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Graha - Bhava - Amsha - Rashi

OM dram dreem droum sah Shukraya namah

OM grinih suryaya namah


Venus conjunct Sun * So-Ra

Romance and Relationships

Idealization, Infatuation, Politicized Relationships

Confident center-point Focus * Surya


Balancing Accommodating Adjustments* Shukra


Women with Mirror: from the Allahabad Sangrahalaya * Allahabad Museum, c. 1775

~~ Behari commentary = Surya conjoined with Venus "If Venus is combust, the native will be extravagant,

and an attachment with persons whose affairs are always in a deranged or ruinous state,

and his property will be continually wasted in retrieving them."

Shani can mitigate combust Shukra's ambivalence

If yuvati-pati-7 is strong, or dignified Shani in bhava-7, or a Shani drishti upon Shukra-yuti-Surya coming from Shani can impose extra anti-movement structure upon ashtangata Shukra's tendency toward weakened trust in partnership, thus limiting the range of one's mobility outside of the contractual union.

The inherently weak faithfulness to contract and"burned out" low-trusting behavior of combust Shukra in 9, 1, or 4 may be substantially corrected by drishti from a dikbala Shani-7 .

If Shukra occupies bhava-9, bhava-1, or bhava-4 WHILE receiving drishti of the dignified Shani-7 is ALSO occupying Makara or Kumbha, nearly all of the human-partnership weakness of Shukra may be corrected.

When Shukra-yuti-Surya, Shani's drishti also affects Surya. Thus Surya's "burning" influence expressed via the father's dominating willfulness is also reduced by a Shani drishti to the Shukra-yuti-Surya pairing. Shani drishti results in more impact of Shani's narrative of social duty, and less impact by the heat of the father's egocentric willpower.

  • For example, one whose deeply ashtangata Shukra accepts the drishti of a strong Shani would find that their choice of life partner would be dominated by their father's preferences. But, if Shani offers some correction. Then the choice of life partner* Shukra * is also pressured by social duty concerns such as profession and public respect [Shani]. The final outcome displays two contradicting sources of pressure - the father's will vs. The social order - resulting in a somewhat milquetoast personality whose relationships are dictated largely by social expectations .

Also Shani drishti to Shukra can make the life-partner elder to oneself. The stronger Shani's influence, the more elder the partner. Thus the maximum drishti from Shani upon a combust Shukra-Kumbha-Makara could result in a significantly elder partner who would likely have a socially respected profession.

However, the burnt-sensuality behaviors of ashtangata Shukra such as stinginess and anhedonia (shunning of pleasure) can be much reinforced by drishti of a strong Shani! Peer contracts, may be defined by their shared work duties.

Shani drishti imposes a narrative of social duty. Resulting from drishti of dignified Shani, native despite their self-orientation may become competently socially responsible in contract dealings, once a clear understood deal has indeed been agreed. Terms of promise must be lawful and simple [Shani] for Shani drishti to have the stabilizing"no movement" effect.

Shani-7 or Shani drishti to the Shukra-yuti-Surya pairing = loyalty to the social regularizing function [Shani] of interpersonal alliances, even while the combust Shukra indicates relatively weak trust in the individual partner.

Social arrangements* Shukra * favor the ego-membrane * Surya *

Strong influence * potentially dominance * of central roles = father-self-king

  • Father-figures * Surya *
  • and politics-celebrity-entertainments * Surya *

upon one's peer relationships - Shukra *

The human personality consists of multiple shells * Sheaths * membranes which surround and protect the pure core being. These many membranes are all to some extent porous and psychically interactive, but some shells are less permeable than others. Nine of these shell * membranes are Jyotisha-identified with the nine graha.

When Surya and Shukra share a rashi, the self-centered ego-membrane tends to have more operating fuel than the other-accommodating, adjusting, negotiating interactive membranes operated by counseling-advising Shukra.

Opinions of the father and masculine-authority figures * Surya * and matters of political rights and entitlements * Surya * Strongly impact the trusting, matching, balancing, yoking behaviors of Shukra.

Due to Surya's bright heat , when pale, cool Shukra is combust, the influence of masculine roles, father-figures and concerns of political empowerment are dominantly strong.

Surya-related thoughts, persons, and actions regarding one's personal engagement with politics, personal charisma, entertainments, entitlements can overwhelm Shukra's portfolio of agreements, alliances, partnerships, matches, deals, negotiation and brokerage.

The outcome is a self-directing personality which is not barred from entering unions, but once committed to an alliance is rather less accommodating to the constituency and more focused on self-interest.

