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unresolved [akashic memory]



Is it possible to adjust the memory Script?

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets."

~~ Gospel of Matthewm 7:12

QUOTATION from The Book of Ecclesiastes * Koheleth, 3:11

(trans: Bible in Basic English )

" He has made everything right in its time;

but he has made their hearts without knowledge,

so that man is unable to see the works of God,

from the first to the last."

QUOTATION from Lighting the Way by HH Dalai Lama, trans by Geshe Thupten Jinpa. p.13

" The term 'karma' literally means 'action', and more specifically refers to the process of cause and effect, where the intention of an agent or being is involved.

So here karma means an intentional act committed or carried out by a being who possesses a sentient nature and who is also capable of having a sentient experience.

...Buddhist texts state that only a buddha's omniscient mind can penetrate the subtlest aspects of the workings of karma, and know at the most microscopic level which specific causes and conditions give rise to which specific consequences.

At our level, we can only recognise that an intimate relationship exists between the external elements of the material world and the internal elements of our mental world; and, based on that, we can learn to detect varying levels of subtlety within our mental and emotional experiences ."

"Once you can align the judgment, then beloved peoples, it is to say that even the judgment that created the pain is part of creation.

It is also part of God, else it would not exist.

And in this fashion, all is aligned and the judgment, you may say, dissolves in on itself, merged with the energy."

Light Source P'taah -

Q: Every action creates karma.

So when an individual has permission in certain areas, is that permission a free gift from the Universe for past good deeds, or will the permission, if acted upon, create a new set of karma?

A: Permission self-granted always produces positive results, so long as the caveat is observed: permission to be genuine must be psychically validated in meditation before the person acts upon the claimed entitlement.

Psychic validation of the permission

Otherwise the emotions that match the action may be in conflict; this can produce internal disagreement and impulsive behavior, and what sounds like permission may be a delusion of mental trickery or fraud.

Every thought is attached to an emotion. Every action carries both a thought and an emotion. The logical thought usually occurs in the form of a sentence. Logical claims are easy to recognize. However, the emotions which attend every thought are not to obvious to most people. It is unexamined emotion - not faulty logic - which can so often sabotage the successful execution of self-granted permission.

Permission is revealed not demanded.

Permission is revealed in meditation or reflective thought, which is always a neutral observing state of mind. In a neutral state of mind, permission should be validated to ensure that it is self-generated and not a reaction to other people's judgment, criticism, or anger.

The moment of receiving self-granted permission indicates the eradication of superstitious fear = fear of terrible powers which supposedly exist outside the self. If the fear has been paid down the natural state of permission, freedom, abundance, and opportunity will reveal itself.

Trust wins over Fear - but slowly

By this I am saying that the natural state of spiritual consciousness is governed by Professor Guru while fear-producer Professor Shani , as powerful as He is to create lawful material structure, is not the righteous lord of truth. So once Shani's lawful script is completed and the obligation to satisfy the material terms of incarnation (food, clothing, shelter, safety, health) has been accomplished, we finally have permission to attend to the higher consciousness. It's important to remember that Permission is earned from within and granted from within.

As Shani's reign of fear is slowly (slooooowly) eradicated while ignorance is consumed by increasing wisdom then the superstition of external restrictions and external punishments is exposed by the bright golden light of wisdom. One creates one's own restrictions and enforces one's own punishments in a state of fear. It doesn't happen overnight, but slowly fear can be replaced by trust . In that state of trust one may grant oneself permission to experience previously fearful things as being newly permitted and newly confirmed as positive and safe. It is fairly easy to see the fear-hope balance in the Jyotishavidya nativity

according to graha-amsha favorable to Guru vs graha-amsha favorable to Shani.

Moral book-keeping: unresolved [akashic memory] cooks the books

The term /karma/ from dhatu = /kri/ = [English] /action/

The word /karma/ can connote obligatory action

Although /dharma/ is the core cultural concept of lawful action in ancient teachings, /karma/ can be used to denote the same idea of lawful action by denoting action-reaction pairs.

/karma/ is often used to emphasize the /reactive/ member of the pair

when social-control systems [moral, religious] engage this concept /karma/ is often framed as a historic debt maintained by guilt and requiring payback for some unremembered crime.

