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OM hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah

Vidyadaya * Mantrasthāna * Bhava-5

Angle-Yoga to the 12 sthāna

using bhava-5 as a baseline ,

measure the power of bhava-5 to create 12 types of outcome


Bhava-5 = 1st-from-5th AND 5th-from-1st

body, birth, beginning, blood, burst of speed

Body Parts

The persons, entities, beings, ideas, narratives, behaviors, commodities, conditions, and environmental factors of bhava-5 =

  • birth of children

  • beginnings of divine creativity and genius

  • birth of speculative intelligence and individual brilliance

  • beginning of receiving applause for genius performance, fashion, delights

  • beginning of games and amusements

  • first sparks of enlightenement

  • birth of self-expression, beginning of happiness

  • body parts = heart and belly, gall bladder, intestines, abdomen, liver, spleen, stomach

Bhava-5 challenges such as an incoming Shani-drishti may signify the heat-processing activities of the belly. Ayurvedic medicine can provide reliable cures for most constitutional body events. A robust putra bhava provides a healthy belly.


wealth and voice

mother's family of origin

The persons, entities, beings, ideas, narratives, behaviors, commodities, conditions, and environmental factors of bhava-5 =

  • wealth from the parents

  • wealth from care-givers and nurturers

  • wealth from cultural roots

  • wealth from schooling, learning the ethnic language and dances, passing examinations, gaining license

  • wealth from the home, the land, the folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms of one's people

Mother's Money = Mother's "Banking Position"

2nd-from counted from any bhava = the treasury holdings of that bhava.

Exempli gratia,

  • 2nd-from-pitribhava = karma-sthāna-10 = the father' s treasury.

  • 2nd-from- 9th-from-4th = tanusthāna-1 = indriya lagna (bodily baseline) = the maternal grandfather's treasury

  • 2nd-from-9th-from-9th = yuvatisthāna-7 = the paternal grandfather's treasury

2nd-from-4th == the mother's or "the mother's folks "accumulated values, knowledge of history, memory of stories and songs, her voice and her mouth, her libraries of historical items, her art collections, chests of jewels, her animal herds, her hoard of precious items, ability of her holdings to appreciate in value over time, and other species of "moveable but contained" portable material treasuries.

The greatest of mom's valuable treasures is typically her children, especially her eldest child thus putrasthāna-5 = the most basic and natural expression of the mother's treasure.


cohort, collaboration, commerce, communication and courage

Announcements (3) Reports (3) Evangelism (3)

Publicity, Public Relations, Marketing, Media, Messaging, Information Management

The persons, entities, beings, ideas, narratives, behaviors, commodities, conditions, and environmental factors of bhava-5 =

Vimshottari dasha periods of vidya-pati-5 = timing of fame from publicity

" going public" (publishing) works of creative literature and theatrical performance,

making announcements, gestural and imagistic communication through courtly (5) fashion and style,

  • also periods of the"center of attention" karaka-graha Budha

  • also the natural regulator of 3

  • and of course Surya should be hot and bright for celebrity events

  • communicates through conversational narrative

  • communicates through sexual interaction (3)

  • communicates through quick thoughts and ideas (3)

  • communicates through the siblings and team-mates

  • communicates through self-earned wealth (3)

  • communicates through literary and artistic hand-craft such as writings and paintings(3)


parenting and protecting

The persons, entities, beings, ideas, narratives, behaviors, commodities, conditions, and environmental factors of bhava-5 =

  • protects treasuries of money and values

  • protects treasuries of history and knowledge

  • protects legacies of speech and song

  • protects treasuries of language and cultural values

  • protects beauty of food, diet, speech, song, mouth, teeth, face, hair

  • protects the lineage values-fulfillment of the family history

  • protects hoards of food and precious objects

  • as 4th from 2nd, bhava-5 = mother of the second spouse


bhagya for siblings

creativity and gambling

The persons, entities, beings, ideas, narratives, behaviors, commodities, conditions, and environmental factors of bhava-5 =

  • create (5) the individual personality and appearance (1)

  • generate (5) the productive physical vitality (1)

  • create (5) the power to give birth (1)

  • create (5) the vital power to thrive (1)

  • generate (5) the presence of divine life-force (1)

  • engender (5) one's most intimate engagement with one's own physical body (1)

  • create (5) the person who is the most intimate mirror of one's own appearance (1)

6th-from-12th AND 12th-from-6th

= an anti-dusthamsha

bhagya bhava-5 = individual intelligence and divine genius

the bright light of 5 functions as a "viparita" corrective to the dual cloudy darkness of 6 and 12

6th-from = disagreement, dispute, discord, divorce, and disease; accusations, conflict

12th = the polarizing catalysis of 6th-from = arising

  • from conditions in the bedroom (12)
  • from private prayers and meditations
  • from conditions in the sanctuary environments (12)
  • from conditions in the bedroom (12)
  • from distant lands (12)
  • from social invisibility and long absences from the public eye (12)
  • from clandestine activities, spying, and
  • from conditions of long travels far from home (12)

The persons, entities, beings, ideas, narratives, behaviors, commodities, conditions, and environmental factors of bhava-5

  • disagree (6) about sanctuary, privacy and private spaces (12)

  • feel conflicted (6) about the world of the imagination (12)

  • feel uncomfortable (6) with meditation and prayer (12)

  • may be diseased (6) in convalescence, additional illness from hospitals (12)

