of systematic street lighting were spotty and inconsistent.

Given the expected scientific character of an oncoming Kumbha era, the beginnings were highly experimental, with numerous fuels and technologies being tried. Large-scale street lighting that could cover an entire city became common in USA, Australia, UK, and other nations from 1880's forward. In electrified cities, advancement in public-space lighting is still very much ongoing.

In the lands of the Earth where electricity is available and where vast numbers of people are connected into shared-language communities [Kumbha],the rapid trajectory of electrical and electronic development since the mid-1800's in a huge variety of applications is well documented.

Yet, as of the onset of the second millennium, a third or more of the earth's human population still have no reliable electricity.

This disparity in material development indicates that, like an incoming ocean tide, the new age enters slowly. It affects different populations differently, and would not be fully established until approximately 300 years from the first spotty onset in the 1800's. (reckoned by some advisors to onset in 1844 CE , midpoint 1937, and finish phase-1 in 2028 CE.) Full-strength age of Kumbha will likely be established by 2150 CE or so.

Eventually, the Kumbha age deteriorates into mass interconnectivity, group-mind, and unified consciousness. Civilizations experience such pervasively networked community that individuality has almost completely disappeared.

Astrological Age of Meena - Antya

very approximately 200 BCE until 1960 Ce

Meena = Age of Imagination = 12th-from-Kumbha

erosion and dissolution of the network linkage and coherent creativity of Kumbha.

Age of Meena distinguished by spiritual interiority, fantasy, sleep and drowsiness, isolation, amnesia, temporary loss of the global-and-galactic gridwork

= 2160 years from 148 BCE until 2012 Ce


[Meena - Antya] bhava-1 the paradigmatic point of origination becomes a foggy act of private imagination. The Age of Sleep. 2160 years of watery dreamworld. Retreat into prayer, intuition, music, clairsentience, and sleep.

[Mesha - Arya] bhava-2 values, heritage, traditions, stories-storage-history becomes primitive physical Mesha. What is worthy, preserved, saved? Weapons, brute force, life itself, vitality, masculine dominant force. What is valued is what can be weaponized. History is written by the winners.

[Vrishabha - Urisha] bhava-3 communications, commerce becomes Urisha. In general, business as usual - yet Shukra is greatly disadvantaged during a Meena Regime, and traders were often catastrophically cheated.

[Mithuna - Dvamdva] bhava-4 security, settlement, security becomes Mithuna. Budha is not comfortable ruling a non-verbal location. Overall security of local settlements is compromised by the terrible fact that farming was horrendously impacted by climate change. People died young, protective borders were weak, and most parents were teenagers (Budha). Schooling was mainly in the form of craft apprenticeship. Vast majority of people were young farmers, and they made their own tools.

[Karkata - Kadaga] bhava-5 entitlement, creativity, genius becomes Chandra-ruled Karkata. Divine Right of kings became a matter of parentage (Karkata) rather than ability. In the Age of Mesha, people had chosen their own kings - often choosing the dominant warrior. During the Meena Regime, kingship devolved mainly from ancestry and long tenure on the land,

[Simha - Leya] bhava-6 conflict, accusation, crime becomes regal Simha. The empowerment of kings is singularly misused, and celebrated royal status becomes synonymous with bribery, theft, and exploitation. Falling in love is a crime.

[Kanya - Parthya] bhava-7 contracts, covenant, justice becomes inherently unbalanced Kanya. Slavery was the daily reality for most folks. Whether a serf, a bonded servant, an unpaid laborer, a prostitute, or a hideously exploited industrial worker, most people had to accept conditions of crushing servitude in order to survive. In order to maintain conditions of pervasive injustice, judges worked to protect the predators while the victims were simply used.

[Tula - Vanika] bhava-8 occult, disasters, transformed identity becomes Tula, equity, bargains. a clear understanding of justice was concealed from all but a few initiates. Looking for tangible examples of fairness or sustained balance, the average person would see none. Financial deals occur in secret.

[Vṛścika - Thriketta] bhava-9 priesthood, sangha, worldview, patronage becomes Ketta eruptive force, secrecy, threat. The patriarchal order and its priesthood are aggressive, threatening, and hidden behind a veil of power. Most people are terrified of priests.

[Dhanus - Haya] bhava-10 becomes Dhanus doctrine philosophy faith. Church becomes government. Religious belief becomes the social rule of law. Uniform Credenda replaces the res publica of the civil order. Priests become emperors (popes).

[Makara - Draco] Caste-based economies, ecologies, communities becomes Makara. Systems of earnings, gainfulness, social connection become inherently hierarchical, rigid, caste-structured, pyramid-shaped, status-deferential

[Kumbha - Ghata] isolation from connectivity. The linkages between networks of vast systems become invisible. Energy science is forgotten. Even the glyph for Kumbha is believed to represent water, since knowledge of electricity has been lost.

Quarantine in Place due to epidemic Fear * Coating of Thick Fog around Terra prevents infection of Fear spreading into other planetary environments [Meena]

Age of Imagery * Age of Enclosures * Age of Father-figures

Meena ruled by Guru signifying the Patriarchs

Fantasies of Faith * Phantoms of Fear

walled settlements, monasteries, brief longevities

The most distinctive feature of the Age of Meena would be its dreamlike conditions.

Very few people are able to cut through the thick fog of this 2160-year long sleep. It is an age of prayer, music, art, and solitude during which few are aware of the greater world or how they are connected to it.

Simha 6th-from- Meena = Not only is individual intelligence criticized and litigated, but there are chronic problems (6)due to unbalanced royal entitlements, extreme selfishness, and irregular thought-transmissions from Sirius-via-Surya. In practical living, the main 6th-from phenomena expressing animosity, disease-discomfort, and debt included the problematics of containing fire (countless horrible burnings of every description, including punitive burnings). The human heart was constitutionally weakened which produced a shortfall of intuition and reduction of confidence in the inner divinity, with the physical result of short lifetimes due to every kind of disease causing the heart to fail.


The lawful structure and linkage dynamics of economic systems [Kumbha] were dreamlike and nearly invisible (12) to the common folk. Unable to understand the science of markets few could attain sustainable profits, and most resorted to the folly of praying (12) for profit. Community and friendship networks [Kumbha] were unable to control economic connectivity; instead, Makara ruled 11 thus the governing elites who inhabit the peak of pyramid-shaped hierarchies [Makara] became the default controllers of world economy. This imbalance will rectify in age of Kumbha.

Simha = 6.

Era of Meena featured a brutal criminalization of curiosity and intellect, such that bright thinkers of every stripe were attacked and punished as threats to the social order.

Uniqueness, brilliance, individual creativity, playing of games, and expressions of divine intelligence are subject to gossip and innuendo (6) and may be villainized or criminalized (6) with harsh consequences.

Royal lineages [Simha] break their agreement (6 disputes, treachery, broken promises) to encourage harmony on Earth and instead become adversarial to the well-being of the planet.

Status of Women

Suave Shukra activates 8th and 8th-from-8th (3) from Meena indriya-lagna. Overall the age of Meena was a particularly dangerous, threatening time for womenfolk [Shukra] . Very few were able to enjoy conditions of equity, harmony, or justice [Shukra].

Patriarchal religion * Paradigm of Belief

9th-from-Meena = Vṛścika. The age of Meena was the best, most privileged, and wise time to incarnate as a male priestly indoctrinator. Era of penetrating, destroy-and-rebirth male energy in environments of theoretical and doctrinal belief (9).

Meena period produces deities (9) that are ineffable [Ketu] and male [Mangala]


Motivating Mangala activates 2-9: fighting over treasuries and doctrines of belief

Guru activates 1-10

Governance via doctrines of belief. Priesthood controls leadership of the social order (10). Guru is adversarial to Budha's logical analysis, but there is some small permission for commercial and communicative activities which are non-threatening to the priesthood, due to Budha's rulership of 7 = 10th-from-10th


The entire period, from sandi-ingress to sandi egress, has been described as living in a COMA.


Characteristics of Meena: Swimming Fishes, Dreams, Watery Depths, Sleep, sanctuary, hermitage, Sacred Music, Blurriness, Fog

Murky, imaginative, intuitive, dreamlike; a time of dormant consciousness during which very few were able to stay awake.

Flourishing of the imagination, expressed in sacred music and art.

Historical records suggest that, at least in Europe, the bottom of the bottom occurred between 500-600 CE.

The very worst suffering was indeed caused by Smog [Meena]. Volcanic ash spread around the northern hemisphere in approximately 535-540 CE, and during these years sunlight was severely dimmed [Meena].

  • Widespread crop failures due to cold + lack of light
  • devastating plagues due to weakness from starvation
  • an overall collapse of social infrastructure following the demise of the Roman Empire

All combined in this peak misery experience 500-600 CE with the very worst experience 535-550 CE.

The roads crumbled, trade stopped, and brutality became the norm for anyone unfortunate enough to survive. Recent climate research pinpoints the harvest year of 536-CE as an annus horribilus of shocking misery.

Prevailing climate of childlike ignorance, not-knowing, during which those few surviving knowers hid in monastic cloisters to avoid vicious and violent punishment.

Beyond the tightly guarded enclosures of the mystery schools, all memory of the previous civilizations of Atlantis, Lemuria (Lumani, Mu, Og, Zog, Zero, Zo) Hyperborea, and Polaris was lost to public knowledge.

Coinciding with numerous mini-ice-ages + centuries-long cold spells along with volcanic ash in Earth's atmosphere, the Age of Meena experienced long periods of cold and dark. People hid in their hovels trying to escape (Meena escape) the cold, the plagues, the misery, and the grief.

The Age of Meena was characterized by brief lifespans + petite flesh-bodies. Most incarnations only tangentially inhabited The earthen body , hanging by tenuous silver strings that were easily snapped by fear, disease-discomfort, and starvation.

Distinguished by widespread confusion + the reign of fantasy-phantoms; profound belief in unquestionable doctrine [Guru];

extraordinary clairsentience; angelic hovering; but also transcendently divine arts and music due to Meena (Sirius) extraordinary gift of sound.

189 CE = administrative origins of Christian dogma + social ethos, which will slowly grow into a continental civilization

CE 250-650 Mesoamerican Maya civilization

CE 640 birth of the great prophet of Islam PBUH and development of Islamic civilization

CE 300-1000 Mesoamerican Teotihuacan civilization

CE 1400-1550 Inka-Tawantinsuyu civilization of Peru

Modern historians often use the term The Dark Ages to refer to the collapse of the infrastructure of Western civilization starting circa 450 CE marking the fall of the Roman Empire. However, the dispersion of public knowledge - once concentrated into massive collections in Egypt and India -- into isolated monastic enclosures was already ongoing since 200 BCE.

The destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria serves as an opening bell to signal the extreme disorientation and seclusion which followed for many centuries. It is important to appreciate that the knowledge was not permanently lost but simply dispersed (Meena, watery dispersion). The darkest phase may have been about 750-1050 CE when it is commonly remembered that the lights went out in much of the West.

CE 395-1453 European Eastern Roman Empire

Within the European theatre, the " beginning of the end" of the age of Meena is sometimes marked as the end of the Vatican's doctrinally motivated Torture Inquisitions, genocides and enslavements, much of which emanated from the former Roman capitals in Italy and Spain. However following the tidal patterns of sandhi change, the final spasms of Meena are not yet completed. Witch-burnings, beheadings, and torture of people for " heretical doctrines of belief" = still ongoing in some parts of the world. Clearly the lawful Age of Kumbha is not yet fully established.

6 criminality, misalignment, dis-ease-ment * Simha

  • The (normally brilliant and charming) royal families deteriorate into a gang of greedy criminal misanthropes called the " Illuminati" * " The Bright Ones" . Breaking every rule (crim = rule) of fairness and social equity, these gangsters plunder and exploit the Earth and her peoples. In the age of Kumbha their balance is restored; the radiant ones will be able to make and keep fair arrangements.

8 Vrishabha * the value of nature, the fields and forests of the Earth, and especially cattle

  • Natural beauty of Earth's environment and the preciousness of life is completely shrouded in a veil of mystery. Nature is perceived as a wily eruptive force that must be conquered. The sacred function of cattle was almost completed masked, and most cattle are sacrificed for human food.

9 Vṛścika * doctrine, theory, first principles, dharma, hierophancy

  • Vṛścika-9 indicates a mystical-healing, sexualized males-only temple culture and priesthood. Vṛścika formed the male-only priesthoods across the globe, noted for their secret sexual rituals, their hiding of valuable goods and conserved knowledge, and their mystery cults.

360 years yuga-sandhi = ligature, transition period * during which Mesha - Arya morphs into Meena - Antya

very approximately, 200 BCE until 160 Ce

Military culture, exemplified by the conquering Roman armies, has so dominated humankind that empathy, intuition, and fellow-feeling have been lost. Inability to hear spiritual guidance, marginalization of psychic sensitivity and delicate emotions such as love.

Vicious persecution and violence toward non-dominant peoples, including women and slaves, has resulted in a blood-soaked culture of brutality and lawlessness. Revolutions and revolts of conquered peoples are angrily suppressed by the selfish, insensitive military dominators.

Eventually, the hateful dominators are themselves conquered by the wildly aggressive energies of the era, as rampaging hooligan tribes invade the violence-corrupted cities and all hell breaks loose.