Despite being a concept that works brilliantly as a social-control tool, /karma/ [drenched in guilt or not] remains a paired-action system.

Obligatory re-action (and re-re-re-action) can just as easily be framed as a positive consequence of unremembered previous action. For example, the karma [akashic memory patterns] following upon an act of charity is that, by law, the person acquires credit in the akashic record.

The legalistic, moralistic use of /karma/ is based in linear time which presumes a framework of past-present-future occurrences. /karma/ also presumes the permanent framework of duality.

The historic imagery of the idea of [akashic memory patterns] /karma/ is based in human record-keeping practices. The tally shows equivalences in two columns. Acts which benefit others go on the credit side of the ledger and acts which harm others go on the debit side of the ledger.Acts which neither help nor hurt will carry no value in either column.

Wisdom = Faith in Divine Providence

Wisdom = having what one needs, when one needs it. Wise permission (bhaga, Guru) is elegantly simple and requires deep trust in the all-permeating Divine intelligence.

Unresolved [akashic memory] may be resolved when intelligence [Surya] outweighs fear [Shani]. Generally this happy outcome is the result of pragmatic experience: one comes to see, after many repetitions of misfortune originating in some harmful action of a parallel life , that one is indeed creating the polarizing catalysis .

Fearful experience is perpetuated by holding a belief that those polarizing catalytic experiences are required in specific configurations -- exempli gratia, one always fails the exam. Mother always prefers the sibling. et cetera.

Expectations Exposed

As soon as the self-consciousness is sufficiently nourished by positive expectations, one may begin to (1) identify and (2) release the negative expectations. If a new level of wise permission has opened because the native has paid off a akashic-memory debt caused by ignorant and harmful action in a parallel life , that is a very nice feeling of opportunity and lightness. It is slow going at first but soon there is a landslide of sparkling golden permissions!

Fear is a heavy, grey, oppressive energy and when it is lifted there is a light, golden, liberating energy revealed which was there all along and its gloriously happy in the presence of the Divine. So in this glorious enlightened state, one will act. The act is wise. It has consequences of course = [akashic memory patterns], but the pre-incarnationally planned effect is beneficial as wise actions increase compassion.

The key as always is conscious awareness of the core motivation. Most of the time, conscious self-granted permission is the direct result of the spiritually intentional release of fear which was temporarily obscuring the natural entitlement to live well, live free, and serve others with compassion.

Permission is revealed not demanded. Potential for emotionally driven compensations masquerading as spiritual permissions, ego-driven false entitlements masquerading as permissions, and immature unwise inadequately thought-through assertions masquerading as permissions. If one seems to be granting oneself permission to do something more harmful than helpful, it is worth a second look at the internal trust meter .

For example: the Busted Budgei

An interesting case involves a young woman who gave herself permission to dramatically overspend her modest, first-job budget in pursuit of a fashionable new wardrobe. She is not a professional fashion model and she does not earn income via prestige clothing. The period of the lagnesha, ruler of 12th-from-2nd, is notorious for over-emphasizing the body appearance (1) while draining (12) the savings account (2).

When this nice young lady was asked wha she was thinking when she went on the spending spree (which ended up damaging her bank credit) she said that she wanted to feel good about her appearance. Right there, the permission motive is suspect.

True permission arises from a positive self-concept, one of generosity and abundance, not the feeling of absence and lack of self-esteem that she was reporting. In addition, she confessed to wanting to be more attractive to partners while also being in the center and getting attention from the group. Again have a look at the contradiction: balanced partnerships are naturally not sustainable when one person is always in the bright center (Surya vs Shukra).

Finally she as asked her how much meditation she had done on the image of the shopping, buying, wearing, and paying the monthly charges? You won't be surprised by the answer none. She had not meditated on the psychic pictures to calm and smooth and validate the energy, to confirm that the whole process felt balanced and natural, and that no major hostile energy was present. None at all.

