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Graha - Bhava

विम्शोत्तरि दशा

Vimshottari Dasha

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Rahu Mahadasha + Shani Bhukti

Intense Catalysis

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I understand how frustrating these Rahu/Shani bhukti can be... For most people, Rahu and Shani are the single most difficult Planets in their lives.Since you are entering your 50th year of age, however, you can take advantage of the wisdom of age. One can leverage the life experience in managing rebellious, intemperate young Rahu in battle against grumpy, oppressive old Shani.

  • kamakaraka Rahu brings forward desires from parallel lives simply in order to manifest those desires, regardless of whether those desires are good or bad in the current life. If a Desire is the docket for release into the current life, that hunger will release into consciousness, on schedule!

Rahu is always crazy-making - but Rahu is also dramatic, exciting and often great fun.

  • Saturn - a.k.a."Pete RePeat" brings forward the results of our ignorant actions which caused harm to others in this life and parallel lives .

  • Shani enforces repetition after repetition of the oppressive, restrictive bad scene , whatever it was... in order to call one's attention to the role one plays in creating one's own suffering.

In the moment when one understands how one's very own expectations, presumptions, and reactions have once again stimulated one's own repression and pain, the previous ignorance is instantly transformed into wisdom.

Shani's behavior = sober, strictly lawful, even punitive. However, the human experience during Shani's periods definitely improves with age , because the aging process itself re-asserts the basic truth of predictable, reliable, lawful repetition of lessons.

  • The older a conscious person becomes, the more obvious also become the basic structural patterns which regulate human behavior. Few people past the age of reason will deny the essential nature of Shani's core truth: what goes around, comes around .


Because Rahu occupies a hostile, boundary-breaching shad-ashtaka 6-8 challenge-angle vis-a-vis Shani, expect the Rahu-Shani bhukti to produce plenty of polarizing catalysis .

Yet, the polarizing catalysis does have a solution:

To the extent that one has consciously absorbed the contradictory social-spiritual signals that permeate the family network, this Rahu-Shani bhukti may provoke reflective self-conflict followed by constructive self-management and healing.

Permission / non-permission conflicts have been integrated into the structure of the ego. These interference patterns can be exposed. One May skillfully - carefully - ease them out of the heavy zone of unconscious reactive behaviors.

The point of each bhukti = to take one specifically defined STEP UP in consciousness.

To the extent that one has not Yet, achieved consciousness of the reality that you are projecting ancient personal internal conflicts, which have roots in parallel lives , upon the personalities of your family members, coworkers, neighbors, and significant others in the psycho-social environment -- one may have plenty of polarizing catalysis with the restrictive, critical blockage caused by Other People. You could spend a lot of time trying to remove people who seem to be causing the blockage - but they won't go unless you can first remove the matching energy in your own ego-membrane that negatively attracts them to you.

As might be guessed, Other People = only the mirrors of the internal dialogue . However, we often can't or don't believe that we are truly responsible for the moment-to-moment experience of our own lives. Most humans have been programmed to believe that things happen TO one, rather than THROUGH one.

  • Therefore, the figures of other people are scripted to enact one's own internal reality. In this way, one may become conscious of those patterns of conflict, mistrust, resentment, anger, which truly originate within one's own memory banks.

In the end, responsibility for wise use of this difficult period rests entirely with Oneself.

While undoubtedly difficult, these growth-challenging periods can bring the most valuable progress of the entire incarnation - if handled with awareness. But unfortunately, without consciousness of matching energy, 6/8 Rahu-Shani can be a very high conflict period with much carnage and little progress.

The primary role-holders in Rahu/Shani's Other People Are Blocking Manifestation of My Desires drama, will be the significators of risk-rewarding Rahu's house, and Saturn's house.

  • Rahu is the Permission agent . Rahu occupies bhava-4 "local" mother, education, roots, and social security. Mother and her understudies (schoolteachers, local moral authorities, protectors) are"the usual suspects ".

  • Shani is the Restriction agent. Shani occupies bhava-9 "global" father, religion, guru, and higher knowledge. Father, religious authorities, professor, folks in a guru role are the usual suspects here.

  • Rahu and Shani together create Anxiety - the yes/no, want to/shouldn't, push-me/pull-you complex.