In the midst of this bloody insanity, several Masters incarnate as way-showers, including Gautama Budha, Krishna, and Yeshua Christos.

Astrological Age of fiery Mesha - Arya Moishe Moses

very approximately 1,960 BCE until circa 200 CE

Vṛścika - Thrikettaruled by Kuja signifying the Warrior- Brothers

Peoples of Flesh and Blood

6th-from-Mesha = Kanya suggesting that the worst problems were denigration of women + miseries of slavery + horrors of war.

Kanya 3rd-and-6th-from- Mesha produces

  • most intense problems due to greed, injustice, exploitation, accusation, domestic violence, pollution, war along with unreliable communications, incomplete reports

Motivating Mangala activates 8th-from-Mesha suggesting an ongoing state of social and personal upheaval due to the urge toward competitive domination and a persisting condition of bloodthirsty warring


[Mesha - Arya] bhava-1 the paradigmatic point of origination becomes a bloody act of war. The Age of Domination. 2160 years of physicality, often brutal. Direct action, masculine force, might makes right.

[Vrishabha - Urisha] bhava-2 values, heritage, traditions, stories-storage-history becomes cattle-based Urisha. What is worthy, preserved, saved? Cattle, herd animals, food, wine, cheese, seeds, coins, legends, epic tales. Poetic meter is used as a way to preserve [2] knowledge stored in old languages.

[Mithuna - Dvamdva] bhava-3 communications, commerce becomes chatty, sexual Dvamdva. In general, business as usual under the regime of managing, calculating, team-oriented Budha. Recognizing the oncoming descent into the Kali Yuga memory-loss, scribes begin writing [Budha] encoded information on clay tablets, parchment, goatskins, palm leaves, papyrus.

[Karkata - Kadaga] bhava-4 security, settlement, security becomes Karkata. The seas, the rivers, the estuaries, the lakes provide the basis for farming, irrigation, roots of ethnicity. Tribalism under a protective strongman. Overall security of local settlements is mainly stable, and defensive earthworks are perfected. 2160 years of undulating cultural rhythms, with plenty of transport by sea although most folks stayed on their tribal lands. Home, parents, cults of ritual worship - provide a deep sense of belonging.

[Simha - Leya] bhava-5 entitlement, creativity, genius becomes Surya-ruled Simbha. Kingship assigned by intelligence and creativity (Simha). High days of theatre, poetry, romance. In the Age of Mesha, people chose their own kings - often choosing the dominant warrior. Countless proud royals ruled countless tiny kingdoms.

[Kanya - Parthya] bhava-6 conflict, accusation, crime becomes victimized Kanya. The horror of Slavery is widespread but considered an essential feature of business [Budha]. Medicine advances via the study of plants, minerals, and the human body (to collapse later in Age of Meena). Bribery, theft, and exploitation are bemoaned, but not corrected.

[Tula - Vanika] bhava-7 contracts, covenant, justice advance in the Tula-era lawcourts. Honest judges were respected. Civilizations had jurisprudence and training for court attorneys. Alliances between nations were crafted by bargaining diplomats. Marketplace scales had standardized weights. Women had marriage rights.

[Vṛścika - Thriketta] bhava-8 occult, threats, secret power becomes Mangala-ruled Kita, the scorpion. Invasion, destruction, and disaster erupted from the raw masculine force of warlike Mesha. Volcanoes spewed fire. Mystery schools flourished. Intense spiritual initiations opened transformative channels. Wide use of poisons for nefarious purposes. Common death from fever, fire, poison gas from the bowels of the earth.

[Dhanus - Haya] bhava-9 glorious age of patriarchal priesthood, sangha of believers, expansive worldview, religious patronage becomes Dhanus the Divine Bow. The patriarchal order and its sacerdotes are preaching doctrine, teaching, pontificating, and philosophizing in academies and temples across the world. Priests coronate the divinely inspired kings, then the kings enrich the priests.

[Makara - Draco] bhava-10 becomes Makara the Rule of Law. Civilizations develop legal structures of governance, ruled by old men (senex). Era of the res publica of the civil order. Empires and hierarchies endure.

[Kumbha - Ghata] economies, ecologies, communities becomes Kumbha. Systems of earnings, gainfulness, social connection become interlinked. Although it nearly disappears during the Age of Meena, empirical science flourishes during Mesha era. In the earlier years following the Age of Stauros, electricity was still remembered.

[Meena - Antya] isolated environments such as monasteries, divinatory sanctuaries, and prisons provided the points of contact for clairsentient channels to non-embodied guides. Ancestor spirits were universally recognized and consulted. Many people live in isolation from the larger cities. Shamanistic guidance and oracle divinations are sought from a class of gifted seers.

Characteristics: Sign of Burning Flames, Warrior Champions, Aristocracy, Heroic Alpha-males

Great feats of engineering, innovation, and pioneering invasion. Rise of the warring, metal-working cultures (such as Celts). Fiery influence of Mangala dominates the Earth, including heat-waves and meteors.

The Age of Male Dominators

  • 2000-1000 BCE Aryan migration into northern India (linguistic-data based theory)
  • 1600 BCE according to Ra, legendary landing on Terra of warriors from the Orion group * much of their influence was telepathic, and focused on messages to the power-seeking elites, infusing them with a mission of power through military conquest
  • 1600BCE-400CE Olmec civilization. Teotihuacan, Toltec, Mexica, Maya.
  • 1600 BCE - 1000 BCE Shang Dynasty China
  • 1600 BCE approximate era of Moishe Moses receives an intervention from Orion (according to the source called Ra)
  • 1550-1050 BCE New Kingdom of Egypt
  • 1500-300 BCE Phoenician Cultures
  • 1350 BCE Akhen-aton in Egypt receives an intervention from 6th-dimensional entity Ra, in response to the 1600 BCE interference of faux-Yahweh
  • 1300 BCE according to Ra, era of landings of anti-Orion police from the Confederation
  • 900 BCE-600 BCE civilization of Kaldu-Chaldeans


525 BCE independent Egyptian Empire is conquered by the Persian Empire

  • 500 BCE Gautama Budha
  • 509-27 BCE Roman Republic
  • 360 BCE the literary philosopher Plato writes the Republic and the Dialogues, including Timaeus and Critas which feature the sole academically accepted descriptions of sunken Atlantis, reported by Egyptian priests and said to have occurred 8000 years before Plato's own life.
  • 356-323 BCE Alexander the Great makes war from Italy to India
  • A remarkable healer and prophet Yeshua Christos also called Immanuel is born from a Lyran mother. (albeit there are as yet no corroborating contemporary historical records of this figure outside the religious canon)
  • 27 BCE - 476 CE Western Roman Empire

Eventually, the glorious age of Kriya-action deteriorated into cults of physical athleticism, dehumanizing warriorship and blood ritual such as Roman-Mithraic bull-killing practiced by vast numbers of soldiers in the Roman army. Extreme emphasis on male sexuality and muscular dominance.

The fleshbody is worshipped alone, forgetting that without the infusion of spirit it is merely a biological survival machiner.

Shukra enters a new orbii

1400 BCE.

Formerly an icy moon of Ouranos, Shukra was dragged by the dreaded returning Comet-Tail into an orbit much closer to Surya, becoming a near-twin size with Terra. In the new orbit, Shukra turns slowly. One Shukra day equals 117 earth-days (24-hr rotation) . Days on Shukra are loooong. Surface temp changed from sub-freezing to 450c. It's hot, super-windy, densely cloudy, and the atmospheric pressure is intensely heavy. Shukra is now in the earliest stages of habitability.


"Mithras rising from the rock (National Museum of Romanian History) Right: Mithras born from the rock (marble, 180–192 AD), from the area of S. Stefano Rotondo, Rome."

Mithras was the center of a military cult of worship practiced by the Roman Legions throughout the empire.

MinoanSnakeGoddess_1600BCE.JPG360 years yuga-sandhi = ligature, transition period * entering zone during which Urisha morphs into Mesha - Arya = very approximately

The Hebrew Bible recollects the scene of Moses (Meshe, Moishe) the Egyptian, who returned from a mountaintop conference at the residence of the Annunaki commander Yahweh, only to find that his Hebrew people were worshipping a golden calf idol. Yet, the age of Vrishabha had passed.

Annoyed at their misguided fixation upon gold treasures (Vrishabha) and sacred cattle (Vrishabha) Moses redirected their attention to the appropriate new fire energy of Mesha-Kriya. He demonstrated the new focus for their attention by using the image of a burning bush. That legendary fire signified vigorous movement, domination through fiery war, and conquering of territory by metal weapons and muscular power. Once properly aligned to the new paradigm, the tribe moved vigorously forward, invaded, and successfully conquered [Mesha] the inhabitants of the Promised Land this making a new (Mesha) land their own.

Some linguistic-historical scholars opine that Moses is another name for the Moab King Mesha (c. 900 BCE).

During Mesha-yuga, rather than being worshipped for their sacred capacity to convey divine information, cattle are perceived (outside Brahmin India) as an unintelligent harvestable food source. They are commoditized and herded, not as cosmic liaisons but as edible " livestock" .

Astrological Age of [Vrishabha - Urisha] * Peoples of the Bull

very very approximately 4,100 BCE until 1960 BCE (approx 2160 years duration)

university archeology generally applies the term Bronze Age to documented civilizations starting in 3300 BCE ending at 1200 BCE. Broadly, this span is about 2100 years = equivalent to a 2160-year astrological age. However, the start and end dates may require some recalculating.

6th-from-Vrishabha = Tula, suggesting that the most hostile situations were caused by agreements, alliances, marriages, trusts, and contracts which while initially balanced [Tula] became unbalanced and exploitive (6)

4000-3000 BCE era of the Snake People in the Americas


Hathor statue from the Luxor Museum

Characteristics: Sign of Sacred Cattle, hoards and herds, Treasures of Learning, Language Arts, and Music

Era of connecting to the Divine via the psychic transmit-receive capabilities of cattle. Kine are etherically hyper-sensitive. Due to their proportionally larger etheric bodies (compared to relatively thin etheric bodies in the human model) kine can serve as conductors of communication with more refined spiritual realms. Practices of worship and appreciation of the value of the kine including drinking of the cow's milk. For ritual purposes, priests of the tora cult would also ceremonially drink the blessed urine of the kine.

As the age deteriorated, cattle were seen more superstitiously as good-luck charms. When buried with elite families in their elaborate tombs, these talismans might provide sustenance and prestige in the afterlife. However, before Egyptian civilization became obsessed with carrying their material status objects into the afterlife, the kine were venerated as a sort of radio (arka) which could and did conduct the vibratory information necessary to facilitate inter-dimensional divinatory conversations and instructions.

Vrishabha Era featured psycho-spiritual communications guided by the bovine civilization called Hathor by the Greeks (Egyptian Het-Heru). Extraordinary treasuries, abundant beauty, plethora of healing temples, and sensitivity to sound.

Collections of valuable commodities, food storage, treasuries



During the height of Egyptian civilizations during this aeon, leading families had the bodies of their ancestors preserved and stored along with the preserved family bulls who were considered co-incarnates, members of the family and key shamanistic agents providing guidance to the lineage.

The art of the Sarasvati civilization remains stunningly beautiful despite thousands of years under cover.

Toward the end of this aeon, the earlier sophisticated human ability to cooperate with the divine transmit-receive capabilities of sacred cattle had deteriorated into the mindless worship of cattle and in most parts of the world (except where the Lemurian heritage remained strong such as southern Brahminical lineages) cattle-flesh and cattle-milk became a source of survival nourishment only.

360 years yuga-sandhi *ligature, transition period * entering zone during which Mithuna - Dvamdva morphs into Vrishabha - Urisha = very approximately

The Flood

According to Ra, with approval from the Council of Saturan, approximately 4000 BP (6000 BCE) the Great Pyramid of Egypt was built by members of the Confederation. Its purpose was to aid in evangelical delivery of the truth of the Law of One.

Surya and Chandra were much dimmer in hazy-greenish Mithuna period than they later became during the clearer, brighter skies of blue-heavens Vrishabha. Earth's temperatures fluctuated less due to less and seasons were less distinct, with most people sleeping outdoors on rooftops with no concern for falling rain. There was warmer-mist and cooler-mist but not windstorms or rainstorms; agricultural cycles were very predictable and travel-for-trade was relatively easy. That all changed after the flood.

Mithuna-into-Vrishabha transition experiences included the relentless rains resulting in the Biblical Flood featuring Noah (Utnah-Pishnam, man with fish-scales on his skin) and his Ark. The Great Sphinx of Egypt, still standing today (although with a replacement head) shows the stone-erosion watermarks of this catastrophic flood.

According to Kryon, a major meteor strike afflicted Earth in approximately 3000 BCE (5000 years BP). The impact shocked the axis of the Earth's tilt to it's present angle (23.5 deg). The resulting dust storm darkened Earth's skies and triggered massive rains which annihilated vast swaths of human and animal life.

The oncoming flooding due to climate change caused waters which had long been suspended in the hazy, foggy atmosphere to pour down as rain. The intensity and duration of the rain was a surprise to lower-register consciousnesses whose flimsy shelters, clothing, and vehicles were not prepared for the deluge. Yet this prophecy was known to those with higher awareness. Those who received guidance knew when and where to retreat for survival.