Fakes and Frauds * Rahu : impulsive compensation behavior

So, it was a case of compulsive-reactive unexamined impulse compensating for low self-esteem, material rights asserted but not validated at their roots in the astral plane, and the result was self-destructive karma of debt and frustration. The whole problem could have been cleared up in a 10-minute meditation, where permissions get validated by running the scene through the imaginative consciousness just as if one is watching a movie.

Validate, validate; meditate, meditate

Ask oneself: how do I start this scene, what actions, do I feel good doing this thing, how does it progress, and at the end of the scene, how do I feel about what just happened? Feelings are the key to validation. Every picture is tagged with a feeling. She was probably afraid to check her feelings before barging into the shops and thus her understanding of permission was profoundly untested. Oy.

True permission is revealed, as a fear lifts away. Permission cannot be simply asserted like a toddler demanding a sweet. Permission must be validated in meditation or in a state of concentrated, reflective awareness.

Always validate a permission to experience good feelings. Ensure that the permission endures from beginning to end of an undertaking.

Compassion Wins

The results of properly grounded and validated acts of self-permission = always pleasant [akashic memory patterns]

True freedom is granted by divine intelligence; it is both wise and compassionate.

Compassionate actions are confident, sensitive, and thoughtful, and they always generate pre-incarnationally planned merit on the credit column of the Big Book.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, success in all of life's endeavors, and continuing engagement in your study of the samayavidya,


BP Lama Jyotisha

Q: Dear Barbara Man,

hope things are fine at your end ... i thank you very much for the way you had explained to my questions (sometimes, i say, irrilavant ones) with somuch responsibility and patience. i had been so much frustrated of late of the past happenings of my life that i digged myself completely into job search and project writing only, to divert myself and escape from getting back into depressive mood swings. ... but i can see that all are failing and the hope that i will have a job in near future is diminishing again. already y personal life has perished. whatever the karma may be, or whatever i would have wanted myself to be in the past, the way my life is in this birth, i am not at all happy. from what you had explained ...s, i do not understand why i had to approve or why i had to ask for this kind of life.

i would like to tell you something. ...but i could not understand one thing. you said that what i have right now in my life, in this birth....this is exactly what i had wanted and the panel had approved of it. why i would have asked for this kind of circumstances and situations, why would i want ... disturbed relationships and in-complete career or personal life, i dont know. but what i thought of all these years was that probably karma was ruling my life. howmuch ever i wanted to have good relationships etc etc..karma perhaps gave me back what i had given to others in my last births.but, your theory is different and you say its not karma, but its what i had decided or wanted my life to be!!

now this i do not understand. Then where does karma work and how does the theory of karma work for an individual? and if this is what i had decided my life to be on earth in this birth...but now i am not cant i change this state of my life atall? is it that i have to live this way all through? i heard that the power of thought and the will of subconscious mind can change anything! even the past karma of a person. so if i really want a blessed life, cant i change it whatever i do?

... Thank you mam and hope you are doing well..i really enjoy reading somuch ...and getting to know many things unknown.gudday n regards. A: Namaste,

Unresolved [akashic memory] generally the impetus. /Karma/ is a very simple mechanism that ensures completeness and balance in a dualistic system such as we have here in the School of Earth.

If a human has played one half of a dual-role partnership, then that human will need to also play the other half.

  • If one has been a slave, then one will need to be a master.
  • If one has been a wife, then one will need to be a husband.
  • If one has been a child, then one will need to be a parent.
  • If one has been a student, then one will need to be a teacher.
  • If one has been a criminal, then one will need to be a judge.
  • If one has been a prisoner, one must at some point experience being a jailer.
  • If one has been a poor tenant, then one will need to be a rich landlord.
  • If one has been a loan-maker, then one must also be a loan-taker.
  • If one has been an executioner, one will need to know what it feels like to be executed.
  • If one has been a deeply sick person, then one must also be a physician delivering medical treatments.
  • If one has been a religious authority figure, then one will be obliged to also experience the role of the faithful believer.
  • If one has been the victim, then one must also serve as a perpetrator.
  • If one has been powerless, then one can expect to be powerful.
  • If one has been the recipient of great kindness, one must also be a deliverer of great kindness.
  • If one has been visually beautiful, one can expect to also play the role of a disfigured person.
  • If one was a lowly foot-soldier, one must also be a commanding officer.
  • If one was a servant, one must also be the owner of servants.
  • If one has been a robber, one must be robbed.
  • If one has eaten well and enjoyed fine cooking, one must be an excellent cook serving delicious foods to others.
  • If one was a musician playing beautiful music, one must also be a member of the audience hearing beautiful music.
  • If one has collected a great payment, one must eventually pay a great sum.
  • If one is a writer, one must also be a reader.
  • If one is a giver, one must also be a taker.

