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tadyatha om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha


Jyotishavidya Practice


(Gayatri mantra)

" ... Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest,

whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure,

whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report;

if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise,

think on these things."

~~ Epistle to the Philippians 4:8 -

King James Version, c.1611


African Barred Owlet (Glaucidium capense) in Kruger National Park, south Africa by Robert Wienand.

Matching Energy

A few mechanical basics on how and why to attract Other People, other Things, other Experiences, other Life-forms

Shukra = 7th-from

arkshana * attraction

Matching "Up"

toward Abundance and Bliss

Psychic Attraction and Repulsion on the Path of Partnership


Seven-eyed White Tara



Appreciate Your Life: The Essence of Zen Practice

by Taizan Maezumi, page 28 .

[begin quote]

"Someone asked me, How can I really be responsible for my life?" I asked her, do you know who you are?" Not knowing, how can you be responsible for your life?

The problem is that what our life actually is and our so-called intellectual understanding of what it is are often two different things.

Most of the time we are deceiving ourselves, whether we know it or not. Please be careful about this.

  • Shakyamuni Buddha himself said, "Be a torch for your life."

In other words, depend on yourself and be responsible for yourself, not as what you think you are but rather you as the dharma. This is very important. You cannot depend on your complaints, on your greed, anger, and ignorance.

So close the gap between Yourself and yourself. Carry this wisdom into your daily life and let your life continue in this way.

When you close the gap, that is the best way to take care of your family, of your community, of your life. Then your life becomes delightful, not only for yourself but for the people around you as well." [end quote]

Essentially, the radical kundali, varga charts, and various dasha timeline calendars can divine the characteristics of what psychics call /matching energy./

Humans create our own reality.

Humans are the complete movie-making team - producer, director, costume designer, casting agent, et al - within our own theatre.

The way people create the beings and inanimate environment around them is by projecting the (often unconscious) internal imagery on to a blank screen.

Human internal encoding pours out a massive stream of information. This information is semi-permanent. It is stored from lifetime to lifetime in the container which modern academic culture calls the "subconscious." (But which is mechanically at a more subtle particulate level of reality and perceptually " above" the grosser physical consciousness perceived by the flesh-brain.)

Only a small slice of the total information bank is available to conscious awareness. We acknowledge only that small slice as we proceed through normal life.

The general amnesia which accompanies a new birth limited access thereafter is actually a blessing because human body/mind is not yet evolved enough to handle greater truths. If Earth-humans had access to the whole truth most of " normal" 3rd-density and 4th-density folks would circuit-overload and go insane.

However, through meditation, trance, and other spiritual trainings it is possible to plumb the depths of the subconscious just a little bit, in a safe way, that can bring peace and confidence.

; Energy Exercise

QUOTATION from Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

(1995) by Barbara Marciniak

"Relax your body and clear your mind. Imagine a pillar of light flowing through your body and sending light fibers into Earth.

Picture these fibers being pulled down into Earth, moving through dirt and worms and other creatures, and passing through layers of soil, rock, water, minerals, crystals, and gold. Your fibers are going down very far. They are looking for a vein of gold, so continue to send them down until you feel that the taproot of your fibers has touched a vein of gold deep, deep in Earth - an ancient vein. Notice what it feels like.

Gold transmits a certain frequency. It is very deeply connected with the force and vibration you describe as love, the connective energy that supports all things. The gold and crystals inside Earth move this consciousness through Earth like your veins move blood through your body. Many creatures know about these veins and use them.

Do a very low, deep toning into the fibers of light that extend into Earth. Rumble and stabilize the light, sending energy along the vein of gold so that it travels around a core layer of Earth. Know that your sound is going to stabilize something deep within the core of Earth. Even in her heart, Earth will always recognize you and know who you are.

Once you have stabilized the taproot, create a higher pitched toning to extend a dome of light above where you are. This dome is an umbrella of energy under which you are currently being inspired. Picture a violet-blue twilight tone inside the dome, which is being showered with white moonlight on the outside.

Everything that you think, you energize into form.

So please, dear friend, free yourself from burdens and re-imagine Earth as a splendid place within existence. See yourself dwelling in harmony amid the splendor." [end quote]

You Get What You Set.
  • Setting Your Partner Energy at Romance and Fun
  • Healing Your Love Relationships

The best way to create a loving, satisfying, conscious relationship is to "set" the correct "matching" energy within yourself.