Surya-yuti-Shukra in nativity of wifely-companion

From the perspective of the wifely-companion ,

wife's ability to attract sexual attention and feel sensually beautiful in the balanced self is much dominated by wife's idealistic views .

Such wife may suffer from perfectionism in wife's appreciation of wife's own attractiveness* Shukra *.

  • Wife enjoys the company of idealistic believers, entertainers, celebrities and politicians.

If Shukra + Surya occupies the lagna, the wifely native may enter political competitions

If Shukra = combust, wife's natural beckoning come balance with me, come mate with me sensuality may be overpowered by idealism.

Wife is attracted to kingly figures, political power-players, or radiantly charismatic entertainers.

  • POTUS-pair-11 Polk Place 1803-1891 Sarah Childress Polk + [Surya-yuti-Ketu] in dhana-bhava-2. Mrs. Polk was very influential personality in 1840's Washington DC. Her dour, frugal, frowning, no-dancing, no-liquor, no-frivolity "entertaining" style and her strict Biblical fundamentalism earned her the name of "Sahara Sarah" . Many resented her stinginess, as well as her hypocritical values (2) Surya-yuti-Ketu;

    ketu-2 * in owning slaves while espousing lineage truths.

  • However, her workaholic husband James K. Polk fully shared her joyless ideals, and in him she saw her power-player-king. Their marriage was a happy one.

  • "O" 1954- multimedia Oprah Winfrey

The bhava, rashi, and drishti will indicate nature of the dominance of Surya's paternal, political, and philosophical influence upon the behavior of the wifely-companion (for a husband-role) and upon the experience of sexual and sensual pleasures in the lifestyle.

Surya-yuti-Shukra in nativity of Husband-role From the perspective of the husband:

Husband = attracted toward wifely-partners who are strongly influenced by the will and personality their own father-figures .

Such a wife is typically quite interested in politics * Surya * and has her own uniquely independent willpower which may not always bend to accommodate the harmony of the partnership. If Shukra = combust, wife is almost certainly not the easy-bending type.

As Shukra approaches "hotter" degrees of moudhya-dosha , the will and personality of the wife's father gains more and more influence over wife's personality; wife becomes increasingly similar wife's father in behavior and in appearance.

At the point of absolute combustion, where Surya and Shukra share the same degree of their rashi, the father may exercise extraordinarily willful control over the decisions and relationship behaviors of the wife.

The father's controlling intelligence =not always consciously recognized, but upon inspection the intellectual will of the father can be detected as a controlling factor in wife's partnership decisions.

Loves to Create and Perform

Surya= zatrugraha * enemy of Shukra, while Shukra is also the enemy of Surya. This graha pair is incompatible by character and taste.

Husband is physically attractive and wife is quite good-looking as well. In fact, the mutual beauty of their physical appearances often attracts this couple. They enjoy a vision of affluence in marriage with genetically handsome offspring.

However, depending on the rashi, the couple may forever seek a lasting peaceful balance in their relationship due to Surya's ego-membrane interference with the accommodating, negotiating agenda of Shukra.

For marriage purposes, this pair prospers best in Thula where Shukra's partnership ethos is not much encumbered by individual ego-membrane * Surya * due to Ravi = [nīcha] Tula.

The pair are also generally more harmonious in dhana-rashi Vrishabha, where dhanakaraka Shukra's promise of financial well-being via paired accumulative behaviors tends to control Ravi's self-assertive ego-membrane

For marriage purposes, this pair prospers least in rashi where Ravi gains strength: Mesha, Simha, and Vṛścika

  • UK-PM Finest Hour 1874-1965 Winston Churchill (5) both he and his father [Surya] Lord Randolph Churchill were career politicians who loved the center-stage

  • CNN buffalo lands 1938- Ted Turner + Budha

The husband-role is attracted to women of independent and self-determining nature.

If Shukra moudhya-dosha, the wifely-companion is dominated by the will Of her father.

An attractive couple. The wifely-companion is strong-willed, capable and positive in public life. The husband-role-player is handsome and well-liked. (Less lovely appearance with Shukra- Simha or Shukra-Kanya.)

The husband-role admires his spouse, although he may not love her as much as he loves himself.

Shukra receives drishti of Surya = similar but slightly less solipsistic effect.

Suave Shukra activates beauty.

Surya + Shukra = ego-membrane + beauty = Beautiful face and appearance.

Some beauty results:

"And now my friends,

all that is true, all that is noble,

all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious,

whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Paul of Tarsus, Epistle to the Philippians 4:8


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