Like this, again and again. It is a machine..

[akashic memory patterns] sometimes labeled as /karma/ is not in any way a system of punishment.. However, it is conveniently (and falsely) represented as a punishment system by those who sell "remedies" (upaya) which can supposedly protect one from pre-incarnationally planned consequences. Who in their right mind would want to avoid the unfoldment of [akashic memory patterns]? It is wonderful and effective mechanism for teaching the Great Lesson of the Ever-Presence of the Divine Source Pattern.

[akashic memory pattern] release / Karma / is also a simple and beautiful bookkeeping system which serves to ensure that dualistic perceptual environments like ours remain balanced, and will be easily accounted as complete when the time comes to end our inhabitation of Earth.

Feeling unhappy? That too is a lovely teaching event.

Anyone who is not happy can make the necessary changes to return to a happy state. In English, the word "hap" means "to occur, to be the state of things, that which has come to pass". HAP means how things ARE, rather than how one might fantasize or judge this reality. English words with the root HAP include happenstance, happen, happiness, haphazard, hapless, happily. To return to a happy state feeling happiness, remove the fantasy and remove the judgment , remove the criticism and remove the drama.

Look at what is, as it is, and respond with neutrality and intelligence to the state of things as they are.

Indulging in habitual self-pity, self-criticism, self-punishment, self-denial, self-abuse, or self-hatred may be considered as a guaranteed path toward unhappiness.

All of these self-harming narratives arise from the self. These interpretive patterns that are applied upon neutral reality AS IT IS are completely within the control of the self. No outside power is generating the judgment, belittlement, humiliation, anger, hatred, caste bigotry, pity, or other mental-emotional toxicity that can fill the body with conflict and disease. The decision to use these destructive narratives is a personal choice.

There are no victims.

All human beings are fully and absolutely empowered to change the circumstances of their lives at any time.

However, in order to make a lasting change, one must have an adult, realistic and accurate view of what one is changing. This is the key. An accurate, non-reactive assessment of the current situation is required. The accuracy cannot be damaged by guilt, grief, anger, blaming, remorse, regret, bitterness, or other emotional toxicity.

A polluted mind does not make accurate assessments.

The mind must assume a neutral, Zen-like posture and make a scientific assessment of the situation. One may enquire: what was learned from the current situation? Has one satisfactorily learned the key lesson? All lessons are about empowerment. Has one seen a vivid example of empowerment or disempowerment? (Both are valuable teachings.)

If one has received the self-scheduled teaching which was programmed into the incarnation by the higher self (soul) before the time of birth, then it is time to move forward to the next lesson. It is easy to move forward in a state of gratitude for the experience [Guru], but it is difficult to move forward in a state of fear and resentment [Shani].

One is responsible for the state of one's own mind. It does require some determination to maintain a strict psycho-mental housekeeping schedule. If toxic emotions arise in response to teaching situations, these require immediate forgiveness. Forgiveness means "give it forward, return it" .

Negative, disempowering energy patterns can play a key instructional role in a learning scenario about how creative self-empowerment (divine identity) can be apparently lost (through victimization [being eaten] ) and then regained (through clear minded neutrality and reassertion of one's own inner Source energy, which is to say the Divine Within).

To win the Earth-human incarnational game, one must reach the goal. The goal is to be able to recognize the presence of the Divine Source within all scenarios. Not to pick and choose that "God is here in this good scene" but "God is not here in this bad scene".

That is preposterous.

