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OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

OM hrim srim blim aim gloum grhadhipataye brhaspataye vim ta aim ta svaha

Vyaya Bhava-12


to the

12 sthāna


by Mary Oliver

" Everyday I see or I hear something

That more or less kills me with delight

That leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light.

It is what I was born for

To look, to listen, to lose myself inside this soft world

To instruct myself over and over

In joy and acclamation.

Nor am I talking about the exceptional

The fearful, the dreadful, the very extravagant,

But of the ordinary, the common, the very drab

The daily presentations.

O good scholar I say to myself

How can you help but grow wise

With such teachings as these,

The untrimmable light of the world

The oceans' shine

The prayers that are made out of grass."

Vyaya bhava = 1st-from-12th

Body parts Physical agents

Agency of bhava-12 = Feet, Water, and Spirit Guides

The primary agents of ruler-of-12 are those who make the bridge between the physical plane and the astral plane. Most of these agents live in the subconscious image repository = the "imagination" . These agents and their message are accessible in states of meditation, reflection, and dreams.

Q: What person or object in this world executes the pre-incarnationally planned agenda of bhava-12 and its lord?

A: The feet and the Angels (angel = "messenger" ) will carry out the instructions of bhava-12 and its lord.

Feet, foot chakras Sleep Identification with distant and obscure places. Loss of mobility, loss of vitality, loss of social identity The enclosed Spaces where loss of individual personality is accommodated:

  • mental institutions, hospitals

  • monasteries and psychic training centers

  • ashrama

  • the private bedroom, dreamworks

  • prisons, concentration camps, long detentions (short criminal detentions as a police action = bhava-6)

  • foreign countries

  • undercover operations, espionage

  • research laboratories

  • (whether these enclosures provide joy or sorrow depends on ruler-of-12 )

Seclusion - Withdrawal- Retreat

  • resting places, beds

Vyaya bhava = 2nd-from-11th

wealth, values, second marriage

Value, value, value

  • historical value
  • shareholder value
  • production value
  • investment value
  • family value
  • moral value
  • pricing, evaluation, assessment

2nd-from-11th = surplus money (2) produced from marketplace revenues Charitable Donations

Wealth, values, history, lineage, 'skanda' of the collective, association or network. (Values of the collective cancels identity of the individual.)

Wealth and historical values acquisitions of the elder sibling.

Vyaya bhava = 3rd-from-10th

ensemble or team work, communications media, announcements and writings

Publication (3) of information about the ruling elite (10)

Mental health of the boss. Business administration, communications, meetings, media, and mental process resulting from holding a leadership position.

  • duty roster, activities which need to be performed but to which one has no necessary ego-membrane attachment

  • practical daily business schedule of authoritative actions. Daily schedule (3) of top leaders (10) is typically private information that is exchanged"under the table" , covered from view

Vyaya bhava =4th-from-9th

home, parents, vehicles, deeds and titles, ownership, shelter, school, diploma and licensing exams

Paternal Grandmother

father's ancestral properties Home of the guru (usually, the ashram). Home of the professor (usually, library or research lab). Home of the priest (temple).

Vyaya bhava = 5th-from-8th

Romance with secret agents: Bed Pleasures

Creative speculation from secret/invisible sources: Meditation, imagination, conceptual thought, theory, first principles, research, interior guidance, Trance channeling Offspring or products of hidden tantric processes. Literature produced by traumatic damage and healing. Winnings and profits from confidential information. 'Insider trading'r.

Vyaya bhava = 6th-from-7th

disputes, treachery, broken promises, illness and conflicts of the spouse, sexually transmitted disease

Loss of vitality due to illness, animosity, and debt of the spouse or partner.

  • Diseases (6) of interpersonal sexual exchange (7).

  • Losses caused by servants and animals (6) of the spouse (7).

  • Losses caused by disputes, treachery, broken promises. The partner-agent who causes the loss may be any person with whom one has entered into an agreement, and who subsequently dishonors the terms of the agreement. disputes, treachery, broken promises and disappointed expectations are psychically exhausting.

Animosity and conflict with the marriage partner If conditions in bhava-12 = malefic and strong, Vyaya bhava"the dormitory" may become a locale of marital distrust.

  • Reasons for loss of vitality on the basis of marital conflict can range from the spouse's "disputes, treachery, broken promises " (6) to the spouse's illness (6) spending habits (6) addictions (6) or the native 's decision to dishonor the marriage contract by taking a celibate spiritual retreat (12).