Want a fun-loving, generous lover? Be fun-loving and generous.

Want a serious, committed, responsible lover? Be serious and have a long-term plan.

Want a 48-hour hothouse sex festival with no strings attached? Be adventurous, erotic, open-minded, and most importantly do * not* have a plan!

After setting one's attitude at a particular energy level, the person or object which arrives is exactly the match for which one had advertised.

The seventh amsha

People do have their default bargaining, matching, sexual mating, and mutual-interest partnering matching energy, which is described by radical bhava-7 and an array of 7th-from angles based in various lagna and visible throughout the varga.

Romance which is an unconditional, non-adult experience, channels through poetic, divinely inspired radical bhava-5.

Most people are walking around in a dream, with no conscious control over these matching-pattern energies. The average person will"get" in the pattern that bhava-7 or bhava-5 is "set." Over and over again.

However, conscious persons can begin to release the [akashic memory patterning] (restrictions) imposed on the 7th-from angles at birth, and thereby move past the barriers that have limited their relationships in the past.

Conscious persons take control of their love life by "setting their energy" personally - * not* letting other people -- or the dominant social guilt paradigm -- set it for them.

Cleaning out Negative Energy from your Romance Space

How do humans create lovers?

By manifesting a part of ourselves into the outside world. There is really no such thing as an outside person. Everything one perceives with one's own senses, including other people, is simply a projection, amirror image, of oneself.

What one does and what one thinks literally * creates * the world. To the extent that one can control one's own electro-magnetic initiating thoughts and actions, one can control the flow of lovers into the life.

These charming beings materialize only AFTER one creates them! (And if you don't create them, they don't appear.) However do remember that creating lovers takes time, effort, and personal responsibility to deal judiciously with that which one has made flesh.

So, how to consciously create the lover that you want?


Shambala 1939-1987 Tulku Chogyam Trungpa

poem, 1976

"Wearing a hat of stars

Riding the moon, crossing the sky,

Blowing the trumpet of sadness and happiness

I always remember you."

Set the matching * validation * energy within yourself * first*

Lovers attract each other to create validation. Relationships give social validation - If another person wants to be with you, that is proof that you are a valuable, desirable person.

Relationships give Emotional validation- your partner's happiness when they are in love with you shows your healing powers at work.

Relationships give Spiritual validation = seeing oneself in the eyes of the lover, mirrors the divine essence in both of you. Monks nuns etc. gain most of their validation direct from their partnership with their spiritual teacher, or direct from the divine. However, most of us worldly folk gain our basic through our love partnerships, including with children.

The False Love Model of l'agent provocateur

Rahu's desire for instant, exhilarating, unearned attainment

Professors Rahu 's fascinating-but-false model = a woman can start out with low self-esteem, unhappy or empty, needing desperately someone to complete her identity or fulfill her needs. In its sorrow, her traumatized imagination accepts an unanalyzed magical healing script of unearned fulfillment [Rahu].

In the feminine script, prince Charming is suddenly, hopelessly attracted to her charms. He rides in upon the white horse and sweeps her off to the castle of Total Fulfillment.

The reverse Rahu-drive false masculine model = a man can be a completely selfish ignorant warlike bachelor yet remain attractive to caring, thoughtful ladies. He fantasizes that a magical female angel will suddenly be hopelessly attracted to him and bestow the Warmth of Civilization upon him.

In both of these false models, the agency of desire adopts a camouflage of the agency of inner healing. Traumatized personalities, in their suffering, seek an instant solution to their pain - and Rahu the Poseur seems to offer that precise magic bullet.

However, the science of Matching Energies predicts that one in pain will attract another one in pain. It is not"you the social entity seeking social partner" who seek a match. Rather it is "your energy" which is seeking a mirror.

The True Love Model

The true model = like attracts like

Prince Charming finds Sleeping Beauty when she is singing in the wood, self-fulfilled, mirroring the beauty of her surroundings.

She is running beautiful, capable energy that validates *his * beautiful capable energy. They meet at a *high* energy point - and he does in fact fall hopelessly in love

All things being equal, the audience can expect a happily ever after.

So, assuming you want something better than you may have had in the past, step-one is to raise your validation levels in order to set your energy high.