Good and bad are human social-ethical constructs, and they are irrelevant limitations upon the Divine Creative Source. The Source is busy creating, creating, creating! SOURCE ignores limits while it expands-and-contracts, explodes and implodes, births and deaths, creates and destroys, relentlessly and brilliantly at all times in all dimensions. The human being is a divine being, and the divinity of the human being cannot be altered or limited by any social, mental, financial, marital, psychological, economical, physical, legal, normal, political, construct.

The winners of this game are those who can REMAIN CONSCIOUS OF THE INTERNAL DIVINE PRESENCE in all moments! And they are deliriously happy.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, success in all of life's endeavors, and continuing engagement in your study of the samayavidya,


BP Lama Jyotishavidya


Thanks to your free website, I've improved and refined my understanding of the vidya.

In my own Jyotisha practice, I've now reached the ability to predict the nativities of my family and friends.

The predictions are often correct.

But I have a serious question, and I also get this question from my friends.

Can anything be changed???

A: Namaste,

Thanks for your nice note. I'm delighted to know that you are finding the Jyotishavidya materials to be useful in studies.

With sufficient consciousness, all conditions of life programming can be changed.

Ironically, once the required consciousness has developed, the inherent wisdom of the life curriculum is recognized.

Most of those, who have the awareness necessary to change the sequence of the unfoldment of the homework problems, do not take action to change the learning sequence.

Rather, they tend to appreciate the architectural beauty of it. They accept responsibility for their participation in it. They become possessed of a deep certainty that they personally have created their own detailed life-learning curriculum. They take ownership of this life-plan. They celebrate it.

The first two steps in building a peaceful awareness of the beauty of the learning plan are (1) eliminate superstition (2) reduce fear of the unknown. On this foundation, Step 3 = in each unfolding situation, ask the question, what am I learning? With practice, it can be seen that one has given oneself a magnificent gift of spiritual learning.

However, it is often the case that with a sufficient consciousness, one may choose to ease the learning process by allowing it to flow Naturally, with appreciation, adding very little resistance. These people have easier lives with less conflict. They might appear to have changed their life plan. However, on closer inspection, it can be seen that they have only changed their intention.

So yes, with sufficient awareness, everything can be changed. But given the power-of-perspective to change the plan, most will choose to honor the plan rather than tamper with it.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Origen Adamantius, De Principalis.

(Origen's theology of reincarnation was declared anathema in 553-CE by the 2nd council of Konstantinopolis )

"Each soul enters the world strengthened by the victories or weakened by the defects of its past lives .

Its place in this world is determined by past virtues and shortcomings."

Origen Adamantius, Contra Celsum

(Origen's theology of reincarnation was declared anathema in 553-CE by the 2nd council of Konstantinopolis ) "Is it not more in accordance with common sense that every soul for reasons unknown — I speak in accordance with the opinions of Pythagoras, Plato and Empedokles — enters the body influenced by its past deeds?

The soul has a body at its disposal for a certain period of time which, due to its changeable condition, eventually is no longer suitable for the soul, whereupon it changes that body for another."


" ...According to Quantum Physics we create our own life as we go and by thinking or by thoughts.

And this idea is especially against to Jyotish/Vedic astrology because as far as I know it believes in definite Karma and written unchanged life charts. In other words, what ever in your charts you will live it, it cannot be changed.

What can you tell me about this concept."


Namaste - Thanks for your great questions!

You, and Quantum Physics surely correct in asserting that we create our own life as we go and by thinking or by thoughts Nothing could be more true .

However, the reason few people can change the flow of events in their lives is that very few people even know what their thoughts look like, let alone have done the intensive training necessary to change them!

Here's the basic "flow diagram"

  • The program of action-reaction, attraction-repulsion, and all the infinitely perpetuating cycles of [akashic memory patterns], originates on the spiritual plane, which is the plane of pure truth. The spiritual plane doesn't have any mental stuff in it. It doesn't have any words or feelings or concepts or relationships between concepts or any content. It's just pure truth.

  • If reality cannot be comprehended by the native at the level of pure truth, the information which one is supposed to work with in the current lifetime will percolate down to the next level of particulate-pattern reality.

  • The next level "down" from the spiritual plane of pure truth is often called the"Causal Plane" . The Causal or"mental" plane is the vast territory of our thoughts which consists of objects held in thought and the relationships between those thought-objects. This thought plane is a very busy place!