  • Personal exhaustion caused by sexually transmitted (7, genitalia, sexual congress) diseases (6). STD = a private type of illness known only in the bedroom or other sequestered spaces, consistent with the invisibility of bhava-12.

illness of [first] spouse Many of the classic polarizing catalysis associated with Vyaya bhava and the ruler-of-12 come from loss of One's own vitality due to psychic exhaustion from managing the physical illness of the spouse. Illnesses include chronic, temporary, substance addictions, and most types of mental health issues.

  • An example of this common situation = times when one spouse needs to spend a great deal of time attending an ill partner in hospital, convalescence home, or other sanctuary. Naturally, spending much time in the semi-dream-space of a healing sanctuary can reduce the vitality, as one attempts to psychically"match" the lower activity vibrations of the quietude of illness.

  • Losses from the spouse's addictions Are classic outcome of negative effect in 12.

  • Addiction includes the modern phenomenon of" workaholism" in which the spouse becomes neurotically unable to leave the workplace (6). The natural consequence of the spouse's self-debilitation through this addictive practice is a loss of vitality in the marital bedroom.

debts of the [first] spouse

  • Partner's debts. Losses to one's own vitality originating in the unbalanced spending habits of the spouse = not enough coming in, too much going out of the partner's accounts.

crimes and jailing of the [first] spouse

  • same as the illness situation, except that hospital becomes prison

Vyaya bhava = 7th-from-6th

  • Contracts made with enemies, physicians, and police-military

  • plea-bargain and other deals with jailers, including judges, attorneys, and others involved in the punishment decision

  • Repaying of Debts, agreement to repay debt (is a good thing, but exhausting!)

  • Contracts and agreements with physicians, drug dealers, police, usurers, servants, or underclass workers.

  • Sexual relations with underclass people, animals, servants or prostitutes.

Vyaya bhava = 8th-from- 5th

8th-from = an angle of Mangala = hidden, occult forces at work

In mid-process, the transformative power of 8 may be so dramatic that the situation appears to have been destroyed.

However, results of the 8th angle produces rebirth . A phoenix may rise from the ashes.


Transformative healings of children, including hospital (12) surgeries (8) and other long residence in sanctuary (12) to receive deep therapy

  • Secret information (8) about politics, gambling, performance arts, celebrities, royalty, fashion, children (5)

  • Taxes (8) on creative works (5).

Vyaya bhava = 9th-from-4th

  • Blessings upon the homestead and ancestral lands.

  • fortune resulting from property ownership-stewardship /stewardship (blessings of the devas who protect the land).

  • Maternal Grandfather (see also 9th-from-Chandra).

  • Benefits from education (including philosophical inquiry, research).

  • Priestly ceremonies grounded in land and sanctifying lineage roots.

  • Benefits from social security: public assistance entitlements for the citizens of a nation.

  • Benefits of emotional security: a healthy imagination.

Vyaya bhava = 10th-from-3rd

Professional and career service of the siblings, especially the immediate younger sibling.

Career developments from one's mentality and personal conversations (research, private arrangements).

Media careers, which handle ephemeral information and cater to the collective unconscious.

Vyaya bhava = 11th from 2nd

  • 11th-from 2nd = Gains of income = Profits based in accumulated wealth = interest on savings deposits

  • 11th-from 2nd = Achievements (11) based in experience of saturation-Death (2): Moksha and Liberation

  • Gains and profits from family lineage, from historical items such as art and music collections and historical knowledge, from moral and financial values, from the lineage of a people.

  • Hidden and often inaccessible wealth such as inherited lands that cannot be sold.

Loss of interactive personality, loss of social identity:

  • Dissolution and Loss (12)of Personal Identity

  • drain upon physical vitality: exhaustion, distraction, worry

  • Losses (12) on Good Account = type of loss which creates gain of Moksha

  • Imagination - Subconscious fantasy, private matters

  • Dreams

  • exploration of the psychic subconscious

  • non-rational perception imagination

  • Foreign residence * Foreign travel

  • Previous Life

  • hospitalization = healing, Usually, voluntary, confinement

  • Imprisonment = punishing, usually involuntary confinement

  • death, entry into astral plane (heaven or otherwise)

  • cessation, ends, finalities

  • fall from social identity position

  • Unfinished Works

  • separations, end of attachment (see also Ketu)

  • End of personal attachment to physical embodiment

  • Renunciation (occasionally, forceful detachment = suicide


Henri Rousseau * The Dream * 1910


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