Forewarned, Sumerian and related rulers retreated from the low-lying Mesopotamian river deltas into the high-dry mountains of the southern Caucasus. The Mithuna-into-Vrishabha marking the shift out of the Annunaki interbreeding [Mithuna] program into the early-stage fear-quarantine period for Earth. The onset of the age of Vrishabha signals the establishment of a culture of wealth-accumulation, warehousing, and food storage. (None of these behaviors had been much necessary during the previous age.)

Sumerian culture was long-lived. It spanned the age of Mithuna and the age of Vrishabha. Yet, By the end of the Vrishabha age due to climate change Sumer had become a sandy waste and most valuable repositories (Vrishabha) had been transferred into the storage facilities of Egypt.

Astrological Age of [Mithuna - Dvamdva]

Peoples of Handcraft, Instruction, Message, and Sign

very approximately 6,200 BCE until 4100 BCE

6th-from -Mithuna =

Vṛścika = cycles of unexpected death-and-rebirth. These transformative cycles occur on a moment-by-moment basis during the lifespan of every creature from each electron to each universe. The power of Thriketta (three-tined forks) suggests that the most hostile situations were caused by secret, mysterious, undisclosed, masked, or occult powers.

Vrizcikarazi represents initiations delivering access to hidden empowerments. Ketta also indicates poisons and mystical uses of gold. Mangala-style heat-and-force plumbings-and-drillings were of a highly destructive potential but also an intensely transformative healing potential capable of redefining identity. Invasive behaviors, military, psychological, and sexual, are the likeliest conflict-bearing patterns.


Sign of Doubles, Couples, Signals, and Twins

6000 BCE

roots of beginning of the present terrestrial civilizationsTribes of various identity and purpose have been living on Earth, some with a lineage of 40,000 years of unbroken genetic and knowledge tradition (e.g., in Australia, Siberia, South America, and other locations). The larger networked technology-and-cities civilizations however have come and gone four times, and the present one is reckoned as the fifth root-race. (The modern English word indicating genetic lineage race means " root" , e.g. radish, radical.)

Antediluvian culture. The great age of signaling, messaging, communications and business administration.

Development of Languages; onset of writing systems [Mithuna]

Lemuria (Lumani, Mu, Og, Zog, Zero, Zo) (disambig Lumania) is completely drowned. Refugees from the final iteration of Lemurian civilization have taken their watercraft and gone to the edges of the great ocean. In collaboration with other entities (Annunaki among them) the migrated Lemurian ancestors initiate the Age of Sumerian Civilization

missionary fostering of the forthcoming Egyptian Civilizations

Annunaki officers interbreed with humans, producing a race of Giants

Astrological Age of [Karkata - Kadaga]

Peoples and Creatures of the Waters

The most recent era of Karkata = very approximately = 8800 BCE to approximately 6600 BCE.

Sun cult shifts to Moon cult.

Patriarchy shifts to Matriarchy.

The previous Simha era would have been brilliant in many ways, from terrestrial climate featuring a drier heat and clearer skies, to politics featuring charismatic, self-centered super-genius personalities, and religions of the solar-cult.

There would have been a relatively large social gap between the masses [Kumbha] of workers and technological primitives versus the splendor and intelligence of the palace elites [Simha]. Karkata era segues into a more household-based, agricultural and seaway lifestyle that develops the localization of cultures and ethnicities. Worship of local elemental spirits and climate-defined seasonal celebration becomes the basis of religion.

Global shifts to local.

Dhanus = 6th-from- Karkata

suggesting that the Karkata Aeon was less favorable to global teaching patronage and theoretical viewpoints. Intolerant of outward-looking doctrine, Karkata age focused upon the routine, rhythmic, regional settlements which put life-roots deeply into the waters and soils of their local environments.

Extraterrestrial to terrestrial.

Security orientation and boundary protection would have been more important than higher learning or extraterrestrial guidance. Not to say that the big-picture [Dhanus] guides were completely gone, but rather that the overall focus of civilization was immersed in the waters and foods of Mother Earth.


Sign of Sea, Ships, Shelters and Shells

Water, water, everywhere.

The great age of watercraft and shipping. Intensification of ethnicities, moralities, nativism, patriotism, establishment of settlements with boundaries, designation of customary practices.

Most people live near the oceans and draw their primary nourishment from the fishing and farming that occurs near estuaries, rivers and seas. Psychic communication with the cetacean world, seasonal irrigation on a large scale and hydroponic agriculture are practiced. The global climate is exceptionally watery.

Sheltering, boundaried, fenced, protective parentalism was the primary mode of social ordering. Local languages developed in preference to the whole-symbol-transmission communication previously used in much of the developed world and the more sophisticated technologies of the Atlantean Age were beginning to be forgotten as the agricultural settlements and sea-faring cultures took root.

8000 BCE is given as an approximate dating for initial construction of Angkor Wat in modern Cam-Bod-ia, a land of Bod-Buddha * Nagara-Vata 'enclosed city'.

Psychic historians understand this monumental sacred city to have been constructed at about the same time, and with the same stone-construction techniques, as the Atlantean cities in Egypt with their pyramid magnetic boosters and sound-healing temples. The original founders of Angkor Wat were refugees from the destruction of Atlantis-Poseidonis Civilization which is considered to have fully expired by approximately 8500 BCe

7000 BCE (9000 BP) era of Zarathustra.

7000 BCE Atlantean offshoot civilizations in southern Britain retain Atlantean technology including electricity for domestic and manufacturing usage

Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner , using clairsentient sources and (perhaps) relying on a tropical astrological ephermeris, stated that the world-changing, era-ending, catastrophic floods signaled by the final sinking of Atlantis would have occurred in 7227 BCE.

Astrological Age of [Simha - Leya]

Peoples of the Lightpower

worship of the solar disc

very approximately 10500 BCE until 8300 BCE

Makara = 6th-from- Simha

suggesting that the Singha Aeon of Charismatic Royal Figures might not have been a favorable time for those preferring the stepped, hierarchical and rigid rule of law. Agents of the Social Order may have been corrupted by greed, which may have opened the way for brilliant, individualistic Kings and Queens to play games with the people.

Stone-and-bone = Makara. Approx 12,000 BP (10K-BCE) a massive asteroid - or more than one - smashed into Earth. Normally asteroid burn up or bounce off the terrestrial atmosphere, but due to Atlantean manipulation of the geo-magnetic solar grid [Simha] the legend (and now, the science which discovered a massive crater underneath Greenland's ice). Consequences included widespread life destruction and further disorientation of the grid.

9,500 BCE

Destruction of Atlantis

Destruction of Mu

Atlantis (team Vega) and Mu (team Lyra) enjoyed a long-running rivalry that was sporting at first, but turned evil when there entered into the mix the agents of Orion (domination and enslavement).

In a perfect storm of viciously crafted lethal weaponry and co-occurring natural disasters, Atlantis went down first. They drowned in catastrophic walls of water and massive volcanic explosions while Mu watched.

As a parting shot, the doomed Atlantean power-crazed scientists launched a mass-destruction weapon upon Mu, which completely annihilated Mu's surface settlements. Yet, an underground tunnel network (which once criss-crossed the entire planet) provided an escape route for a portion of Mu survivors. Thousands of years of underground evolution continued for the surviving Mu folk (Agartha). Worldwide human settlements on the surface were set back to primitive conditions.

The Aegean-area Thera settlements of the Vega pioneers lasted approx 6000 years after the destruction of the Atlantean islands. Thera was also called Minoa or Crete, as Minoa and Crete were major trading hubs within the Theran sphere of cultural influence. However, the once-elegant refinements from the Atlantean era had continued to degenerate into fear-and-greed driven brutality.

Toward the catastrophic end of their own settlement the Therans had developed unjust social systems including slavery that bought-and-sold captives from Ireland to Iran. When the caldron erupted via the pass-by of the tail of a killer comet, again massive floods swamped the region and there were not many survivors. Plato who wrote the dialog Critias (cretan) in approximately 300 BCE was reporting received tales of the ancient Theran civilization that were already 3000 years antiquer.

10,500 BCE first generation of post-Atlantean stone pyramid engineering

Catastrophic collapse of Atlantean central civilization and its infrastructure, particularly its anti-gravitational tower network that underpinned its transport system. Atlantis was a colonial network of confederated areas.

Other physical civilizations with other less technology-oriented paradigms continued to flourish simultaneously with Atlantis, but located outside of the Atlantean economy and thus socially isolated from the Atlantean city cultures.

The technology focus of Atlantis allowed remarkable scientific development in the Atlantean cultural hubs.

Preemptively at first and later as a somewhat doomed attempt to preserve the technological advances and maintain the extraterrestrial electro-magnetic communication system, Atlantean engineers fleeing the floods (or the anticipated floods) began construction of a global network of pyramid transmission stations. These stations were energy generators-purifiers, transport system booster cells, and galactic communication transmitter-receiver bases within a global grid which in places is extendable into a galactic grid.

The earth's global pyramid network, parts of which are still visible although much lies under the dirt of ages, dates from this era (approx 12,500 years ago) However, the very earliest pyramids date back to the first Lyran pioneers who arrived about 71,500 BCE. These eldest have been remodeled, renovated and repurposed many times and remain in use at reduced levels.


Sign of Lion, Panthera, Felidae, Sphinx

As humans well know, cats are very regal and sometimes arrogant creatures. The royal lineages of humankind during the Age of Leya enjoy support from cosmic feline races. Many of the world's great royal families were at their peak during the Age of Kings, utilizing the creative intelligence of the Suns (Sirius, Antares, and other greater solar antecedents). They engaged in building fabulous pyramids, and acting with dramatic power according to ultimate, brilliant entitlements.

Sphinxes are built worldwide, on a monumental scale but also on a personal scale. Virtually everyone has, or is, a cat.

It was the age of pageantry, self-reflexive behavior and celebration of intellectual games [Simha]. Yet, the consequences toward the end were bitter.

Dates given by sources east and west do vary as time-keeping cultures vary and concern with accuracy varies. Time-keeping methods are often dominated by a concern for showing the recurrence of a cycle and thus linearity might not be as important in some collections of ancient records.

Churchward (a controversial source) places the destruction of Old Atlantis at 9,500 BCE (7500 BP).

  • 11000 BCE end of ice age combines with bombardment of earth by solar plasma
  • 10,490 BCE begin building pyramid of Giza as a great repository of knowledge being brought into Egypt from worldwide sources (according to Cayce, via agency of high-priest from Ararat who was named Ra-Ta)
  • 10,000 BCE and onward = origins of astrological systems within terrestrial civilizations, a gift of the guardians
  • 11,000 BCE until 9000 BCE * period of Great Sphinx (according to the Cayce readings)
  • 9000 BCE Nabta people of Egypt - have left megaliths
  • life of Patanjali, approx. 9000 BCE
  • 8500 BCE and onward Neolithic cultures of China
  • 8000 BCE is the very approximate geological date assigned to the event of the physical separation of Australia from New Guinea.

Great Flood(s)

The Destroyer Comet-Asteroid

The period begins with the fiery crash of a meteor into the remaining islands.

  • According to the clairaudient readings of Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce the earliest foundational period of the Ancient Mayan civilizations was established by refugees from Poseidon (a part of Atlantis) in 10,600 BCE in the land of Yuka-atlan * Yucatan

Toward the end of the Simha-yuga, complete collapse of Atlantis due to weakness of the meteor-damaged underlying tectonic plate, along with arrogant scientific experimentation with fiery forces causing a magma explosion. Generally, the collapse is dated approx 9000 BCE or 9500 BCE although Naturally, these figures are generalized and some island fragments did surviver.

According to the social-memory complex resonating to the syllable known as Ra, about 9000 BCE began the period of the Wars.

Ra says that 40% of the Atlantean population died in the wars. Approximately 8800 BCE marked a second wave of wars which used such powerful weaponry that the Earth's surface tectonics (already damaged) were deranged and the majority of Atlantis sunk beneath the waves.

Ra provides the date of the final catastrophic second-destruction of Atlantis as 10,821 BP (8,821 BCE). One of the main contentions underlying the wars was two factions which disagreed completely about the idea of slavery. One faction was willing to fight to the death to maintain slavery; the opposite faction insisted that slavery was wrong and could not continue.

Most sources agree that since the Wars of Slavery and Domination had been ongoing and increasingly vicious, this catastrophic, civilization-destroying event did not come as a surprise to most Atlanteans.

Nevertheless it inspired a deep terror associated with the sinking of their motherland underneath the ocean waves. The immediate cause was the violent puncturing of the magma bubble underneath the continent-island which caused it to sink suddenly amid volcanic flames and explosions of lava.

The named culprits behind this colossal disaster were the usual suspects , aggressive [Mangala] manipulators hailing from the advanced negative-fourth dimensional groups within the vast constellation of Orion.

According to legend, the End came suddenly. It was caused by a violent puncture of the magma bubble and greatly exacerbated by a simultaneous magnetically-attracted asteroid hit. One of the many consequences of the sudden end of the Wars was that the decision about slavery was never finalized. In the subsequent( fifth-root-race expression, slavery would recur involving all races and all economies. A particularly vicious slave-based economy centered in the American hub-city of Atlanta would develop, and one of the most terrible wars of human history would produce the final decision against slavery.