The last few centuries have seen a dramatic increase in mentalization of our species overall. Western culture in particular seems to be leading the charge. Many of us in the West are constant and compulsive thinkers, who are quite imprisoned in a world of 24/7 high-throughput thought.

Yet, despite the volume of modern thought and its remarkable complexity, very few people have time or permission to observe their own thought processes. Their thoughts are driven by survival problem-solving (make money, get social approval, find a mate, raise offspring, avoid predators, feel safe). These thoughts are neither objectively observed nor controlled by the thinker.

If the pre-incarnationally planned mandate for action cannot be comprehended by the native on the causal level (which is almost always the case), then a person's life program script will percolate down to the next, grosser particulate level, which is called the Astral plane. (There are many other names for the astral level, but Astral meaning star-pattern, or Dream level, are good descriptors.).

The astral plane is a giant ocean of hopes, dreams, wishes, aspirations, fears, desires, loves, hates, every possible kind of emotion and psychic action-reaction is going on here. The astral plane is huge and has many sub-divisions. Compared to the clear and rarified land of the causal plane, the astral plane is a bit viscous, sort of heavy and sticky with lots of hot and cold spots, a lot like an ocean with many different changing currents, many colors and generally a huge diversity of interesting dream pictures.

If the native is not able to deal with or interpret consciously the information when it is presented on the astral plane in the form of emotions and feelings and dreams and desires, then the program will percolate down to the base level, which is the human physical-animal body. (This result is extremely common in people who are unable to feel their feelings.)

The physical plane is where"the buck stops here" . The physical plane is governed by the body's flesh and instincts, controlled by the survival"reptile" brain. The physical plane is where competitive human athletic power, as well as animal hunger and fleshly disease, may // act out // the pre-incarnationally planned script.

SSince most people are not able to approach their pre-incarnationally planned script at the thought level and very few people can compassionately accept their script at the astral level, most [akashic memory patterns] ends up"acting out"at the physical level. That's why Jyotisha readings work so well. If people were able to interrupt their [akashic memory patterns] at higher levels, they wouldn't care what the emotional or physical downstream looked like. They'd be fast and efficient, burning the seeds of [akashic memory patterns] right there on the causal plane, right there in the land of thoughts and expectations.

But, they don't. They are stuck in debris piles, left over un-dealt-with anger and bitterness from this life and before. The are stuck in trauma. Being able to change their thoughts directly is a prospect for a distant future lifetime - if ever.

You are absolutely correct that"we create our own life as we go and by thinking or by thoughts ". However, very few people have much conscious awareness. For most people, their thoughts remain mechanical, reactive to lower emotions, inherited from their ancestors, and generally not owned or operated by the native .

If you are lucky enough to get meditation skills training and you have lots of community support for working directly with one's electro-magnetic initiating thoughts so that yone does not inadvertently slip into animal fear of starvation or abandonment, then, if you have a strong will, you can change everything you want.

Most people are sleepwalkers and most people have no conscious awareness of their thoughts, except that their thoughts repeat their desires on a mental level. E.g.,"I want something" or"I need something" .

Thought for the sake of thought is limited to a few philosophers. Rational philosophers are usually pretty good at manipulating their existing electro-magnetic initiating thoughts, although they will mainly admit that they can't control the eruption of new thoughts nor can they do much about the chronic survival thoughts, such as "I have to eat now" or" that person is trying to kill me, I have to run" .

To the very limited extent that a skilled meditator can learn to travel in the terrain of the mind without being constantly sucked down into their astral and physical programming, the skilled meditator can indeed make intentional changes in their thought-forms directly within the causal plane. Certain mantras also can be very therapeutic for calming lower anxieties, which helps create a cleaner space for mental work.

Several religious traditions offer elaborate technologies for assisting meditation on the causal plane. There are meditation traditions in all the great religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism etc.) but the most developed toolkits reside within the Buddhist traditions (Vajrayana, Theraveda, Mahayana).

Jyotisha and Quantum Physics"", or whatever philosophy espouses the rule that thoughts determine reality, are both in complete agreement.