  • suffer from arguments (6) in long-term prison and about imprisonment (12)

  • argue (6) about wasting, draining, and loss (12) = the classic political (5) arguments

  • suffer animosity (6) toward the ancestors and lack of trust in spirit guides (12) = notorious ego-expression problem-sets of bhava-5

  • dislike (6) distant residence and long assignments abroad (12)= wants to be in the center of the political court (5)

  • may feel victimized (6) by persons who abide in convents, monasteries, hospitals, dormitories, or other cloistered sanctuary environments (12) or by those who operate behind closed doors (12)


agreements and alliances

  • agreements with friends and associates

  • alliances with the father's relatives (11) especially the father's younger brother, one's paternal uncle

  • contracts with the elder sibling and mentors

  • alliances with the marketplace and within all economies of goods and ideas = large political assemblies

  • alliances with large groups and social participation movements

  • agreements with science and scientific theories

  • harmony within massive, rule-driven systems

Putra bhava = 8th-from- 10th

8th-from = an angle of Mangala = hidden, occult forces at work

In mid-process, the transformative power of 8 may be so dramatic that the situation appears to have been destroyed.

However, results of the 8th angle always produce rebirth. A phoenix will rise from the ashes.

  • destroys old social standing and rebuilds a new rank and reputation = celebrity status

  • destroys the old external law and rebuilds a new internal law

  • destroys rigid law-giver authorities and rebuilds brilliant new authorship

  • destroys outdated conventional behaviors and rebuilds creative new conventions

  • destroys outdated hierarchies of social control and rebuilds a new, self-controlled, self-directed order

  • destroys bureaucracy and rebuilds royalty

  • destroys dull professional duty and rebuilds inspiring divine creativity

  • destroys [akashic memory patterns] and rebuilds bhaga

    8th-from-10th = sudden changes in regard to leadership positions, public reputation, elite status

  • BPHS -- Sarga-34, Shloka-17:" The learned should deduce from Putra Bhava: amulets, sacred spells, learning, knowledge, sons, royalty (or authority), fall of position, etc.."



wisdom from one's father

wisdom from the guru

wisdom from priests and religious ceremonies

wisdom from shrines and temples

wisdom from wisdom teaching

wisdom from philosophical education

wisdom from religious teachers and study of sacred scripture

wisdom from the professor, the preacher, the preceptor

wisdom from world travel (one road is worth a thousand schools)

Paternal grandfather

As 9th-from-9th , putra bhava tells about the material conditions of the father of the father.

Emotional relationship to the paternal grandfather = 9th-from- 9th-from-Chandra .

To see the whole picture of father's father, compare putra bhava profile with 9th-from-Surya.

  • Paternal grandmother = 4th-from-9th [vyaya bhava] and 4th-from-Surya .

  • Maternal grandfather is 9th-from-4th [also vyaya bhava] and 9th-from- Chandra .

  • Mother's mother = 4th-from-4th [yuvati bhava] and the defensive, culturally-rooted, seasonal-calendar, routinized, patriotic, ethno-nationalistic, comfort-seeking, home-loving, foundational, property-owning 4th-from-Chandra.

bhava-5 = 8th-from-10th AND 10th-from-8th

respect, recognition (10)

arising from the baseline of bhaba-8 =

one's ability to control confidential information, handle emergencies, and manage secrets (8)

respect (10) from surgeons, shamans, midwives, and tantriki (8)

respect (10) from agents of taxation (8)

respect (10) from one's in-laws (spouse's family) (8)

respect (10) from secret-keepers, holders of confidential information (8)

respect (10) from those who manage or experience catastrophe and disaster = a central authority figure or king (8)

bhava-5 = 11th-from-7th AND 7th-from-11th


Gainful results

The default organic gain from marriage = 11th-from-7th = Children (5)

gains, profits and goal-achievement obtained from activities of the 7th portion

  • from Marriage
  • from contracts and agreements
  • from alliances and partnerships
  • from balancing and weighing
  • from bargains and deals
  • from negotiation and haggling
  • from match-making and pairing
  • from equity and equalization
  • from yokes and harnesses
  • from matching pairs, sets, groups
  • from equability and pleasantness
  • from paired organs in the body (testes, ovaries, eyes, ears, hands, lungs)
  • from diplomacy and graciousness
  • from appreciation of contributions of Others
  • from consulting and advising
  • from attorneys, barristers, solicitors
  • from legal settlements
  • from harmony
  • from brokering and middle-man

  • gains from marriage, partnership, shared interests
  • gains from harmonious agreement, Trusts
  • gains from balance, exchange
  • gains from legal contracts, deals, bargains, terms of alliance
  • gains from pursuit of justice

bhava-5 = 6th-from-12th AND 12th-from-6th

retreat, erosion

Losses from

Divorce, illness,

disagreements, disputes, litigation,

conflict, war, military actions

drugs, medical treatments,

servants, livestock

  • losses from servants and animals

  • losses from the mother's relatives (6)

  • losses from medicine, food-diet, drugs legal and illegal

  • losses from policing, military

  • losses from dealing with conflicts, law-breaking = attorneys, law-courts

  • losses from disputes, treachery, broken promises, divorce = attorneys, law-courts

  • losses from the exploited = attorneys, law-courts

  • losses from imbalance, injustice (6) and lack of trust (6)

losses from litigation (including divorce) = 12th-from-6th = bhava-5.


By contrast "gains from divorce" 11th-from-6th = bhava-4.

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