Copper-toned Red peoples who were originally from Lemuria ((disambig Lumania)) but who has re-settled in Atlantis then flee to the Americas. A cleansing massive flood ensues as the age of Karkata-the-Oceans now begins. According to Cayce this race was not blameless and in fact engaged in Baal worship which in Cayce's rendering was antithetical to the Law of One and thus tainted by priestly ego.

Ra also gave a date of 9600 BP (7600 BCE) for a final sinking of the last great land masses, implying that only a few small isolated islands might remain. This event, if accurately calendared, would mark the effective end of the age of Simha, the age of great political royalty seeking elite power.

Also according to Ra, three groups of refugees anticipated the tragic ego-driven ending, realized that the power-crazed royals were so selfish that they were entirely willing to kill everyone in order to win their power game.

These refugees pre-emptively moved their operations to Tibet, Peru, and Turkia before the final catastrophe.

A second Atlantis, the New Atlantis, developed near what is presently Turkia. Its aristocracy maintained close relationships with Egyptian elites, who were in many cases the same genetic-line families.

Jyotisha samayavidya in its present form was developed approx 10,000 BCE during the Era of the Light.

Astrological Age of Kanya

Peoples of Labor and Service

very approximately * 12,600 BCE until 10,500 BCE

modern climate science marks the periods 11,0000 BCE = The Big Freeze in northern Europe. Ice had been coming and going for centuries but 11,000 BCE marks the aggressive, widespread return of the ice -- in places it was a kilometer deep. .

Great Flood = 11,000 until 10,500 BCE

Motivating Mangala activates 8th and 8th-from-8th (3) from Kanya lagna suggesting the potential for catastrophic destruction and rebirth.

overall the age of Kanya was a particularly dangerous, threatening time for menfolk [Kuja] of whom many were enslaved for work on ships, mines, farms, and as sexual servants. Very few were able to enjoy conditions of individual integrity and free movement [Kuja].

Kumbha 6th-from- Kanya =

suggesting that most intense problems are due to electricity and magnetism. The class of scientists [Kumbha] may have become corrupted, as evidenced by the genetic experimentation and diversion of energy sciences into destructive warring military(6) purposes.

a widespread global cult of goddesses who brought nourishment include the cult of Hathor in Canaan 12th cen BCE


Sign of Grains and Servitude; Seed, Stalk, and Furrow

Military science, Nutrition and medicine, but also, war, injury, disease-discomfort, slavery, servitude, medical treatments, exploitation, corruption, injustice, and much misery in the relationship of humans to beasts. Overall a period of science for the sake of science (Kanya clinical argumentation) with little accountability for the consequences.

Notorious Atlantean genetic experimentation led to the creation of a class of infertile servants having mixed animal and human characteristics, such as humans with reptile scales, cloven hooves, or four legged comportment. Also ongoing issues with predatory beasts such as large reptiles (dinosaurs etc) who preyed upon the human populations.

Final full Atlantean era

Mid-Atlantean era. Approximately 11,000 BCE, there was a sudden penetration of the mysteries of pineal activation allowed a remarkably rapid technological development based on understanding of energy and infinity [Vṛścika].

11,000 marks an era of devastating disease in Egypt. The Confederation intervention into Egyptian culture brought advanced medical information, to be practiced within the Great Pyramids, connecting pyramids, above ground and below ground, as well as other related temple both material and astral-form.

11,000 BCE (era, not precise date) forewarned of impending flood caused by sudden melt of glacial polar caps, those with knowledge burrowed into subterranean areas, primarily under-mountain tunnel systems, and primarily but not exclusively in the Hima-laya (Gobi, Agartha). Their bases are still active.

11,000 BCE catastrophic meteor strike annihilates portions of Earth.

  • According to the clairaudient readings of Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce, the Great Pyramid of Egypt was constructed during the century 10,600-10,500 BCE. Refugees from an ever-more politically chaotic and unsustainably managed Poseidia had fled eastward to Egypt where they joined refugees fleeing westward from a relentlessly sinking Lemuria. Poseidia sank in 10,000 BCE.

By 9000 BCE (or perhaps a bit earlier) the entire infrastructure of the continent supporting this advanced civilization is deluged underwater.

The original Sphinx * Aperture (built first) with its subterranean libraries deployed technologies which were known to elites from both the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations. The Great Pyramid (built after the Sphinx) is a multi-function mica-based energy station that is part of an anti-gravity global-plus transportation-and-communication network. It was built near the 10,500 BCE mark, presumably by refugees from Atlantis but possibly by esoteric visitors.

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcripts, 12,000 BCE is a date given for re-starting of human civilization following its previous destruction via worldwide flooding.

Astrological Age of Tula

Peoples of Trade

very approximately 14,800 BCE until 12,600 BCE

6th-from- Tula =

Meena = most intense problems due to pervasive waters

12,500 BCE coincides with an abrupt rise in sea levels due to the major melting of the Antarctic ice sheet

13,000 BP Atlantean civilization at its technological peak


Sign of Equity, Sharing, Tradition and Trade

Slow but relentless Dispersion of Lemurian peoples as water overtakes their lands. Lemurians (disambig Lumania) had developed a society featuring extraordinary levels of trust and agreement (albeit limited diversity, since diversity was not being tested at this developmental phase.)

As the terrestrial water levels rise, Lemurian watercraft reach out toward surrounding territories peacefully and agreeably, bringing their skill in finding the balance point between air and water, their bargaining and trade customs, and their natural inclination to share their knowledge.

As the waters rise around the ancient and long-lasting settlements of Lemurian Civilization, the natives become masters of seafaring. Traveling by sea, they are able to seed the civilizations of South India, Persia, and Egypt before their lands are fully inundated.

Old Atlantis, mid-Atlantean era. Due to rising waters, the once-single Atlantis continent splits into five interactive city-state islands.

15,000-10,000 BCE (approximately) onset The Big MeltEventually, the ice caps which had been absorbing almost one-third of Earth's water began to melt, the perimeter mountainous dams were bit-by-bit overcome with incoming ocean waters, and the underlying magma bubble also started to shift elsewhere.

Lemuria ((disambig Lumania)) began to flood as the magna bubble underneath it then morphed and edged away. Lemuria slowly, slowly, slowly sank.

Astrological Age of Vṛścika - Thriketta

Peoples of Change and Rebirth

Vṛścika ruled by Kuja signifying the Explorer- Brothers

very approximately 16,700 BCE until 14,800 BCE

Mesha = 6th-from- vṛścika = most intense problems due to selfishness, race-war, warrior competition, quest for championship, and events of fire, particularly weaponized fire


Kala-Chakra Mandala with Tibetan inscription, embroidered with Gold Beads


Sign of Destruction, Regeneration, Healing and Rebirth

Minerals mining, diving, exploration and exploitation of Earth Resources,

eruptions, explosions, invasions, sudden unexpected disasters, but also intensely penetrating investigations into mystery and occult treasures

Beginning of the End of Lemurian surface civilization via inundation. Simultaneously, end of Old Atlantis via explosions.

15,000 BCE height of the Uighur (Khotan) civilization (there is no Hima-laya yet)

15,300 BCE paintings (still visible) in the Lascaux Caves (Vezere Valle, France)

The Lemurian ((disambig Lumania)) civilization (50,000 BCE until 15,000 BCE very approximately) is coming to a close. As the sanctuary of Mu has filled with rising waters, missionaries and refugees have spread outward in all directions. According to Kryon ; when Lemuria receded under the water, the process took thousands of years and no lives were lost.

There was no terrible dramatic catastrophe due to the slow pace of the sinking. People had very substantial advance notice, and most being expert navigators got into their boats, sailed out, and brought their culture to new shores.

Nevertheless, a constant fear of apocalyptic collapse. While the prognosticators and the seers knew the timetable, the common people lived in a state of terror during the final years.

According to Kyron, everyone except for the core priesthood was able to paddle out toward new lives in new places. Everyone that is except the high priestess, who chose to drown with the Temple.

The water-logged Lemurians relocated primarily in the Indic areas such as Indusa, Indonesia, Siam, Burma, parts of what is now NE India, places now called Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan . However others went to Egypt, Persia, and elsewhere.

There were busy trade routes long established between Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean and Lemuria located atop a great magma bubble in the center of the Pacific Ocean. In particular Lemurian refugees decamped to familiar trading ports in what is now Mejico and Guatemala where they brought stone temple records for storage.

Eventually, the Atlantis main settlement suffered a legendary horrible catastrophic ending much different than the slow and gradual sinking of Mountain Mu. These two end-times narratives represent two completely separate historical events in two far-distant locations, but often the memories are fused because the ancient tales of the awful destruction of Atlantis were told by Lemurians who had relocated to Atlantis. They remembered two iterations of destruction, and over time the narrative became compressed into a single sinking story.

The end of the main Atlantis core and its Pathways of Transportation infrastructure forced many who had migrated from Lemuria to Atlantis to migrate again to Egypt (if they had heeded the warnings)

At this point, two groups of Lemurians met in Egypt. A group of earlier Lemurian migrants to Egypt who had paddled westward in small boats were met by another group of Lemurians who had fled eastward via Atlantis then were finally pushed into Egypt. Therefore Egypt's early high-consciousness civilization (before pharaohs) was grounded in Lemurian knowledge.

The Lemurian pioneers, explorers, emissaries and rejuvenators [Vṛścika] also seeded the beginnings of the Rama Empire (15,000 BCE until 5,000 BCE very very approximately). The Rama Civilization flourished within the land areas now generally known as Indusa (India).

The seven Rishipura of the Rama civilization are being initiated. Rishipura = master cities, protective forts, sanctuaries of the visualizers. The Rishipura are holy cities that afford both psychic and physical security.

Date? Mid-Atlantean era.

Development of a vibrant civilization in what is now the SE portion of the USA. The genetics of the majority population were what would now be labeled as European, albeit conducting interactions with other groups in the area. This civilization hailed from a point of origin in Yuga-Atlan (yucatan) and was destroyed by nuclear warfare. (Some holocaust scars still visible on the land surface, some mining still discoverable.)

Astrological Age of [Dhanus - Haya]

Peoples of Teaching and Guidance

Dhanus ruled by Benevolent Brihaspati signifying the Patrons and the Patriarchs

very approximately 18,860 BCE until 16,700 BCE

Vrishabha 6th-from- dhanus = most intense problems due to storage behaviors and accumulation of portable resources, taste for luxury, beauties and sensualities, sense-data overflow, problems with cattle, fields and forests of earth


Sign of the Centaur, Archons and Archtypes, Temples of Healing and Knowledge, Guideposts and Guidelines

significant galactic travel and cosmic education

mid-Atlantean era for Old Atlantis

beginning of the fourth root race

18000 BP = traditional date in Tibetan sacred lore given for the origin of astrology as currently understood

18000 BP - the vast area of interior North America currently called Great Lakes is completely covered with a mile-thick sheet of ice. [Hugely towering over the surrounding lands.]

Astrological Age of [Makara - Draco]

Peoples of Order and Structure

Makara ruled by Shani signifying the Hierophant- Elders

very approximately 21,000 BCE until 18,860 BCe

Mithuna = 6th-from- makara = most intense problems due to duplicity in communications signaling and deception in trade


Sign of the Hierarch, pyramid, Stones and Bones

mid-Atlantean era for Old Atlantis

Osiris, a great leader and spiritual teacher from Sirius, lives in Atlantis during approx 18,000 BCE or earlier. Later, when Thoth founds the Lower Egyptian civilization at Sais, then Thoth will transmit the cult of Osiris of Atlantis to the elites of Sais.

According to Kryon, the Rapa-Nui people migrated from Lemuria (disambig Lumania) into the island called Rapa-nui during the era 20,000 BP. Their ceremonial Moai are crafted from monolithic blocks of stone [Makara].

Astrological Age of [Kumbha - Ghata]

Peoples of Community and Systeam

Kumbha ruled by Shani signifying the Systematic- Elders

very approximately 23,200 BCE until 21,000 BCe

6th-from- kumbha = Karkata suggesting colossal polarizing catalysis from lunar gravitational waves, from waters in all forms, and specifically from terrestrial oceans


Sign of Space, Networks, gridworks, electro-magnetic systems

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcripts, 22,800 BCE is a date given for the famed global floods.

25,000 BCE until 23,000 BCe

Following the approx-25K-BP harvest, begin the third portion of the Major Cycle

precipitous drop in the human lifespan; drops to less than 100 years

population of Earth at this point is 345,000 (nearly a failed planet)

An offshoot colony of Lemuria called (by some) Old Atlantis began in approximately 25,000 BCE,. This great kingdom went through many evolutions of its social ecology.

During many phase-shifts from primarily peaceful and agricultural to primarily scientific-technological and warlike, Atlantis in all of its forms endured for 15,000 years.

After a period of corrupt leadership, widespread civil unrest, and global diaspora, Atlantis physically ended in approximately 10,000 BCE. However, before its legendary, catastrophic destruction, colonies of refugee Atlanteans had been established all over the world, and these colonies were able to preserve much of the ancient knowledge.

between 24,500 BCE and 18,000–19,000 BCE Last Glacial Maximum (LGM). This 5000+ year-long period in the Earth's climate history is when the ice sheets were at their maximum extension, and the Earth's liquid water was at its lowest levels. Much more land was exposed above the ocean-lake-river surface during this era than is currently seen above waterr.

