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Rahu - Ketu

Caput Draconis

Dragon's Head * North Node * Anabibazon

Cauda Draconis

Dragon's Tail * South Node * Catabibazon

magnetic polarization of the Earth grid

ambition [Rahu] * ambivalence [Ketu]

comprehension [Rahu] * apprehension [Ketu]

fusion * diffusion

passion * apathy

importance * disregard



Raghu - Rakha - Rahuva - Rehula

Chandala * karumpāmbu


Rahu Yantra by Sherri

The Dao that can be spoken, is not the eternal Dao;

The name that can be told, is not the eternal name.

The unname-able is the divine origin of heaven and earth;

The name-able is the mother of the myriad created forms.


Constantly have no desire in order to recognize its source;

Constantly have desire in order to observe its manifestation.

These two energies have the same divine origin, but they differ in polarity;

Both are called Mystery.

Mystery after Mystery, is the gate to all wonders.

Lao Tzu 老子

  1. [Rahu in bhava-1] * passion for life-force vitality
  2. [Rahu in bhava-2] * passion for valuable treasuries
  3. [Rahu in bhava-3] * passion for communication
  4. [Rahu in bhava-4] * passion for prestige property, routine, roots
  5. [Rahu in bhava-5] * passion for politics, celebrity, games
  6. [Rahu in bhava-6] * passion for conflict, remedies
  7. [Rahu in bhava-7] * passion for partnership agreements
  8. [Rahu in bhava-8] * passion for confidential secrets
  9. [Rahu in bhava-9] passion for philosophy, preaching
  10. [Rahu in bhava-10] * passion for leadership power
  11. [Rahu in bhava-11] passion for prizes, achievements
  12. [Rahu in bhava-12] * passion for personal privacy

Rahu Ratna and Sacred Ash * Bhasman

Vimshottari Dasha


Rahu Status

Rahu Gochara * Transits


Ketu Yantra by Sherri

  1. Ketu-Mesha
  2. Ketu-Urisha
  3. Ketu-Mithuna
  4. Ketu-Karkata
  5. Ketu-Singha
  6. Ketu-Kanya
  7. Ketu-Tula
  8. Ketu-Vṛścika
  9. Ketu-Dhanus
  10. Ketu-Makara-Draco
  11. [Ketu-Kumbha]
  12. Ketu-Meena
  1. Ketu in Bhava-1
  2. Ketu in Bhava-2
  3. Ketu in Bhava-3
  4. Ketu in Bhava-4
  5. Ketu in Bhava-5
  6. Ketu in Bhava-6 -
  7. Ketu in Bhava-7
  8. Ketu in Bhava-8 -
  9. Ketu in Bhava-9
  10. Ketu in Bhava-10
  11. Ketu in Bhava-11
  12. Ketu in Bhava-12 -

Ketu Gems and Herbs

Vimshottari Dasha

Gochara * Transits

QUOTATION from Transcendent Wisdom by 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso

" We need to understand the essential nature of the broad diversity of phenomena.

For example,

  • if we are obliged to be involved frequently with a man who exhibits a personality that is true only on the surface ,

  • as well as another basic personality ,

  • it is important for us to know both of them.

To engage in a relationship with this person that does not go awry, we must know both aspects of his personality.

  • To know only the facade that he presents is insufficient; we need to know his basic disposition and abilities.

  • Then we can know what to expect from him; and he will not deceive us .

Likewise, the manifold events in the world are not non-existent; they do exist.

They are able to help and hurt us -- no further criterion for existence is necessary.

  • If we do not understand their fundamental mode of existence, we are liable to be deceived,

  • just as in the case of being involved with a person whose basic personality we do not know." [end quote]



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