[akashic memory patterns] / Karma / = the mandate to action caused by * reaction to previous actions * in former lives (or the current life) - controls spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels.

[akashic memory patterns] in manifestation dictate a very specific script of necessary events in each lifetime.

If you have the mental skills to read the script (read all of your thoughts which are connected to that action or reaction) then you can certainly intervene and make changes in that complex of connected thoughts which set the downstream flow into the emotional and physical manifestation of the event. Most definitely, this can be done. This is what meditation is all about! Great stuff!

If you are a Dharma Warrior going in to do battle in the World of Thought, do be prepared to realize that All of your thoughts are connected to all of your other thoughts ! This is a very complex surgery, to excise a single causative thought from the web of other related thoughts!

Yes, you can do it. I wish you the best. Changing even one thought, permanently and forever, requires skill and determination. However, the results in terms of control over your destiny though the power of sustained consciousness, are well, well worth the effort.


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Law of Causality

QUOTATION from H.H. Tenzin Gyatso, Path to Bliss: A Practical Guide to Stages of Meditation .

Geshe Thubten Jinpa (Trans.), Christine Cox (Ed.).

" Sometimes we face certain situations where, although we have done something good for others, we may not be able to reap the consequences within this lifetime.

When we are talking about the law of causality, we are not limiting its operation to the confines of this life alone, but rather are taking into account both this lifetime and the future .

Karmic unfoldment

Occasionally people who do not have a proper knowledge of karmic law say that such and such a person is very kind and religious and so forth, but he always has problems, whereas so and so is very deceptive and negative, frequently indulging in negative actions, but always seems very successful. Such people may think that there is no karmic law at all.

There are others who go to the other extreme and become superstitious, thinking that when someone experiences illness, it is all due to harmful spirits....

It is also possible for very negative people to experience their positive karma ripening immaturely due to the very strong force of negative actions, and thus to exhaust the potentials of their virtuous actions.

They experience a relative success in this life, while others who are very serious practitioners, as a result of the force of their practices, bring upon this lifetime the consequences of karmic actions which might have otherwise thrown them into rebirth in lower realms of existence in the future. As a result, they experience more problems and illnesses in this life.

Just resolving not to indulge in a negative action is not enough. It should be accompanied by the understanding that it is for your own benefit and sake that you must live with awareness of the law of karma.

  • If you have accumulated the causes, you will have to face the consequences.

  • If you desire a particular effect, you can work to produce its causes .

  • And if you do not desire a certain consequence , you can avoid engaging in actions that will bring it about.

You should reflect upon the law of causality as follows

  • that there is a definite relation between causes and effects;

  • that actions not committed will never produce an effect

  • And that once committed , actions will never lose their potentiality simply through the passage of time.

So, if you wish to enjoy desirable fruits, you should work for the accumulation of the appropriate causes ,

and if you want to avoid undesirable consequences, you should not accumulate their causes....

Karma is a natural law like any other natural law."

QUOTATION - Caring, compassion, inner strength, and courage

Tenzing Gyatso , An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life . Nicholas Vreeland (Ed.), afterword by Khyongla Rato and Richard Gere.

" There is a Buddhist practice in which one imagines giving joy and the source of all joy to other people, thereby removing all their suffering.

Though of course we cannot change their situation, I do feel that in some cases, through a genuine sense of caring and compassion, through our sharing in their plight, our attitude can help alleviate their suffering, if only mentally. However, The main point of this practice is to increase our inner strength and courage.

I have chosen a few lines that I feel would be acceptable to people of all faiths, and even to those with no spiritual belief.

When reading these lines, if you are a religious practitioner, you can reflect upon the divine form that you worship. Then, while reciting these verses, make the commitment to enhance your spiritual values.

If you are not religious, you can reflect upon the fact that, fundamentally, all beings are equal to you in their wish for happiness and their desire to overcome suffering. Recognizing this, you make a pledge to develop a good heart.

It is most important that we have a warm heart. As long as we are part of human society, it is very important to be a kind, warm-hearted person .

May the poor find wealth,

Those weak with sorrow find joy.

May the forlorn find new hope,

Constant happiness and prosperity.