At the end of the LGM approx 18,000 BCE, initiate the fourth root race = fourth attempt at spiritualized human development

As the glaciers retreated, carrying gravel (some of it massive boulders) they deeply scoured the land surface, removing most traces of previous human habitation. However, the gravel layers did have the effect of not destroying but rather burying some artifacts

Meanwhile, the Australian continent was unafflicted by glaciers. The ab-origin-al population maintained their pure lineage without interruption. The climate of their homeland remained largely unvarying, thus permitting the repetition of reliable patterns of sustenance and memory. This control group continued to reincarnate in their traditional lands among their traditional kin.

29,000 BCE

Ra Material is published in several locations, including its home site

The messenger collective Ra identifies the era of the founding of the Old Atlantean civilization as approximately 29,000,000 BCE.

This is Old Atlantis, an offshoot colony of Lemuria; disambiguate from New Atlantis, not far from Egypt, centered in Crete. There are several historically separated iterations of Atlantis.

It was, by Ra's description, a slowly developing evolution following an agricultural pattern until about 13,000 BCE, when it was overtaken by a decadent leadership. Among its developmental achievements was an activation of the pineal channel which is inbuilt into the human system but rarely used on a large scale.

In a different development, the reincarnational system upgraded. The foundational soul population (laboratory groundworkers) had during phases 1-2-3 reincarnated in the same terrestrial region within the same DNA grouped-families.

In the approx 30,000 BCE window, a new phase of experiment was initiated. It was allowed for reincarnations to take human birth in different terrestrial environments not bound to the previous locality. More developmental variety of personality and culture was thus encouraged.

Mu_Churchward.jpgfrom approximately 35,000 BCE until 15,000 BCe

Lemurian ((disambig Lumania)) civilization endured at the material level during a period of 20,000 years (approximately) from 35,000 BCE until 15,000 BCE. (the energetic roots trace back much earlier)

approximately 30-million unique souls took birth in various types of bodies (from zero mass bodies of light, to heavy fleshbodies placed upon an animal chassis). According to legend there was no reincarnation during the Lemurian period, but individual lifespans were extremely long, with some priests living thousands of years while a fishing, hut-thatching villager would routinely live for the usual 900 years.

Based in a geo-physically remarkable basin in the center of the Pacific Ocean, the continent of Lemuria consisted of a land mass that was projected upward from the ocean floor via a magma bubble underneath, while simultaneously the whole land-and-sea area was protected at its perimeter by an encircling ring of mountains that dammed the surrounding higher waters.

At the peak of Lemurian civilization, Earth's sea-level overall was 400 ft. lower than at present, and it was even lower within the basin of Lemuria because of the mountain-range dams.

33,000 yrs BP [[Before Present]

continue the build-up agricultural, slow-changing beginnings of Atlantis -

many millennia remain until the final catastrophic Atlantis ending 9498 BCE

Mu civilization has peaked yet many millennia remain for its people and their simple, spiritually-attuned way of life

There is physical and psychic interaction between the two distant continents. Travel by sea and air.

There have been and will be numerous other non-physical civilizations on and in Terra which are independent from both Mu and Atlantis, having no awareness and no contact with either A or M. They are separate science experiments that have separate experimental parameters.

Colonists from Vega - alphae Lyrae * were the original mappers and founders of the civilization Atlantis. (Currently the intercalary nakshatra Abhijita represents the location of the pipeline from Vega to Earth.)

This civilization had two distinct phases.

First phase initiation by a male leader named Atlant along with his wife-and-equal-partner Kerataye. Atlant founded Atlantis and Kerataye founded a separate colony called Kera. Her colony was located in the area now recognized as the Thera caldera within the Aegean sector of the Mediterranean basin. Kera/Thera was the name of her colonial base and its Vega-inherited culture, which by legend survived more than 6000 years after the destruction of the larger Atlantic Atlantis continent (by war).

Kerataye's father named Muras was from Lyra. He also joined the pioneer force settling on Earth and he became an additional founding personality. The elder Muras is the legendary founder of the nation of Mu located in the area that presently is recognized as the Gobi Desert in western China.

Lemuria had a competitive and expansive culture that spread from its original capital city called Mu into a global commonwealth. According to some accounts, the continent of Lemuria was originally a colony settled by immigrants from Mu. The competitions between Mu culture and Atlan culture were originally sporting and collegial, but as the millennia wore on the founding nobility of both cultures was lost and more craven fighting ensued.

Sadly, both civilizations were violently destroyed. Rivalry between the Vega-culture group versus the Lyra-culture group became increasingly bitter, and small groups of military scientists from each civilization focused intently on producing the winning technology.

With knowledge of geo-thermal power, electro-magnetic-gravitational force, and human psychology of winning (all of these races were humans) Atlantean scientists and Mu scientists created a perfect storm. Geo-thermal energy was explosively released while a massive asteroid was gravitationally pulled into the Earth. Tremendous flooding occurred, Certain features of these civilizations were However, were proactively preserved in buried treasuries.

35,000 BCE earliest beginnings of what will emerge as the high-tech civilization of Atlantis

Rooted in nearly the same historical era as the Lemurian civilization but with a different evolutionary pattern, Atlantean culture initiated with the return to Earth of a new group of Plejadian colonists e.g. Kri-tika people. Their leader Atlant began a culture that was originally based in farming and fishing, gentle in nature and psychically creative (kri).

A much later intervention from agents of Orion caused Atlantis to ultimately destroy itself; yet for many thousands of years Atlantean civilization was widespread, artistic, and peaceful.

perhaps 40,000 BCE ending before 25,000 BCe


The Eternal Validity of the Soul ( Sarga-15, p 222-224, and p. 352 and p. 378), by Seth via Jane Roberts and Robert Butts (1984)

According to the entity Seth whose 1984 teachings appear in The Eternal Validity of the Soul ( Sarga-15, p 222-224, and p. 352 and p. 378), a series of three distinctive, technologically settlements occurred during the pre-Atlantean era.

The earliest of the three was situated in Asia. The second was called Lumania, and its cave-tunnel system lined with informational image paintings was rudely imitated by the earliest modern cave-dwellers of the current historical period.

According to Seth, Lumania (disambiguate from Lemuria) were highly sensitive beings who lived underground in order to avoid terrifying large animals AND very large humanoids (savage giants) who dominated the above-ground environment, Presumably the terrifying beasts were dinosaurs.

Lumanians used sound technology to carve out the space for their primary settlements, along with a network of tunnels to outpost stations. Some of their most remote outpost stations were in Iberia and Pyrrhenia; thus the beautiful cave-paintings still visible in those places where their underground tunnels emerged into caves that opened upon the terrestrial surface..

It is said that the Lumanian main city was built under the surface of a now-submerged legendary continent called Maskara in what is now the Indian Ocean. They built other beautiful modern cities using their sound technology, and connected their secondary cities plus remote outposts via an elaborate traffic system for moving people and goods. However, the main settlement was under Maskara.

No one liked being sent to an outpost. The tunnels vented to the surface. At the vents, they maintained cameras to watch and record the surface beasts as well as the movement of the stars. The outpost workers felt isolated and endangered. But as dutiful scientists, they diligently maintained the cameras and the force-fields that protected the tunnel entrances.

Seth describes the Lumanian artistic and linguistic skills as exquisitely advanced both in telempathic ability and in the delicacy of image-transmitting conversation produced by the architecture of their language. Their downfall after many millennia of development was their increasing physical weakness. They lost the capacity to deal with aggressive energy of any kind. As their civilization was collapsing, according to Seth, the citizens turned off their protective force-fields, went up to the surface, and tried to interbreed with the primitive and violent humanoid hunter tribes. However, lumanian genes simply disseminated into the native Cro-Magnon population and the unique, pale, weak Lumanian body-type died out quickly. Yet, the last-minute mating means that those genes are still on Terra todayr.

When the Lumanian civilization ended, the general assessment of their experiment was that their engineering, communication, and family-bonding genius was impeccable, but their inability to deal with violence was crippling.

At the time of the approx-25K-BP harvest, the main Lemanian group graduated into the telempathic fourth dimensional octave. However, the y send wanderers to Terra frequently to serve as light-beacons, speakers, and guides.

35,000 BCe

Central Period of the Mu culture

Mu was colonized a bit earlier than Atlantis (give or take a few millennia) and lasted approximately 18,000 years from start, ending at about 17,000 BCE (Some sources say ending at 13K-BCE).

The peak period of Mu Civilization is reckoned by some sources to have been 38K until 33K, a period of approximately 5k years featuring centralized social organization, institutions such as healing temples, a priesthood managing those temples, and many settlements.

One of the important cultural extensions of the Mu region is currently underneath the Gobi Desert. At the time of habitation this colony was said to be a lush paradise with fabulous cities including the legendary Agartha culture.

Mu culture was said to be scientifically more advanced than Atlantean culture, but they used intuition whereas Atlanteans were overall more intellectual, more competitive and more warlike. Although they began on similar footing, ultimately under the influence of Orion, Atlanteans scientific elites became increasingly invested in military applications rather than healing knowledge.

approx. 40,000 BCE

introduction of the aboriginal peoples of Australia. Indigenous peoples of Australia trace their lineage to approximately 40,000 BCE and their myths indicate that their civilization received regular visits and ongoing guidance from Plejaidian monitors.

approx. 50,000 BCE

The Races * the Roots

according to the messenger collective Ra, the number of incarnate human beings residing on Earth at this time was recorded as 345,000 persons

At approximately this time, the major racial groups of humans were distinguished into the groups that are still known colloquially as black, brown, red, gold, and white.

Kryon has mentioned that the native Lemurians, when they had fully formed physical bodies (many thousands of years after their etheric-body phase) had a deeply melinated blue-black skin complexion with blue-black eyes and hair

Meanwhile... in other sections of that experimental petri dish which is Terra...

Fleeing wars in their home region, Peligon and his Plejadian followers form a settlement on Terra on the continent later became North America. Along with other equipment, they brought hipperian beasts to NA.

The first bare glimmers of Lemurian settlement begin to take shape. For many millennia, the fleshbody build-out is flimsy, mainly astral, only partially materializing, and such bodies as there are become easily re-dispersed.

Lemurian civilization is said to have begun in approximately 50,000 BCE after the harvest point, and ended in approximately 15,000 BCE thus enduring for a length of 20,000 years.

At that time, sea levels were 400-feet lower than now. The Earth was cooler, with huge glaciation near the poles. Lemurian climate was tropical with misty skies. the Earthen Sun was not directly visible due to the thick moist atmosphere. The sky was not blue as now but rather a warm, misty white. They ate ocean fish and abundant local plants.

53-52,000 BCE

Following the 52K-BP harvest, begin the second portion of the Major Cycle


Time (kala) Wheel (chakra) * Kalachakra Mandala

The messenger collective Ra identifies the era of the founding of Lemuria as 51,000 BCE.

Kryon uses the date of 52,000 " years ago"

Some sources claim that the Lemurian colonization was accomplished via immigration from the constellation Denebola Danab alAsad which is known in Jyotisha as Uttaraphalgunī - Aryaman the Farther Red Ones. (and known by other names in other languages).

According to Kryon, after the initial Pleiadian Civilization genetic seeding of the original basis of Lemuria (those of the great mountain, the Mu) for the next 30,000 years (until very approximately 12,000 years before present) the Lemurian humans remained essentially Plejadian in nature.

Mixed Immigrations

According to Ra, within Uttaraphalguni a batch of 2nd-dimensional emigrants had earned eligibility to graduate into third dimensional curricula. However, they suffered from an aging Sun. The Sun in their native environment could not support the third-dimensional reality.

Ultimately, they reincarnated in Earth. Tthe civilization created by these graduate refugees from Danab alAsad would produce the first post-Plejadian-seeding iteration of a human race. These pioneers from Uttaraphalgunī - Aryaman also founded a thriving civilization in what is now Chinar.

Surviving genetics of these Lemurian peoples currently persist in the shamanistic native folk of North America, South America, and Central Asia (including Mongolia, Tibet, Gobi area, Russia).

Mu means Mountain.

The name Lemuria means Land on the Mountain. Lemuria was one huge single mountain, created by a magma bubble underneath the mantle of the Earth pushing upward, height 28,000 feet, measured from base of the floor of the ocean up to its forbidding icy peak. The settlements were maintained around the base of this massive mountain Mu, and a civilization developed over a period from 50,000 BCE until approximately 15,000 BCE (35,000 developmental years).

The climate surrounding the settlements was a steady, hazy, low-cloudy, tropical warmth with abundant moisture. Once spirits became accustomed to having and using animal-chassis fleshbodies, they sought nourishment from ocean fish and tropical fruits. Their fleshskin displayed a dark hue of deepest brown-blue, and their clothing was light and minimal due to the pleasant unchanging weather.

Temple of Rejuvenation

According to Kryon, the highest top of Mu contained a sacred temple called the Temple of Rejuvenation. It operated in a bitterly cold and thin-air atmosphere, albeit fierce wind was not a problem. The extreme cold was necessary to facilitate the energetics of the healing. There was a group of priests in residence at the top. But most of the people were accustomed to their tropical climes, and it was far too cold for them to visit. If they did venture to the top, very special preparations were required.