Activate the Magnet

Setting the energy attracts the magnetic match from a highly validating love partner.

Inviting Love into a Clean House

The first thing to explore in meditation is:

(1) How does your body feel when you are in a completely loving, positive, validating partnership? When you feel totally loved and nurtured? In meditation before your altar, close you eyes and observe the peaceful, balanced happiness you feel when you are in lasting love.

Some women see lovely light pink and peach tone sparkling sunlight. Others feel profound happiness and calm, and hear tinkling crystals in the background. Some feel warm and protected, like enveloped in an angel's embrace.

You will have your own signature feeling. It's important to know this feeling, so that you can recall it and make space to feel more of it.

This feeling is validation, the correct love-matching energy.

The second thing to explore in meditation is

(2) What is the anti-loving energy, when you are nervous, self-doubting, sick, unhappy, frustrated, alienated, etc? How does the body feel when it believes itself unloved? Close your eyes and observe the un-peaceful un-happiness. Some women feel depressed, gray, tearful, despairing. Some feel angry self-contempt. Some feel blocked, frustrated, ill.

You will have your own signature feeling. It's important to know this feeling, so that you can identify it and escort it firmly out of your space.

his feeling is self-doubt or *anxiety,* the incorrect, un-matching energy .

Prepare for Love by Clearing Out Anti-Love -- A Few Simple Steps

Sit down.

Close your eyes.


Scan your space.

Observe the chakra trackway.

Check the 6th, 4th, and 2nd chakras in particular, because these are the most influential in love. (6=intuition; 4=nurturing; 2=sexual energy.)

See any gray spots, black smears, fuzzy hazy "can't know" regions? [these are areas of non-permission/non-allowance]

Put on your housekeeper's apron and get out the psychic vacuum cleaner. Clean that stuff right out of your space, and send it down your grounding cord to the big energy recycling core at the center of the earth.

Once it is out of your space, this junk is * not* your problem. (Energy is self-recycling.) Your *only * task is to keep your space clean, fresh, naeutral-to-slightly-positive, validated... free of other people's problems. A fresh, pleasant space like this attracts the most excellent companions.

Most people run a mix of validation and anxiety.

Their relationships show their mix.

The more anxiety they run, the more relationship suffering in their lives.

The more validation, the more pleasure.

Your relationships don't have to be mixed. They can be pure-love spectacular if you are willing to do the cleaning work.

Remember, spectacular means "clear-seeing."

It takes a fair amount of janitorial effort

However, if you want good loving, you will need to take responsibility for keeping other people's fears and *anxiety * about your love and your lovers

Cleaned out of your space.

So, try a couple of bhava-Cleaning runs with your psychic vacuum cleaner and see what happens.

When most women sit down to do this for the first time, they notice considerable anxiety stuck in corners or even blocking major doorways in the interior space of the body. The most intensive cleaning will usually be needed near your reproductive organs, your face and head, and your heart.

The 4th chakra especially will tend to be"corded" with dark snake-like things plugged into it, clogging up the vitality of the loving heart region. The cords are usually from family members, old lovers, anyone who has a"nurturing contract" with you...

You will want to unplug these parasites and send them down the grounding cord. You will notice that after unplugging 4th chakra cords you feel lighter happier and more positive but the people whose cords got unplugged may be angry. (That's their problem!)

The bottom line with all psychic practice is:

increase validation, decrease anxiety.

Since humans are divine beings in their true nature, our * natural* condition is peaceful, pleasurable awareness... and the other stuff is just a growth period.

If you're ready to outgrow and release outdated anxiety which is the love-blocker, you're ready to welcome much more love into your life.

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso . (2001.).

Dzogchen: The Heart Essence of the Great Perfection.

Thupten Jinpa and Richard Barron (Trans.), patrick Gaffney (Ed.), foreword by Sogyal Rinpocher.

" In the realm of matter, one and the same object can serve as

  • a cause of happiness for some living beings,

  • and a cause of suffering for others.

Certain plants, for example, function as

  • medicine for some creatures,

  • but for other species they can be poisonous.

From the point of view of the object itself there is no difference,

  • but because of the physical constitution and the material state of the particular living being,

  • that single self-same object can affect them in different ways.

Then, in the sphere of our own experiences, the same holds true.

  • certain individual may appear to some as very friendly, kind and gentle, and so gives them feelings of happiness and pleasure.