  • Expect your parents to have polarizing catalysis created by the challenge of getting along with each other. Even if your parents are no longer living, the conflicts they embodied for you are embedded in your personality. The part of you which is your mother, will be in conflict with the part of you which is your father.

Rahu shares bhava-4 (mother, home, shelter, emotional security, basic socialization through education, vehicles, properties) with Surya (father, ego, rational self) and Budha (conversation, analysis).

kamakaraka Rahu's only personal characteristic = He promotes Manifestation of Desires .

  • His actual effects are to amplify and magnify the planets which share the house with Him. During your entire Rahu Mahadasha 1994-2013, Rahu will be busy amplifying and magnifying Surya who brings you wisdom through education, and Budha who brings you articulate communication through word, gesture, and image. This is a good situation overall.

  • Surya is an excellent planet for you! He is the all-good 9th-lord, agent of dharma, who brings wisdom into your life. He occupies Pisces the sign of his friend Jupiter in an angular house (kendra) along with Budha the planet of communicative skills.

  • Budha is debilitated in Pisces, where He is typically too imagistic to express ideas clearly. However, Budha's communicative ability is strengthened by the wisdom-lord Sun. Ruling 2 kendra (bhava-7 + bhava-10, contractual agreements and career) help Budha advance your career. Therefore, while Budha is not completely [nīcha-bhanga] , He will carry out his teaching mission to promote wisdom through communicating imagistically.

  • The Yoga (combination) of Surya and Budha-yuti-Rahu makes you a natural educator, gifted with a visionary sense of imagery (Pisces) that allows you to communicate some outlandish, exotic, foreign [Rahu] concepts in an educational package. Surya being shad-ashtaka 6-8 fromhis own house, and shad-ashtaka 6-8 fromthe Moon, makes you a bit of a misfit socially - which keeps you on the creative edge. Since your career is in film production, the entire Rahu Mahadasha will be exploratory, envelope-pushing, and overall successful in promoting your dharmic vision.

With pitrikaraka Surya occupying bandhusthāna = Mother ++ matrikaraka Chandra occupying the pitristhāna = Father, it appears that the parents reversed the traditional roles in some ways during one's upbringing. The mother has a strong but repressed personality which may have promoted values of public recognition and extraordinary performance, at the loss of deeper emotional satisfaction or inner peace. The father probably married a woman much like his own mother: repressed, driven, and prone to substitute conditional approval [Shani] for unconditional love (Moon).

The bottom line = through the influence of both parents (and their parents before them!) Shani-yuti-Chandra sees you born into an emotionally constricted family environment, where social recognition and approval is valued more than your natural childlike beauty. Approval and acceptance do not come to you easily. Your family culture sets high standards for achievement, including standards for moral correctness which in their eyes qualify you to be a teacher. Therefore you will need to work hard to distinguish yourself through external performance achievement, in order to earn your parent's approving love. It is possible that you can never be smart enough or good enough to satisfy them. But you will keep trying. Career will overshadow family. You will be strongly identified with your work.

This akashic memory informs the fabric of unfolding experience Shani-yuti-Chandra.

Luckily the navamsha positions of Rahu and Shani provide good tools for high-achieving socially approved professional work!

  • Shani is exalted in navamsha with svakshetra Shukra , which gives you excellent artistic judgment and probably a strong education in practical artistic production as well.

  • Shri Rahu is empowered to realize many dreams and desires in this life because He occupies Vṛścika - Thriketta navamsha with expansive, diversifying, multiplying Guru, who throws a navamsha drishti upon your nurturing, maternal navamsha Chandra Moon.

Due to favorable navamsha positions for Rahu and Shani, you are much assisted in resolving some of the internal conflicts that originate with your parents. Intimate partners who come to you in this life are by and large, emotionally supportive and stabilizing.

These navamsha conditions suggest that you will receive the unconditional emotional support that every soul needs more effectively from your adult love partners than from your parents, and this goes a long way toward giving you the safety and confidence you need to tackle the inner conflicts that arise during Rahu/Shani bhukti .

Your adult intimate partners (not always sexual partners, but indeed those partners who are psycho-emotionally intimate or deeply involved with you, are seen in navamsha) will be more willing to grant you some of the permission that Rahu/Shani lack in the social ego-membrane /radix chart.