The sacerdotal community who supported the Temple of Rejuvenation used the natural volcanic heat sources such as stream vents and lava flows, which made their lifestyle manageable despite the extreme cold of 28,000 feet altitude.


Lemurians were not a high-technology people, or a socially complex people, but rather a profoundly intuitive people. Compared to the Atlantean intellectual prowess, the Lemurians had a relatively primitive lifestyle. While their physical lifestyle was simple huts and fishing, however, their spiritual awareness was very advanced.

Their civilization developed in phases.

  • Their first 10,000 years was dedicated to the evolutionary process of transforming their etheric elemental 2nd-dimensional consciousness into materialized 3rd-dimensional human embodiment, from approximately 50,000 BCE to approximately 40,000 BCE.
  • The next 5,000 years approximately were dedicated to developing coherent social organization, at which point the civilization can be activated at the 35,000 BCE era.
  • The final 20,000 years, from 35,000 BCE until 15,000 BCE, were dedicated to terrestrial life in fully invested bodies, a unified civilization based in intuitive awareness but still materialized, consciousness of the cosmos, emergence of ceremony.
  • The total existence of Lemurian culture was reckoned at 800 generations, with only 350-million incarnations occurring from 50,000 BCE until 15,000 BCE. Lemurians live long lives and they enjoyed plenty of space.

According to collective voice called Ra, their planet in Denebola The Latter Red One was stuck in the movement from 2nd density to 3rd density, due to the age of their sun. They sought an opportunity to move into 3rd density (Earth's primary density until 2012) and agreed to come to found a civilization on the continent of Lemuria in the part of Earth which is presently the Pacific Ocean. Ra says that American Hopi people are direct descendants of Lemurian lineage.

Lemuria encompassed California and parts of British Colombia, Hawaii, Australia-New Zealand, Rapa-Nui (Easter Island) and Samoa among others. It sat below sea level, surrounded by a ring of barrier mountains. Its atmosphere was densely misty with permanent high moisture content in the air but no rain. No cycle of rainy days and sunny days which now is normal on Earth. The sky was foggy purple-brown color and low with diffused brightness that fostered rich foliage and animal life. There was no brilliant blue-sky or clear, dry desert air such as we have now.

The sky of purplish haze is consistent with the understanding that Shani was still holding the role of the Old Sun, and Shani's plasma field would have created an almost unchanging low ceilinged bubble around the Earth. The density of the plasma haze would not have allowed the discernment of small items in the sky such as planetary bodies (thus no astrology) but Shani was big enough and close enough that Shani's back-lit crescent would be seen to move around Shukra.

The thick plasma haze also prevented changes in surface temperature.

The temperature in Lemuria was said to be constant and unvaryingly warm, with the water temperature being little different from the air. Clothing was minimal, fish abundant, and life was focused on deep communication between the peoples and their Earth. They remained in deep awareness of the second-dimensional consciousness of the plant kingdom from whence they had come, thus communicating skillfully with the world of plant intelligence.

Eventually over thousands of years, the size and abundance of Earth's predatory animals became a very serious problem and Lemurians were forced to shelter underground.

A complimentary civilization with a high-technology focus -- not intuitive, and very socially complex -- developed as an extension of Lemuria. This colony of settlers is called Old Atlantis (as distinct from the New Atlantis based near Crete). Old Atlantis also suffered from constant threat of roaming beasts described as having great size and destructiveness. Old Atlantis had a different developmental agenda that was not compatible with Lemurian patterns. It quickly entered a state of low virtue, enshrining warfare, sensual decadence, and slavery. Ra cites the origins of Atlantis as initiating in 29,000 BCE.

The core triangle defining the perimeter of Lemuria is said to occur between Mt. Shasta, Samoa, and Hawaii. The Hawai'ian high mountains at that time were extremely unapproachably cold yet contained beacons for arka purpose. The highest of these are still snow-covered, and one sports a famous two-way telescope.

According to Ra, tectonic plate movement caused Lemuria to sink. Other commentators have added that a magma bubble that had been stationed under Lemuria (under the surface of the Earth) also moved during the plate shift, which caused Lemuria to sink under the waters; at the same time, the migrating bubble pushed other places high above the waves. This was by all reckoning an extremely dramatic and dangerous time when several large land masses cracked and moved.

For example the region presently known as South India was once part of the land mass that is presently known as Southern Africa. During this transformative era, it broke off and traveled to its current location, bringing with it African flora and fauna as well as some ancient African peoples whose lineage perpetuates in the isolated mountain enclaves of the Dravidian lands. Snowy Tibet once lay at sea level. It had a lovely ocean beach; the people ate tropical fruits and slept under a warm balmy sky. The conch shells and coral are still laying on the ground there. Yet, a 15K+ rise in elevation due to tectonic shift and other surface factors dramatically changed the weather and conditions of daily life for those who survived.

50,000 Bp

Origins of Lemuria

According to the collective messenger entity Ra, the civilizations of Lemuria were " helpful and harmless" . Lemurians were reckoned as spiritually refined and capable of profound healing, although mentally blunt and physically underdeveloped.

According to the Lemurian Scrolls, in their earliest millennia, they were so uncomfortable with the energetic weight and limitations of fully inhabiting third-dimensional humanoid bodies that they often " docked" their material bodies into extended sleep-states in mountainside caves while their spirits traveled the astral portions of Earth-world (space/time vs time/space).

At the 50K mark (50K BP) the appointed Guardians cull the first harvest of the fruits of the Terran educational environment. Insufficient spiritual awakening within the terrestrial species finds no fruit, mandating no movement of the fear-quarantine and no movement of earthly beings into subsequent dimensional stages. Earth-humans stay put. The experiment continues.
50,000 BCE (very approximately, 52,000 years ago)

ending approx 40,000 yrs BP

On one portion of Earth (presently SW USA) the Plejadian leader Peligon brings some 70K colonists to Earth and starts a civilization that lasts nearly 10,000 years.

Peligon himself was so knowledgeable that he was revered as a deity by many of his followers, and also by the existing native Earthly folk who were living on Earth when the Plejadian colonists arrived. He was reckoned to be nearly 30 feet tall and lived himself to an age of 4,000 years.

This civilization reached scientific and creative heights, spread to every continent of Earth and spawned countless beautiful cities. Yet, after flourishing for approximately 10,000 years, at a time-point of approximately 40,000 years BP (before present) it eventually self-destructed via a terrible war (sigh)

Its refugees straggled back to the Pleiades cluster rendering the Earth void of any high civilization for the next 7000 years.

Although abundant terrestrial life continued evolving, no organized civilization with technology and paradigms of belief occurred for many eras.

According to lore, the war that ended the Plejadian 10,000 year colonial settlement on Earth was indeed the final war for their far-flung civilization. Plejadians have not suffered any wars since that time, and are now self-identified as wisdom-bringers. However, they appreciate that it was not always so. Indeed before they matured, their history from Lyran days forward had been distinctively violent featuring brutal wars on numerous planets.

Although their settlements here had been abandoned, the Pleiadian watchers kept Earth very much in their fond awareness. It was thought to innovate another Plejadian experiment upon Earth using their newly acquired wisdoms.

Thinking now more like parents than like exploitative colonizers, Plejadian donors began the materialization of terrestrial human societies in their barest structure, in a peaceful (Pacific) area of an at-that-time much-less-watery Earth. (Sea levels then were hundreds of feet lower than present.)

Eventually, these Plejadian-seeded humanoid groups would develop and inter-connect into the core Terrestrial civilization of Lemuria (Mu).

60,000 Bp

Orion obtains contact with primitive Earth inhabitants, providing Big Stone Heads to represent the promise of power

Earliest currently documented evidence of terrestrial human presence.


According to Ra, in approximately 60,000 BP the stone heads of Rapa Nui are built by a 4th-dimensional Orion entity-force. From ancient times, Orion emissaries have been on a mission to include Earth into their civilization, in other words to colonize Terra.

Orion civilization is distinguish by abundant wars and a vicious cult of slavery caused by the culture of empowerment of the self. Their promise of power over others is often heard by individuals seeking to gain personal advantage or dominate others.

The stone heads were (or gave the appearance of being) imbued with great power which promised to give the human inhabitants a higher level of control over their environment. Orion are the bringers of most of Earth's human violencer.

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcript 364-13, the " fourth root race" is genetically created in five varieties (black, brown, white, yellow, red) seeded simultaneously in five different locations worldwide (respectively: Sudan, Andes, Carpathia, Gobi, Atlantis-including-NortheastNorthAmerica).

approx 70,000 BP

settlements established on Terra (Malruth) by human colonists from Lyra.

Original three Pyramids built approx 70K-BCE. These structures were imitated, replicated, remodeled, and repurposed many times in the years to come.

However, the original structures were built by Lyran colonists using Pathways of Transportation and communication technology known to their home civilization.

The Lyran settlements did not interact with the developing Earth-humans and were not part of the Plejadian seeding experiment.

According to Ra, the oldest group of Egyptian pyramids are actually composed of a monolithic material which was made from something akin to a concrete smoothie (blender-ed by sound tones). In order to make it look like individual blocks of stone, artistic lines were drawn in.

The original capstone was granite not gold. The gold was added when it became a status symbol for Pharaohs.

71,500 BCE

three large, original transport-and-energy-grid pyramids (1 Egypt, 1 China, 1 central America (likely Yucatan area) built by Lyran pioneer settlers to Earth

75K Bp

Nota Bene * Ra freely admits the limit of their ability to attune the dates of cosmic-scale events to the micro-focused modern Eurosphere calendar system. Speaking through deep trance channel in the 1980's, Ra admits their discomfort with assigning specific 20th-century calendar dates to ancient eras

The pattern of self-destruction due to extreme violence is continued. A humanoid high civilization develops on Mangala, not dissimilar to the Atlantean high-tech realm which would later develop on Earth.

The moist, diverse climates of the planet Mangala hosted an advanced civilization featuring high knowledge, fine arts, agriculture, and scientific technology. Mars aggressives eventually engages in a similar hate-war, orchestrated by you-know-who. Angarika catastrophically loses its atmosphere.

All Martian citizens flee hysterically into the surrounding planetary system, looking for habitable planets. Earth was able to accept some of the refugees, but since there were no terrestrial humanoids available at this time, those who escaped into Terra were offered incarnation into the higher apes. But many could exit because their atmosphere has collapsed and they are horribly trapped. According to Ra, the terror of this unthinkable dislocation disaster resulted in most Martians being locked into a catatonic knot of fear for countless ages.

Eventually, after their harvest into humanoid form, the Martian refugees who entered Earth would be the innovators and engineers who develop High Atlantis.

79,000 - 75,000 BP

Beginning of the current major cycle.

The Major Cycle lasts for approximates 78,000 years and consists of three portions of 26,000 years each, approximately (within a 2000 year margin of error)

  • 78,000 BP until 52,000 BP harvest - average lifespan 900 years
  • 52,000 BP until 26,000 BP harvest - average lifespan 700 years
  • 26,000 BP until present day harvest

Each major cycle concludes with a period of harvest

At harvest time, those prepared for ascent to 4th-dimensional consciousness will graduate into 4th foram

The harvest is nowr.

24 He put another parable before them, saying, "The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field, 25 but while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away. 26 So when the plants came up and bore grain, then the weeds appeared also.

27 And the servants of the master of the house came and said to him, ‘Master, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have weeds?' 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.' So the servants said to him, ‘Then do you want us to go and gather them?'

29 But he said, ‘No, lest in gathering the weeds you root up the wheat along with them. 30 Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, "Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn."' "

~~Matthew 24-30, English Standard Version

Quarantine in Place due to epidemic Fear * Coating of Thick Fog around Terra prevents infection of Fear spreading into other planetary environments

At the beginning of the present Major Cycle, Earth (Malkuth) goes into fear-quarantine in order to preserve the conditions of independent learning. Extraterrestrial intervention is formally prohibited by the guardians of Earth.

According to Ra, the present cycle begins with the immigration into Malkuth-Earth from Mars of a host of third-dimensional humans. These Martian refugees were fleeing the destruction of an annihilating war. They desperately sought a new home after having destroyed their previous home. Previous to this immigration from Mars, another earlier immigration into Terra from Maldek had occurred.

But because it had occurred so much earlier in the earthly development timeline, the Maldek immigration had forced those

Maldek beings to inhabit Earth's only available humanlike species (yeti, ogo, sasquatch) because human forms were not yet supported in terrestrial environment. The Martian immigrants However, were able to develop humanoid bodies because humanoid bodies had begun to be supported environmentally consequent to the Plejadian seeding.

Quarantine imposed due to Epidemic Fear

The Guardians of Earth had established a strict policy of non-interference. Nevertheless certain rogue invaders did and do illegally break the quarantine.

ThThere have been specific permitted exceptions such as the aid-transfer of 3rd-D entitles from the destroyed Red Planet, and required interventions following the Nagasaki-Hiroshima nuclear bombing which prevent any future global nuclear catastrophe.

The fear quarantine may persist throughout three cycles of 26,500 years each.

The quarantine surrounding the field of deadly fear is lifted in stages.