  • Yet to others that same person can appear harmful and wicked, and so cause them discomfort and unhappiness.

What this kind of example points to is that, although external matter may act as a cause for our experience of pain and pleasure, the principal cause that determines whether we experience happiness or suffering lies within."

Transcendent Wisdom,


That which is seen and that which is touched are of a dream-like and illusion-like nature. Because feeling arises together with the mind, it is not [ultimately] perceived." - Shantideva

There is nothing whatever that has a true mode of existence. Nevertheless, this does not suggest that a person who experiences feelings and the feelings themselves - pleasant and unpleasant - are utterly non-existent. They do exist, but in an untrue fashion. Thus, the things that we see and touch have a dream-like and illusion-like quality.

In the second line the author refutes the true existence of the mind that experiences feelings. Since feelings arise in conjunction with the mind, feelings are not perceived by the mind that is simultaneous with them. There must be a causal relationship between the experienced object and the experiencing subject. If two entities are substantially distinct and exist simultaneously, there could be neither a causal relationship nor an identity relationship between them.

For this reason the author denies that either [intrinsic] relationship could hold for the feelings and the awareness that is simultaneous with them. Two mental events that arise in conjunction with each other are not able to apprehend one another. This holds true for all states of awareness. Thus, feelings are not observed by the awareness that arises in conjunction with them and that exists simultaneously with them.


[from a person experiencing the repulsion part of the cycle, specifically repulsion to the partner's punishment energy that generates anger and manipulation within relationships]

You say that"If the punishment energy that holds the victim role (either living it or enabling it) in place is consciously released and spiritual harmony becomes the core truth, then spiritual harmony will be reflected back in all the heart relationships that ground through one's core."

How can punishment energy be released without destroying a historic, core, important relationship like a troubled marriage or a relationship with an abusive parent?


Releasing the punishment energy (a victimizing complex of guilt and grief) is a simple psychic act that has no predetermined social, financial, or moral consequences in a relationship.

  • It is a personal spiritual decision to set one's personal energy at a higher, lighter, more subtle level

  • It is a personal spiritual decision to un-set the center, to move the center, from a lower, heavier, more gross level.

At the psychic level, it's total kindergarten.

  • One simply asks oneself "how do I want to feel?"

  • If the answer is "I want to feel relaxed, naeutral, and amused" then one commits to being in that space and returning to that space if one should stray.

Having set the energy at relaxed neutrality, it is quite easy to catch the people in one's environment who are throwing negative, grosser, reactive energy into one's space, because

The contrast between the nice vibe where you set your psychic center versus the icky vibe where they pitch the energy, is felt in The earthen body . It's easy and obvious to feel the difference in vibration.

  • So all the energy-setting, all the commitment to feel neutral, all the boundaries, are established within.

  • At this point The psychic clearing process does not involve - cannot involve - any other person.

Note: Most psychics use colors to set their energy. They'll often choose to set their spiritual space at gold, their work space at green, their children space at rosy pink, etc. But that's too complex for what we're talking about now - we're just talking about setting the core energy at neutral.

After the core energy is set at neutral any non-neutral energy (anger, anxiety, guilt grief etc.) that tries to penetrate the core is very easy to spot. And the purveyor of that energy is easy to identify because when you're around that person *if the boundaries are weak* you will lose the neutral centering and slip down into the lower poo-poo to match the privileged invader.

( when the boundaries/conviction weaken one remains vulnerable to invasion by historically privileged negativity, old yucky patterns that might not be nice but one is habituated to them and they sneak in with a familiar person...)

When your personal psychic clearing starts to affect intimate others

As personal as the core-energy-decision setting is, we are inherently social beings and everything we think and do affects the energy fields of the people around us.

  • All human partnerships, including the family relationships into which humans are intentionally born, are psychically predetermined attractions caused by matching energy.


Having set the core energy, made the commitment to operate from a psychic base of neutrality and amusement, what happens when some familiar person constantly barrages one with sustained onslaughts of negative energy?

Initially there is much trial and error. I set my energy high, iwant to live in peace and awareness, but some privileged person in my life constantly throws at me criticism, belittlement, free-ranging anxiety, obsession, fear, anger (which is a camouflage for fear) . What can I do to sustain the relationship?