May the frightened cease to be afraid,

And those bound be free.

May the weak find power,

AAnd may their hearts join in friendship."

Mechanisms of [akashic memory patterns] / Karma /

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso . (2006). The Universe in a Single Atom: Convergence of Science and Spirituality

" The mechanism through which karma plays a causal role in the evolution of sentience , I find helpful some of the explanations given in the Vajrayana traditions, often referred to by modern writers as esoteric Buddhism.

According to the Guhyasamaja tantra, a principal tradition within Vajrayana Buddhism, at the most fundamental level, no absolute division can be made between mind and matter .

Matter in its subtlest form is prana , a vital energy which is inseparable from consciousness.

These two are different aspects of an indivisible reality.

  • Prana is the aspect of mobility, dynamism, and cohesion,

  • while consciousness is the aspect of cognition and the capacity for reflective thinking .

So according to the Guhyasamaja tantra, when a world system comes into being, we are witnessing the play of this energy and consciousness reality.

...Despite the success of the Darwinian narrative, I do not believe that all the elements of the story are in place. To begin with, although Darwin's theory gives a coherent account of the development of life on this planet and the various principles underlying it, such as natural selection, I am not persuaded that it answers the fundamental question of the origin of life. Darwin himself, I gather, did not see this as an issue.

  • Furthermore, there appears to be a certain circularity in the notion of"survival of the fittest." The theory of natural selection maintains that, of the random mutations that occur in the genes of a given species, those that promote the greatest chance of survival are most likely to succeed.

  • However, the only way this hypothesis can be verified is to observe the characteristics of those mutations that have survived. So in a sense, we are stating simply this:"Because these genetic mutations have survived, they are the ones that had the greatest chance of survival."

From the Buddhist perspective, the idea of these mutations being purely random events is deeply unsatisfying for a theory that purports to explain the origin of life.

..One empirical problem in Darwinism 's focus on the competitive survival of individuals, which is defined in terms of an organism's struggle for individual reproductive success, has consistently been how to explain altruism , whether in the sense of collaborative behavior , such as food sharing or conflict resolution among animals like chimpanzees or acts of self-sacrifice.

There are many examples, not only among human beings but among other species as well, of individuals who put themselves in danger to save others.

...From the scientific view, the theory of karma may be a metaphysical assumption--but it is no more so than the assumption that all of life is material and originated out of pure chance." [end quote]


QUOTATION from Dzogchen: The Heart Essence of the Great Perfection. by Tenzing Gyatso Thupten Jinpa and Richard Barron (Trans.), Patrick Gaffney (Ed.), foreword by Sogyal Rinpoche, 2nd ed., 2004

" ...In the Buddhist teachings, when we search for the causes of suffering , we find what is called 'the truth of the origin of suffering', namely that negative actions--karma--and the negative emotions that induce such actions are the causes of suffering.

  • Talking about causes, if we take a step further and investigate more deeply,

  • we find that the cause alone is not sufficient for bringing about the results.

Causes themselves have to come in contact with co-operative circumstances or conditions.

  • For instance, say we search for a material or substantial cause for this plant,

  • we will find that it has a continuity stretching back into beginningless time.

Space particles

There are certain Buddhist texts that speak of space particles , existing before the evolution of this present universe. According to these texts, the space particles serve as the material and substantial cause for matter, such as this plant.

Now if the essential and substantial cause for matter is traced to these space particles, which are all the same, how do we account for the diversity that we see in the material world? It is here that the question of conditions and circumstances comes into play.

When these substantial causes come in contact with different circumstances and conditions, they give rise to different effects, that is, different kinds of matter.

So we find that the cause alone is not sufficient for bringing about a result. What is required is an aggregation of many different conditions and circumstances.

Although you can find certain differences among the Buddhist philosophical schools about how the universe came into being, the basic common question addressed is how the two fundamental principles -- external matter and internal mind or consciousness -- although distinct, affect one another.

External causes and conditions are responsible for certain of our experiences of happiness and suffering.

Yet we find that it is principally our own feelings, our thoughts and our emotions, that really determine whether we are going to suffer or be happy." [end quote]


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