An initial lifting of the amnesia-blanker occurred during the precession of the equinocti in 2012 CE, which marks the end of the third cycle. Simultaneous with the end of the cycle, the position of Earth in its revolution around the its galaxy brought Terra into a fresh new electro-magnetic field. The new field its has clarifying qualities which serve to gently but effectively banish some of the heaviest fog. At the end of the third cycle, the experiment was finally declared a significant success, as the Guardians found a bountiful harvest of spiritually awakened beings!

However, those who are not ready to release their fear will not be harmed or ignored. An alternative version of the old Earth, with all of its familiar fear-factors still intact, has been developed to protect them from unwanted change.

100,000 -- 98,000 BCE (very approximately)Beginning of the majority third-dimensiona; Human Being as it is currently recognized

There were naturally, organically, very slowly developing varieties of humanoids long established on Earth. Matching the pace of nature similar to the organic development of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms, their evolution happened very very gradually.

Approximately 200,000 BCE comes arrival of genetic missionaries from Pleiades * Pleyades * people of Pleja * Also called Krittika the Creators the Teachers-about-Creation.

The Maldek refugee population had been using a variety of bodies since their arrival in 460,000 BP (acc. To Ra). Other galactic visitors had started other colonies at various times, but these colonies were Generally, isolated from each other and rarely used third-dimensional encasement. 4th, 5th, and 6th dimensional environments could be and were constructed in the interstitial spaces between 1-2-3 realities. However, the se visitor colonies were on their own business and were not concerned with developing Earth humans.

Plejadian missionary scientists were assigned to develop spiritual consciousness within the chassis of the earth humans It was harvest time, and some freshly certified, good quality specimens were available. One single (of twenty available) humanoid variety was selected to be seeded with spiritual capability.

Today, the Plejadian version is greatly predominant on Earth. Yet, there are two other strains of humanoid surviving (of the original 17-20) which serve other agenda According to Ra, one of these other lineage is the yeti. The other is a radiation-resistant reserve-species which is stocked as a back-up in case the Maldek-Atlantis scenario reactivates.

Orion never rests.

The seeding experiment matured over the period 200,000 BCE until 100,000 BCE (dates extremely rough).

100,000 BCE becomes the approximate start time of human beings as they are constituted today.

100,000 BCE as the starting era is a standard Vajrayana Buddhist teaching, frequently quoted by HH Dalai Lama-14.

106,000 BCE

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcripts, the first androgynous fleshbodies of this self-conscious, individuated Earth-human are created. According to Edgar Cayce reading transcript 294-8, before the split into male-female, the World Teacher Amilius-Lilith entered the Terrasphere in humanoid form.

After the split, Lilith takes the feminine side and Amilius takes the masculine side.

The bodies at this historical time were not like the super-dense bodies of today. The original bodies were transparent, composed of very fine particles, and subtle enough to cross dimensional threshholds.

200,000 BCE until 50,000 Bp

Gardening Plans and Realization of Plan

According to Kryon (information delivered in several different lectures), 200,000 BCE marks the first visitations to Terra by the Pleyadian parent-civilization emissaries.

Within the interventionist Gardeners Group, the broad outlines of the seeding experiment are agreed. Approval from higher supervisors is obtained.

The period of transference and grafting extended for approx 110,000 years, with numerous terrestrial sites and methods employed during the start-up project.

BCE 200,000 until 90,000

the culling

Using non-catastrophic gradual species adjustment methods, the Gardeners start with approx 26 naturally evolved varieties of human-body beings. End with one dominant humanoid species that has been infused with an adapted genome. Unlike all other species which have 24, this one has 23 tangible chromosomes.

BCE 90,000 until 50,000

Other sources refer to numerous visitor colonies of non-native settlers, but 50,000-BCE signals the first home-grown attempt.

According to [Kryon channel Aug-2012] this 40K-year period was devoted to evolutionary changes needed to facilitate a self-sustaining indigenous earth civilization with boating, fishing, cooking, housing, language, ceremonies.

BCE 50,000

Onset of Lemuria, a spiritualizing civilization for the Earth-humans. The following 20,000 years describe a slow process of cultural-physical development and adaptation to an evolving terresphere.

BCE 30,000

According to [Kryon channel Aug-2012] by the 30,000-BCE era, a spiritually (but not technologically) advanced civilization was growing in a specific, rare, insulated place. The magna-bubble island of Lemuria was surrounded by vast oceans. (What little remains of it = now Hawai'i.)

The island Lemuria was populated by a peaceable lineage of fisherpeople + a mystical healing priesthood. The Pleyadean Gardeners dwelt among the people, teaching their progeny about being diviner.

By contrast, according to Edgar Cayce reading transcript, the origin of the " second root race" which was the Lemurian Civilization is marked at 10-million-BCE.

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcript 264-4,

the 200,000 BCE mark is quoted as the beginning of the Atlantean " third root race" . Cayce's sources comment that Atlantean civilizations (a series of cultures) developed quickly because of the mental abilities of the incarnators.

The Atlanteans were apparently gifted in their ability to detect and utilize the powers inherent in the Earth's environment (magnetism, gravity, electricity).

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcript 364-11, within the first of the five phases of Atlantean life, many people stood 10-to-12 feet tall and were handsomely proportioned;. Nevertheless, Cayce describes a great variety of human bodies from the very short (2-3 feet in height) to the tallest. Their racial characteristics were said to vary with a predominant " red" (copper) racial pattern (still represented in North American Iroquois lineage per Cayce.)

According to Kryon, a typical modern Plejadian adult stands 7-8 feet tall; therefore, if Cayce's sources are correct the tallest Atlanteans were exceptionally large and athletic.

186,000 BP (before present)

They came from Mars.

A highly developed civilization on the surface of Mangala experienced a catastrophic destruction. Although many refugees fled to other hospitable planets, it is said that over 40-million Angarikan inhabitants were killed.

210,000 BCe

Intervention of the Gardeners

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcripts, the era of 210,000 BCE is the origin of the first-of-three Atlantean incarnate civilizations.

In the mists of time, according to Kryon, there were 26 humanoid species.

At the 200,000 BCE mark, due to natural evolutionary patterns, the 26 humanoid species had dwindled to 17.

The Kryon readings mark 200,000 BCE as beginning the era of intervention by Gaia's parent civilization, the guardian-gardeners of the Pleyades.

  • 200K-BCE is when the gardeners initiated the plan to " seed" the genetic code of existing humanoid bodies.
  • The goal was to create a species uniquely attuned to third-dimensional Earth, yet capable of apprehending the presence of the Divine.
  • It was understood that similar attempts had failed elsewhere.

By the 90,000 BCE mark, the one variety of humanoid that was seeded by the Pleiaidian donors had come to dominater.

According to the Ra material,

along with the dominant genetically altered Pleyadian sample, only two other humanoid species persisted.

  • Ra says that these two other models = the yeti ++ a semi-dormant " reserve" variety.
  • The reserve variety can withstand humanoid nuclear annihilation, and would be used for reseeding in that horrible event.
  • The yeti (sasquatch) are living primarily in Earth's high-mountain cave-and-tunnel environment. They live in family groups. They are fast and deft. They have an exceptionally sharp olfactory sense, which allows them to detect and avoid the dominant species (which to them is a hideous smell).
  • The reserve species are deep-forest dwellers.

Context note:

At different times in history, particularly during severe climate change, especially extreme heat, archeological evidence shows that Earth-humans of the dominant species have often retreated into mountain cave-systems, or underground.

  • Extensive cave-and-tunnel settlements still exist throughout the world. In some places, tunnels are still used for habitation and storage.
230,000 BCE Plejadic-people make their exodus from the violence of Lyra.

Plejads form new offshoot civilizations, but Lyra keeps going on its own diverse evolutionary paths.


As refugees of war led by a director called Asel, colonists from Lyra settle into the system that was named after their female leader, Pleja. Over time, the Plejadians develop a group-cluster of high civilizations. They begin exploring and they colonize Earth as various times for various purposes.

At one point, Earth serves the conflicted Plejadian civilizations as a banishment prison colony -- similar to how the UK dumped its prisoners in Australia in the modern context.

At other times, Earth has served as a scientific experimental greenhouse. Other civilizations from the still-ongoing Lyra, from Vega, from Orion, and from other galaxies have variously settled in colonies for different lengths of time, for different exploratory purposes.

300,000 -- 200,000 BP (extremely, broadly, approximately)

While the Plejadians are working on their evangelical mission to provide information (signaled as Light) a war is fought. The battle prize is control of the natural assets of the terrasphere, which included the terrestrial human races. Earth (Malruth) becomes a hotly desired bounty of conquest.

The conquerors called their newly won planet " Ki" (perhaps originally Kri, signifying Plejad).

An-nu-na-ki who came from heaven to earth (ki) * arrival and onset of building operations, genetic manipulation, material colonization, and resource extraction. Their influence has been long and deep.

350,000 BP According to Bashar, the time period associated with the genetic species-crafting process which generated prototype humans. In legend, these entitues were not endowed with higher intelligence, nor spiritual cognizance faculties.

They were used primarily as resource-extraction workers by their engineering creators, the An-nu-na-ki.

389,000 Before Present

beginning of the evangelical Plejadian Mission bringing news and education about Creation Kriya Krittika to the peoples of Terra.

The mission persists but is (perhaps not surprisingly) slow going due to the rudimentary condition of the human genetics.

460,000 Bp

According to Ra, 3rd-dimensional consciousness refugees from the destroyed planet Maldek enter Malruth-Earth by permission and guidance of the Council of Saturn.

The only body type available at this time is 2nd-dimensional instinctive mammalian bipedal. The refugees accept these bodies on the understanding that there may be opportunities at intervals (every 75,000 years) to graduate into their previously more familiar 3rd-dimensional flesh-vehicles (humanoid).

Ra states that many of these refugees completed their endurance of 2nd-dimensional consciousness containers (while always maintaining their third-density consciousness) The refugees were successful in the task of incarnating on other 3rd-density planets. Some few are still here and still utilizing the primate vehicles. Their race is variously called yeti, sasquatch, bigfoot, Ogo.

500,000 Bp

Nota Bene * Ra freely admits the limit of their ability to attune the dates of cosmic-scale events to the micro-focused modern Eurosphere calendar system. Speaking through deep trance channel in the 1980's, Ra admits their discomfort with assigning specific 20th-century calendar dates to ancient eras.

According to the 6th dimensional collective called Ra

Following the catastrophic destruction of their home planet, in the year cited by Ra as 705,000 BP, Maldek's third-dimensional inhabitants become trapped in a no-contact-possible knot-of-fear This entrapment in the sphere of terror was said (by Ra) to have endured for 100,000 earth-years.

After 100,000 earth-years had passed, during which these beings were entrapped in what Ra describes as " a impenetrable knot of fear," Confederation helpers were able to discover their location and break the fear-knot, thus liberating their energy complexes from the fear-seizure, in approx 600,000 BP.

En masse, their civilization agreed to migrate to Earth. Maldek folk's name for Earth was Malruth. But although the Maldek folk possessed third-dimensional consciousness, Malruth's environment was not yet evolved to the level where it could offer inhabitation in human bodies.

The Maldek folk were given second-dimensional bodies (ape-like) which lacked human physical manipulative capacity but which did offer the full emotional range of experience. Thus they voluntarily continued a learning narrative of limitation and entrapment relative to their true capacity, although they were blessedly freed of the imprisoning fear.

According to Ra, when third-dimensional bodies became available at the 200,000 year juncture, many of the Maldek immigrants were eligible to harvest into Malruth's newly developed third-dimensional experience. However, not all of the Maldek immigrants chose to upgrade into third-dimensional human bodies. Some immigrants are still remaining in Malruth's second-dimensional realm, including the sasquatch-yeti-ogo race. These beings retain a second-dimensional encasement. They have successfully adapted their lifestyle into the extensive terrestrial subsurface tunnel network, which has air venting and water supply. They prefer to live separately from the third-dimensional human population.

Those still persisting in 2nd-dimensional learning environments continue to live primarily in subterranean tunnels which are everywhere under Malruth's surface. These entities are occasionally noticed by surface-dwelling humans, particularly in mountainous areas. They are much more ancient than humans in terms of their tenure on Earth. They are very sensitive emotionally, and skilled in disappearing due to their ancestral Maldek consciousness which provides strategic sound-sensing (sonar) ability to evade humans. This ancient Maldek race is sometimes labeled as Ogo (Africa), Sasquatch or Bigfoot (Pacific Northwest North America) or Yeti (Himalaya).

705,000 Bp

According to the collective social-memory complex identified as Ra *

evacuation from Maldek to Malruth

According to the 6th dimensional collective called Ra, violent destruction of planet Maldek occurred at an era Ra identifies as 700K before present. Ra describes that the weaponized science of an advanced civilization inhabiting Maldek, then torn by vicious war, smashes this planet into pieces via an explosion of inconceivable force.

Those pieces flying out from what had been the planet Maldek become a stream of shards that settles into what is now known as the asteroid belt. Some of the blasted pieces fly wildly across the solar system.

The cause of the violence is accounted as intentional nuclear war, instigated and organized by... Orion.

Another telling of the tale

Jeremiah Stitchin says that the graha named Maldek is not the original big one that was smashed. Rather, a graha named Marduk was the smasher.