It is human nature to strive upwards in consciousness, toward God, toward the state of still, alert beingness = bliss.

There is nothing to actively do. Each soul is determined to advance out of ignorance toward merging with the divine. That's what souls do; that's what humans do as enrolled students in the School of Earth.

If my awareness just took a big step up and I actually recognize the beauty of that neutral, reflective, clear state I am going to want to stay there - stay high on the ridge top.

Naturally, because of the nature of the human spirit, one resists going down into the foggy bottom again.

Be Here Now 1931-2019 Baba Ram Dassused to say, once the seed is planted, you can't really turn back. The seed grows upwards. It's our nature to strive upwards in consciousness, toward God, toward bliss.

There is always hope.

Perhaps the person throwing negative energy, trying to control the relationship through fear and anxiety, is just about ready him/herself to take their own step up.

  • Maybe the script at this juncture = they just need a little reminding about where that neutral space is, they just need a little role-modeling to demonstrate a higher center that they too have experienced before and they too want as their next step.

This is a nice result, when a pre-incarnationally planned phase of ignorance and suffering ends for both people at approximately the same time.

  • One partner may be slightly ahead, but the behind partner catches up quickly.

Good verbal communication is the key at these junctures: the partner ahead talks about how he/she wants to feel in the relationship, the partners talk together about the repeating event configurations where habitual negative energy arises, and they work together consciously on those polarizing catalytic configurations to proactively release negative energy as it enters the shared activity field, never permitting it to enter the core.

Most importantly they proactively consciously replace the historic negative energy with positive energy ( intelligence, creativity, love) so that they can continue to share their bonding experiences (like child-raising) but at a much higher vibration.

The key to "Matching Up" is the 'behind' partner's level of consciousness

However, in order for the following partner to catch up with and match the leading partner's energy he/she MUST BE ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE NEUTRAL PEACEFUL SPACE within themselves and they MUST WANT TO BE THERE.

If they don't know what that space is, if they have never felt the calm bliss of trust, or if they have perhaps felt it but they have been acculturated to believe that this calm state is the enemy then their instinctive reaction to that neutral space is to destroy it.

It will be a survival motivated instinctive reaction to try to weigh it down into something grosser, slower, more familiar like anxiety or hatred or bitterness or fear

From where would they match?

They can't match"up" .

Matching"Down" goes against nature

If the behind partner can't match"up" then in order to sustain the relationship the ahead partner will need to abandon one's higher center and match"down" . The human psyche naturally matches "up" .

It's trying to get to divine bliss = the state of stillness =alert beingness.

The path to the divine is orchestrated into a series of love matches, as we meet people who are running very slightly higher vibrations than ourselves, are attracted to them (gurus, parents, partners, children, friends) and we match"up" to the more subtle vibration of their higher awareness.

The prognosis for successfully"matching down" is poor indeed because it is simply against nature to"choose" unhappiness.

How the personal psychic valence starts to manifest financial and moral clarity

Even though the psychic decision to set one's core energy at neutrality is strictly personal with no pre-determined external implications, it definitely impacts all the core-to-core relationships as soon as one leaves one's own space and enters into social communication with another being.

Say for example, that after much deliberation one is firmly committed to feeling neutral [technically the valence of that state is neutral-to-slightly-positive, it's blissful amusement] but perhaps a financial obligation persistently invades one's space with negative energy.

Say it's an old debt, maybe it's not a"fair" debt and there's lots of injustice, scarcity, bickering energy around it.

Perhaps it's been hanging around forever dragging down one's energy but one stays in the conflict about whether one should guilt language"pay the debt".

Getting unstuck

If the commitment to neutrality is strong, one wants this type of repeating negative energy to move out of one's space pronto.

Regardless of social constructs like legal rule or moral principle, this lingering psychic junk needs to move out of one's space. Often it is most efficient psycho-energetically to "pay the bill" and get on with life.

In matters of psychic housecleaning such as money and law courts, one knows that the goal of resolving the dispute is to obtain that feeling of freedom .

The minimal psychic preparation necessary to permit one to take a major step forward, out of an outdated interpersonal contract = (1) a clear and grounded expectation of that lightness and dynamic energy that one wants to be feeling (2) previous experience of other psychic 'cleaning' processes that provide confidence about what it will take to restore that feeling.