One key permission to be achieved during this period is the"right to be wrong" - , to make mistakes, misinterpretations, and incite social criticism. Making mistakes is of course a major component of the creative process, but the installed parental voices are in conflict over whether, and how much, mistake-making is allowed.

Over the course of the entire 18-year Rahu Mahadasha you do have lifetime-high levels of permission to handle taboo subjects and explore culture ideas that are exotic or foreign in nature. Rahu is a huge permission-granter. Rahu says, Desires were made to be Manifest! But the Shani bhukti is always a wrench in the gears, when past-life errors confront us, requiring neutral responsibility, compassion, and care for those who appear to be trying to harm us .

Shani bhukti evoke subconscious reactive patterns of fear and resistance , which call into one's life certain pre-assigned agents of repression, conformity, restriction, and denial of one's true wishes. In your case, the psychically-installed voices of the parents - and perhaps the present-time voices of social-control agents such as professors, guru's, and various types of authority figures, perhaps bosses/managers or other permission-granters, act out the fear and resistance energy.

In every case, despite one's emotional resistance to conflict, each spirit does want Professor Shani to complete Histeaching assignment at the appointed time.

Professor Shani's job is to bring forward the people who have been/are being inadvertently harmed in parallel lives, give to these dramatis-personae the opportunity to enter into a negative relationship with oneself, and harm oneself in return (or display a pattern of intention to harm). Thereby the harmed-one creates a vital opportunity for oneself to consciously realize (in most comfortable case) or to be assailed by the realization (in a less comfortable scene) that one did attract those people into one's life in order to accept a Gift about compassion.

This is a painful and frustrating process but - at least in the old [ system of the Old Earth - it is really the only way to earn a grade of "a" in Master Shani's curriculum and balance the [ledger.

Spiritually, there is no advantage to having Shani-evoked polarizing catalysis magically evaporate. On the deathbed, there will be deep gratitude for having been offered the chance to suffer consciously, and consciously forgive. This is the single greatest achievement of the human soul.

We all want the chance to clear the spiritual path of [ obstacles. Spiritually, it's quite a good thing that Rahu is temporarily somewhat impeded in His natural process of wildly realizing the huge reservoir of dreams, desires, hopes, wishes, expectations. We want the opportunity to do the work on the conflict, right at the most frustrating moment, so that we can determine the true source of the resistance - our own fear of reprisal.

So, get out there and make some mistakes. Suffer the criticism, disapproval, and fear of being ostracized or annihilated that making mistakes - pushing the boundaries of accepted thought, behavior, or feeling - can induce. Realize that all your fear is just Akashic memory patterning, running off. Adversarial agents are, at the psychological level, acting out the expectations that you inherited from your parents: that you had to be good, right, and special in order to deserve love.

In fact, you deserve love because you are a child of the Divine. No amount of punishment or mistake can take that away from you.

Be secure!

At the time of creating the life plan (which occurs far in advance of the physical birth) the Rahu-Shani bhukti was pre-scheduled to create a dual consciousness of both individual ambition to transcend the Law [Rahu] and the reality of the structure of physical, mental, financial, cultural, and social law.

The theme of the bhukti is a period of enhanced respect and recognition for class-structure, rules, and limits occurring within the 18-year context of challenging outdated, artificial or stagnant social rules to create expeditious, ambitious paths to achievement that exceed or avoid the law. One is on a roll of excitement when Shani pulls the brake.

The good news = once you're finished with this Rahu-Saturn, you won't encounter another major internal-conflict curriculum phase until Saturn-Rahu, age 90-93!

of course, the first thing these chaos-release periods do, is to wipe out your personal boundaries and impose the preference of " the system" [Shani].

  • Therefore, body-defining healings like receiving massage, practicing hatha yoga, doing any type of disciplined and structured energy-directing movements such as martial arts, or taking long walks (esp. in the full moonlight) can serve to reinstate the consciousness of individual presence in the body. If your financial budget allows, individuality can also be subtly reinforced by acquisition of personal-style-defining yet socially respectful " classic style" clothes.

  • During Rahu-Shani bhukti, it's all about defining oneself as an distinctively fun and ambitious individual person with exciting desires, while at the same time setting firm social-class boundaries and meeting the reasonable expectations of the tribal structures.

Define the newly conscious self enthusiastically, ambitiously, respectfully, elegantly, and well.




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