According to the Sumerian scripture that Stitchin investigated, the original graha was named Tiamat. The graha Tiamat was bombarded by the satellites of an oddly-orbiting graha named Marduk. This rogue graha named Maduk had entered Earth's solar system on an irregular orbit, and caused havoc.

According to Stitchin, after Marduk's moons smashed into Tiamat, she split in half. One half of Tiamat became planet Earth, and the other half became the river of fragments currently streaming between Mangala and Jupiter, called the Asteroid Belt.

1 million BP According to the 6th dimensional collective called Ra, emissaries from the constellation of Sirius made a permanent settlement during the 1-million BP era. They built civilizations in the landmass that is now called South America (although this mass may have been at that time in a different relationship to Earth's poles).

Sirian civilization involved multiple species, not only human but also the more advanced life-forms of ocean-dwelling cetaceans.

The Syrian pioneer pattern was duplicated by settlements of first-arrivers from Lyra, and eventually also émigrés from Orion (oh no) and Plejades.

Ancient peoples of South America repeat legends of conflict between feathered eagle-people and scaly snake-people.

Plejadians = the feather-people. They had a missionary vision for the peaceful development of humanity, more coordinated with the ancient hard-won harmonies of Lyra.

Sirians = the snake-people. They had a different and adversarial vision, more coordinated with the pathways of Orion.

2 million (earth) years BP

time of maturation of Plejadian society within the Plejades constellation of nine planets and suns

preceding that was genetic seeding of Plejadian civilizations by ascended teachers (essentially their grandparents) from Arcturus and Orion

4 million BP begin life on terrestrial surface

According to Ra, within the 4-5 million BP window, emissaries from the civilizations of Sirius make a significant visit. They make a permanent settlement in 1-million BP

Due to sufficient loss of solar radiation bombardment of their surfaces following a big push away from the Sun, the group Shukra + Terra + Kuja are all cooled. enough to support adaptive colonization.

Although Budha remains too close to the Big Radiator, the other three Earth, Mars, and Venus have developed cooler, biology-friendly surfaces. The mineral kingdoms are established, then welcoming the plant kingdoms, and eventually the animal kingdoms.

There are refugees and pioneers looking for new opportunities and escapes. The first colonies of galactic settlers arrive in Earth.

approx 5 million years Bp

Earth's current Moon Mens Chandra Somana is towed to its current location and starts its work to calm the terrestrial waters

(much earlier in terrestrial history, Earth had 2 moons. Neither of the elder Moons are presently existing in third-dimensional form.)

8 million years BP

The graha Maldek is colonized by refugees from Star Wars in various civilizations, including original homeland in clusters of Sirius, Vega, and Lyra.

10-million BCe

second root-race

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcripts [] the origin of the second root race = Lemurian Civilization = placed at 10-million-BCE.

The misty origins of terrestrial humankind barely begin to manifest as the group-mind of the race begins to experiment with ways of inhabiting Earth's mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms.

Although many millions-and-millions of years were spent exploring only in the vehicle of Thought-Forms (sometimes referenced as " ghosts" ) eventually there was full physical incarnation.

12-million BCe

History of Earth - Wikipedia

First root-race

According to Edgar Cayce reading transcript 5756-11 [] the first root race discovered the Earth and began to gather around it.

However, this consciousness has no material body at all, and also it did not have an individuating capability.

The race would have been functioning in complete identification with its oversoul, rather like a school of fish or a flock of birds that move perfectly in tune to their central mind.

2.6 billion years Before Present

According to the collective intelligence identified with the name of Ra,

Achaean Age 4600-million until 2600-million

  • three possible continents + gaseous atmosphere

Proterozoic Age (Early Life) 2600-million until 541-million

  • bacteria, plants, then some animals, then fungi
  • several wipe-outs

Phanerozoic Age (Visible Life) 541-million until present

  • evolution from oceans onto land
  • several mass extinctions
  • life as we know it, with familiar flora and fauna

According to the social memory complex identified as Ra, in approximately the same era, the currently operating third-dimensional civilization hosted by graha-Bhrigu was graduated into fourth-dimensional consciousness (which means a full honesty and transparency between all members of the society).

At approximately this same era, second-dimensional consciousness (plant kingdom and animal kingdom) is able to get started on Earth.

4-billion * 4.6 billion years BP (before present) until approx 2.6 billion [2600 mya]

Hadean Age

mineralizing, beginning of life

Traditional sources may reckon The Great Breather Brahmā's one-day cosmological period (half-day) duration of a creation of the Universe, worth 1000 mahāyuga to equal about 4.32 billion years

Modern paradigms may reckon the material age of densified Earth alone - not considering the age of the vast universe - at approx 4.5-billion geocentric solar-returns

Formation of the mineralized sphere. Terra's original geological formation.

First-dimensional mineral kingdom origins of planet Terra approximately 4.6 billion years BP (before Present).

The second dimensional kingdoms of plant-life and animal-life came much later at the 550-million mark.

However, even after the plant kingdom and animal kingdom were established, there were several complete destructions of biological life on Earth.

The present biosphere began

According to Kryon, who frequently cites the 4-billion-year figure, the present iteration of Earth-planet originated 4-billion years BP.

10 billion years BP Edgar Cayce readings [] draw information from the terrestrial akashic record.

EC's narrative refers to a settlement in the Earth by a pioneer colony of conscious social beings. According to the reading, this race existed in thought-forms only, had no gender, and no physicality.

Because they needed no physical infrastructure, it is feasible that this placeholder race inhabited and planted seeds for future development in what moderns might call the Idea of Earth.

13 billion Earth-years ago According to Kryon, who cites this number frequently, the Milky Way Ga-lax-y originated approximately 13 billion years BP.
30 billion years ago

Storied Civilizations of Mangala

Esoteric narrative describe planet Mangala having a flourishing civilizations replete with humanoids, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and mineral kingdom. This highly sophisticated, vibrantly diverse Martian living environment was similar in many ways to the glory of present Malruth (= Earth, = Terra).

It was destroyed ultimately by a shift of Kuja's orbit, which made the surface uninhabitable for third-dimensional humanoid culture.

Pushed Out + Hit Hard

Due to weird pendulum effects of moons, Mangala was pushed out of its orbit, and farther away from Surya, the central pulse of the solar system. There was a massive amount of flying debris due to magnetic imbalance.

Mangala got hit hard. Terra was hit, but relatively less damaged. Terra's big Moon was also hit multiple times, but scarred Chandra survived albeit with many deep craters.

After the massive collisions, some of the debris became satellite moons of Shani. Some of the fragments became comets and meteors which continue to cruise the heavens.

Climate Change

Mangala's climate became intolerably extreme for the humanoid citizens. It became violently hot, and violently cold, because Kuja's core was destabilized like a spinning toy top that gets nicked by a child's in-pushing finger.

As Mars wobbled on its teetering axis, fires raged. Droughts destroyed the plant kingdom, resulting in desertification on a huge scale (similar to Earth's unlivable deserts, but more widespread).

Earth Cooling

Budha, Mangala, Terra, and Shukra were all affected to some degree, and they all pushed out farther from Surya which allowed them to cool.

Following Mangala's push-out from Surya, the hot-hot neighbor planet Malruth (earth) was also pulled out from the blazing Sun. As a result, roiling-boiling-volcanic-erupting Earth began quickly cooling. There arose a few places on mineral Terra with plant-and-animal life in a hot jungle climate, cooled by ocean winds and rain.


There were mass evacuations from Kuja to other planets using their spacecraft and magnetic relocation methods. Yet, few planets had the correct host environment, and terror of mass death ensued. Many exited the solar-system entirely and went to other galactic destinations.

Within the local neighborhood, Terra was one of the few places that could support incoming Martian refugees.

Mars Humanoids squeeze into Earth Primate Suits

But it was a misery, because the refugees were forced to downsize their consciousness into animal forms. At that time, Earth only had animal bodies available to use. Furthermore, the terrestrial biosphere was eventually destroyed and regenerated several times after the arrival of the Martian refugees. (The current Earth = 4 billion years old.)

Currently one year on Mangala requires 687 days, and one day is 25 hours long. (Which is why many terrestrial humans with ancient Martian genetics have odd 25-hr bio-clocks.)

QUOTATION Creation of the Tunnel System connecting the Vortex Points of Earth

Age of Terra approximately

QUOTATION from the article Lemurian Influence , printed in the Sedona Journal of Emergence (June 1993)

" ... certain people who were alive in Lemuria volunteered to go underground to wait until the Earth changes subsided and then emerge. Some people emerged in Sedona, some in the Mt. Shasta area of California, some emerged in the Himalayas, some in Britain, and some in Peru. There is a very complex series of underground tunnels that run between some of these areas.

There is an underground tunnel connecting Peru and the Himalayas?

Yes. It is in existence but it is camouflaged.

We often hear a story about Shambhala existing underground. Are these tunnels similar to the idea of Shambhala?

Yes, the Shambhala would be considered, to use an analogy, the train station that connects all the tunnels.

Are the tunnels completely intact? Are they maintained?

Some of them disintegrated, but there are primary ones that are still in existence and are maintained by those living underneath them.

Why were the tunnels built and who built them?

To some degree, they were not built, but naturally formed.

So they are like natural, connecting underground caverns?

Yes, and to be more specific, when a planet is formed they often leave connecting points between vortex areas. The best way to describe this would be as follows. Let's say you have a planet that's just being formed and it's very hot and it's spinning rapidly. As the energy of that planet begins to be formed, natural vortex areas appear, or energy fields are formed. If a vortex point forms here, there will always be one on the opposite side, as well, so those vortex points are energetically connected. They're connected through the Earth.

So as the planet was forming, the Earth formed around those vortex points which are natural tunnels leading from one point to another. When a planet forms, there are nearly always natural tunnels that connect major energy centers. So they are natural, yes, but they've been maintained all the time.

If vortex points shift on your planet, then some of the old tunnels may disintegrate.

But if we go into the belly of the planet, the pressure will change and the temperature will become hotter. What will the effect of those conditions be?

You are never meant to go into those tunnels in this vibrational thinking. When we talk about the journeys you've taken through the tunnels, we speak of times when you were not of this frequency. Your frequency was very different. It was more accelerated. Things like that do not affect an entity who is more accelerated in his vibration. Also, some of those tunnels are not as deep as you would think they are. They are probably only in the mantle part of the Earth and that is about as thick as the shell of an egg is in relation to the entire egg. It is, relatively speaking, a very, very thin area.

But that seems contrary to what you said about the tunnels connecting energy points on the other side of the planet.

Yes, it is often difficult to describe this because it does entail some inter-dimensional movement. This will be growth-challenging, but let me try. It may be a discussion on gravity. Your perceptions of reality are very much connected to the Earth's gravitational field. When you change your relationship to the Earth's gravitational field, you change your perceptions of reality. As you enter the Earth, you're changing your relationship to the gravitational field. It becomes much more inter-dimensional. It's not linear, so if you try to think of it as linear, as if you'd be going through the very hot center of the Earth, it wouldn't make sense. But the definitions of time and space become different when you enter the Earth.

Perhaps you might have heard of Admiral Byrd, who supposedly flew his plane into the tunnels of the Earth. He saw so many things that should not have been there because when he entered the Earth, he disconnected from the relationship of time and space as you know them on the surface. So his experiences cannot be looked at with your perception of reality. It won't " fit."

In a sense, going into the Earth and going out into space are the same thing. It basically means that you change your perception of time and space. We hope that was not too complicated.

So if an entity could pass through the underground tunnels, would that entity be a highly evolved being?

Not necessarily. We could say alternate life forms. Their reality is very different from yours. Different does not necessarily mean superior. You move through air and fish move through water in your reality. There are different rules for different environments. There have been some negatively oriented groups who have attempted to use these tunnels. The higher your vibration, the more easily you will be able to access the tunnels. A more negatively oriented being could not pass from one point to another.

In all structures that have a shell such as the Earth, the vortexes will have the most direct relationship with each other across the crust, not through the center of the Earth. For instance if you set off a nuclear bomb on one part of the Earth, the shock waves will travel around the crust and meet on the other side more quickly than they will travel through the planet. So the vortexes have their relationship to each other through the medium of the crust, not through the molten center of the Earth. Now, I don't want to make an absolute statement, but the relationship we're talking about that allowed the tunnel system to be formed occurs through the crust. It is the nature of a sphere.

I heard that the energy grid system that we used to have is changing, that Earth is now forming a new grid system. Is this so?

Yes, this is so. The journeys that all of you make are helping to change the grid.

So am I correct in saying that the location of the vortexes will not change but the location of the grids will change?

First, let's say that in the past the vortex locations have changed because a lot of it has to do with the tilt of the Earth on its axis. So it's possible that they can change, but we don't perceive a high probability that they will unless your Earth makes a dramatic shift on its axis. The way that the grid is changing can be explained as follows.

We like to talk about this grid as being like a tapestry that's wrapped around your planet. Imagine that this tapestry has a very simple design on it. What is happening is that the tapestry is going from a simple design to a more complex one, so it's allowing more of the facets of who all of you are to be seen, or reflected, in the grid, in the tapestry.

We wish you magnificent dreams this night. Much love to each of you and good night."


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