From a Jyotisha perspective, the easiest times to 'cut the cord' are Vimshottari Dasha periods of Ketu or the chidra-dasha final bhukti of most mahadasha.

Exception to chidra-dasha cut-off effects: Surya-Shukra, despite being the final bhukti of Surya mahadasha, tends to maintain existing balances due to karaka nature of Shukra. For Urisha indriya-lagna Shukra = rogesha-6 "broken contract" and for Tula indriya-lagna Shukra = randhresha-8 "reborn identity" ; even Shukra can permit closure at these angles.

Once the decision to be free has been established psychically, there may be very little lingering in matters of principle and who was legally or morally right etc.

By contrast, abeing who is stuck at the lower levels of reactivity is likely not ready or able to move forward in their own life. They may try to limitlessly extend these discussions about "fairness" as a control strategy.

Remember that cultural agreement - not divine law - is the foundation of the concept of"justice" .A cursory look at decisions of the law courts over the past several hundred years in nearly any country will show that the public concept of"fair and just" is evolving very quickly in response to social change dynamics.

Equity, equality, parity, participation et-cetera are constructs of social morality which have a different definitions in different contexts. Within the narrow scope of one single relationship between two people, the balance point can and should shift as one or both partners experience positive growth and identity change.

A partner who cannot (for their own reasons) take their next step toward greater light may try to hold you to a promise made in an earlier time, in a state of previous darkness. Those who are unable to flow with a shifting balance point may complain that partners who move ahead are being "unfair" .

Ironically, because a higher core energy produces greater clarity into the energy states of others, and this clarity yields a deeper compassion, one may see rather quickly that the bondage-enforcing partner is stuck in their own past, recycling their own narrative of childhood resentment or fear of abandonment.

As sad and frustrating as *their* stuckness may be, no outside person can fix the problems of another being. At a psycho-emotional level, each person must heal from within; the psychic knows this as surely as the sun does rise.

Any open-hearted partner can help and support and explain and guide their mate so long as that mate feels an internal striving for the Light. But there does come a point of diminishing returns when the pain of the Other has tipped the scales of relationship balance so heavily that all of the healing energy within the relationship is sucked toward the vacuum of validating their pain.

Therefore, it may become clear to the psychically sensitive person that the most compassionate thing to do is to cut the toxic, ever-repeating complaint and grant freedom to the Other who is enslaved in a past-trauma narrative. Not that simply granting freedom to another can guarantee that the pained one will take the initiative to begin their own healing.

But rather, in terms of energy measurement , after a period of observing the range of the balance point, the psychic may conclude that the balance point has got stuck in the pain and darkness of the Other. The most compassionate option is often to leave the relationship. Leave skillfully and gracefully if the Pain will allow that, but if toxicity has over-topped it can feel psychically urgent to go quickly.

One of the consequences of setting a higher core energy = one becomes extra sensitive to toxic environments and may feel constitutionally unable to remain in pain-ridden relationships. It is not a matter of taking the high road morally. Moral discourse on"fairness " is usually a barely disguised a trauma narrative. Rather, the metrics of"psychic energy offset" can be quite rational.

Psychics are prone to"let go" of negative energy very quickly.

Liberation from control obsession

As a result of firmly setting a neutral valence in the core which opens one to rest in a state of trust, one may become largely liberated from bondage to public opinion and from maintaining an obsessive relationship to capital assets .

(However, liberation from obsessive relationship to material wealth tends very much to increase wealth at ALL levels as state of trust/openness to abundance greatly eases and increases permission to enjoy!)

Q: You said that "Occasionally, an important relationship that was grounded in the former victim/blame space will be unable to reground at the higher energy level after the upgrade."

As I set my energy at neutrality while my partner wants to fight and bog me down in negativity, ithink I see an unbridgeable gap. But I'd like to salvage my life partnership! We've been together a long time and we have a great deal invested in joint projects (family, business, sangha). Does the baby always goes out with the bathwater?

A: No, not if the partner is CAPABLE AND DESIROUS of matching at the higher level.

  • It is always possible that they are just at the threshold of developing this consciousness - that they too need and KNOW THEY NEED (know it in their gut, know it deep enough to really commit to it) a pervasive peace and trust at the core of their being, and they sincerely want to operate from that core in all of their relationships.

One last chance for your abuser - for this lifetime...

