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Bhava - Amsha - Rashi

12 sections dashamamsha -10 of bhava-2

bhava-2 kuṭumba * family of origin

Parashara BPHS bhava-2

bhava-2 adhipati behavior 12 bhava

bhava-2 angles toward 12 bhava


OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra


Dhana Sthana

kuṭumba bhava



Sarga-13, Shloka 1-2.

O excellent of the Brahmins, listen to me, speaking on the effects of Dhana Bhava.

If the Lord of Dhana is

  • in Dhana,

  • Or is in an angle,

  • Or in trine,

he will promote one's wealth (or monetary state).

[Guru in dushthamsha]

Should Guru be in

  • Ari, 8th, or 12th

financial conditions will decline.

A benefic in Dhana

will give wealth,

A malefic in Dhana

instead will destroy wealth.

3. If Guru is

  • in Dhana, as the Lord of Dhana,

  • Or is with Mangala

One will be wealthy,

4. [ Parivartamsha yoga of Vriddhi-pati-11 + dhanapati-2, or yuti in kendra or trine]

If Dhana's Lord is

  • in Labha, while the Lord of Labha in Dhana,

wealth will be acquired by the native .

Alternately these two Lords may join in an angle, or in a trine.

5. If the Lord of Dhana is

  • in an angle,

  • while Labha Lord is in a trine thereof,

  • Or is drishtied by,

  • Or yuti with

  • Guru and Shukra,

The subject will be


Yoga-Combinations for Poverty


"If the Lord of Dhana Bhava is

  • in an evil Bhava,

  • while the Lord of Labha Bhava is also so placed

  • And Dhana Bhava is occupied by a malefic.

  • One will be penniless.

if the Lords of Dhana and Labha Bhava

  • are both combust,

  • or with malefics

  • There will be penury right from birth

  • and the native will have to beg even for his food.

8."Should the Lords of Dhana and Labha Bhava

  • be relegated to Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava,

  • while Mangala is in Labha Bhava

  • And Rahu is in Dhana Bhava

loss of wealth through the King:

  • the native will lose his wealth on account of royal punishments."

Beneficial Combinations


  • When [Generous Growing Guru] is in Labha

  • [Sweetly Suave Shukra] is in Dhana

  • And a benefic is placed in Vyaya Bhava ,

  • while Dhana's Lord is yuti with a benefic

  • Expenses on Good Accounts.

There will be

  • expenses on religious, or charitable grounds.


  • If Dhana's Lord is in own Rashi,

  • Or is exalted

  • the native will look after his people,

  • will help others

  • A nd also will become famous.


  • If Dhana's Lord is yuti with a benefic

  • And is in a good division, like Paravatans,

There will be effortlessly

All kinds of financial wealth in the native 's family."

Translator's note:

(" Paravatansdau" of the text denotes Paravatz, or such other higher Vargas:

Dhana's Lord should be in

  • Paravata-amsha, or in

  • Devaloka-amsha,

  • Brahmaloka-amsha,

  • Sakravahana-amsha, or

  • Sridhama-amsha

in the Dasha Varga scheme)


12." If Dhana Lord is endowed with strength,

the native will possess beautiful eyes.

Should the said Graha [Guru]

  • be in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava,

There will be

disease, or deformity of eyes."

Untruthful Person

13." If Dhana Bhava and its Lord

  • A re yuti with malefics,

The native will be a Talebearer,

will speak untruth and

will be afflicted by windy diseases."

Fortunes etc. - selections from Chapter 20, 22

ch20--10 .

  • "if Dharma's Lord is in Dhana,

  • while Dhana's Lord is in Dharma.

Parivartamsha of Dharmesha-9 + dhanapati-2

Acquisition of fortunes, conveyances and fame

will follow the 32nd year of age.

ch22-- 3.

  • If Labha's Lord is in Dhana Bhava,

  • while Dhana's Lord is in an angle along with Guru,

The gains will be great.

ch22-- 6.

  • if Labha Bhava is occupied by Guru,

  • while Dhana Bhava

  • and DharmaBhava are, respectively, taken over by Chandra and Shukra by position.

the native will own 6000 Nishkas,

ch22-- 9.

parivartamsha yoga dhanapati-2 with vriddhi-pati-11

  • " If Labha's Lord is in Dhana Bhava

  • As Dhana's Lord is in Labha Bhava

Parivartamsha of vriddhi-pati-11 +dhanapati-2

One will amass abundant fortunes after marriage."

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