This is what last chances are all about - one final pass, rEALLY CLOSELY CHECKING to make sure that the fallen-behind partner is given every opportunity to match up.

  • But if they can't match - which often they can't for pre-incarnationally planned reasons - then there will be separation on the path for the remainder of this life, although you can be sure to meet up again in a future life because this closely involved person however damaging the results of the closeness IS a core connection.

(There are 75-100 such core connections for each of us which reconfigure each lifetime.)

Matching energy across Time

Similarities in historic nativities

Hello Barbara,

I am currently writing out my questions for a reading I would like to have from you, but I wasn't sure how to address one particular question.

There is a deceased artist I have a strong connection to and lately I discovered her Navamsa chart and my natal are remarkably similar.

I wanted to know what that meant. What the similarities entail and what conclusions and comparisons I can make.

I was wondering if this is a valid area for you to compare and analyze, and if you would be willing to do this as one of my questions, since it involves a chart of another person.

Thanks, E.

Namaste ,

Thank you for this interesting and reflective question about Jyotisha relationships between individual nativities.

Naturally, we are all connected and we all assemble our incarnations using the same pool of stored intelligence and experience. Although the rules of the game for Earth-Humans include a rule that the unfolding of our experience "seems" to be revealing a future which contains completely new patterns, in fact this experience is already in existence. Everything already exists.

All experiences have already been experienced and all intelligence has already been expressed. Every particle of being is holographically encoded with the experiences of every other particle of being. Yet, only a small portion of this massive knowledge base is designed to be revealed during any specific moment in the game.

At the meta-level of reality there is 100% overlap between incarnations – everyone is the same as everyone else – but at the micro level where we Earth-Humans have the normal daily unfolding of experience, each person has a very small subset of conscious awareness and thus we seem to be dramatically and sometimes unbearably different from each other.

When there are notable patterns of similarity between human Jyotisha nativities, it can be said that the two nativities are clearly drawing their working toolkit of game resources from a very similar subset of the available experiences. They both have chosen to work with very similar materials at the spiritual, mental, psycho-emotional, and physical levels.

By applying the linear distancing filter of Time, it can be perceived (through the filter) that such two similar incarnations might seem to occur in a sequence, one earlier and one later upon the timeline. These could be perceived as reincarnations.

What could be said about the numerous matching Jyotisha elements that you are noticing between your own nativity and the nativity of the deceased artist is that, from a timeline perspective, you might be able to understand yourself as a reincarnation or a walk-in or various other labels that indicate spirits that have packaged themselves temporarily as " persons" who are co-developing a certain similarly-configured knowledge base of experience.

These persons are playing the same game, with the same strategies and the same resources, and if you are psychically inclined it is likely going to be (given the similarities in the energysignature patterns) exceptionally easy to contact the entity to request their guidance and advice as you encounter challenges in the game.

It would be fun and entirely viable to maintain an awareness that this native is a member of your team, and you' ve become aware of them, their work, and their consciousness as expressed through their work because you had an incarnational plan to access their perspective while playing your game.

All comparisons and conclusions are valid, so long as it is understood that the purpose of noticing the similarities is to increase learning about the human condition (game rules) and to increase your own personal success in winning this game (winning means obtainment of full consciousness of Source).

Although the amount of time involved in comparing and analyzing the attractions and repulsions occurring between two nativities is too great to accommodate in a single reading, it is reasonable to ask a well-formulated question about a specific common feature of the two nativities.

This type of specific question is often asked about similarities between marriage partners, parents-and-children, business partners, or sibling-cohort members. For example if the two nativities both display Shani in 7th-from-Chandra, then one right-sized response could be that if you have studied the biography of the deceased artist and you know their relationship history, then one purpose of your accessing their life story is to gain your own insights about your own emotionally-based relationship patterns.

please keep in mind that in order to be answerable, divinatory questions directed into a Jyotishavidya nativity

must be specific. For example, "can you tell me what this means?" is not answerable (since it could mean hundreds of things depending on context).

However, it can be reasonably accurately answered if the context is specified, such as "could you comment on the value of this specific planetary position (for example, amatching element in their navamsha and your radical kundali) for understanding and predicting the default outcomes in my unfoldment of relationship/career/children/creativity/material-achievement/social-dignity etc. , does this similarity in the distribution of the planetary rays indicate that I can expect the same pattern of human experience?"

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


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